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Nest Bedding Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow

A Latex Pillow Unlike Any Other

Nest Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow Review – Made for Your Sleep Position?

The combination of natural latex fill wrapped in soft, cozy cotton is a pillow match made in heaven. Available in Standard, Queen, King, and Side Sleeper sizes.

The Easy Breather Natural pillow is filled with a proprietary blend of materials that provide supportive yet supple comfort. This mimics the comfort of a down and feather pillow while cradling your neck and providing proper support and opening up breathing passages.

No Animal Products in this pillow. No fire retardant materials or chemicals used on this pillow.

Lightweight Sleepers Under 130lbs

Lightweight sleepers will probably need to remove a good amount of the interior filling in order to reach a neutral alignment especially when stomach sleeping. Finding the ideal pillow loft requires a bit of trial and error, but rest assured, you can definitely customize the Easy Breather pillows to your specific body type and sleeping position.

Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Some of you sleepers might already be familiar with the Easy Breather pillow line from Nest Bedding. It includes a variety of contoured pillows, pillows made of foam and latex, and even one designed for children. Well, now we can add a new one to the list!

The Side Sleeper adjustable pillow has joined the Easy Breather family, and Im ready to see what its all about.

In the Easy Breather Side Sleeper pillow review, Im going to find out what makes this such a great pillow for side sleepers, and determine if any other sleepers can benefit from its unique design! If you dont have time to read the full review, .

Shredded memory foam makes the Easy Breather pillow a dream to sleep on!

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Coop Home Goods Original Pillow

The Outside: The Coop Home Goods Original pillow is another customizable option that looks like a fluffy traditional pillow from the outside. It comes overstuffed and at a high profile. However, this can all be adjusted with the zippable cover. The cover is made of bamboo viscose that is cool to the touch and also very soft against the face and neck.

The Insides: The inside of the pillow has shredded memory foam fill that is airy so it won’t get too hot. It also is overstuffed so it can support the head of side sleepers right out of the box. If you desire something flatter, you can just remove some of the fill.

What Customers Say: These are very well rated pillows with a traditional pillow look and feel. The only negative is that a few customers mentioned heat retention.

The Rating : 9.7 / 10

Browse Nest Easy Breather Pillow Customer Reviews

Easy Breather Side Sleeper Pillow Review (2020)

Great pillow

We purchased 2 of these pillows and just love them. Love how we can customize them to our liking.

customize to your liking

They overstuff so you can create the perfect amount of fill for your liking. Took me 3 nights to get what I needed. Great pillow!

best pillow ever

both my husband and I have LOVED the easy breather for over 3 months now. the adjusting to our individual needs is the best

Great pillow and service

Service team went above and beyond to help with matching pillow size to the original we bought. Thanks!

Great Pillow

The pillow provides great support for my head and neck which allows me to breathe properly through my nose while I sleep.

Best pillow ever!

Finally a pillow that allows me to sleep like I did when I was a child! I love that I have the ability to adjust the firmness by adding or removing the memory foam filling. I’m mainly a side sleeper but at times sleep on my stomach or back. This pillow is quite adaptable for any sleeping position. I’m truly a very satisfied customer and so happy I watched the YouTube video on the Easy Breather Pillow when I was looking for the perfect pillow!

Absolutely the best pillow I’ve ever slept on!

A real pillow!

No more neck pain, these are amazing

The best pillow I’ve ever laid on.

This pillow does not get flat like most after being used. Having this pillow has removed my need for sleeping with two or more pillows.

Best pillow for stomach sleeper

No neck pain. Best pillow I’ve ever owned.

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Do Sleep Requirements Change With The Seasons

It may seem like winter was designed just to make you sleepy. The days are dark and short, the cold weather can make it hard to stay active, and wrapping up in warm blankets can feel like the only solution.

But even if all you want to do during the winter is sleep, you don’t actually need more sleep than during other times of the year.

In most cases, your body will still be fully functional and well-rested, as long as you get the right amount of sleep for you. For most adults, this is between seven and nine hours.

Still, there are some scientific and biological reasons why you might be feeling extra sleepy in the winter. They include:

  • less sun exposure triggering changes to your circadian rhythm
  • your home is too hot or too cold for proper sleep
  • dietary changes and heavy foods making you feel sluggish
  • seasonal stress and depression
  • oversleeping or taking long naps during the winter months, leading to increased drowsiness after

The changes outside do affect our bodies. But that doesn’t mean you need more sleep, and in fact too much sleep can trap you in a cycle of sleepiness.

Instead of increasing your time spent snoozing, you may need to make some intentional lifestyle and bedroom-related changes in order to improve your winter sleep.

Leesa Luxury Hybrid Pillow

The Leesa Hybrid pillow is a two-sided reversible pillow. One side is quilted with down-like filling and is very soft and comfortable to sleep on. The reverse side contains a ventilated cooling gel designed to regular temperature while you sleep. So if you want true comfort when sleeping on your side then go for the quilted side, and if you tend to get hot at night, particularly in the summer months, then you sleep on the cooling side.

