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Best Bed To Sleep On

How Much Should You Spend On A Mattress

Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea – Full Buyer’s Guide

We outlined picks at various price points, but time and again, experts have told us to think of a mattress as an investment in your health and well-being. You spend about a third of your life on your bed and should expect to spend at least $1,000 on a quality mattress. While the upfront cost may seem high, a good mattress should last you about 10 years. Below, you’ll find a chart outlining the average costs of a bed. For more in-depth information, see our guide on mattress pricing.

Type of mattress

Can Mattress Cause Herniated Disc

A soft mattress will aggravate herniated disk issues for heavier people, while a softer mattress is ideal for smaller ones. Make sure the level of firmness you choose is appropriate for your body type and sleeping position.

Herniated discs are best treated with memory foam and latex mattresses. These mattresses conform to the body and relieve pressure. They may include zones that relieve pressure equally.

What If Im Still Not Sure What Firmness I Need

In our experience, the best way to pinpoint your ideal firmness level is to test out as many mattresses as possible. Many mattresses are sold in different firmness levels to accommodate different types of sleepers. Testing out an airbed is another way to narrow down what feels best for your body, since you can adjust the firmness quickly as you lay on one.

Certain mattress models also give you the opportunity to evaluate multiple firmness levels in one design. These include:

  • Flippable Mattresses: These models have a sleep surface on the top and bottom sides. In most cases, the sides have different firmness levels.
  • Dual-Firmness Mattresses: These mattresses are geared toward couples with contrasting firmness preferences. They feature different firmness levels on the left and right sides.
  • Mattresses with Adjustable Layers: While somewhat rare, these mattresses have modular designs that allow you change the firmness by swapping out layers or rearranging their top-to-bottom order. Most of the beds weve found with this design are all-latex models.

One thing to remember is that many online mattress brands offer sleep trials, giving you the chance to test out your new mattress before committing to it. Most sleep trials last at least 90 nights, giving you plenty of time to make an informed decision, and many companies include free return shipping for dissatisfied customers.

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What Mattress Is The Best For Back Pain

The majority of those with back pain agree medium-firm foam mattresses are the best for alleviating pain and preventing future discomforts. For years, sleep specialists insisted firm mattresses were the best for back pain. But after a little research, studies found medium-firm beds are better because they offer enough comfort to relieve pressure and allow for some cushioning.

Pros And Cons Of The Leesa Original

The best mattress for sleep apnea

Pro: The Leesa Original earned a perfect score for ease of movement, which makes it an ideal choice for lightweight couples who change positions frequently.

Pro:The price range for the Leesa Original is relatively affordable for a quality foam mattress. A Queen size costs just $1199.00.

Con:We werent impressed with the Leesa Originals edge support, so you may not want to use the sides of this bed for sitting or sleeping.

Read our full Leesa Original Mattress Review to learn more.

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The Best Mattress For Serious Athletes

The tester: Karen

What to know: Bear claims its mattresses, with four layers of foam are engineered for athletes, promoting temperature regulation and quicker muscle recovery after workouts. These benefits purportedly come from a mattress cover made from a licensed technology called Celliant, a synthetic fiber designed to direct body heat back into the muscles as restorative infrared heat. It sounds like science fiction, but there have been some clinical studies with promising initial results, including one conducted at the University of California Irvine Medical Center showing that Celliant-infused socks helped relieve chronic foot pain. Bear leans a bit toward the firm end of the spectrum, scoring a 6.5 out of 10 on mattress review site Tuck.

How I slept: A pressure-map test on Sleepopolis shows pressure points along the hips and shoulders for side-sleepers, which was consistent with my experience. But my husband, who sleeps on his stomach, didnt experience any pain, so the Bear seems more compatible with back and stomach-sleepers. As for the Celliant cover, it doesnt feel noticeably different to the touch from any other mattress cover. But and it may be totally psychological my legs did feel fresher and less fatigued than they normally would on days after doing sprints and thigh-punishing barre workouts.

Best Air Mattresses Compared

90-day warranty, limited to manufacturer defects One-year manufacturer’s warranty Eligible for replacement/refund within one year of purchase
Weight limit N/A N/A

You can find most of the warranty information and basic specs, including dimensions and weight capacity, on manufacturer or retailer websites. I’ve included that kind of information here as well as the kind of qualitative details that are harder to glean without first-hand use. This includes specifics that range from comfort, such as high air bed and air coils, to how long an air mattress takes to inflate to how firm it can get, as well as my impressions of its durability and pungency . Have a look.

  • Height when inflated: 19 inches
  • Warranty: One year

This popular, highly rated SoundaSleep Dream Series inflatable air mattress isn’t cheap — but it does what mattresses are supposed to do. Priced at $120, the SoundAsleep air mattress is more expensive than most of the other models we tested in its height range, but it’s durable and if you ask us, it’s the overall best air mattress on the market. Though we take Amazon customer reviews with a grain of salt, this mattress has more than 11,000 five-star reviews testifying to its durability and comfort.

