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Best Mattress For Sleeping On Your Side

Shopping For The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers

2021 BEST Mattress For Side Sleepers | TOP 5 Side Sleeping Beds

As mentioned earlier, sleeping on your side can create pressure points around your shoulders and hips. These are the widest parts of your body, and your weight tends to concentrate in those two areas the most when youre on your side. If youre sleeping on the wrong mattress, you may find yourself waking up with discomfort in your lower back, pain in your hips and shoulders, and stiffness that can cause neck pain. Let any of these issues persist for too long, and you can develop chronic pain

Side Sleepers Dealing With Back Problems Saatva Classic Mattress

For side sleepers with back pain, you should first look at the support level of your mattress and identify the specific area of pain. You will probably end up with a dense foam bed or a hybrid mattress for your back pain.

When it comes to your mattress, you want to make sure the bed is supportive so that youre not melting into the bed. That can put your back at an odd angle. You want to make sure that theyre a straight line from your hips to your head, ensuring that your neck is in ideal alignment.

This has a lot to do with your specific weight and body type, but in general, if youre a side sleeper with back pain, you should probably be looking first at a hybrid mattress. You probably do not want an ultra-plush hybrid bed, nor do you want a firm one. In many cases, youll be happiest with something thats sort of in the middle in terms of mattress firmness.

What Makes The Saatva Mattress Good For Side Sleepers

  • They should feel almost no pressure on their shoulders and hips. The Saatva also provides a good amount of support for back sleepers.
  • The high-density memory foam found in the mattress are very durable and shouldnt sag as quickly as other types of memory foam. This should allow heavier side sleepers to get some nice nice pressure relief.
  • The Saatva shouldnt sleep too hot.

Read our full Saatva mattress review.

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Best For Pressure Relief: Dreamcloud Premier

True to its name, the DreamCloud Premier mattress was the stuff of dreams when tested by the Mattress Advisor experts. It also encapsulates everything thats special about hybrid mattresses the DreamCloud Premier cradles your body, delivers support, sleeps cool, and its medium-firmness is well-suited for all sleep positions, but especially side sleepers. This mattress is a meticulously thought-out combination of foam and innerspring coils. The top layer of its five-layer design consists of quilted foam and cashmere-based fabric that keeps you both cozy and cool.

Just beneath that surface layer, gel memory foam cradles your shoulders, hips, and problem areas by gently contouring to your body. In other words, the DreamCloud Premier offers plenty of pressure relief . High-density memory foam in the DreamClouds third layer cushions your most sensitive areas and keeps pressure off of your joints. The fourth layer is a targeted-support coil layer that reinforces the mattress as a whole while also making it responsive and adaptive to your body . These dense layers allow side sleepers to lie down without uncomfortable pressure on their hips, shoulders, or lower back. And with coils and a gel foam layer, the DreamCloud Premier sleeps cool, too .

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid

Best Pillows For Front

The best mattress for side sleepers 2019: best side ...

Front-sleepers and back-sleepers are very similar in needs when it comes to pillows. This is because your neck and shoulders should mostly be aligned with your spine when you sleep like this. The main difference between these two sleeping types is that if you’re a front-sleeper, you should have a flatter pillow to maintain a good posture.

As you are putting more pressure on your pillow by sleeping on your stomach, you want a pillow that you can fully sink into. This helps to ensure your spinal alignment is healthy. So, you should try to look out for pillows with the following firmnesses:

This means that you can experience plush comfort with great support!

We’ve listed some of the best comfort fillings for front-sleepers below:

  • Feather and down
    Feather and down pillows are great for sinking into after a long day and the fillings will adjust as you move in the night.
  • Hollowfibre
    Hollowfibre pillows are budget friendly and they are much thinner than other pillow types.
  • Memory foam
    Memory foam pillows will provide amazing support and will mould to your shape as you sleep, making them ideal for front-sleepers.
  • Latex
    Latex pillows are super responsive and will maintain their shape, so you can enjoy the cosiness of these pillows for years to come.

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Get A Pillow Designed For Side Sleepers

The best pillow for side sleepers is one that supports proper alignment between your neck and the rest of your spine. Your neck should stay aligned with your upper back to avoid creating any pressure or neck pain upon waking up. If you sleep on your side and are prone to neck pain, you might want to avoid a feather pillow and opt for a supportive latex pillow instead.

Measure the space between your neck and the edge of your shoulder. When you go shopping for pillows, that measurement should be close to the pillows loft, which describes the height of a pillow.

You can use additional pillows to make side sleeping more comfortable. Place a pillow between your knees to keep your hips aligned, reduce pressure on your knee joints, and prevent straining your lower back.

