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Can A Sleep Number Bed Go On A Platform Bed

Whats The Difference Between The Original Ghostbed 3d Matrix And The Ghost Smartbed

Make a Platform Bed for Sleep Number, Tempurpedic, or other foam mattresses!!!!

Weve taken our most luxurious mattress to datethe GhostBed 3D Matrix®and made a few tweaks to turn it into the Ghost SmartBed. Adjustable air chambers take the place of the coils, but the top comfort layers are the same. Youll stay cool and cozy with the gel memory foam layer, 3D Matrix polymer layer and our cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice cover.

What Makes The Ghostsheets So Unique

GhostBeds luxury sheets feature our patent-pending blend of super-soft Supima cotton and cool-to-the-touch TENCEL® fiber, creating a custom feel youre sure to love. Were committed to quality above all else, and our luxury sheets stay cool, crisp and plush for the ultimate in sleep comfort. Plus, our exclusive GhostGrip band keeps your sheets in place all night long.

What Size Is A Twin Mattress

The dimensions of a twin size mattress are 75 inches long and 38 inches widetypically enough room for one person, making it ideal for single sleepers or children transitioning to their first bed. While there isnt much room for movement, youll get quality sleep with a comforting twin mattress like the GhostBed.

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Can A Sleep Number Mattress Go On A Regular Bed Frame

Sleep NumberbedSleepNumber mattressesmattresswill

. Simply so, can you put a Sleep Number mattress on a regular bed frame?

Your base will fit inside most standardfurniture, except platform furniture or furniture with underbed storage. Allow 1.5-2″ between the head of the bedand headboard or bed frame to prevent obstructions frommoving. Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Bases come standardwith 6.5″ legs.

Also Know, can you use a box spring with a Sleep Number mattress? Box springs, with actual coils usually under 2sided mattresses, do not work with mostmattresses produced and definitely not under the SleepNumber bed. If your box spring is only a year or two oldand from a major “S” brand, then it is likely a platform and notthe older, traditional box spring.

do you need a special base for a sleep number bed?

A Sleep Numberbed requires a firm flat surface to evenly support the airchambers inside your bed. A traditional box springdoes not provide the support required for a SleepNumber mattress.

What is the lifespan of a Sleep Number bed?

Yes, the life expectancy of the SleepNumber mattress is 20 years. That’s a big commitment. Before Iget into the details, you need to understand that a Sleep Numberbed is a glorified air mattress with 2 separate airchambers.

What Is The Difference Between The 3 Pillows

Pick of 5 Best Sleep Number Alternative Beds

All 3 pillows feature our proprietary cooling technology, so you can sleep longer and wake up completely refreshed! Beyond that, selecting your perfect GhostPillow is as easy as thinking about what kind of firmness you prefer in a pillow.

The GhostPillow Faux Down is our plushest option, thanks to the luxurious faux down and microfiber gel fill. If you love a huggable, squeezable pillow, the Faux Down is for you!

If you like a firmer pillow, we recommend the GhostPillow Gel Memory Foam. Engineered to keep your head and neck supported, the gel memory foam in this pillow keeps it from collapsing overnight, and the cushy outside means youll never have to fluff it. The GhostPillow Gel Memory Foam is also the coolest option, thanks to its cool-to-the-touch Ghost Ice exterior cover, inner aerated mesh cover and aerated gel memory foam core.

Finally, the GhostBed Shredded works for all sleeping styles. With its blend of memory foam and microfiber, youll get maximum support as well as comfort, as it naturally contours to your head, neck and shoulders. This pillow also works for all sleeping styles because its fully customizable. With its easy-to-use zippered inner cover, you can add and remove the shredded memory foam fill to choose the feel and support you love.

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What If I Need Help With The App Or Have Tech Issues

Our friendly Support Team is always happy to help! We have a dedicated team right here in the U.S. that can walk you through any issues. If anything ever needs to be replaced, the mattresss modular design makes this easy. But you certainly shouldnt expect that to come upjust like our other GhostBed mattresses, the Ghost SmartBed is made with the highest-quality materials. Plus, youre covered with our industry-leading 25-year warranty.

Bases Frames And Beds Oh My

First off, let me explain that Sleep Number offers a wide variety of base choices for proper bed support. These are fairly simple in design and color, and though theyre of excellent quality, these may not always be the first choice for many home decors. But this doesnt have to be an issue, as according to Sleep Number, all of their bases can be purchased with, or without, a frame which can actually fit within most of your own existing frames or new frame of choice. Youll always need to take careful measurements and take into account that adjustable bed features do require specific dimensions and frame types. However, owning one of their bases is not a requirement, and you can absolutely take advantage of just about any frame you have in mind with a few simple bits of helpful knowledge.

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Easiest To Assemble In Multiple Sizes

According to Tempur bed manufacturers, the best frames and foundations for your mattress are sturdy, wood, flat, non-spring frames. If your current foundation is not sturdy, wood, flat, and non-spring, then its not fit for your Tempur bed.

