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Sleep Outfitters Vs Mattress Firm

Brick And Mortar Mattress Stores Make Comparisons Difficult

Sleep Outfitters Memorial Day Mega Sale!

Mattress and furniture stores are not forthcoming with the specifications for each mattress. Compare the two mattress descriptions below. The one on the left is typical of descriptions on mattress store websites. It is full of undefined words and while it gives you the sense youve read something complicated, it leaves you without any information you could use to compare what you read to any other description.

The goal mattress stores have is for you to buy the mattress. They don’t care if you can accurately compare it to other mattresses so you can choose the best mattress for you. The typical store doesnt have any skin in the game when it comes to your satisfaction. The sales person is working on a commission. They arent worried about whether you will come back and buy a mattress from them in 8 10 years. The store carries multiple brands so they can blame problems on the mattress rather than accept responsibility for the products they sell.

Manufacturers that offer generous sleep trials when they sell direct to the public via their websites have skin in the game. If the customer isnt satisfied, most of them provide a full refund including shipping.

Unlike mattress stores that limit the customer to exchanging for another mattress that the store sells so they still get the sale. Because they want to help you chose a mattress that will work well for your sleep needs, they provide information that helps you compare their mattress to other available mattresses.

Retail Bankruptcy On The Rise

Large U.S. retailers have been filing for bankruptcy at record rates. In 2018, retailers seeking bankruptcy protection included Toys R Us, Sears, Nine West, Remington Outdoor, Davids Bridal, and Mattress Firm, among others. So far in 2019, five large retail companies have joined the list: Beauty Brands and Full Beauty Brands, Shopko, Gymboree and Charlotte Russe.

As discussed in a 2017 Business Insider article, a primary reason for this trend is the overall change in shopping habits of American consumers. Each year, the number of people taking advantage of online e-commerce grows, while fewer shoppers frequent malls and stores. There is also a trend toward expenditures on experiences and technology, as opposed to clothing and other items. Meanwhile, retailers who pursued aggressive expansion plans have found themselves with too many underperforming stores.

According to a USA Today article, competition in the mattress industry ramped up as many companies, including Mattress Firm, have pursued rapid expansion plans. There are also new forms of competition from bed-in-a-box style online companies, such as Casper, a mattress e-tailer that is expanding rapidly.

Sleep Outfitters Review: Top Picks & Buyers Guide

Sleep Outfitters carries noteworthy mattress brands like Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Stearns & Foster, so theyre certainly worth a visit if you live in a state where they operate.

Mattress shoppers today have a wide range of shopping options, spanning from dedicated brick-and-mortar brand stores to third-party retailers, warehouses, and online marketplaces. Among the traditional brick-and-mortar showrooms is Sleep Outfitters U.S.A., a mattress warehouse company that was established in 1983 in Danville, K.Y. Sleep Outfitters operates more than 60 showrooms in six states, including Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Alabama. It claims to be committed to providing customers solutions for better sleep and healthier life by guaranteeing the lowest prices on all the best mattress brands.

In this Sleep Outfitters review, were sharing the best mattress brands available at Sleep Outfitters stores, a look into online mattress shopping alternatives, and a look at the pros and cons of shopping online versus in-store.

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Who Should Buy A Firm Mattress

  • Stomach and back sleepers. For these sleepers, its all about spinal alignment. A softer mattress sinks the body out of alignment through a lack of spinal support, but a firmer mattress provides the spinal support necessary to awaken rejuvenated.
  • Hot sleepers. With a firm mattress, sleepers dont sink in as much as they would with softer beds. As a result, the mattress wont swaddle them as much, keeping them cooler.
  • Heavier people. People who weigh more than 250 lbs put more pressure onto beds than lighter folks. But a firm bed will support their weight better, preventing them from sinking in too much.
  • People with certain back problems . A sleepers spine should stay aligned with a firm bed, which helps protect against back pain and tightened muscles.

Detailed Reviews Of Brick And Mortar Mattress Stores

Continental Sleep Medium Firm Foam

We spent several weeks looking for brick and mortar mattress stores in order to identify ones we would be comfortable recommending. Details discovered while we researched brick and mortar mattress stores are shown, by store, below.

Read our reviews before you buy a new mattress. Youll also want to download our to help you make the best possible decision whether you shop online or buy your next mattress at a brick and mortar mattress store by helping you ask detailed questions that rule out suboptimal choices.



Pick-up at the store is often free shipping.

Our detailed research found that online mattress stores can provide better sleep trials, customer service, and warranties because they save by not paying the middleman at a brick and mortar mattress store.

Our list of the best mattress available online will help you find a mattress from a reputable mattress manufacturer.

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Sleep Number Mattress Vs Alternative Mattresses

Sleep Number Mattresses are a popular choice for shoppers looking for customized comfort. With firmness adjustability and 11 mattress models, there is a fit for every person and sleep position.