When you order directly from SoundAsleep, there’s a 30-day no-questions-asked return period. If you buy from Amazon or SoundAsleep, you get a limited one-year warranty that covers manufacturer’s defects . You’ll need to pay for shipping the mattress back to SoundAsleep.

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What Women With Back Pain Should Consider When Looking For A Mattress:

Firmness. Though you’ll definitely want something that’s more firm than soft, exactly how firm should be determined by your body weight, says Carleara Weiss, PhD, and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. “For example, medium firmness seems ideal for people weighing approximately 130 pounds and satisfactory for back and side sleepers under 230 pounds.” The higher your body weight, the more firm you may need your mattress to be, thought it really depends on the individual, as sleep preferences differ from person to person .

Where you experience back pain also impacts what kinds of firmness you should look for. “The general concept when thinking about buying a mattress is that low back pain can be alleviated with a mattress that is on the firmer end of the spectrum rather than softer or squishier,” Dr. Hanke explains. If you don’t wake up with low back pain and you like a softer experience, you can prob get away with a less-firm mattress.

Stomach sleepers put pressure on their neck, in addition to the lumbar area, so they may prefer a firm mattress since it’s ideal for spine support and helps alleviate neck tension .

For side sleepers, Weiss also recommends a medium-firm mattress. “Shoulders and hips are pressure points for side sleepers. A medium-firm mattress would be ideal for this sleep position while still flexible to the body curvature.”

Warranty: Forever

Price: $1,199 for a queen

John Lewis & Partners Climate Collection 2000 Pocket Spring Mattress Soft Tension

Love and Sleep Mattress by Nest Bedding – Best Mattress on a Budget

Why we love it: With unique phase-change crystals to absorb and release body heat to regulate your temperature, the Climate Collection pocket spring mattress features anti-viral and antibacterial copper as well as a generous 1500+ spring count to minimise any movement from ricocheting across the surface.

Pros: Includes a layer of memory foam to relieve pressure, as well as helping with hip pain and offering buyers free delivery.

Cons: May need to be ventilated after unpacking.

Customers are saying: The packaging smell does indeed disappear and it’s soft, comfortable and great for aches and pains.

Save money on the best pillow top mattress with theseJohn Lewis retailer discount codes

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Best Foam Mattress For Sleep Apnea

Zoma Mattress with Adjustable Bed

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 11 inches

The Zoma Mattress features a blend of cooling gel foam and a breathable top layer designed to prevent overheating .

The mattress is compatible with Zomas adjustable bed frame that comes with a handy wireless remote, so you can adjust your sleeping position without getting out from under your cozy covers.

How Effective Are Cooling Mattresses

Mattresses can certainly make a difference to those who sleep hot, but not all mattresses do this job equally. Its simple: If the material in a mattress does not allow air to circulate away from the body, hot air will stay trapped inside and cool air will stay out. Air must be able to flow freely within the mattress to regulate temperature.

One way to help ensure you are getting a breathable mattress is to read about its construction. What are the layers made of? What type of foam is used? How is cooling technology incorporated in the cover? Any mattress company can claim that they manufacture a breathable memory foam mattress, but if the inside is just a solid block of foam, its probably not going to effectively cool the body.

Shoppers set on a temperature-neutral bed should look for open cell and gel-infused memory foam when shopping. You should also be sure to always read the reviews to see how other hot sleepers experienced the mattress. That way, youll be as well-equipped as possible to find a mattress that truly keeps you cool.

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Snoring And Sleep Apnea

When someone has sleep apnea, their airways collapse and become restricted while theyre asleep. This causes pauses in breathing, which could lead to disruptive noises such as gasping for air or snoring. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, frequent snorers or folks with sleep apnea should rest on their side or stomach to help the airways stay more open.

Best Mattress For Guests: Best Choice Folding Portable Mattress

How to Choose the Best Mattress Without Sleeping on it First

Best for:

  • People who need a portable mattress for adults
  • People looking for optimal comfort while traveling
  • Those who need a travel mattress that will be used for extended lengths of time

This mattress is one of the best purchases Ive ever made. -Amanda

The Best Choice Folding Portable Mattress offers the firm support and plush comfort that we want for house guests. With 4 inches of high-densitymemory foam, sleepers will feel cradled and supported. This mattress is one of the few portable mattresses that provides the cushion needed for heavier adults and those that sleep on their sides.

The Best Choice Portable Mattress can be folded into a sofa or laid flat as a floor mattress. It has easy transport handles on the cover and even comes with a carrying case, making it easy to move around your house or take with you when you travel or go camping.

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Head And Feet Raised Position

Elevating both your head and feet is a great way to sleep, especially if you are a side or back sleeper. Sleeping on a completely flat mattress in either of these positions can put a strain on your neck, hips, and lower back. Lifting the head and foot of your bed relieves these points of pressure by distributing your weight evenly.

