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Purple Mattress Review Stomach Sleeper

Nolah Mattress Is Recommended For

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2020 – Top 10 Beds for Belly Sleepers
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers. The Nolah Original provides pressure relief for people weighing approximately 230 pounds despite their favored sleep position.
  • Consumers on a budget. The Nolah Originals mid-range price-point and outstanding pressure relief make it a high-value pick.
  • Couples and co-sleepers. The Nolah Original limits a lot of movement transfer and is practically silent. That implies sleepers are less most likely to mistakenly wake each other as they change sleep positions.

Purple Hybrid Premier 3

The Purple Hybrid Premier is the slightly softer cousin of the Purple Hybrid. The gel Purple Grid on top is 3 inches thick, allowing for just a little bit more give in the shoulders, hips, and other pressure-sensitive areas. With the extra inch of Purple Grid, this mattress is a solid medium, which suits most sleeping positions.


Back sleepers have to be careful not to choose a mattress thats too soft, otherwise, they risk back pain and pressure buildup. A medium mattress may be too soft for some back sleepers, especially those weighing more than 230 pounds. However, if you primarily sleep on your back and youre average weight, a medium mattress should be supportive enough. Plus, the addition of wrapped coils in the base of the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 means youll feel minimal sinkage.


Most side sleepers should feel well supported on the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. A medium mattress is considered the universally comfortable firmness, but for some side sleepers, it may still be too firm. Dedicate side sleepers, especially average weight, and petite sleepers, may enjoy the Purple Hybrid Premier with the 4 Purple Grid on top.


Since the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 is a medium, it could suit some petite stomach sleepers, but overall, we suggest stomach sleepers choose a mattress between medium-firm and firm. This will prevent the risk of spinal misalignment, back pain, or hip pain.

Is The Purple Hybrid Firm

The Purple Hybrid is a medium-firm to firm mattress, falling at a 7 on the 1-10 firmness scale. The feel is one of responsive pressure relief and reliable support. The result is a mattress thats incredibly supportive without feeling extra-firm.

Back Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid offers a combination of pressure relief, support, and body alignment that makes it a top mattress for back sleepers, no matter your body size.

Side Sleepers

Most medium-firm mattresses are too firm for side sleepers, but not the Purple Hybrid. The Smart Comfort Grid ensures that pressure points sink in, reducing pain at areas like the hips and shoulders. The one word of caution that well give is for side sleepers who weigh more than 230 pounds. Because the top layer is thin, you may not have sufficient cushion. If this is you, we recommend the Purple Hybrid Premier. For more on that mattress and others, head over to our best mattress for side sleepers guide.

Stomach Sleepers

The Purple Hybrid is good for stomach sleepers, but it wouldnt be our top choice if you spend all night on your stomach. The support layer of innerspring coils stops excess sagging, but your hips will still sink in a bit lower than is ideal when sleeping on your front. Check out our top mattress picks for stomach sleepers if youre a stomach-only sleeper.

Combination Sleepers

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Is Purple Mattress Good For Cooling

  • The unique open grid structure of a Purple Mattress allows for consistent airflow. This is supported by the knitted top of the mattress which also provides maximum airflow.
  • This innovative construction means that Purple has a perfect score for temperature isolation.
  • This bed is a perfect choice for customers who find that temperature is the most important quality of a bed. If you have found that an all-foam bed is too hot, this is the perfect option for you.

Mattress Hardness Is Important For Stomach Sleepers

Purple 3 Mattress Review

When looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers you should first of all check the hardness of the mattress. You should not choose the softest you can find, but a sleeping surface that is on the firm side of medium. Many people believe that belly sleepers are best with a soft mattress that does not put too much pressure on their stomach.

That is not the case. Unless your stomach is properly supported, it will dip down into the mattress, forcing the middle of your spine down. This leads to issues with your spine that can be difficult to rectify. The six mattresses we review above help to prevent this from happening.

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Should You Buy The Purple Plus Mattress

The Purple Plus mattress is an excellent mattress for anyone who sleeps hot and who is intrigued by the notion that one firmness rating doesnt tell the story of a mattress like the Purple Plus, which is softer around the periphery of the body and firmer under pressure points like the lumbar spine and hips.

The additional two inches of breathable foam in the Plus makes a remarkable difference in cooling and comfort from the original. Motion isolation is also very stable, and couples should appreciate not feeling every move their partner makes.

However, it does cost a little bit more than the Original. The Plus is a more luxurious version though and is much cheaper than something like the Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze, which is one of the most expensive cooling beds. On the other hand, if youre not that picky, you may find the original Purple perfect for your needs.

For a touch of hotel luxury at home, read our Saatva Classic mattress review, or for an alternative cooling model read our Nectar Premier Copper mattress review or Casper Wave Hybrid Snow mattress review.

Bottom line, the Purple Plus mattress is excellent for those who think they like a firm feeling where it counts and a softer sink-in feeling where it doesnt. It has superior cooling and excellent motion transfer. Anyone who sleeps hot or couples with different sleep firmness preferences will appreciate its features.