But there are reasons that some consumers are looking elsewhere, such as

  • Cost savings: Sleep number mattresses range in price from $999-$5,099 for a queen-size mattress. There are many less expensive alternatives, especially for couples who dont need different firmness levels on each side of the bed. See our Sleep Number Bed Coupons page for more.
  • Features: While Sleep Number Beds come with many useful features, there are features out there that they do not have. For instance, couples might want a bed with dual temperature control.
  • Trial period & return policy:Sleep Number offers a 100-night sleep trial. If you decide to return your mattress, you will be charged an additional fee. Some mattress companies have longer trial periods and free returns.
  • Shipping cost: Sleep Number charges $199 in shipping. Many companies ship for free.

Browse Stearns And Foster Customer Reviews

Finally experienced Sleep-full Bliss

Was really considering the new Foam/Gel topped mattresses, just because that is the new marketing for mattresses. My wife and I narrowed it down to the Stearns and Foster Reserve Firm and the Sealy Kelburn II. I was so ready for new a mattress as my lower back was always sore each morning. We went back into store and tried the two mattresses and she said I like the Stearns and Foster. I was hoping shed say the Sealy Hyrbid but I actually felt a traditional style mattress was the best choice. Boy am I glad she chose the Stearns and Foster. THe bed arrived the next day in great condition, we let it air out from the packaging and put on a new mattress protector/topper. She added a little spray of fresh cotton scent to the topper and when we fell into bed that evening, it was bliss. We woke up Sunday morning, actually earlier than we normally do and both said.that is weird, we slept 7 hours and it feels like we slept 10..and I had no sore back. We just laid there for couple more hours and enjoyed each others company. The Firm mattress is still very soft and with the light topper that carries a bit of filling it, it works perfect for the both of us. I weigh ~180 and the wife is ~120 One of the best purchasing decisions we ever made.

Made for me!

so far, like the product

Very comfortable so far

Best night sleep in years good quality


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How To Shop For A Firm Mattress Online

Buying a firm mattress online is both convenient and cost-effective. With a range of options to choose from and the ability to shop from home at your own pace, finding a great mattress is easier than ever.

It might seem odd to buy a firm mattress without feeling it in-person first to actually know how firm it is. Because of this, online mattress companies provide generous return policies known as sleep trials. This lets you use the mattress for a set period of time, usually 100 nights or more, with hassle-free returns. The sleep trial allows you to try the mattress in your own home, which gives you a far better sense of whether it will work for you.

Because theres less overhead than with brick-and-mortar stores, its easy to find great deals for mattresses online. Mattress manufacturers frequently run promotions, and third-party sites, like, often provide discounts or coupon codes to help you get the best price. Our sites buying guides and reviews can also be a handy resource for finding the mattress that best fits your needs and budget.

Shipping is almost always included in your purchase price, and some companies even include installation or offer it for an extra charge. Ordering is as easy as a few clicks, and payment with a credit card or methods like Paypal makes finalizing your order simple. Some retailers even offer financing programs as well.

Sleep Outfitters Mattress Sale

Sleep Outfitters – Luxe Event :15

Going into 2020, the bed mattress market is flooded with various brands. Listed below you will discover the 10 mattresses that have been the very best for 2020. Bear in mind, they are noted in no particular order. Sleep Outfitters Mattress Sale

You can not fail, with any of the following mattress brand names, if you are searching for the best mattress.

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Sleepers Who Like To Sink Into Their Mattress:

Soft mattresses allow sleepers to sink into the mattress. So, if youve happened to be one of those people, get yourself a soft mattress. Futon mattresses are a great option to consider if youre looking for soft mattresses. We have some great recommendations, so check out the best futon mattresses for your home!

Why Did Mattress Firm Go Out Of Business

More Mattress Firm stores may close in the near future, but the companys revenue has stabilized despite price hikes, according to its CEO. Mattress Firm filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in 2018 following years of overexpansion and the closure of over 700 locations, all while dealing with a financial crisis at its parent company and severe competition, among other things.

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COVID-19 updates

We know how important sleep is, especially in times like these, and thats why were still here to help with all your sleep needs. Rest assured that we are going above and beyond to ensure your safety both in-store and during delivery. While were open, please note that h

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Yelp users havent asked any questions yet about Mattress Firm Mountain View.

804 E El Camino Real Mountain View, CA 94040

Frequently Asked Questions about Mattress Firm Mountain View

What forms of payment are accepted?

Mattress Firm Mountain View accepts credit cards.

How is Mattress Firm Mountain View rated?

Mattress Firm Mountain View has 4 stars.

What days are Mattress Firm Mountain View open?

Mattress Firm Mountain View is open Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.