This pillow has a second pillow situated between the two sides. This layer can be removed and adjusted to provide optional heights for your pillow. This is an excellent pillow for side sleepers and is designed to allow a high degree of height and firmness adjustments. If you can sleep on your side and can follow a straight line from your nose all the way down your spine, then you are in the correct alignment to ensure that you will avoid back pain.

  • The ventilated gel layer provides a cool nights sleep. The fibers making up the pillow also provide a chilling effect.
  • A third pillow section can be inserted between the two sides by means of a zipper running between them.
  • The cover is machine washable with a warm, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. It can also be tumble dried on a low heat setting. You can wash the pillow insert separately.
  • 100-night sleep trial with this pillow, with a no-hassle full refund should you decide to return it during this period.
  • The weight it is almost 4 pounds in weight.

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Nest Easy Breather Pillow

As the name suggest, the Easy Breather Pillow is a great option if you’re a side sleeper and tend to sleep hot. Filled with shredded CertiPUR-US foam and wrapped in a Tencel-polyester blend cover, this pillow is breathable, comfortable, and totally supportive . It’s also customizable, with the ability to take out foam as you please to get the support just right. Take note that no part of the pillow is washable, so you’ll want to invest in a pillow protector to keep it fresh.

This pillow lives up to the hype! It’s a bit firmer than other ones out there, which might take some getting used to, but after a few nights you’ll realize that’s just what your side-sleeping self needs.

Overall Pillow Rating: 46

Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review (2021 UPDATE!)

The extra time it takes to clean your pillow, combined with the filling that isnt always easily removed or added, does take a bit away from our ratings- but these arent details that take away from the effectiveness of comfort this pillow may be able to offer you. The filling is wholly unique and provides a feel of a rich down but is also an excellent support and meets a good balance between a soft capability, and firm contouring.

The adjustability and thick soft cover are excellent selling points as they are specific to providing a luxury feel to your overall sleep experience. Since each person has entirely different needs and preferences from the next, being able to create a pillow shape and feel to fit your needs is a great way to market a product- and The Nest Bedding Company has delivered on their claims with this particular pillow.

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Best Pillows For Side Sleepers: Comments

These are our 8 best pillows for side sleepers. Our ratings and comments are based upon the pillows we tested. We recommend you make the best use of the trial periods offered by each of these. If you find a pillow, not to your liking then either return it or get a replacement. The sleep tests allow either, but we recommend you go for a refund because the above are the best we could find from each manufacturer.

Please also read our Buyers Guide to Pillows for Side Sleepers below. This gives you some good advice on what you should be looking for and the various options that may be available to you. Read it right through before checking out the pillows that you believe may suit you best.

Coop Home Goods Eden Adjustable Pillow

The Coop Home Goods Eden adjustable pillow is also filled with shredded memory foam with microfiber, but this time the memory foam is infused with a cooling gel. This gel renders the pillow cooler to sleep on than the Nest Bedding pillow above. You can also remove or add fill, as you can with the pillow above. This also enables you to adjust the filling to suit your preferred sleeping position, in this case on your side.

The pillowcase is made using Lulltrafabric, a proprietary blend of polyester and viscose rayon derived from bamboo.This offers superb breathability and a very comfortable level of softness. Thepillow is delivered with an extra 0.5 lb of filling that you use if you preferyour pillow to be thicker or harder. All of this adds up to another superbpillow for side sleepers.

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Easy Breather Pillow Nestdng

Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow

This pillow has customizable firmness levels. Well ship you the cover overstuffed with fill. Then you decide how much to put in. The more foam you add in, the more height youll add to your pillow. The less, the flatter.

Our pillows are easily adjusted by unzipping the cover and removing handfuls of fill until you get a more comfortable fit. This is a substantial pillow and we’ll ship it to you overstuffed. Too fluffy? Take some fill out. Its your pillow, fill it to fit your body.

Back Sleepers remove about 1/4 of the fill.Side Sleepers try as is.Stomach Sleepers remove about 1/3 of the fill.

While the pillow is washable, we would still recommend using a waterproof pillow protector to extend the time between cleanings and to prolong its lifespan.

Yes. We’ve got you covered! Simply remove the outer cover from the pillow. Wash the inner pillow and cover in cold water on a delicate cycle. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Place a safety pin on the pillow opening to prevent fill from escaping during the washing cycle. Dry on low heat until the inner pillow is dry.*Easy Breather Pillows purchased before July 12th, 2021 are not washable.

You can knead your pillow like a loaf of bread once a week to let the shredded foam inside open up.

Is your question missing? Give us a call at anytime Mon-Fri 7am-7pm PT or Sat-Sun 8am-6pm PT.

Buying A Pillow For Side Sleepers: Faqs

The Easy Breather Pillow

Here are some questions that readers and customersoften ask:

1. Do you need two pillows when sleeping on your side?

Its not essential to have two pillows. However, in some cases, two might be better for you. You may find a second thinner pillow between your knees, as we have suggested earlier, to help keep your spine straight and avoid back pain. The same is true for back sleepers but with the pillow under their knees.

2. Whats the best type of pillow for a side sleeper?

It is really up to you. A side sleeper is best with a thicker pillow that keeps their head and neck in a more natural position. You want good support, which is why we do not recommend any feather or down pillows. They might seem very comfortable, but they dont provide enough support to provide the lift you need for your head.

