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Sleep Number Bed For Overweight

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Sleep Number Beds Are DANGEROUS! [For Fat People]

No matter what size a person is, all require the best nights sleep possible. Heavy people are presented with specific issues when it comes to sleeping. Extra weight laying on organs can cause a number of problems that may impede sleep.

With 65 percent of Americans now being called overweight, it stands to reason that those who carry extra pounds may be seeking a way to sleep better. One thing to take in mind is that the heavier person may require specific type of bed complete with the best mattress for heavy people.

What Mattress Firmness Is Best For Heavier/larger Sleepers

It primarily depends on your favorite sleeping position, but in general, firmer mattresses are better because they offer more support. Also, the heavier you are, the softer you typically think mattresses are. For example, a bed that feels like a medium to someone who weighs 175 pounds might feel more like a soft mattress to someone who weighs 230 pounds.

How Do I Find My Sleep Number

A Sleep Number can be determined either before or after purchasing a Sleep Number bed. It will really all come down to what feels right to the individual.

Those who want to know their number before purchasing a mattress, they can visit their closest Sleep Number store and have a sales representative walk them through the process. At the store, the person will rest on a Sleep Number bed and they will inflate/deflate the floor model till they find a comfortable spot.

After purchasing a Sleep Number bed and having it delivered and set up, individuals can use the remote it comes with to start determining their Sleep Number. Instructions are provided Sleep Numbers website some of the steps include asking the sleeper to lie in their waking up sleep position and letting the mattress to go from soft to firm and back from firm to soft. This way can identify which firmness level is best.

Enough about numbers, lets talk about whats actually in a Sleep Number bed.

Air Chambers

All Sleep Number mattresses come with one or two air chambers. These air chamber use a pump to bring in air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the individuals Sleep Number setting. Sleep Number calls this feature DualAir technology.

The higher the number the firmer the mattress will be. When there are two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference.

Comfort Foam
360® Smart Beds Responsive Air Technology

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How To Purchase A Mattress Online & Avoid Common Mistakes

Buying a bed mattress online is not an easy job. It can be really confusing for consumers and exhausting the process. To help you discover the ideal mattress, here are some tips to prevent typical mistakes when buying mattresses online.

Error # 1: Not knowing what you are searching for

If you have no idea what kind of bed mattress is best for your needs, then its finest to go to a brick-and-mortar store and experiment with various designs. You may discover that specific design feels too difficult or unpleasant or too soft in general. Nevertheless, if you understand what type of mattress will suit your requirements, buying online must be a lot easier!

Mistake # 2: Not doing sufficient research before buying a bed mattress online

Buying a mattress online can be overwhelming. The sheer number of brands, business, and options can make it challenging to select one that best fits your needs. When looking for a mattress, you need to invest a long time doing the research study before purchasing one online.

You must do a lot of research prior to making any financial investments.

What Is The Weight Limit On A Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number P6 Mattress Reviews

If you want to ensure that you have optimized your sleep, it is good to know the right kind of weight limit that your bed has to offer. Dont just sleep without knowing. The bed should be in a position of ensuring that it can support an adequate weight and that of your partner. This will prevent the squeaking problems that might arise at night due to proper imbalance of weight. First of all, lets try to understand some terms here. What is the weight limit on a Sleep Number bed?

These will depend on the bed size. Some will have one or two air chambers that you can adjust to your preferred comfort level and also firmness. Each of the chambers that have been made here will contain 400 chambers.

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Helix Plus For Obese & Stomach Sleepers


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The Helix Plus is Helixs newest mattress-in-a-box designed with overweight, big, and tall sleepers in mind. Formerly known as the Helix Nightfall, the Helix Plus was made for comfort and designed to be more durable and supportive.

The mattresses wrapped coils give in just the right places and the foams properly contour the body to give you a restful sleep. The use of gel memory foam and pocketed springs allow for a breathable and airy sleep that moves heat away from the body to provide adequate motion isolation. Unlike most Helix mattresses that come with a ten-year warranty, the Helix Plus has a fifteen-year warranty, so you can sleep easy knowing your mattress will last.

Read our detailed Helix Plus review to know if it is the right choice for you.

Go For Adequate Edge Support And Size

Edge support means that the mattress edges are well-finished, stitched securely, and firmly. This means that it will maintain its shape over a long time. Adequate edge support also enables the mattress to hold up sleeping close to the edge of the bed or sitting on the edge after you wake up.