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Firm Or Soft Mattress: Verdict

Finding the right mattress for a comfortable and restful sleep comes with no shortage of options. As manufacturers develop a range of products that go from very soft to extra hard, consumers in the market for a new mattress do well to understand the personal elements that play into the soft-to-firm spectrum.

Beyond how comfortable a mattress feels when initially going to bed, the real test of whether a mattress is a good fit depends on the level of refresh and rejuvenation felt on waking. Whether too soft or too firm, sleeping on the wrong mattress results in poor sleep and an achy body. Make sure youre considering your sleeper type, body type, and the needs of others who might share a sleeping space with you.

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  • Final Thoughts
  • Lack of sleep or inadequate sleep may cause a host of health problems such as a compromised immune system, chronic headaches, weight gain, high blood pressure, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, and more. Therefore, it is essential that we pick a bed that suits our sleeping needs based on our weight and sleeping position.

    Whether youre a side, stomach, or back sleeper, or someone who sleeps in all positionsthere is a mattress designed for your specific needs. This article will help you determine the ideal comfort level for your mattress, whether it be firm or soft.

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    Mattress Stores Deliberately Make Apples

    Many mattress stores promote the fact that they will price match. Consumers have an expectation of what price matching means from our experiences with less expensive items. Price matching ads are useless. Although mattress stores carry the same mattresses, they uniquely brand them with names that means no one else carries the same mattress. Mattress stores also fail to provide sufficient detail about the number of coils, coil gauge, ILD of the foam , and the exact materials used to identify the mattress when it is being sold under a different name.

    • Slumber Well at store #1 might be named Good Slumber at store #2. They will also change the pattern or color of the mattress cover to further confuse buyers into believing the important aspects of the mattress are different.

    Here are some of the ways mattress stores ensure you wont find a lower price:

    Although you might be able to do a lot of research and identify an identical mattress using the specs of the mattress, they will resist honoring the price match. It is easier to resign yourself to the fact that price matches are worthless and just dont let the assurance of a price match prod you into buying before you have done all your research. Thats the point of offering itthey want you to buy when you are in the store. They know the chance of getting your money is much lower once you walk out the door.

    Chapter 11 Retail Bankruptcy

    A Chapter 11 retail bankruptcy allows a business to reorganize, which means the company has a period of time to pay debt . As opposed to Chapter 7 business liquidation, Chapter 11 allows the principals to retain control and possibly stay in business.

    As the bankruptcy creditor for Innovative Mattress Solutions Sleep Outfitters, Temper-Sealys next move will impact the future of this case. Tempur-Sealy CEO Scott Thompson said the mattress manufacturer will review strategic alternatives related to IMS during its bankruptcy process, with a focus on what is best for Tempur Sealy consumers in the affected markets.

    For assistance with retail bankruptcy or any type of business bankruptcy filing in Kentucky, please reach out to Tom or Matt at Bunch & Brock today.

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    Types Of Firm Mattresses

    If youre not sure how to narrow down the available options, a good starting point is focusing on the types of mattresses available.

    Each category of mattress has some shared characteristics of design and performance, but remember that there are exceptions. The type of mattress gives a sense of the likely feel, but the best information comes from digging into the details of any given brand and model.

    Which Mattress Sleeps Cooler Medium Or Firm

    Sleep Outfitters 2021 Memorial Day Mega Sale – Week 2

    Firm mattresses allow for more airflow and usually offer more cooling power than others. They let you sleep on top of the bed rather than conforming to your curves as closely as other mattresses. This lift helps keep more of your body exposed to the air, allowing you to sleep cooler.

    If you are a hot sleeper, you can also purchase a cooling mattress with features designed to reduce night sweats and overheating.

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    Taking Time Off To Wait For Delivery

    Although an adult always has to be home for white glove delivery service, most online mattress purchases can be left on your porch. You arent inconvenienced by having to be home to accept the delivery. All the brick and mortar mattress stores want you to be home even if you are buying a foam mattress.

    One customer took the day off to wait for delivery and all they delivered was the mattress protector not the mattress. Another day off was required for a second delivery. Splitting deliveries into more than one delivery date is a common problem based on the reviews. If you lose pay waiting for deliveries, this adds to the cost of your mattress. There were a lot of complaints about deliveries not being made as scheduled and no communication from the company which meant the customer took the day off to wait for a delivery that never arrived.

    Is It Better To Sleep On A Firm Or Soft Mattress You Should Know

    Latest Update On: July 2, 2021 | Article Write: Jennifer R. Heller

    Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    We spend a third of our lives sleeping, and mattresses play a major role in our sleep quality. It is imperative that we sleep on a mattress that meets our sleeping requirements to ensure that we have a pleasant nights sleep. Sleeping on a mattress that is of inferior quality or not ergonomically designed, or a mattress that is too firm or soft can lead to back pain, joint pain, poor posture, and most importantly, sleep deprivation.

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