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Perfect Sleeper Sandburg 11.5 Firm Mattress

Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230lbs

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Trelleburg II Firm Mattress Expert Review

Heavier back sleepers should get decent support from the Perfect Sleeper plush model, but most people will prefer the firm option. Heavier side sleepers will likely compress the memory foam layers and feel nice pressure point relief, but those who weigh closer to 300lbs may need some additional cushioning. Instead, people in this category should take a look at one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

Heavier stomach sleepers will also find the plush model isnt a great choice. Instead, stomach sleepers should consider purchasing the firm version of the Perfect Sleeper.

What Kind Of Sleeper Are You

Whether youre a side, stomach, back, or combination sleeping also determines what kind of mattress you should look for.

Generally, back sleepers should use a medium to firm mattress to give the spine the support it needs without being too hard and uncomfortable. For back sleepers, its important to keep the spine supported properly to avoid pain and discomfort.

Side sleepers need something a little softer with a bit more give. When you sleep on your side, there are more shapes and contours, specifically around the hips and shoulders. A softer mattress provides support while providing cushioning for pressure points to keep you comfortable while you sleep.

Belly sleepers should pay particular attention to choosing the right mattress. Sleeping on your stomach is really hard on your spine which is why you may find yourself waking up with aches and pains. Believe it or not, a firm mattress is best for a belly sleeping. It provides the level of support you need to keep your spine in alignment even when youre on your stomach.

Sleep Trial And Warranty

Sealy offers a 10-year warranty for their mattresses, offering to repair or replace your mattress free of charge in the event of a defect in workmanship or the construction of the mattress. You can view the full warranty information regarding Sealy Posturepedic mattresses here.

The Posturepedic range does not mention any kind sleep trial period, so there is no option to test your mattress at home before committing to it.

The Serta Perfect Sleeper mattresses are backed by the companys 45-day Comfort Assurance Program. This program requests that you spend at least 30 nights sleeping on your new mattress to give you adequate time to adjust to it. If, after these 30 days, you want to return the mattress, you can do so up to this 45 day period. However, there is a 15 percent return and disposal fee and a $200 charge for shipping and handling.

The mattresses also come with a law tag which lists a warranty code, with the maximum warranty being 20 years. You can get the full details of the warranty for your specific mattress in the Serta Warranty Brochure.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review Breakdown

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress is available in multiple configurations, which differ in firmness options, construction, and pricing.

Each model of this hybrid mattress is constructed with one, two, or three memory foam comfort layers. While we focus on the Renewed Night model, which only has one layer of memory foam, the Perfect Sleeper Mattress lineup includes all of the following:

  • Renewed Night: Hybrid construction with one layer of gel-infused memory foam and pocketed coils.
  • Renewed Sleep: Hybrid construction with two layers of memory foam, including a gel-infused layer and a contouring layer, and pocketed coils.
  • Luminous Sleep: Hybrid construction with three layers of memory foam, including a gel-infused layer, a contouring layer, and a cushioning layer, and pocketed coils.

Each model of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress is also available with a pillow-top, which adds height to the mattress and alters its firmness.

The different configurations of the Perfect Sleeper Mattress indicate what types of memory foam are used in the comfort layers.

Memory foam contours to the shape of your body. This cradling effect can help keep your spine aligned and prevent potential back pain. While some sleepers prefer the close contouring of soft memory foam, it should be noted that it can restrict airflow around the body and trap heat, which could cause you to overheat while sleeping.


Pocketed Coils

Serta Perfect Sleeper Vs Brooklyn Bedding Signature

Serta Serta Perfect Sleeper Sandburg 11.5"  Firm ...

These two beds also have similar firmness levels and constructions. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature has a classic medium firm feel, and its made with both coils and foam. Both mattresses have different firmness levels available, so its easy to get the one that works for you.