Overweight people should consider searching for a mattress with good edge support because it will be more supportive generally. More over, most overweight people have a larger body frame and occupy a larger space. The bed should hence be significantly large enough in length and width for them to fit and sleep comfortably.

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How Heavy Are Sleep Number And Tempur

Getting the right amount of sleep each night is just as important as a healthy diet and exercise. If you dont get enough sleep, your body loses the opportunity to heal and recharge, leaving you feeling less than stellar throughout the day.

Replacing your old mattress is a great way to help get you back on a normal sleep cycle, but there are seemingly countless options. It can be difficult to determine which bed will be best for you, so weve put together a quick guide to walk you through some important decision-making factors.

How Heavy Is a Sleep Number Bed?

If you share a bed with a partner, it may be difficult to find a mattress that you both find comfortable. Sleep Number beds offer a solution by allowing each person to adjust the firmness of their side of the bed.

A Sleep Number bed is a good option for couples who require different levels of firmness and cant agree on a middle ground.

A queen-size Sleep Number mattress weighs 32.5 pounds. This is relatively light compared to most queen-size mattresses, making it easy to move around whenever you need.

Generally speaking, heavier mattresses are higher in quality, but thats not always the case. Sleep Number mattresses are, in a way, high-quality inflatable mattresses.

Lighter mattresses tend to slide around more on top of the bed frame, which causes more wear and tear and increases the risk of potential damage.

How Heavy Is a Tempurpedic Bed?

How Much Weight Can a Sleep Number Bed Support?


Which Mattress Thickness Is Best For Heavy Sleepers

Sleep Number’s smart bed stops you from snoring

What type of mattress is best for heavy sleepers? That depends on a lot of factors. For example, the thickness can affect how a mattress feels for sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds. Mattresses sold today fall into three profile categories:

  • Beds that measure less than 10 inches thick are considered low-profile.
  • Beds that measure 10 to 12 inches thick are considered medium-profile.
  • Beds that measure more than 12 inches thick are considered high-profile.

While the thickness of a mattress itself doesnt necessarily determine the feel of a mattress, a higher-profile mattress has more room for layers and materials that affect the feel of a bed. For example, while a low-profile mattress has to be firm enough to prevent sleepers from sinking into the support core, high profile mattresses allow for substantial comfort layers on top of the support core, allowing for a soft mattress thats still supportive.

Thus, most specialty mattresses designed for heavier sleepers are medium- or high-profile in order to provide the support and specific feel their intended to have. That being said, some firmer low-profile mattresses are preferred by heavy sleepers.

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How We Chose The Best Mattresses For People With Higher Body Weight

Heres what we considered when putting together this list:

  • Quality. First things first: We looked for mattresses engineered to suit the needs of people with higher body weight. That means a strong, supportive foundation, long-term durability, breathability, and responsiveness.
  • Company policies. We prioritized mattresses that are backed by generous warranties with reasonable shipping and return policies. All the mattresses on our list also come with an in-home trial, so you can judge them properly.
  • Company reputation. All the brands we recommend have positive reputations and transparent business practices.
  • Customer reviews. We looked carefully at customer feedback to get an idea of what real people think of these mattresses.
  • Safety. Every mattress on our list meets federal flammability standards, and many are designed with materials certified by CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX. These certifications mean the materials dont contain harmful substances and are safe for the environment.

Modular & Adjustable Bases

Since Sleep Number is all about individualized comfort, it is not surprising that they also make different types of bases for the mattress.

Sleep Number makes one modular base and three different adjustable bases for their mattresses: FlexFit 1, FlexFit 2 and FlexFit 3.

Note: A Sleep Numbers modular or adjustable base is not the only base that works with a Sleep Number mattress. All one needs to have is a flat and sturdy surface for the mattress or the individual may potentially void his or her warranty.

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Smart Bed 25 Year Limited Warranty

This warranty includes all Sleep Number 360 smart bed mattresses and Sleep Number 360 smart bed integrated bases and frames purchased after January 1, 2017.

Once again, we suggest that you read the full warranty policy on the website. There are some key notes:

  • Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty.
  • There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include tampering with the Firmness Control system or remotes, staining/damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forget to keep your original receipt .
  • After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base.

Here are more details on Sleep Numbers warranties.

