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How To Set Sleep Timer On Iphone Podcast

Did Sirius Buy Stitcher

How to Set Sleep Timer Podcasts on iPhone to Automatically Stop Playing: iOS 15

today announced that it has completed its acquisition of Stitcher and is moving forward as the premier full-service platform for podcast creators, publishers, and advertisers. With this acquisition, SiriusXM adds Stitcher, a longtime pioneer in podcasting, to its leading audio entertainment platform.

How To Set A Sleep Timer For A Podcast On Your Iphone

A lot of people already use their iPhones as alarm clocks, which is really convenient on a device that you almost certainly always have near your bed. But if you like to listen to something as you fall asleep, such as a podcast, then you might be wondering if its possible to set a sleep timer so that the sound doesnt play all night. Fortunately you can set sleep timers in the Podcasts app on your iPhone 5, and you have the option of choosing between a number of different time settings.

Play your podcasts through your TV with the Apple TV.

Setting A Sleep Timer On Android

Android is a literal mixed bag when it comes to functionality. Chances are if it isnt the core system aka pure Android, then your handset manufacturer might have included this type of feature into their version of Android. Otherwise, youre looking at using an app.

If you do a , youll find results that immediately fit the bill. We tried both apps pictured below and preferred the second one, but we recommend you find the sleep timer app that best fits your needs and tastes.

For this particular app, we were required to give it administrator privileges to lock the screen when it puts the device to sleep.

Thereafter, you can pick the duration before it puts your tablet or phone to sleep.

If you need to cancel or want to add time, you can access those functions from the notification bar.

There are also some pretty useful settings, though the useful battery saving features are only available in the unlocked version, which costs one dollar.

Nevertheless, for the essential function putting your device to sleep after a certain term it does exactly as ordered.

So, the next time you find yourself listening to your favorite Game of Thrones podcast in bed or drifting off to something peaceful and meditative, remember you can set up a sleep timer and have it turn off shortly after you normally fall asleep.

If you would like to share your thoughts with us, or have an alternative sleep timer Android app to recommend, please leave your feedback in our discussion forum.

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Use The Clock App To Set Apple Music Sleep Timers

The Clock app lets you set a timer to stop playing music at the end. Heres what you need to do:

  • Open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap Timer, which is at the bottom right.
  • Now choose the duration of your sleep timer. We went with 30 minutes because thats how long it usually takes us to doze off, but your mileage may vary. Once youve done this, tap When Timer Ends.
  • Scroll to the bottom and tap Stop Playing. Then tap Set.
  • Youll return to the timer screen. Tap Start.
  • Finally, you can open Apple Music to play any songs you like. The music will automatically stop when the timer ends.
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    How To Follow Podcasts On Iphone Or Ipad

    How to Set a Sleep Timer in Podcasts on iPhone 12 Pro Max ...

    You need to update to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS to use Apple Podcasts on your devices.

  • Open the Podcasts app.
  • Tap the show to see its information page.
  • Tap the Follow button .
  • To find the podcasts that you follow or the ones that you’ve manually added through a URL, go to the Library tab. Then tap Shows and tap Followed.

    Want to listen to premium podcast content? Learn how to purchase Apple Podcasts Subscriptions.

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    Native Iphone Clock App

    The native Clock app in an Apple device is perfectly capable of being a good sleep timer when the one in the Spotify iOS app is missing.

    Heres how to utilize it:1. Launch the Clock app.2. Scroll down and click Timer.3. Set the duration before the device stops playing any song or podcast.4. Tap When Time Ends and choose what action will be executed when the time runs out.5. Select Stop Playing.

    How To Use Your Iphone’s Hidden Sleep Timer To Fall Asleep To Music

    Apple’s native Clock app in iOS has a hidden feature that allows you to go to bed at night with audio playing on your iPhone and it will automatically stop playing after a set time ideally, after you’ve fallen asleep.

    It’s really handy if you don’t want your iPhone playing through that audiobook, ambient playlist or podcast series when you’re not awake to enjoy it. It can also help save your battery, and potentially your data allowance if you’re streaming music or radio over cellular. Here’s how it works.

  • Launch the Control Center on your iPhone on iPhone 8 or earlier, swipe up from the bottom of the screen on iPhone X or later, swipe down from the upper right “ear” of the screen.
  • Tap the Timer button.
  • Using the dials, select a time that you want your audio to play for.
  • Tap When Timer Ends.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select Stop Playing.
  • Tap Set in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Start to start your timer.
  • You can now turn off the screen on your iPhone and tuck into bed. If the timer ends and you haven’t fallen asleep yet, just resume whatever audio was playing and restart the timer.

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    Is Stitcher Free To Use

    Stitcher is a free podcast app, it’s home to all your favorite podcasts and easy to navigate features. Explore shows from NPR, Wondery, WNYC, the New York Times, Earwolf, Exactly Right, and more. We offer over 260,000 podcasts, from politics, true crime, sports, and comedy, there’s a podcast for everyone on Stitcher.