Both beds have gel-infused foam, which helps keep the bed cool. However, thanks to the Perfect Sleepers phase change material, we think this bed is the better choice for hot sleepers.

The Brooklyn Bedding Signature is a budget-friendly option, and it arrives inside a box. This means you will need to wait 48 hours for it to off-gas and expand, though. With the Serta Perfect Sleeper, you can rest on it right away.

Who Should Get The Serta Perfect Sleeper?

  • Hot sleepers
  • People who dont want to wait for their mattress to off-gas and expand

Who Should Get The Brooklyn Bedding Signature?

  • Those who want to save a bit of money
  • People who prefer a bed-in-a-box mattress

Read our Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress review.

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Perfect Sleeper Memory Foam

The Perfect Sleeper Memory Foam mattresses all feature Sertas exclusive Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, which is infused with MicroSupport gel for advanced cooling, comfort, and support.

The foam is designed to conform to the body for a neutral spine alignment, while the addition of Ultimate Edge Foam Encasement foam rails along the side of the mattress edges reduce edge roll-off and sagging.

My Favorite Things About The Perfect Sleeper Mattress

I really liked how this mattress works for back/side combination sleepers. Its soft and pressure-relieving, but its still responsive enough to move around on.

I also appreciate that this is a high-quality mattress. Perfect Sleepers are well-made beds that should stand the test of time, no matter what body type you have. Id highly recommend anyone looking for a traditional innerspring mattress feel check out a Serta.

Lastly, I love that you can choose your firmness level when ordering the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress and add more layers of foam or a pillow top if you choose. I think a lot of customers will appreciate this customizable experience.

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Prob Canceling Serta Sandburg From Mattress Firm Because They Keep Delaying Shipment

I have an amazon green tea mattress, foam. Unfortunately I am a stomach sleeper and this mattress is either worn out or way too soft to begin with. Not sure if I ever slept great on it, it is about 3 years old now.

I went to mattresses firm and got great service. Bever felt pressured, we started at the cheapest and ended up on the serta sandburg. I loved the firmness, I was on the mattress instead of in, and I couldnt feel any coils through the foam layers. And the foam edging was nice compared to the wire frames I’ve felt before. A king was supposed to be about 1200, I paid $699. This was on August 8th. He told me it was in the warehouse but shipping would be on the 20th. Then I get. a call the 19th, said it would be delayed to the 23rd.

It should be noted that once you become aware that you are sleeping bad, and relief is on it’s way, it’s really hard to get a good night sleep. You are your own worst enemy and ignorance can be bliss.

I get a call today and they say that the earliest I can get it is Sept. 3rd. At this point I’m ready to throw in the towel.

The service was great. Nice guy there. I feel the price was decent. But the shipping is just mental.

There are 2 local mattress factories, edin industries and us bedding. I’m heading there first thing tomorrow and fingers crossed I can find a mattress I love and I can take it home on the spot. If not hopefully theres not a 4 week waiting period.

Any other input?

My Final Thoughts About The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Serta PERFECT SLEEPER Mattress Options Explained by GoodBed.com

Now that weve gone over the different performance aspects and materials of the Serta Perfect Sleeper, I want to give a quick summary of my favorite things about the Renewed Night Plush mattress below. After you read this section, keep reading for a breakdown of all the other Serta Perfect Sleeper models!

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Pick The Sealy Posturepedic Mattress If:

  • You suffer from back pain: The main feature of the Posturepedic range is the reinforced centre in every mattress, providing additional support to your back and hips for neutral spinal alignment and better posture. If a mattress with support for your back is a priority for you, you might like this range of mattresses.
  • You want a lot of choice: The Sealy Posturepedic range can be broken down into three lines: Response, Conform, and Hybrid. Each of these lines then has several mattresses with different features and firmness options to give you plenty of choice.
  • You want good edge support in your mattress: All of the mattresses in the Posturepedic range include edge support, from a reinforced edge in the Conform line to a DuraFlex Coil Edge System in the Response and Hybrid lines. If having a solid edge to your mattress is a must, the Posturepedic range performs well.

