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Love And Sleep Mattress Review

Firmness Options For The Quail Mattress

Love & Sleep Mattress Review

Unlike a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses, Quail is available in two different firmness levels: Medium and Firm. The Medium option is, unsurprisingly, in between a medium and medium-firm on the soft-to-firm spectrum. The Firm option is closer to a proper medium-firm.

As for overall feel of the bed, its pretty neutral, but still very comfortable. It doesnt feel like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. Rather, it just feels like a giant slab of softer foam. In other words, it has no distinct feel the way so many of these budget mattresses do.

It also responds quickly to pressure being applied and removed. This is important because it indicates that switching sleeping positions on the bed will take very little effort. A lot of memory foam beds will hold their shape and therefore require you to exert more energy to switch from your back to your side, for example. This can leave you feeling restless. The good news is Love & Sleep is highly responsive, so rotating positions shouldnt be an issue for you at all.

My Love And Sleep Findings

I found the medium Love and Sleep mattress to be a little on the softer side. You will sink right away into this mattress for instant comfort. As with the other Nest Bedding products I have tested, I didnt notice as much off gassing. As you can see below, the Love and Sleep medium which is what I reviewed in this video conforms quickly and it is soft.

Heres an image that shows how much my bowling ball sinks into the mattress. This is an instant sink so theres really no time needed for the mattress to respond as is typical with a dense foam mattress.

The Love and Sleep will also sleep cool given that it has a phase change layer and a convoluted foam layer for breathability.

Heres a video of the mattress and how it responds using the infrared camera. I have been impressed with the new phase change fabric that comes with some of the new beds. It isnt going to completely change the feel of a mattress but I believe that every little bit helps and this certainly does.

Who Might Want To Pick The Love And Sleep Mattress

  • Those Who Want Pressure Relief Without the Feeling of Getting Stuck One thing that really stands out with this mattress is how great the pressure relief is and at the same time how responsive the foam is. The Energex foam does a really great job of relieving pressure relief and yet the mattress responds almost immediately, so its easy to move around and you dont ever feel like you get stuck in the mattress.
  • People Who Want an Amazing Value Youd be hard-pressed to find a better value at this price point . You can certainly find a more luxurious mattress, but for the price that you pay, you really do get an amazing value.
  • People Who Need to Sleep Cool At this price point, there arent too many mattresses that have directly addressed the issue of sleeping hot like this mattress. The cover is a phase-changing material. The Energex foam is a breathable foam. The mattress has a one inch air-flow layer as well. When you add it all up, you are more than likely going to have a nice and cool sleeping surface.
  • Those Who Want Durable Materials Given the price point, this mattress is very durable compared to other mattresses at its price point. The Energex foam is a very high-density foam and the base foam is high-density enough to make the mattress last longer than just about any other mattress around this price point.

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Nest Bedding Quail Mattress Overview

Nest Bedding launched in 2011 as a direct-to-consumer mattress company. Since then, Nest Bedding has opened brick-and-mortar locations and introduced new products to its line, including pillows, bedding, bases, sleepwear, pet beds, and more.

The mattress line currently includes six main models. This includes three hybrid models, one all-latex model, and two all-foam models. Nest Bedding also produces a childrens mattress and a crib mattress.

The Nest Bedding Quail Mattress previously known as the Love & Sleep is one of Nests all-foam models. It is available in two firmness options: Medium and Firm . Both firmnesses include an Energex foam comfort layer and polyfoam support layer and total 10 inches thick. The medium option also includes a layer of transitional polyfoam.

This review gives an in-depth look at the Nest Bedding Quails construction, pricing, and how it performed in our tests. Well also compare the Quail Mattress to similar options you might be considering and detail Nest Beddings policies on shipping, returns, and warranties.