    Setting Sleep Timer Podcasts For Ios

    How to Use the Sleep Timer Feature in the Podcasts App

    This works the same way in the Podcasts app for iPhone and iPad, although the demo screens show the Sleep Timer feature used on iPhone. Here you want to do:

  • Open the Podcasts app on iOS
  • You may also like:

    • When the current cycle ends
  • Play the podcast as usual, the podcast will stop playing after the specified sleep timer
  • In the screenshots here, the sleep timer is set to stop playing the podcast when the current episode ends.

    You can also cancel the sleep timer at any time by swiping back to the hidden part of the Podcasts area, and then tapping the sleep timer moon button again.

    Many podcast users may not even know that this feature exists, probably because it is behind a swipe gesture for which there is no specific indicator. Dont just swipe from too low a screen, otherwise you can access the Control Center on some iPhones or go to the home screen of an iPhone X-style device, as this swipe gesture performs different tasks depending on the device youre using and where the swipe movement starts. It makes the sleep timer a bit of a hidden feature, but whether its hidden in the Podcast interface or not, its just as useful in the end. And now you know about it, so its no longer hidden from you!

    Do you know any other useful or interesting tricks for podcasts or to stop app behavior after a certain amount of time? Then share them with us in the comments below!

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    Ways To Set Sleep Timer On Your Android And Iphone Devices

    How do you go to sleep? Do you count yourself down to oblivion or do you listen to soft, calming music to lull you to sleep? Sleeping at night can get a little problematic especially if your brain just wont shut down. It can get overly problematic if you keep punching the screen of your phone. If thats your problem, you might want to consider using a sleep timer on your phones to get a good nights slumber.

    In this article, we will be looking into setting mechanisms and the how-tos to setting a timer on your phone. Because lets face it, you do spend time with your phone right after taking a shower and conditioning your mind that you need to sleep early. Your phone is a vibrating pulse itself that nags you the moment you close your eyes, desperate to get your attention. Well use this not to our disadvantage but to our advantage instead.

    How To Set A Sleep Timer For Apple Music On Windows

    Once again, its best to schedule a sleep timer for the entire computer to automatically pause Apple Music on Windows. Heres how to schedule a sleep timer on Windows:

  • Press Windows key + R.
  • Type cmd and hit enter.
  • Type shutdown -s -t 3600, where 3600 is the number of seconds for the timer. You can change that to any number you like. Hit Return.
  • This will shut down your computer automatically after the specified time and as a result, Apple Music will pause too.

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    How To Use Spotify Sleep Timer On Ios

    Before you start doing the following steps make sure youve downloaded the latest version of Spotifys app from the App Store. Operating with the newest version of any app guarantees you access to all the freshest features!

    1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone or iPad air.

    2. Select content you want to listen to: playlist, podcast, songs, or just one track on the repeat

    3. Tap on the now playing section which is located at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Tap the three dots located in the top-right corner.

    5. Youll see the list of options. Scroll down and find the Sleep Timer option.

    6. Choose a duration for your sleep timer. You can choose between 5 and 60 minutes.

    7. The Sleep Timer will make the music stop playing when the timer ends.

    How To Use The Sleep Timer In Your Iphone’s Podcast App

    How to Use the Sleep Timer in Your iPhone

    * This post is part of iPhone Life‘s Tip of the Day newsletter. . *

    Listening to Podcasts can be a relaxing way to fall asleep, and when you use the Sleep Timer, you can drift off without having to worry about sleeping through the best parts of an episode. To use the sleep timer in the Podcast app, you’ll need to begin playing a podcast before the Sleep Timer will appear on the screen. Here’s how to use the Sleep Timer in the Podcast app to help you fall asleep without missing any content.

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    Easy Steps To Set Sleep Timer In Spotify On Iphone And Ipad

    Spotify introduced the sleep timer feature back in 2019, available on both iPhone and iPad. Using it, users can set Spotify to automatically turn off and stop playing music after a set amount of time. If youve got an iPhone or iPad, heres how you can set a sleep timer on your iOS device.

    How To Switch Off Sleep Timer On Spotify

    So, let us say that for some reason you chose to discontinue using the sleep timer feature. Instead of closing the app to cancel the running function, you can turn it off permanently.

    Heres how to stop the Spotify sleep timer from running:1. Tap the Now Playing bar on the lower part of the Spotify interface.2. Click the menu option on the top-right corner of the interface.3. Scroll down and tap on Sleep Timer.4. Tap on Turn Off Timer.

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    Set A Podcast Sleep Timer On The Iphone Or Ipad

    If you regularly fall asleep while listening to podcasts and need a way to automatically turn off the podcast, there is a sleep timer built right into the Podcasts app. The podcast sleep timer is a nice feature and easy to use.