How Is It Different From What Is It That Makes This Mattress Different From Usual Mattress

Purple is available in a variety of sizes from twin to California King, and offers that landmark cushioning that their distinctive fabrics provide. The Purple grid is a foundational aspect of what makes Purple a unique mattress, as it behaves as a memory foam, but provides an even more responsive bounce. This layer is manufactured with a grid structure that permits airflow via the spaces between the foam, regulating temperatures without degrading its overall comfort.

In terms of construction, every mattress comes with 2-inches of Purple unique grid over a 3.5-inch Polyfoam layers. This is supported by four inches of polyfoam with high density, the standard for all full-foam mattresses to provide the complete cushion form and form.

This construction is further enhanced by a polyester-viscose blended fabric that assists in regulating temperature and offers a superb cool touch. Expect each mattress to come in at roughly 9.25 inches in height and thick enough to fit most body shapes and suitable for all standard sheets.

To put it in simple terms, you can expect a semi-firm mattress for a reasonable price while delivering quality and advanced materials. Furthermore, Purple comes with several different variants known as the Hybrid as well as Hybrid Premier. Hybrid Premier. Users accustomed to coil-support mattresses can choose these hybrids to get a similar experience, but with the added benefit of Purples exclusive technology.

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Sleep Position And Body Type

Lets start with body type. While I think all body types will find the mattresses in the Purple range comfortable, I would encourage people who are bigger in stature to opt for the Hybrid or Hybrid Premier options just because it offers better support than the softer construction of the foam Original.

When it comes to sleeping position, the three Purple mattresses have something for everyone with a few qualifications. First off, it is important to note that strict stomach and back sleepers may find the mattresses lack the firmness they would like for support. This is a warning to cover all bases. I dont think most back and stomach sleepers will have a problem on any of the three.

I would recommend the Purple Mattress for side, back, and combination sleepers. Back, stomach, and combination sleepers will appreciate the slightly firmer feel of the Purple Hybrid. The Premier models are great for side sleepers. The 3-inch option is suited to side, back, and anyone who is a combination of the two. The 4-inch option comes in slightly softer than its 3-inch counterpart and provides really good pressure relief for side sleepers.

Should Users Of Purple Mattresses Worry About Smell And Off

The Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers 2019!
  • Many people worry about the funky smell that can come from manufactured non-organic materials. Thankfully, while there is some smell during the initial unboxing of a Purple Mattress, the smell completely vanishes within a few days.
  • If you are planning on buying a Purple Mattress, it could be a good idea to let the mattress air out for a few days before replacing your old bed.
  • However, there is no reason to be worried about the smell. The mattress is made of non-toxic and hypoallergenic ingredients. The smell will not harm you or your family.

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Best Mattress For Bad Back: Casper Mattress

If youve been browsing through beds online, youve likely come across the Casper brand name. Introduced in 2014, Casper has actually rapidly become one of the most popular brands on the marketplace. It features a vast range of various mattresses, as well as bed frames, bedding, sleep accessories, and more.

The Casper Original is an all-foam mattress thats medium company. I d recommend it as a fantastic alternative for back sleepers, who want a balance of assistance and pressure relief, as well as mix sleepers, who will be able to easily change positions throughout the night.

Who Wont Love Purple Mattresses

  • If youre a strict stomach sleeper who is particularly finnicky about support, I wouldnt recommend any of the Purple mattresses out of concern that you wouldnt get the necessary support. If youre a strict back sleeper and prefer the support of a firm mattress, the same would apply .
  • If youre looking for a mattress with a traditional feel and youre not willing to take a gamble on a mattress which might take some getting used to.
  • If youre shopping on a tight budget.

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Support & Pressure Relief By Sleeping Position

Back Sleepers

Those who sleep exclusively on their backs should find adequate support on the Purple. The beds medium-firm feel gently contours to the bodys curves, which encourages healthy spinal alignment. Sleepers of average-weight and lightweight sizes should feel supported, but heavier folks may sink in a bit too far into the transitional layer, particularly those who weigh more than 300 lbs.

To find a mattress better-suited for plus-size back sleepers, check out the beds that made our best mattresses for back sleepers roundup.

Side Sleepers

The Purple mattresss gel grid collapses at areas like the hips and shoulders, delivering the pressure reduction that side sleepers need for comfortable sleep. While the Purple is a good mattress for pain relief and spinal alignment for lightweight and average-weight side sleepers, some people may still prefer a softer feel.

Heavyweight side sleepers would do better with a thicker comfort system than that found in the original Purple. These folks may want to consider the Purple Hybrid Premier or one of the beds that won a spot in our best mattresses for side sleepers list.

Stomach Sleepers

Combination Sleepers

Still, heavyweight combination sleepers might not achieve the support they need on the Purple. If youre in that category, head over to our best mattresses for combination sleepers page to find a better fit.