Recommended for

Not Recommended for

  • Sleepers who weigh over 230 pounds. In all sleep positions, our heavyweight sleep testers felt they sunk in too deeply for proper spinal alignment.
  • Shoppers looking for an exceptionally durable mattress. Based on our research and testing, the materials in this model seem to degrade faster than those found in similarly constructed models.

Nest Love And Sleep Mattress Technology Details

Nest Love &  Sleep Mattress Review (2021 Updated)

The Nest Bedding Love and Sleep is 11″ thick, comprising of three foam layers in the Medium mattress, and two in the Firm variety.

The Energex Cooling Comfort Foam forms the high-performing, responsive, and durable, top layer of the Love and Sleep. The Medium variation has 3 of comfort foam whereas the Firm mattress comes with 2 of this layer. The presence of specific minerals gives the EnergexTM foam an excellent ability to absorb body heat naturally. Thus, you enjoy a peaceful and refreshing nights sleep on the cool mattress surface.

This foam contours the body well and keeps your spine perfectly aligned in all sleeping positions. Due to its conforming ability, it provides exceptional pressure-relief to the sore points on your body. Additionally, the Energex foam prevents you from feeling stuck in the bed due to its responsiveness similar to latex.

There is a 1 thick SmartFlow foam between the Energex and the support base. This section is present only in the Medium Love and Sleep mattress. This layer not only eases your body into the firmer foam below but also provides the conforming support, crucial for side sleepers. The SmartFlow foam improves airflow and enhances the temperature regulating ability of the mattress. Due to its motion absorbing property, you do not feel your partners movement in bed and enjoy an uninterrupted sleep.

The new 1 Phase Change Cooling cover holds the mattress layers securely and aid in further cooling of the sleep surface.

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What Is The Comfort Like

Puffy has experienced multiple design versions with their mattresses, introducing cooling and also zoned support enhancements that customers have rated very. At a global convenience medium-firmness degree, Puffys mattresses will function best for average sized sleepers who dont require a specialized feeling.

It Comes In Three Firmness Levels

The luxury firm version we tested will likely be too firm for some, even though the website describes it as medium-firm. Our tester loved sleeping on it on her stomach, which goes to show that it was nowhere near your run-of-the-mill soft mattress. .

To suit different customers, the company offers its Classic mattress in three options: plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. It all comes down to the density of the uppermost layer of foam. The plush soft gives a cushy surface, according to a customer service representative. If you were to rank it on a scale of 1 to 10 , it would be around a three, the rep said. The luxury firm would be in the midrange, from about 5 to 7.

With the different options, the Classic Saatva should suit virtually everyone. According to a customer service rep, the rest of the mattressfrom coils to coveris the same.

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Nest Love And Sleep Mattress Benefits Overview

The Nest Bedding is an excellent implementation of quality and affordability in a single brand. The company continues to upgrade its products according to the consumer feedback. The Nest Bedding experts ensure everyone gets the comfortable and refreshing sleep they deserve.

The Love and Sleep is an 11 mattress, available in two comfort levels. The Medium mattress has three functional layers whereas the Firm variation has got two specialized foams. Each layer performs a specific function to provide a high-quality sleep so you may wake up rejuvenated in the morning. For instance, the SmartFlow foam helps improve airflow resulting in excellent heat regulation. The Phase Change Cooling fabric further draws heat away from the surface, ensuring a cool, refreshing sleep.

The mattress is responsive, offering a subtle bounce to give you an on the mattress feel. The layers work together to provide excellent pressure relief to your aching joints. The Love and Sleep distributes your weight evenly and maintains spinal alignment, whether you sleep on your back or front.

Medium comfort suits the preferences of the majority sleepers whereas the firm mattress is ideal if you prefer a harder sleep surface. Due to the presence of high-density base foam, you feel fully supported regardless of the comfort level you choose. The mattress has a strong foundation and a durable construction.

First Impression: How Does It Feel

Love & Sleep Mattress Review

The all-foam L& S arrives at your door compressed in a box. As with most foam constructions, youll want to find a non-flexible frame with sturdy central support or slats that are not bowed or flexible.