Not only Tempur-pedic bed manufacturers but also memory foam makers highly recommend using the correct bed foundation to maximize the lifespan of your mattress. You wont be getting the most of your Tempurpedic bed if you compromise using an old box spring that is not in good condition.

Therefore, the best option for you is to purchase your memory bed with the foundation set. It is to enjoy its features and performance in the long run. The second option is to buy a bed frame that meets the guidelines of the Tempur bed foundation. Or else, you might have issues with your new mattress if its placed on an old bed base.

Its essential to keep in mind that any box springs that are eight years old and below that are still reasonably flat may be used with your new memory foam mattress. However, if its already sagging, you need to get a new bed frame to maximize the performance of your memory foam.

On the other hand, if making a new purchase for a Tempur foundation is not in your budget, you can still take advantage of your old box spring as long as its in good condition. The only negative side here is that you may void the warranty for not using the recommended foundation for Tempurpedic bed.

What Are The Differences Between The Ghostbed 3d Matrix And The Original Ghostbed

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Everything There Is To Know!

Both the original GhostBed and the GhostBed 3D Matrix® are built in the USA and are backed with our 20- to 25-year warranty. Choosing between the original GhostBed mattress will come down to the level of support and coolness you prefer.

The original 11 GhostBed is our most affordable mattress, built using research and feedback from tens of thousands of past customers. This mattress features a unique, aerated top layer of latex for better bounce and breathability, 2 pressure-relieving cool gel memory foam and a high-density, durable support core. Offering a blend of support and comfort with a medium-firm feel, this mattress works well for all sleeping styles, including side, back and stomach sleepers.

Compare that to our 12 GhostBed 3D Matrix® hybrid, our most luxurious mattress featuring seven layers of exclusive patented technology for your best sleep ever. Craving a cooler sleep? The 3D Matrix features a patented gel polymer layer that absorbs excess heat and transfers it away from your body. Need added support due to joint pain? 1 of soft transition foam cradles your body for amazing comfort, and the Ghost Bounce layer is responsive like latex and contouring like memory foamsome say its as close as you can come to floating without leaving the ground! The 3D Matrix is the ideal choice for side sleepers and back sleepers who want a soft, bouncy and supportive mattress.

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Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed On A Platform Bed

Youre finally a proud owner of a Sleep Number bed but arent too keen on spending more for a FlexFit adjustable base. The crucial question is, can you put a Sleep Number bed on a platform bed or a bed frame that you already have?

Yes, but there are factors to consider. A Sleep Number bed needs a solid foundation, which a platform bed provides. Slats could offer the same support provided that the distance between them is a maximum of two inches. Bed frames with widely spaced slats would need a Bunkie board or plywood.

Former and new users of Sleep Number beds have varying concerns about the smart bed. This article will provide some solutions while maximizing your sleep comfort.

What Makes The Ghostbed Rv Unique

Whether your RV is a way of life or a home-away-from-home for your yearly vacation, a great mattress can make a world of difference. With the GhostBed RV, you get all of the comfort and cooling features that GhostBed mattresses are known for, in an RV- and camper-friendly size.

If youre not familiar with GhostBed already, welcome! We’re a family-owned company full of seasoned mattress professionals who have been designing and crafting mattresses for decades. Our owner, Marc Werner, set out to design a mattress that was well-made, super-comfortable and perfectly balanced for all sleeper types. Since then, weve designed a few mattress models to address common sleeping challenges. With its all-foam construction, the GhostBed RV blends our top comfort and cooling features so you can get amazing sleep on the road .

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What To Look For In A Platform Bed

Platform beds have many features that are likely to appeal to shoppers, but understanding your unique needs and preferences can help you choose one that fits your lifestyle and budget.

The quality of materials, size options, ease of assembly, and more can all affect the feel and performance of a platform bed. Different platform styles can also influence the lifespan of your bed as a whole.

Quality MaterialsPlatform beds are constructed with many different types of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, or a combination. The quality of materials is often just as important as the type. Low-quality materials can negatively impact the lifespan and noise level of a platform bed.

StyleWhile platform beds come in a variety of styles, most are minimalist. Few include intricate designs or fabrications, so theyre best for shoppers who like contemporary styles. Platform beds also frequently have a low profile. Some include storage, such as drawers, which helps save space in small bedrooms. However, because they sit low to the ground, platform beds may not be ideal for individuals with mobility issues.

Size OptionsAlways check the dimensions of your mattress and the manufacturers suggested support options before purchasing a platform bed. Most mattresses work well with platform beds, but some brands recommend pairing specific models with box springs. Because platform beds replace your box spring, also make sure that your mattress will be high enough for you without one.

How Do Returns Work For The Ghost Smartbed

Sleep Number Bed King Size Platform for Sale in Stockton ...