3. What exactly is a side sleeper?

If you do not sleep on your back or stomach, and instead sleep in a relatively uncomfortable side position, then you are a side sleeper. If you fall asleep on your back or stomach and then find when you awake that you are on your side then you are a side sleeper! This puts pressure on one shoulder and one hip, and can also apply pressure to your knees hence the recommended thin pillow between your knees.

4. I am a side-sleeper and often suffer from pain in my hips. How do I avoid this?5. How can I tell if my pillow is the right thickness for me?

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers: Conclusion

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Average Weight Sleepers 130 Lbs 230lbs

Average weight sleepers should feel comfy in all three sleeping positions, but theyll need to adjust the pillows firmness level. Back sleepers may need to remove about ¼ of the interior fluff in order to reach a neutral alignment, while stomach sleepers will need to take out a bit more. Average weight side sleepers may find the pillow feels great as-is.

We Would Recommend The Pillow To People Who:

  • Are looking for a solution made of memory foam Memory foam is highly contouring, so youd be able to mold it according to your preferences.
  • Are looking for a pillow that tolerates adjustments You have the chance to add or get rid of as much stuffing as youd like to. The adjustability is a benefit worth considering, especially if you struggle to identify a solution that hits the sweet spot in terms of support.
  • Are looking for a softer pillow The materials used in this model are Tencel® and memory foam. In other words its a soft one. However, this doesnt mean that the support is jeopardized.
  • Are allergic to latex The Easy Breather is a convenient alternative for those allergic to latex.

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About Nest Bedding Nest Bedding

Traditional foam that is much softer, designed to relieve pressure points and conform to your body.

Durable, Relieves Pressure Points, Responsive, Natural Material. Organic mattresses are Global Organic Latex Standard certified that the organic latex used in our products contain more than 95% of certified organic raw latex.

Soft, durable wool sourced from New Zealand and Certified Organic Cotton. We use organic materials in our Natural mattresses. Our Organic mattresses meet Global Organic Textile Standard requirements ensures that organic cotton and organic wool used in our products are free from harmful chemicals.

Our luxury hybrid mattresses are available in dual firmness. Either side of the mattress can be customized to the sleeper ideal for couples who can’t make up their mind.

Two Nest Bedding mattresses are flippable. Not sure which firmness you’ll want, then this is a great fit.

Commitment to Sustainability

Its our hope that more companies will focus on making sustainable products in the future. Until then, you can rely on Nest Bedding to make sustainable, environmentally-friendly bedding. Read more

A little bird told us you live near a Nest Bedding showroom.

How Does It Feel

Nest Easy Breather Pillow Review – Memory Foam or Latex for You?

The feel of this product is impressive. With the ability to remove and add memory foam, you can modulate the pillow to the perfect sleeping solution.

You should also know that there is a slight difference in the feel between the latex pillow and the one made of memory foam. The latter is far more adaptive to your head and neck, but it is less responsive than latex will be.

Your sleeping preferences are going to determine the overall feel that you desire. However, these preferences can also change from time to time, which is another reason why you will likely appreciate this pillows ability to adapt to your preferences.

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What Type Of Sleeper Should Buy A Pillow From The Nest Bedding Collection

We ran Nest Bedding pillows through extensive testing and sought feedback from real customers, determining that they are best for back sleepers. Side sleepers also rated the pillow highly, while stomach sleepers gave these pillows a lower rating. If youre a stomach sleeper you may want to look elsewhere for your pillow needs.

You should buy Nest Bedding pillows if:

  • You are a back or side sleeper
  • You want an adjustable-loft pillow
  • You have neck pain
  • Pressure relief is important to you

Easy Breather Pillow Materials & Designs:

Easy Breather Memory Foam Pillow:

The original Easy Breather Pillow from Nest Bedding is their memory foam version. This pillow is all based on the soft feel and comfort of shredded memory foam. This fill is a mix of 70% Specialty Foam and 30% Smooth Polyester Fiber. This combination makes for a soft yet supportive pillow. The Tencel fabric cover and polyester addition to the fill help to give this pillow a lightweight and airy feel. The more airflow you get in a pillow the cooler it will sleep.

The Memory Foam Easy Breather pillow comes in a traditional shape as well as shape made specifically for side sleepers. It also has a zipper on the side to gain access to the internal fill of the pillow. This allows for you to customize the comfort and loft size of your pillow.

Easy Breather Natural Latex Pillow:

If you prefer to have more natural materials in your bedding, then you will love the Easy Breather Natural Latex Pillow. This pillow from Nest Bedding is made with OEKO-TEX certified Latex, polyester fibers, and organic cotton. The cover is a mix of 32% Organic Cotton, 67% Polyester Backing, and 1% Spandex. This combination makes for a super soft, breathable, stretchy, and moisture wicking cover that is ideal for a pillow. The shredded natural Latex and polyester fill is a supportive and contouring pillow that has a good amount of loft to it. The natural latex helps to prevent heat retention.

Side Sleeper Pillow:

Standard: $89

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