NERD RATING: Will this bed work for you?

Body Type:

1 = Very poor, 2 = Not good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Good, 5 = Excellent

Purple Vs Nectar Mattress Overview

Purple 3 Mattress: What To Know

The Purple is a unique bed in a box mattress because if features a proprietary gel grid right on top there really isnt another mattress that feels like the Purple. The Nectar, on the other hand, offers a feel that many people associate with memory foam mattresses. Its slow-moving memory foam invites sleepers to sink in and feel the mattress envelop them.

While these are both high-quality online mattresses, they really are a better match for different types of people. This comparison will discuss who should choose the Purple mattress and who should choose the Nectar mattress.

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Best Mattress Deal : Sweet Night Mattress

SweetNight is among the handful of brand names in the online mattress market who produce and ship from their own factories, so theyre able to shipment quality bed mattress at a lower cost than other equivalent beds on the market.

SweetNight provides 5 various mattresses. Their most popular beds are the Breeze and Twilight .Sweet Night mattresses, toppers, and pillows have an exceptional track record and the best quality/price ratio in the sleep industry.

They are Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair best-sellers, having average scores of 4.5/ 5 stars and higher and costing a fraction of rivals prices.

Nevertheless, Sweet Night has much better offers than Amazon and the other merchants for both buyers and affiliates. Buyers delight in huge cost savings and 100 nights complimentary trialduration.

How Firm Are The Purple And Tempur

We ranked the Purple around a 6.5/10 on the firmness scale and the Tempur-Cloud around a 6/10 the industry standard for medium firmness is 6.5, so this suggests that the Tempur-Cloud is just a touch softer than medium-firm while the Purple is right around medium-firm.

Note that the firmness of a bed can vary a bit depending on the sleeper in question. Heavier folks tend to perceive firmness more quickly, while lighter-weight sleepers might find beds to be softer.

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Rating Box And Summary

For more information on the Purple mattress, .

Purple Mattress Review
  • Overview


If you are looking for a mattress that offers middle of the road firmness, yet is supportive and comfortable, then you will find what you are looking for in the Purple mattress. Additionally, if motion transfer and staying cool while you sleep are important to you then this mattress is a great option for you.

Nolah Mattress Is Suggested For

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers (TOP 6 BEDS)
  • Lightweight and average weight sleepers. The Nolah Original supplies pressure relief for individuals weighing up to 230 pounds regardless of their preferred sleep position.
  • Consumers on a spending plan. The Nolah Originals mid-range price-point and outstanding pressure relief make it a high-value pick.
  • Couples and co-sleepers. The Nolah Original limits most motion transfer and is practically silent. That indicates sleepers are less likely to unintentionally wake each other as they change sleep positions.

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Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

The Purple Hybrid mattress pairs pressure relief with support, creating a bed thats great for sleepers with aches and pains. The Purple Gridcomfort layer makes you feel like youre floating, and its easy to move around on. And thanks to a layer of innerspring coils, it sleeps impressively cool.

Tips For Sleeping On Your Stomach

If you are a stomach sleeper, here are some tips on how to sleep on your stomach comfortably:

  • Try sleeping without a pillow. It may sound unfathomable, but sleeping without a pillow can help keep your neck in proper alignment, meaning less long term aches. It is something you stomach sleepers may need to get used to, but give it a few nightsyou might come to love it.
  • Place a pillow under your hips. Lose a pillow under your head, gain a pillow under your hips! The most common problem with sleeping on your stomach is spinal misalignment due to your hips sinking too far down into the mattress. Placing a pillow under your hips keeps your body in a neutral position, which helps alleviate this issue and also decreases pressure on your lower back.
  • Sleep with your legs straight. A common tendency for stomach sleepers is to sleep with their legs spread out. This can lead to even more spinal misalignment. Sleeping with your legs straight at a natural angle can help improve spinal alignment.

For more information, take a look at our guide on how to properly sleep on your stomach.

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New Purple Mattress Reviews

On top of the addition of bedding basics, Purple has also added to their lineup of mattresses. Introduced in 2018 was the NEW Purple Mattresses offered in three hybrid options. The Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4. These new beds offer a coil system as the core support opposed to dense layers of base foam. Giving the mattress a more sturdy, durable and long lasting build.

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Your first option of the newest Purple hybrid will be the most similar to the original with the exception of a coil system instead. The New Purple 2 offers a more medium-firm feel with 2 of polymer similar to the original Purple bed. This feel should be great for many sleepers and especially anyone who likes a slightly firmer feel.

Learn more about the New Purple 2 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

The most popular option of the new hybrid Purple beds is the Purple 3. This mattress not only uses the same durable and supportive coil system but has a more universal medium feel. Giving you that perfect middle of the road comfort that works for the majority of sleepers.

Learn more about the New Purple 3 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

Purple Hybrid Premiere Mattress

Learn more about the New Purple 4 Mattress in our in-depth review found HERE.

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