    If you fall asleep while listening to music, you may be interested in my article about setting a sleep timer using the Clock app.

    How To Unfollow Podcasts On Iphone Or Ipad

    Your iPhone Has a Built-In Sleep Timer
  • Open the Podcasts app.
  • Go to the Library tab and tap Shows. Then tap Followed.
  • Tap a show to see its information page.
  • Tap the More button .
  • Tap Unfollow Show.
  • New episodes won’t download, but episodes that are already in your Library won’t delete. If you unfollow a show with premium content, your subscription is still active. Learn how to cancel a subscription.

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    Set Sleep Timer On Android

    If you happen to own an Android smartphone that does not run stock Android, chances are, your device manufacturer has implemented the sleep timer feature in their music player app. However, stock Android comes with Google Play Music, which does not pack in a sleep timer, unlike its iOS counterpart, which is a shame.

    The good news is, there are a number of sleep timer apps on the Play Store that let you stop audio after a time from any app. You can just search for sleep timer apps on the Play Store and you should find various decent apps. However, the most popular out of the lot is Sleep Timer , which is available in a free version. So, heres how to set up sleep timer for music on Android with the app:

    1. After you have installed the app on your device, you can just play audio from any music player app, audiobook app or podcast app and set the timer through the circular icon in the app. Then, you can tap the Start button to start the timer. Once you start the timer, you will get the options to put your device to Sleep Now or Stop the timer.

    2. You can also choose to play music directly from the app with the Start & Player button. Also, you can Stop or Extend the timer from the notification center as well.

    When the timer runs out, the app puts your device to sleep, stopping the music and its not abrupt, instead the audio just fades off smoothly, which is a great touch.

    How To Set A Sleep Timer In Apple Music

    Here’s how to prevent Apple Music from endlessly playing music even after you’ve fallen asleep on any device.

    Do you like to listen to songs on Apple Music before sleeping? If yes, then you’ve probably been looking for a way to automatically stop the music after you fall asleep.

    It would be amazing if Apple Music could stop playing music the moment you doze off, but until Apple introduces that kind of a feature, well just have to rely on good old timers to get the job done.

    Well show you how to set sleep timers on Apple Music for every device.

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    Set A Sleep Timer In Books On Mac

    With your audiobook open in the Books app on Mac, follow one of these sets of steps to set a sleep timer.

    1) Click the More button next to your audiobook on the bottom left of the sidebar. Note: Youll need to move your cursor to that area to make the More button appear.

    2) Put your cursor over Sleep Timer.

    3)Select a time from the pop-out menu.

    1) Click Controls from the menu bar.

    2) Move your cursor over Sleep Timer.

    3)Select a time from the pop-out menu.

    If you want to turn off a Sleep Timer that youve set, just follow one of the sets of instructions above and instead of picking a time, choose Off.

    Set Sleep Timer For Iphone

    How to Set a Sleep Timer in Podcasts on iPhone 12 Pro Max ...

    For iPhone users, here is the detailed guide on how you can easily set sleep timer on iPhone.

    • Firstly, on your iPhone, open the Clock app.
    • Next, tap on the Timer icon which can be found on the bottom corner of the screen.
    • Set the length of the timer and set When Timer Ends to Stop Playing.
    • Tap on Set and then hit on Start to start the timer.

    Once the timer lapses, the song that is being played on your device will automatically shut down. Moreover, your device will also be locked to avoid that your battery will get drained.

    How To Activate Spotify Sleep Timer On Android

    Spotify for Android has a slight variation in terms of user interface compared to Spotify for iOS. That said, we will provide a step-by-step guide for both environments, starting with Spotify for Android.

    Do the following to set up a Spotify sleep timer for your smartphone:1. Open Spotify from your app dashboard.2. Pick a song to play via the app.3. Enlarge the playing clip by tapping on the Now Playing bar at the bottommost part of the Spotify interface.4. Click the three-dot menu icon on the top-right corner of the interface.5. Tap on Sleep Timer, then select for how long the song will go playing before the app stops it completely.

    The sleep timer feature allows you to set a timer for just how long a clip would play. That helps you ensure the clip wont keep playing after you have fallen asleep and drain your device battery the next morning.

    Why Do You Need Sleep Timer

    A sleep timer is a mechanism developed by mobile phone makers for the most obvious reason: to help us and our phones take a break. Wed like to take it as an adult version of parental controls and screentime management tools designed for adults.

    For example, some of us use Spotify to play soft background music to help us doze or go geeky by listening to podcasts while trying to get some sleep. However, we do not want the music playing all night long for fear it will drain our batteries and wake us up in the middle of the night. The sleep timer helps put a stop to the music playing at a specific time.

    To put it simply, a sleep timer serves as a mechanism to help us get to sleep at the right moment and also put to rest the use of our devices. All devices with a sleep timer feature do the same and it has proven effective and beneficial.

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