Recap: Our Best Mattresses Of 2022

We get that choosing your mattress is a big dealits where you dream, love, recharge, binge-watch your favorite shows, and nurse yourself back to sleep during flu season. By this point, we hope weve helped you select a top online mattress that checks all the boxes. At the very least, we hope you have a better understanding of whats out there and what to look for in a mattress.

To recap, here are our top picks for the best mattresses of 2022:


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How Mattress Advisor Found The Best Firm Mattresses For Lifehacker

The testing team at Mattress Advisor is entirely dedicated to testing and rating mattresses to provide readers with thorough and accurate information and mattress reviews so they can make informed decisions. To create this roundup, we chose some of their top-rated mattresses to cover, ensuring we included a wide variety of beds to suit a myriad of needs for our firm mattress top picks.

What Mattresses Are Best For Side Sleepers

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2020 – Can You Sleep Better?

Sleeping on your side puts more pressure on certain areas of your body, including your hips and shoulders. This can cause pain and numbness that makes it difficult to sleep and/or stays with you during the day and leads to chronic pain.

To combat these issues, side sleepers typically need a mattress with a little more give and extra contouring material. If youre a dedicated side sleeper, a medium firmness mattress will probably be a good option for you. If you switch between sleeping on your back and side, a medium-firm mattress will likely be a better fit, since it offers enough support to keep your spine aligned when sleeping on your back.

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What’s In Your Exclusive Guardin Antimicrobial Treatment Expand/collapse

Our exclusive antimicrobial treatment by Guardin is made with a proprietary blend of all-natural essential oils and minerals. This blend includes thyme, geranium, lemongrass, and mint, but is completely odorless and colorless.

It naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, and the discoloration that they can cause on the surface of a mattress. Guardin antimicrobial treatment is biodegradable and does not contain any fluorocarbons, toxic heavy metals, silver nanotechnology, triclosan, formaldehyde or phthalates.

Relieves Lower Back And Sciatica Pain

Lower back pain is often the result of having poor posture, both during the day and while you sleep. Sciatica pain starts in your lower back and shoots down your legs. This pain happens when the sciatic nerve gets pinched, usually by a herniated disc in your spine or bone growth.

An adjustable bed, especially in the zero-gravity position, can relieve lower back pain and sciatica pain. The zero-gravity position takes the pressure off your lower back and often relieves your sciatica nerve.

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It Needs To Keep Your Spine Aligned

You may not realize it, but good posture is important when you sleep. The muscles and ligaments in your back need to relax and recover while you snooze. If a mattress is too firm — or too squishy — it won’t support your spine at your neck or lower back the way it needs to. What’s firm enough is different for everyone: If you have wide hips, for instance, a slightly softer surface may be better. You need some more give in order to keep your spine in alignment. Someone with narrower hips might be better off with a firmer surface.

How Do I Know The Right Mattress Size

Sleep on Cloud 9: How to Choose the Best Mattress

One golden rule for choosing the right size of mattress is to make sure it’s 10cm longer than the tallest person sleeping on it. Width-wise, if you’re sharing a bed, you and your partner should be able to put your hands under your head without your elbows touching. If you sleep alone, you’ll have the right size mattress if you can put your hands under your head without touching the edges of the mattress. So measure that distance and as long as you choose a mattress that’s wider than that, you’re good.

Most of the options listed in our best mattress guide are available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king sizes. Some come in split options too, which enable you to choose a different mattress firmness to your partner. You can also find mattresses with a different level of firmness on each side .

Generally speaking, the bigger and deeper the mattress, the higher the price. Most twin mattresses cost a few hundred dollars less than the queen size, while the king and California king sizes average around $200 more than the queen size. Hybrid mattresses, luxury and premier versions generally cost a lot more than the basic/original mattress prices listed.

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Our Review Of The Big Fig Mattress

Pros: Above-average firmness, 1,100-pound weight capacity, good motion isolation, good heat dissipation, exceptional edge support, 20-year warranty

Cons: Hard to move around, may not be comfortable for side sleepers or petite individuals

The Big Fig Mattress is unique because it can support two sleepers with a combined weight of 1,100 pounds and comes with a 1,200-pound-capacity foundation. Factor in the firmer-than-average support, and you have the ideal mattress for heavier individuals.

The Big Fig weighs more than most mattresses, so setup took a little more effort, but I had it unboxed and ready to use in 10 minutes. An initial odor took a day to dissipate, so air the bed out before you sleep on it.

The cover is made of a cooling material. Below are three CertiPUR-US certified foam layers that promote airflow, edge support, and durability. The individually wrapped coils add more support and durability. Lastly, 16 tufts hold the materials in place to prevent shifting over time.

I usually sleep on my side, but with the firm feel of the Big Fig, I was more comfortable on my stomach and back. Still, I recognized the bed’s dynamic feel, and I slept well during testing, even if I wasn’t in my preferred position. I may not be the target market for the mattress. Heavier side sleepers will likely be more comfortable since they will sink into the mattress more, which will keep their spine aligned.

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