The cover feels soft and cool when you lay down on it, and your body immediately sinks into the mattress for a comfortable cradle and good contouring, but you shouldnt sink so deep that you feel trapped in the bed.

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Is The Quail The Right Mattress For You

Now that weve discussed the construction and feel of the mattress, and put it through our Sleepopolis review tests, its time to say who I would recommend the Nest Quail to. This would be a good fit if you are:

  • Interested in a medium firmness level If your sleep needs arent too specific or you sleep in multiple positions during the night, the Quail provides a good general feel.
  • Looking for a mattress with bounce The top layer of the mattress responds to pressure quickly to allow you to adjust your sleeping position easily while on the mattress. This bounce helps to ensure you wont feel stuck in the mattress.
  • Want a good deal The quality of the materials used in the mattress, and the performance on the tests we put it through during this review, make the Quail a great deal at the price.

If youre looking for more information on the Quail mattress, check it out over at NestBedding.com.

Quail Mattress

High Points And Low Points


  • Setup: Our Quail mattress took under 90 seconds to go from being compressed in a delivery box to fully inflated on a bed frame.
  • Edge Support: Youll be well supported on the entire surface of the Quail mattress, including the edges.
  • Responsiveness: Our testers said the Quail mattress responded to their movements very quickly.
  • Pressure Relief: The Quail mattress evenly distributes body weight so that your shoulders and hips dont carry extra pressure.
  • Motion Transfer: The Quail minimizes movement from sleeping partners.


  • Cooling: Even with a cooling cover and breathable construction, the Quail earned only average marks for cooling.
  • Care: The mattress cover is not removable, so spills or stains are spot clean only.

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How We Set Up The Quail Mattress

Our Quail mattress arrived compressed and rolled in a box. It took us less than 90 seconds to set it up, but a queen is 70lbs, so you may need help from a friend. The mattress inflated instantly, and we didnt notice any off-gassing. Plus, the mattress has four handles to make lifting and adjusting easier.

What Makes It Unique:

Love and Sleep Mattress Review
  • Thermic Phase ChangeCooling Fabric: The Quail mattress cover has phase change materials woven into the fabric. PSMs absorb excess heat and release it when the mattress temperature gets too cool.
  • Energex Foam: The Quails top layer is Nest Beddings Energex hybrid foam, which has the bouncy feel and responsiveness of a latex or innerspring mattress.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Your Quail mattress will be repaired or replaced if it develops covered defects for the entire time that you own the mattress!
  • Eco-Friendly: The Quail mattress is made in the USA with foams that are GreenGuard Gold certified, CertiPUR-US certified, and exclude chemical fire retardants.
  • Affordable: The Quail is the most affordable Nest Beddingmemory foam mattress.
Total Score for the Nest Bedding Quail Mattress: 8.8/10

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Nest Bedding Quail Mattress

Nests Love and Sleep is a 10 all foam mattress consisting of three distinct layers. The Love and Sleep provides a medium feel with good bounce and a cover that adds a touch of softness to the sleeping experience.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Back Sleeping

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Side Sleeping

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Stomach Sleeping

lightweightaverage weightheavyweight

Financing Options

Does It Provide Pressure Relief

Stress alleviation is an additional luring function of the Puffy mattress. When sleepers push a pressure-relieving mattress, they do not develop pressure factors. Stress factors are particularly common in side sleepers, making the Puffy an excellent choice for this group.

The pillow and adhering ability of memory foam convenience layers are what make the Puffy pressure easing. Sleepers that experience pain frequently seek mattresses with excellent stress alleviation so they dont experience enhanced tightness as well as discomfort at evening.

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How We Tested The Saatva Classic Mattress

I tested the Saatva Classic mattress in my home before trekking it to our Cambridge, Massachusetts, lab.

At Reviewed, we approach every mattress with a practical mindset. We consider our testers experience and back that up with scientific lab tests that standardize findings.