Puffy Royal Hybrid Mattress

The Puffy Royal Hybrid provides the contouring and cushioning that side sleepers need. It also absorbs motion very well, which is great news for couples looking to sleep soundly.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Back Sleeping

lightweightaverage weight

Side Sleeping

lightweightaverage weight

Financing Options

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Tips For Sleeping On Your Side Comfortably

Although side sleeping can interfere with spinal alignment and create pressure buildup, there are measures you can take to comfortably use this position.

  • Hug a second pillow while you sleep. This provides additional upper body support.
  • Tuck a pillow between your knees to reduce pressure in the lower back and hips. If you use a longer body pillow, you may be able to hug the pillow and place it between your knees.
  • Make sure your pillow has enough loft to maintain even alignment. Most side sleepers prefer pillows with medium to high loft because they provide the most head and neck support.
  • Invest in a softer topper if your mattress feels too firm. Side sleepers can benefit from extra cushioning around the shoulders and hips if their mattress surface is too stiff or rigid.
  • Sleep close to the center of your mattress if the edges arent reinforced. Some mattresses all-foam and all-latex models in particular tend to sink along the perimeter due to weak or inadequate edge support, and lying on an uneven surface can cause aches and pains to occur.

Secrets For Side Sleeping In Comfort

5 Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers – The Complete List!

Now that you know which type of sleeper you are, its time to get down to business. How can you improve your slumber experience? It starts with replacing bad bedding but remaining cozy as a side sleeper also means adjusting bad habits. Here are five secrets to successfully sleeping on your side.

  • Upgrade Your Pillow. The best mattress money can buy is quickly sabotaged by a crummy pillow. Side sleepers need a pillow that rises to fill the space between the shoulder and ear. If you have the best mattress for side sleepers and a pancake pillow your neck will tell you about it in the morning. By that we mean it will whisper Get me ibuprofen, or so help me I will activate migraine protocols. A quality pillow does more than mold to your shape. It also draws heat away from your face, so you dont have to flip the pillow over in the middle of the night.
  • Put a Second Pillow Between Your Knees. Why sleep with one pillow when you can snuggle in with two? Resting with a pillow between your knees aligns your hips and spine to eliminate lower back pain. If you have a herniated disc or general back pain, adding a second pillow to the mix is a simple way to give yourself more support.
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    Top 3 Mattresses For Back

    This is just because you’ll want a pillow that you can slightly sink into to keep your neck, shoulders and spine level.

    Below is a list of pillow types that are suitable for back-sleepers:

    • Feather and down
      Feather and down pillows are very comfortable and can be plumped up to your preference – which is great for back-sleepers!
    • Hollowfibre
      Hollowfibre pillows are a great option because they offer great comfort and support while not being too deep.
    • Memory foam
      Memory foam pillows can offer you all the support you need, but just check that they aren’t too deep for your sleeping position.
    • Latex
      Latex pillows provide that sink-in feeling without missing out on support, so you can sleep comfortably.

    The Best Type Of Mattress For Side Sleeping

    All mattress types are not created equal when it comes to what is best for side sleepers. Learn which types of mattress materials are good for side sleepers and which ones dont work so well.

    Memory Foam Mattress

    Most types of mattresses made for side sleepers use some combination of memory foam, whether it be standard memory foam, latex foam, or gel-infused foam. Memory foam mattresses are completely constructed from layers of memory foam, no other materials. The top and mid layers are made for comfort the base layer is usually made of high-density polyfoam to add durability.

    Occasionally, these mattresses will be infused with copper, gel, or graphite to provide extra cooling and pain relief benefits. Memory foam has a good reputation for even weight distribution and easing pain around pressure points. It also supports the natural curve of your spine.

    Latex Mattress

    Latex mattresses use latex foam as their main feature. Latex foam can be derived from either natural latex or synthetic latex regardless, the material is cooling, buoyant, and pressure relieving. Organic latex foam provides a good base for some of the best organic mattresses for side sleepers.

    Latex foam and gel-infused foam quickly bounce back to their normal shape when people shift positions at night, better than regular memory foamgreat for side sleepers who also find that they are back or stomach sleepers.

    Hybrid Mattress

    What About Innerspring Mattresses?

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    What Makes The Cocoon Chill Hybrid Great For Side Sleepers

    • Its both supportive and pressure relieving, so it can help ease back pain.
    • The mattress has phase change material, which helps sleepers stay cool at night.
    • The Cocoon Chill Hybrid is especially durable.

    People are going to flip for this mattress literally. The Layla provides two firmnesses in one bed. The firm side is an exceptional match for back- and stomach-sleeping, but you can flip it over for a soft side that should appeal to side sleepers. Its a 5.5/10 on the firmness scale and features 5 of comfort material.

    Whats The Best Type Of Mattress For A Side

    The Best Innerspring Mattress for Your Sleeping Needs

    For people who have back pain, a mattress that feels medium-firmwhatever that means to themshould offer the comfort and curve-conforming support needed for them to wake up with less soreness and stiffness. We think back-pain sufferers who usually sleep on their side will like the Saatva Classic , a sturdy innerspring with just enough memory foam in the upper layers to keep your spine in proper alignment while you sleep. If youre on a budget, the medium-firm is surprisingly supportive for the price, and it may work particularly well for side-sleepers who occasionally fall asleep on their stomach or back.

