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American Sleep Therapy Bed Prices

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I had dealings with this company yesterday at the Barrett Jackson Northeast Car Show in CT. Unfortunately, we purchased one of their products with a credit card. We were told by the salesman that they manufactured their product in Chelsea, MA and that they supplied many other Mattress Companies with their product. When I pressed them on this info, they were very quick to change the subject. I checked the manufacturing label on their mattress and it did say Chelsea, MA.Upon doing some additional research today, there is not plant in Chelsea and all of the addresses listed for their business are residential. They claim that the pedestals that are made for their beds are made in Kentucky. No such plants exist in Kentucky and I have been advised that ALL of the mattress companies in the U.S. utilize pedestals or bases from either China or Vietnam….non are built in this country.Long story short, I am now trying to cancel my order and they are not responding. I will try my credit card company again tonight……Buyer Beware !!!

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A Complete Guide To Therapy And Sleep

The word therapy is typically associated with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder . In reality, therapy is a tool that can assist with mental illnesses but also help people process various things going on in their lives, including coming to terms with grief, communicating within relationships, identifying harmful behaviors and patterns, processing life transitions, and more. In other words, its not just for sick or unhappy people. One potentially surprising thing therapy can help with? Sleep.

This piece will cover what therapy is, and who is qualified to practice it. It will also explain how therapy can help improve sleep by identifying any behaviors, habits, or mental conditions that play into common sleep issues like insomnia. It will explore various types of therapy related to sleep, how therapy addresses mental health conditions that affect sleep, and how to determine when it might be helpful to try therapy for sleep issues.

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Sleep Number 360 P5 Smart Bed

  • Price: $$
  • Type: adjustable air bed
  • Height: 10 inches

Designed for pressure relief, the p5 Smart Bed has a 4-inch comfort layer that contours to your body. It has all the same adjustable features as other Sleep Number mattresses.

Close to 12,000 reviews rate this mattress 4.7 out of 5 stars. Again, over 9,000 of these reviews are 5 stars. Reviewers praise the mattresss comfort and adjustability.

Unhappy customers describe the mattress as noisy and uncomfortable.

Sleep Number Mattresses Pros And Cons


In a sense, Sleep Number mattresses are just like any other: The top section is the comfort layer, while the bottom section provides support.

But instead of using layers of supportive foam or an innerspring system, the bottom portion of a Sleep Number mattress features an adjustable air chamber. It can be inflated or deflated to your preferred level of firmness.

Unfortunately, Sleep Number doesnt disclose what the comfort layer is made of. Reviewers describe it as cushiony but not necessarily plush. Some Sleep Number mattresses have thicker comfort layers.

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Shabby Chic Furniture And Decor Ideas

For the decor enthusiast who strives to use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without, Shabby Chic is your cup of tea. Whether you prefer a terraced house in a misty London borough or a whitewashed cottage tucked into a rural hillside, this type of decor is beloved for celebrating the beauty of aging objects that transform a house into a well-loved home. It’s all about a collection of the things you love in a space you adore.

Best Adjustable Beds Of 2021

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Medically Reviewed by

Jenny Iyo

The term adjustable bed refers to any mattress base that can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body. The beds were first used in hospitals to make patients more comfortable, and have since been introduced as a mainstream product. Modern adjustable beds offer additional perks for owners. Many of these models can be set for zero-gravity, a position that places the legs higher than the head which can be helpful for people with lower back pain.

Other advanced features may include massage functions, timed adjustments, vibrating alarms, and USB ports. Price-points vary by size and model, but most adjustable beds cost between $1,000 and $3,000. Our team used rigorous testing methods to determine which adjustable beds are worth purchasing and why. Our top pick selections offer comprehensive information on each models specifications as well as why we think theyre noteworthy.

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Test Drive A Mattress Before You Buy

“You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it,” Decker says. So why would you invest hundreds — or even thousands of dollars in a mattress without trying it out first? Take any new mattress you’re considering for a test nap. “People should not be embarrassed to go into a store and lay on a mattress for 20 minutes,” Decker says.

For a more realistic test, sleep in the beds at different hotel chains when you travel. If you get an especially good night’s sleep on one of them, ask the desk clerk what brand it is.

When you test out a mattress, make sure it feels comfortable in every position, especially the side you favor for sleeping. The mattress should be supportive where you need it, without putting too much pressure on your body, Levy says.

