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Sleep Number Store Santa Monica

Product Description From Sleep N Aire:

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At Sleep-n-Aire, we offer custom comfort mattresses coupled with our dedication to make our customers as happy and satisfied as possible. Customers are also able to customize their mattress in size, shape, comfort and durability. All materials used are absolutely brand new and Sleep-n-Aire employees craft and manufacture each and every mattress in-house. One hundred percent natural latex, memory foam, foam encasing and pocket coils are just some the specialized production techniques we use in order to satisfy each individual customer. At Sleep-n-Aire Mattress Company, we also specialize in making latex or natural rubber mattresses, and you are given the option to make an all around natural bed. This is accomplished by covering the latex core with a fabric that is one hundred percent cotton, quilted or spooned wool. On these mattresses, our company offers our finest warranty: a twenty year non-prorated guarantee.

Can Sleep Number Stock Rebound After A 5% Fall

Santa Monica, Ca – January 27, 2015. A Sleep Number logo and store wit reflections.

Sleep Number Corps stock , a company designing and manufacturing adjustable-firmness mattresses, has declined 5% in the last twenty-one trading days . In comparison, the broader S& P500 index increased 4% over the same period. The company is known for its differentiated product in the market known as Sleep Number 360 mattress. This product is sold by the company as the first smart bed and continues to gain popularity for customers seeking a high-tech luxury bedding solution. That said, SNBR benefited from the extended period of remote work in fiscal 2021 so far, as people focused on wellness purchases during this period. Consequently, its fiscal first half 2021 revenues grew strongly, around 39% year-over-year , and also 35% from the pre-pandemic first half. In addition, it also saw a large 3.6x improvement in earnings per share during the same period on a two-year basis. While Sleep Number stock is up 12% year-to-date, it has declined in the last month on the growing concerns of supply chain constraints dragging down operations in the months of June and July.

Chance of Rise


Returns of -2.5% or lower during five-day period in 603 times out of 2516 Stock rose in the next five days in 342 of these 603 instances

Returns of -3.5% or lower during ten-day period in 608 times out of 2516 Stock rose in the next ten days in 315 of these 608 instances

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