Average Weight Sleepers 130lbs 230lbs

If youre an average weight back sleeper, this mattress will work exceptionally well. The plush model feels soft at the top, but it still provides the back support you need.

Because the foam feels slightly dense, some lightweight people may not sink into the mattress enough. This could cause many side sleepers to feel some pressure along their shoulders and hips. People who weigh closer to 200lbs, however, should feel nice body contouring in this sleeping position.

Stomach sleepers will find this Perfect Sleeper model too soft. Over time, average weight stomach sleepers could develop slight lower back pain.

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Motion Transfer & Sinkage

Both the Sealy Posturepedic and the Serta Perfect Sleeper ranges receive mixed reviews when it comes to motion transfer and sinkage. While on one hand, both use a mix of innerspring coils and dense memory foam to provide a supportive surface that minimises motion transfer, the early sagging of both mattresses will reduce the effect these materials have in the long-term.

The three collections in each Sealy Posturepedic range gradually increase in layers as they increase in quality and price. The Performance and Premium collections, therefore, perform better at reducing motion transfer than the Essentials collection, due to the added coils and layers of foam.

If minimal motion transfer is a key priority for you, looking at the Memory Foam and Hybrid lines may be your best option, as these mattresses provide more of a hug and less spring, with the mattress contouring to the shape of your body as you sleep. However, since many reviews suggest that the mattresses sag prematurely, you may still experience motion transfer as indentations form and create a less even surface.

The models in the Serta Perfect Sleeper range that use individually wrapped coils perform best for motion isolation when looking at user reviews, but the mattresses are fairly well-reviewed for reducing motion transfer across the board.

The Memory Foam Models

Serta Serta Perfect Sleeper Sandburg 11.5"  Firm ...

The following are the most popular memory foam models at the time of this writing. Serta adjusts its offering regularly so that the models might change often.

Caledonian Plush

The Caledonian Plush Mattress combines Sertas Cool Action Gel Memory Foam with its state-of-the-art, all-foam support system.

With a top quilt layer consisting of Serta PillowSoft Foam, Pillo-Fill, PillowSoft Aire, and FireBlocker Fiber, followed by a top upholstery layer constructed with 2 inches of Sertas Cool Action Gel Memory Foam and 2 inches of Serta PillowSoft Foam which contributes to enhanced cushioning, the Caledonian Plush Mattress is truly a premium mattress.

Its bottom layer consists of Sertas premium 6 ComfortLast Foam Core with Ultimate Edge Foam Encasement, which is sure to provide the utmost pressure relief and comfort to sleepers of all positions.

This Caledonian Plush Mattress offers a sound and more restful night of sleep with no more tossing or turning all night long.

The mattress measures in at 10.

The Caledonian Plush Mattress with standard 9 foundation is available in Twin $699, Twin XL $799, Full $849, Queen $899, King $1299, and California King $1299.

Molenda Luxe Firm

The Molenda Luxe Firm Mattress is a premium mattress that combines Sertas Cool Action Gel Memory Foam with its innovative all-foam system.

The Molenda Luxe Firm Mattress with standard 9 foundation is available in Twin $649, Twin XL $699, Full $749, Queen $799, King $1199, and California King $1199.

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Get To Know The Mattress Nerds

At Mattress Nerd, we wake up in the morning on a mission to help you find the best mattress for you. We keep your financial and physical health in mind as we test and research mattresses in our sleep lab. We want you to sleep on a mattress that wont hurt your backor your budget. And no matter how much we love a brand, well always provide constructive feedback to ensure you get a trusted, balanced account.

Dont have time to read in-depth reviews? Now, you can watch our mattress videos and instantly feel as if you, yourself, have experienced the bed firsthand. We dive deep into the construction of the mattresses and how they perform for different sleep positions. And you can actually go behind the scenes and view our testing methodologies. So be sure to check out our YouTube channel.