The Saatva went through the same procedure as any other mattress. First, it spent a month in my apartment, where I slept on it, lounged on it, and used it the same way anyone would.

Afterwards, we shuttled it to the lab for additional testing. We used temperature sensors and warmed silicone bags under a blanket to assess its ability to diffuse heat. We also examined how well its edges withstood 150 pounds of pressurenamely, a heavyweight bag fondly referred to as Mat T. Ress.

Breaking Down The Layers

Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress Review

Talk about getting back to the basics! The Nest Love mattress is only made up of 2 foam layers. Luckily, these two layers are more than enough to give you what you need.

Top Layer 3-inch thick latex foam. If you love cooling, comfort, and responsiveness, take it from me you need a latex foam bed in your life. Theres another reason you might want one: All this comfort, bounce and push-back is perfect for sex. Now you know why they call this the love bed.

Bottom Layer 6-inch thick convoluted support foam. What exactly is convoluted foam? Thats the first question I asked myself. Basically, the convoluted foam is foam crafted with column-like structures. The foam teeth hold up the above mattress. With this design, Nest Bedding has created a support mattress that provides a cooling factor while preventing the lower part from collapsing on you, even with excessive movement.

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My Love Bed Mattress Review

Update Nest Bedding has retired the Love Bed, but has relaunched a very similar version called the Love & Sleep mattress. Check out my Love & Sleep mattress review for more info!

After a few weeks on The Love Bed, honestly I was surprised at how much I liked it. Ive slept on much more expensive mattresses that offer the same pitch/comfort guarantees, so I was impressed by this mattress for this price point. The Love Bed is made by Nest Bedding, a string of mattress stores in California focused on eco-friendly mattresses.

The Love Bed isnt for everyone , but overall I think its perhaps the perfect option for a number of mattress shoppers, depending on their preference.

Read my Love Bed review to learn more about the bed and my sleeping experience.

My Love Bed Video Review

Click to see Love Bed compared to other leading brands HERE

Changes Over The Years

Because Nest Bedding has a number of different mattress models, they havent felt the need to change much over the past few years. The Love & Sleep mattress has stayed relatively the same, aside from the addition of the Luxury Firm edition of the mattress. If you feel like you want a slightly different mattress, Nest Bedding does offer other foam models, theyre just more expensive.

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Does The Nest Bedding Love & Sleep Mattress Sleep Hot

One common problem that some people have when they use all-foam mattresses is finding themselves in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat.

Mattresses need to offer ventilation in order to let your body receive enough cool air to prevent you from sweating at night.

Due to the design of the Love and Sleep which has cooling layers with phase change cover materials and overall good ventilation, the Love and Sleep mattress sleeps nice and cool.

In both the medium and firm mattresses from this manufacturer, the Love and Sleep mattress comes with high-quality cooling and ventilation features.

Sinkage Tests & Motion Transfer

Love and Sleep Mattress Review

All mattress reviews on Sleepopolis goes through a short series of sinkage tests. I run these tests to show you how the mattress performs in various conditions and to also give you an idea of the type of softness, contour, and hug you can expect when you sleep on the mattress. As a reference point, I am about 150 pounds.

  • Lying position in a normal lying position where weight is evenly distributed across the mattress I saw 1-1.5 of sinkage.
  • Sitting position in a more balanced sitting position, where I was sitting a bit further back on the mattress I saw 3-3.5 of sinkage.
  • Sitting position in a more aggressive sitting posture, where all of my weight was placed directly on the edge of the mattress I saw 4-4.5 of sinkage.
  • Standing position lastly, in order to see how the mattress performs under maximum pressure I stood directly in the center with all of my weight on a single point. In a standing position I saw 4.5-5 of sinkage.

Motion transfer was pretty good. Theres a little more motion transfer than what youd get with a hybrid or memory foam mattress , but its not at the same level as youd see with an innerspring.

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