    The two-piece, flippable Charles P. Rogers Estate SE, a pick in our guide to the best mattresses for back pain, should appeal to people who fall asleep in any position, though the softer side will better accommodate side-sleepers. Purple mattresses are designed with a stretchy, gel-like foam that the company says is better at relieving pressure than traditional memory foam. The Purple Hybrid Premier, a notable contender in our guide to the best foam mattresses, has worked well for a 210-pound staffer with back pain and his 110-pound wife. They told us that the mattress is great for side-sleeping and gentler on the joints than most regular mattresses.

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    Customer Reviewsfrom The Old Users

    Well, this is what most smart purchasers do. Old customers often drop their feedback on their experience using mattress for side sleeper.

    You will come across the review on the product page if you scroll down. They are usually portrayed on the same product page.

    Looking up the reviews will facilitate you to decipher whether the brand you are going for to buy mattress for side sleeper is bad or good!

    What Firmness Is Best For Side Sleepers

    When a side sleeper is shopping for a new mattress, take care in choosing the right level of firmness. Soft to medium is ideal, just like our Original 10″ and Signature 12″ mattresses provide. Our hybrid Nolah Evolution 15″ mattress also features our patented AirFoam and comes in plush, luxury firm, and firm.

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    Pressure Relief And Pain Relief

    When you sleep on your side, youre putting more pressure on your hips and shoulders than you would by resting on your back or stomach. This added pressure is fine as long as you have the right mattress. Youll want a mattress thats going to both support you and relieve pressure at your hips and shoulders, which should help prevent pain from developing or worsening if you already have it.

    The best mattresses for pressure relief aresoft mattresses. These mattresses are especially good for side sleepers because they have the give necessary to allow hips and shoulders to really sink in.

    Shoulder Pain

    The best mattress for side sleepers with shoulder pain is going to be one thats decidedly soft a 5.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale or lower. Side sleepers put more weight on their shoulders, and if you have pain in that area youre going to want a mattress that cushions it as much as possible.

    Hip Pain

    Similar to shoulder pain, those who suffer from hip pain also want a plush mattress. They need a bed thats going to cradle their sensitive joints. Again, a mattress thats a 5.5 out of 10 or lower on the firmness scale is going to be best for these individuals.

    Back Pain

    Side Sleepers Guide To Choosing The Right Mattress

    Best Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers (Top 6 Beds For Pressure Relief!)

    Each sleeping position has unique characteristics that create the need for a mattress with specific qualities. The best mattresses for back sleepers should balance support with contouring, stomach sleepers need very firm mattresses, and mattresses for combination sleepers have to bridge the divides between different positions.

    Side sleepers, of course, have their own ideal mattress profile. In this section, well offer expert advice on choosing the right one for you.

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    A Luxury Mattress Thats A Step Up From Traditional Memory Foam

    Tuft and Needle

    • Materials: T& N Adaptive Foam, antimicrobial knit cover
    • Sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
    • Firmness level: Medium
    • Trial period: 100 nights

    The Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress is a luxury option at a fair price. After listening to customers feedback on traditional memory foam mattresses, Tuft & Needle made its Mint mattress with advanced comfort, support and cooling capabilities in mind. It has three total layers of foam, two of which are T& N Adaptive Foama proprietary material that contours your body but quickly bounces back so you dont get that slow sink that can come with other memory foam beds. The adaptive foam sits on top of four inches of extra-firm foam that provides exceptional edge-to-edge support and helps isolate motion. Its finished off with an antimicrobial cover that protects you from microbes, fights off odor and keeps the mattress from breaking down prematurely. In other words, it lasts a long time.

    What the Reviews Say: More than 70% of happy reviewers give the Mint mattress five stars. One comfy sleeper writes, Soft, but not so soft that my back hurts. In fact, its the opposite. My hips have never been happier. Another writes that Tuft & Needle mattresses always meet expectations, and this mattress is no exception.

    Logan And Cove Pillowtop Mattress

    The Logan and Cove pillowtop mattress is a hybrid bed available at a reasonable price, offering incredible softness despite its medium-firm feel. This is one of the most comfortable beds on the market for side sleepers, thanks to the thick silk-blend pillowtop layer. In addition, the comfort zone of the mattress includes a few other layers that offer cushioning for your joints and effective pressure relief at high-pressure areas when on your side. These include a high-density cooling gel foam, a couple of high-density bio-foam layers, and a cooling memory foam for temperature regulation. This is a hybrid mattress with pocketed coils, so the 14-inch profile of the bed is taller than most of the foam mattresses discussed above.

    Why are we impressed?

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