Decide If You Need A Split Adjustable Bed

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

If you will be sharing a bed with a partner, you should consider buying a split adjustable bed, also known as a dual adjustable bed. Split adjustable beds are just what they sound likeâthey have a split running down the middle, meaning two separate mattresses share one adjustable bed frame. Each side of the bed frame functions independently, allowing both persons sharing the bed to customize their bedâs alignment to their own liking. It also means users wonât wake up their partner by shifting in their sleep.

Dual adjustable beds typically come in queen and king sizes. Each side of a split king adjustable bed is equivalent in size to a twin XL bed. Each side of a split queen adjustable bed is slightly thinner than a twin bed.

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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds offer a handful of advantages for different types of sleepers, but there are also some drawbacks to consider before purchasing this type of base.

Pros Cons
  • Range of motion varies by model, but most adjustable beds can be adjusted to a wide array of positions for the upper and lower body.
  • Most adjustable bed models are available in split sizes for couples seeking dual adjustment.
  • People with lower back pain often benefit from using an adjustable base, especially models with zero-gravity presets.
  • Adjustable beds can also be inclined around the head to reduce snoring and alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea.
  • Wireless remotes and USB ports are considered standard features of todays adjustable beds.
  • Adjustable beds vary in price, but the minimum price for most queen size models is $1,000. This represents a significant investment for most households.
  • Adjustable bases are usually not compatible with innerspring mattresses, twin sizes, or excessively heavy models.
  • Adjustable beds have relatively short expected lifespans. Despite long warranty coverage periods for the frames, their electrical components often malfunction or stop working after a few years.
  • Most adjustable bases are quite heavy and may not be suitable for some dwellings.
  • In many cases, youll need to assemble the bed yourself.

How To Find The Best Adjustable Bed And Mattress: Buyer’s Guide

You may have heard that the average person spends half their lifetime sleeping. If that’s true, you may as well invest in a bed frame and a new mattress that allows for the optimal amount of comfort possible. You are, after all, spending up to 3,000 hours a year in that same spot. However, with all the options on the market for mattresses, beds, and bases, it can be hard to know where to start.

An adjustable bed can be the right solution for anyone who finds they toss and turn a lot. Look to an adjustable bed if you can’t get comfortable, or you share a bed with your partner who might have very different comfort preferences. The good news is, in the world of adjustable beds, there are many choices for everyone.

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Care For Your Mattress

Since your mattress is closely related to the quality of your sleep, it is important that you take care of your mattress like you do with other cherished home items. Learn how to care for your mattress adequately.

It is important to realize that mattresses were not built to last forever. Periodically, your mattress will need to be replaced. In the following sections, you will discover the signs and symptoms that your mattress is nearing the end of its cycle. You will learn when it is time to replace your mattress, how to recycle your mattress and where to start your journey looking for a new mattress and bed gear.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

American Bantex Legacy XL 48"  x 80"  Air Mattress

An LCSW typically holds a Masters degree in Social Work , and many are licensed by a state board to practice therapy. Social workers are trained to perform psychotherapy, with a particular emphasis on connecting people with the community and support services available there, the American Psychological Association explains.

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Sleep Number Mattress Delivery

Delivery and setup of most Sleep Number mattresses arent free, and additional fees may apply outside the companys standard delivery area.

The companys home delivery service costs $199 and is required on certain models. This service gives you the option of choosing a delivery date so your new mattress can be fully assembled. Plus, theyll remove your old mattress.

You may want to review Sleep Numbers delivery checklist before getting your new mattress delivered.

If youre unhappy with your mattress and decide to return it, note that shipping and delivery fees are nonrefundable.

Determine What Type Of Adjustable Bed Mattress To Buy

An adjustable bed frame needs an appropriate mattress. The type of mattress you purchase will determine your adjustable bed experience. When buying an adjustable bed mattress, first make sure that the mattress itself is compatible with the adjustable bed frame you have chosen. If you are using a more traditional mattress, you will need to check its thickness and flexibility. A mattress that is too thick or inflexible will not work well with an adjustable bed. The best adjustable bed mattress will have the right price, feel comfortable and have high durability.

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Top 10 American Sleep Therapy Mattress Of 2020 On The Market

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Wonder what type of questions that the review can answer?

Okay, lets focus on the following inquiries to know more information. These can help you conduct the product research and made your final decision.