Here at GhostBed, we take comfort very seriously. And with 20+ years in the mattress industry, we know a thing or two about it!

Heres the good news: we get very few returns on the Ghost SmartBed – 3D Matrix®. Since its 100% customizable, it works for every sleeper type. If youre not loving the comfort or feel of your new smart bed, you might simply need to play around with the settings a bit. Just like a new pair of shoes, sometimes a mattress needs some time to break in! Give our SmartBed Sleep Experts a call at and wed love to share our tips.

If we cant help you get comfortable after the 30-day break-in period, our 101-Night Sleep Trial has you covered. Well send you instructions and a pre-paid FedEx box to return the internal components directly to us, and will work with you to coordinate the return of the mattress itself. Learn more about our sleep trial here.

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Owner Review Feedback For Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased directly from Sleep Number, so thats where we found the majority of the online reviews. Out of the 34 good-quality negative user reviews we collected about the Classic Series , 10 contained complaints about issues related to a lack of cushioning. This included reviewers describing the mattress as too firm, too thin, bottoming out, or having poor pressure relief. Several reviewers pointed out that the c series is especially problematic for heavier-weight sleepers, and others noted the support felt better once they added a mattress topper.

For negative feedback on the Performance Series, we found far fewer complaints related specifically to the mattress thinness . But four out of 26 good-quality negative Innovation Series reviews noted that the mattresses were too firm or offered poor pressure relief. Perhaps this is to be expected, given that these users paid much more for their mattresses and therefore expected more. Three out of the six Cooling Memory Foam owners complained that their mattresses were either too thin, too firm, or lacked pressure relief.

Do I Even Need A Base

The short answer is probably. Sleep Number claims that their mattresses are designed to work on a firm, completely solid base to provide proper support. However, that doesnt mean it needs to be a Sleep Number base.

If youre not buying a base from Sleep Number, make sure you own one that has a firm and non-spring foundationthink platform bed or bunkie board. The bases they do not recommend include a bed frame with slats or a traditional box spring base since these dont provide enough support and youre at risk for damaging the base.

All in all, its important you have a strong and durable base to get the best benefits out of your Sleep Number mattress. Whether thats a foot-warming, adjustable Sleep Number base, or a more generic and basic one, is completely up to you.

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What To Look Forward To

In 2022, Sleep Number is releasing its Climate 360 Smart Bed, which is said to be responsive to both temperature and firmness preferences. The company says the bed will have sensors to measure sleep-tracking data like your heart, heart-rate variability, and breathing rate. Among other features, the mattress will automatically adjust firmness in response to your movements, and warm or cool the bed based on your body temperature. Sleep Number also now offers a kids bed.

Further reading on mattresses

Where Is The Ghostsheet Made

Is a smart bed worth it and how to save HUGE $$$ / Sleep Number Bed Review

The GhostSheet is designed and engineered in the United States. While we would have loved to keep production in the U.S., our number one goal was creating the highest quality sheets available. Our patent-pending blend of super-soft Supima cotton and cool-to-the-touch TENCEL® fiber is sent to a weaving and finishing facility in India that contains the most advanced technology, the most sophisticated systems, and expertise in production of this caliber.

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Can I Delay Shipment Of My Ghostbed Order

Your GhostBed will be shipped and delivered to your door via FedEx. If you will be away from home and want your delivery to arrive at a future date, please sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager®. To make your life easier, you can arrange for your package to be held at a FedEx location or request a vacation hold at no extra cost to you. Fees may apply to other services such as changing your delivery address.

Your GhostBed is vacuum-sealed and compressed safely for easy shipping. Below are the sizes of the boxes that your mattress will be in.

  • Twin Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 58 lbs
  • Twin XL Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 62 lbs
  • Full Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 78 lbs
  • Queen Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 89 lbs
  • King Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 112 lbs
  • California King Mattress Box: 39 x 23 x 20 | 112 lbs

The Sleep Number Cooling Memory Foam

The m7 is the only Sleep Number bed that offers the hugging sensation of memory foam. If you and your sleep partner prefer a light memory-foam cradling, and if you cant agree on a firmness level, then the m7 may be a worthwhile, albeit expensive, option. However, the company doesnt divulge what, exactly, is in that foamy comfort portion, so we dont know how dense, and therefore durable, it is. The sinky-ness of the m7 is comparable to that of most online foam mattresses . It has a slight sinking sensation, but not the more-assertive curve-conforming feel of something like the Tempur-Adapt.

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Will The Delivery Driver Move Or Remove My Old Mattress

No, standard delivery is only to your front door. The carrier is only responsible for bringing your purchase that far. Youll need to personally bring it inside and set it up. They may even leave your items at your door if you are not home, so plan to be home for your delivery if possible.

If youd like the extra help, you can opt for our White Glove Delivery. For an extra fee, well handle the heavy liftingincluding setting up your mattress or base, and removing your old mattress!

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