Sleep Number Remote Not Working

Sleep Number 360® p6 Smart Bed Review

The firmness of a Sleep Number bed is controlled via a remote or SleepIQ app.

Have trouble with the remote? Don’t fret as troubleshooting isn’t challenging. Two AA batteries run the Sleep Number 360 smart bed remote. In addition to following the remote’s set-up process, users need to ensure their bed is not only plugged in but also all the connections are secure.

When a remote stops working, inflating or deflating the mattress isn’t possible. The remote can stop working mainly because of two reasons

· Kinked hose

· Loss of power connection

If the bed’s Firmness Control System is not running as you try to deflate or inflate, it means that the system isn’t getting enough power. If that’s the case, push the power cord into the wall and system’s base.

If it is because of a kinked or loose hose connection, check to ensure the hose isn’t lined at the bed’s base and mattress. A kinked hose connection is also common with theFLEXFIT 3 SMART BASE. If this is the case, check the connection of the hose at the pump.

Another issue that affects a remote is the display not working. If the display light is dimmed or not working, consider changing the batteries. When doing that, insert the batteries and battery cover properly.

Learn how to set up the Sleep Number bed remotein this video.

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Can You Adjust A Sleep Number Bed On A Platform Bed

Due to the demand for smart beds like those offered by Sleep Number, there are platform beds in the market that are ergonomically designed to accommodate adjusting a Sleep Number bed. It might not be point-and-click easy, but the innovation potentially eliminates the challenges of working around a flat-surfaced bed frame.

Consider Getting A Topper

If you cannot afford to replace your current mattress or find a firm mattress uncomfortable, a topper is a cheaper option to make the bed more comfortable for heavier people. You can purchase toppers in various materials, including memory foam. This will add a cozy layer to your firmer mattress and decrease exertion on tender joints.

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Sharing A Mattress With A Partner Can Be An Issue For Heavier People

Thats right- purchasing a mattress that is way too firm can sentence the more petite partner to an eternity on a concrete slab, while the heavier partner enjoys a comfortable nights sleep. Foam mattresses typically are either way too firm for the smaller partner, or too soft for the heavier partner, that digging out of the mattress destroys restorative sleep.

When both partners are heavier than average, the problem often becomes a tendency to roll into the center of the mattress. If each partner weighs, say 225-250 lbs. each, that means 500 lbs. or more in a confined area with little or no ability to lift, elevate, and reduce pressure points. Even the firmest polyurethane high density foam materials are simply not designed to act as the underlying support foundation.

Finding the best mattress for heavy people requires insight about what larger people need when resting. Spine alignment is critical, leg support, and shoulder and neck support all need to be addressed. Heavier people, whether struggling with obesity, or simply taller and larger in frame, deal with arthritis, joint pain, and even metabolic issues which make restorative and deep REM sleep a necessity to thriving.

I have interviewed dozens of heavier folks who present the same complaints about inferior mattresses, including pressure, pain, and lack of support in areas like the lumbar region, and between shoulder blades.

The Most Popular Sleep Number

How To Care For Your Pillow

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this is range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

Sleep Number also told us that, in terms of models, some common options are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

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Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

Make Use Of Sleep Trials

Purchasing a new mattress is a big decision, and as comfort is subjective, it is difficult to determine whether a mattress will suit you based solely on customer reviews or product descriptions.

This is especially true for obese people, who require certain attributes from a mattress for adequate support and comfort. Thankfully, most manufacturers recognize this fact and offer sleep trials so you can try out their mattress in your own home.

Most sleep trials will be at least 100 nights, but some brands will allow you to try out their mattress for a whole year. Sleeping on a new bed is always a bit odd, so It is important you give the mattress some time to be broken in once you receive it, before making your final decision.

Some manufacturers will not take their mattress back for the first 30 days of the trial so that you are forced to use it for a minimum time frame. Therefore, if you live in a small one-bed apartment, it may be wise to check out the trial conditions before taking up the offer.

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Benefits Of Side Sleeping

Sleeping on the side is probably the most common sleeping position in the world. There are also believes that sleeping on either the left of right side can provide several health benefits. Has your grandmother ever told you to sleep on your right side when you got stomach aches? Truth is that sleeping on the side will allow your spine to rest in a natural position, but it also helps prevent snoring, because your nasal passages allow for more airflow. If youre experiencing back pain, there are chances that your physician will recommend you sleep on the side. Its also an ideal position for pregnant women, to help alleviate some of that belly strain.

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