Started by Jack Mitcham, a mattress salesman himself, our site aims to guide you through the mattress-buying experience with as much concrete data as possiblewe are Mattress Nerds, after all. We are a very hands-on group. From getting the mattresses into our studio and unboxing them ourselves, to spending hours testing them to gauge their quality, we want to be sure you understand what truly matters when investing in a mattress.

Our team of sleep geeks is ready to educate you on the mattress-buying process with clarity and candor. Whether youre looking for the best value mattress or the perfect pillow, we Nerds have got you covered!

Sleeping Hot / Heat Retention

Sertapedic. No more than 4% of owners complain that their bed acts as a heat trap.

Sertapedic / Perfect Sleeper. About 6% of owners complain that their bed acts as a heat trap. Models with gel foam may provide a cooling benefit in fact, about 2% of owners report sleeping too cold.

iComfort Hybrid / iSeries. At least 7% of owners report their mattress acting as a heat trap â with soft, pillow-top models having the most potential to sleep hot. The gel-infused memory foam seems to be at least partially effective in limiting significant heat buildup.

* partial estimate

See mattresses and sleeping hot for general analysis.

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Best Serta Innerspring Mattress Serta Perfect Sleeper Top 500


  • 10-year warranty
  • 57 pounds

The Serta Perfect Sleeper Top 500 Innerspring Mattress is an affordable solution to all of your sleeping needs. This particular gel memory foam mattress has three layers. The first one is the Comfort XD Foam, which cradles the body for cooling and pressure-relief comfort. The second layer is the Cool Twist Gel Foam which works to promote airflow, ideal for those hot sleepers. Finally, the bottom layer is the innerspring foam encasement to give the entire mattress a firmer feel and durable support.

This mattress helps reduce tossing and turning, encourages back support and alignment, promotes a balanced sleep temperature, minimizes motion transfer, and resists sagging and rolling off the edge. The nice thing about this bed is that you can choose from different firmness options to best suit your sleeping needs.


  • 10-year warranty
  • 79 pounds

The Serta iComfort Blue Max 5000 mattress consists of three layers of foam comfort. Its top layer is infused with millions of tiny beads that capture, store and dissipate heat, ideal for warmer sleepers and for many of us during the summer months. The next layer is made of TempActiv gel memory foam with infused TempActiv beads which also help to trap and distribute your body heat evenly throughout the mattress. The last layer is protective against sagging and edge roll off with its air suspension technology. This mattress also provides a unique cushioned feel for a deep down buoyant support.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep With Pillow Top

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review (2020) – Full Buyers Guide
  • This is Sertas most expensive Perfect Sleeper model.
  • It has the softest feel in the Perfect Sleeper line and combines three layers of memory foam with a plush pillow top.
  • If you struggle with aches and pains, this might be the best Perfect Sleeper model for you.
  • This bed features the most sinkage and body-contouring in the Perfect Sleeper line.

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How Firm Is The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Lets go over how this Perfect Sleeper feels. Remember, feel is subjective, and a mattress can feel firmer or softer to different sleepers depending on their body weights and preferred sleeping positions. To get an accurate idea of how firm this Serta feels, I polled a range of coworkers and averaged our scores together below.

The industry standard for medium firmness is a 6.5 out of 10. Id rate the Renewed Night Plush a 5.5, so its softer than average. This makes sense since its the Plush version. Serta also offers a medium option and an extra firm option for the same price, so you should be able to find the comfort level that works for you if youre not searching for a softer mattress. You also have the option to add additional memory foam layers and/or a pillow top for more money.

While the mattress does have a gel memory foam layer on top, it doesnt take long for the foam to move back to its original state, as opposed to a traditional memory foam mattress. The innerspring support also adds to the mattress responsiveness, meaning you can move around on it without an issue.

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