  • Is american sleep therapy mattress worth spending the money?
  • Why buying american sleep therapy mattress ?
  • What are the advantages included?
  • What are the best american sleep therapy mattress you can take into consideration?
  • What are the factors to keep in mind before investing american sleep therapy mattress?
  • Why is it important to possess a american sleep therapy mattress in the daily life?
  • What are the top american sleep therapy mattress available in todays market?
  • The best american sleep therapy mattress in 2020.

There are many ways to satisfy your curiosities about the american sleep therapy mattress, such as online forums, product reviews from the previous customers, rating websites, word-of-mouth, or users experiences. No matter what way you choose to apply, it is important to do a proper and careful research before purchasing a american sleep therapy mattress. Make sure that you gain knowledge from trusted, reliable and noticeable websites or any other sources.

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7 Stretches In Bed That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby
Welcome to our Mattress Forum!Thanks for adding your experience, research, and comments to this thread. You are correct that any information about their products/foams sourcing can tell a great deal about the quality of their componentry. All in all, there seem to be too many red flags connected with the company.Id be curious to know how easy it is to get a refund from AST.PhoenixResearching for a mattress?… Be sure to read Click here for if purchasing from Our Trusted Members.For any mattress questions on our forum

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How Cbt Can Address Worries And Stresses That Contribute To Sleep Issues

The Mayo Clinic says that stress-related concerns can be a cause of insomnia. Worrying about work, children, divorce, or job loss are just some examples of stress points that are correlated with chronic insomnia.

CBT can guide people through the process of cognitive restructuring, which typically involves three steps:

  • Identifying negative thoughts
  • Challenging negative thoughts
  • Replacing those negative thoughts with realistic thoughts
  • One example of how this works: Imagine that someone is lying awake because they are concerned about an upcoming presentation at work. They are anxious that they will make a major error and lose their job over it. Through CBT, they can identify what makes them nervous, understand that the likelihood of them making a major error is quite low, and contextualize their ultimate fear of being fired: It would be much more likely that they would simply need to publicly correct their mistake and move on.

    Are Adjustable Beds Worth It

    As long as you can afford an adjustable bed and you consider comfort a vital factor, you will probably be more than happy with purchasing an adjustable bed. You just have to make sure beforehand that you have or can buy a compatible mattress. Adjustable beds are worth it for those willing to make an expensive purchase for the benefits of comfort, better sleep and better health.

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    California King Beds Vs King Beds

    The biggest difference between a king size bed and a California king bed is that one bed is shorter and wider, while the other is longer and narrower. A king size bed is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. A California king is just a few inches narrower than a king bed at 72 inches wide, but its longer at 84 inches. Let us walk you through the pros and cons of each mattress size and get thinking about what to consider before you make your final purchase.

    Features Of Adjustable Beds

    American National Comfort Turn Lateral Rotation Air Mattress

    At minimum, most adjustable bases can be adjusted for the upper and/or lower body. They should also include a retaining bar, micro-hooks, or some other mechanism for keeping the mattress in place without shifting around too much. Remotes are also standard. More advanced models may be equipped with extra features and presets, as well as a wider range of adjustment options.

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    Sleep Number 360 C2 Smart Bed

    • Price: $
    • Height: 8 inches

    Mattresses in the Classic Series are billed as the comfortable, adjustable, affordable Sleep Number option.

    The c2 Smart Bed has a 2-inch gel-infused comfort layer, which might feel thin if youre used to a more generous pillow top. Like all Sleep Number mattresses, this one responds to your movements and automatically adjusts firmness.

    Despite the slim comfort layer, over 11,000 reviews rank the c2 Smart Bed 4.6 out of 5 stars. More than 9,000 of these reviews are 5 stars, with customers calling it a great investment. Other reviewers love having the freedom to adjust their settings for specific comfort.

    Negative reviews describe general discomfort and aches and pains. However, customer service responds to these reviews and invites unhappy customers to contact the company directly for assistance.

    How Do Adjustable Beds Work

    Adjustable beds work by allowing you to alter the position of the mattress to find the ideal sleeping or sitting position, specifically one that correctly aligns and supports your body and spine. On a traditional bed, the curves of your body against the flat mattress means there will be gaps between you and the mattress. This is not optimal for comfort.

    A motorized adjustable bed frame works by raising, lowering and moving hinges in the base of the bed, thus adjusting the mattress into new positions. With the touch of a few buttons on a remote or app, the bed will re-align. With mattress alignments that are better at accommodating the curves of your body, you will be able to sleep more restfully and relax more comfortably in your bed. An adjustable bed base will work with a variety of mattresses.

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