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Assemble A Sleep Number Bed

Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed On A Regular Bed Frame

How to Assemble Sleep Number C4 bed

In addition, Sleep Number mattresses are available in all conventional industry mattress sizes and may be used with traditional frames and furniture sets, if desired. FlexFit adjustable bases can be used as a stand-alone unit or can be integrated into an independent bed frame. It is always adjustable on both sides, allowing you to sleep comfortably on any side.

How To Assemble A Sleep Number Bed

When buying a Sleep Number bed, note that most of these bed types do not get delivered to your home fully assembled. Hence, you will need to know the correct way of placing the hardware and bed layers together apart from researching the beds compatibility with your sleeping habits. Fortunately, putting your bed together is easy and takes less than an hour from start to finish, including the time spent in filling the air chambers.

Sleep Number bed assembly instructions consist of 11 steps covering how to assemble a Sleep Number bed frame and mattress, setting up the Firmness Control System, and adjusting sleeper settings to your preferences. Completing the process takes 40 minutes but could be less for a 360 Smart Bed.

Below are the steps on how to assemble a Sleep Number bed:

  • Assemble the base.
  • Place the mattress cover over your base.
  • Secure the corner lock mechanism in place.
  • Place the foam walls and base pad.
  • Install air chambers.
  • Set up the Firmness Control System.
  • Activate DualAir Technology.
  • Close the mattress cover top.
  • Adjust sleeper settings and enjoy!
  • Despite the smart technology of Sleep Number beds, assembling one is way easier than it looks. So, there will be no need to worry if you cannot avail of Sleep Numbers Comfort Service Home Delivery. This guide will go through how to get your little piece of heaven assembled in minutes.

    Close The Mattress Cover Top

    With the border wrap positioned correctly and your mattress setup done, proceed to zip the top of your duvet or mattress cover. To close it properly, make sure the zipper pull is at the head of the bed and completely inserted into the zipper box.

    This video by Gears & Gadgets demonstrates all the steps for assembling a Sleep Number P5 bed from setting up the modular base to zipping up the mattress cover :

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    Unplug The Firmness Control System

    Since the connector hoses have already been removed, you can easily unplug this large white box unit from the wall or from underneath the bed for FlexFit bases. Likewise, make sure to disconnect all cables from the back. Once unplugged, you can secure the Firmness Control System, along with the remote, into a packing box and surround the box with packing material. For loose cables, secure them by wrapping and taping or tying them to the adjustable base.

    It would be best if you still have the original box that the Firmness Control System came with to ensure a snug fit. If not, you can simply get a packing box from the store. The important thing is that the unit is protected from exposure to excess shock and vibration, which could result in damage.

    How To Find Your Sleep Number

    How to Assemble a Sleep Number Bed (11 Steps)

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    Finding your ideal Sleep Number setting allows you to adjust your Sleep Number bed to your own body so you can enjoy personalized comfort while you sleep. You can use the remote control for your Sleep Number bed to find your favorite Sleep Number setting, and make your side of the bed firmer or softer as desired, at any time.

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    Verify Border Wrap Positioning

    The foam border wrap should now extend over the entirety of the foam walls and comfort layers. Confirming the border wrap extends all the way over your comfort pad ensures that your Sleep Number bed complies with federal and state flammability requirements. It also keeps your mattress under warranty. The border wrap should pull over the mattress edges, laying upon the top in a snug fit.

    Sleep Number Bed Frame Assembly

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    Phase : Dismantling The Base

    How To Assemble A Sleep Number® FlexFit Base
  • Detach the retainers. Start by detaching the mattress retainers, which secures the mattress in place.
  • Loosen the bolts. Use a 7/16-inch sized socket to loosen the bolts that hold the mattresss cover underneath the adjustable base. Make sure youll be able to find the hardware and the bolts later when you are ready to reassemble the bed. Slide all the panels off the bed frame from the left and right sides of the bed. No specific tools are needed to do this.
  • Remove the side rails and legs. Finally, remove the side rails and legs by unfastening the nuts. Pull the pins in the side rails and the support beams. Once again, remember to store the pins in a hardware bag, ready when you need them. Youll then need to place all the beams securely inside the packaging box to prevent accidental damage during transportation.
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    Tips When Moving House

    The steps you need to take when moving your Sleep Number bed to a different home is almost similar to how you would prep your bed when moving it to another room. However, there are some things that you will need to take note of, plus requirements that you will have to meet when using a moving company:

    • Although the modular or adjustable base of your Sleep Number bed is durable, it can be bent or twisted while in transit. To avoid this, make sure to completely disassemble your modular base and box it up for moving.
    • Remember to disassemble your bed frame and tufted headboard , save all the hardware components and necessary tools in a bag, and tape them to a larger frame or part to prevent loss while moving.
    • To ensure that the Firmness Control System works flawlessly come time for reassembly of your Sleep Number bed, never expose it to shock and vibration.
    • Your Sleep Number mattress can be moved assembled with a moving company and in a mattress box, provided it is fully inflated and capped off. Of course, it will be better to take it apart entirely if you want the least amount of risk of puncturing or damaging the mattress and its components.
    • It is crucial to note that you may incur third-party charges if you do not have the Sleep Number closure caps necessary to move your mattress fully inflated.

    Remove All Mattress Retainers

    Using a 7/16 inch socket, remove the mattress retainers starting with loosening the hex bolts that hold the mattress cover bottom to the adjustable base. If you have an Eastern King, California King, Split King, or FlexTop King bed, you would need to separate the two individual adjustable bases. Without completely removing them, loosen the bases by turning the two inside legs at the head of the bed counter-clockwise. Next, remove the bed straps and screw the legs back in. Repeat this step at the foot of your Sleep Number bed.

    Once completed, set these bolts and other hardware components somewhere safe for use later on when reassembling your Sleep Number bed. If you have a FlexFit or adjustable bed, this step completes how to take apart a Sleep Number bed.

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    Which Sleep Number Bed Is Best For Me

    Before we jump into recommendations, its important to note that the experience of sleeping on an airbed can feel quite different from that of more traditional mattress styles, like all-foam or hybrid beds. If you love memory foam, for example, an airbed wont provide the same enveloping feeling you enjoy, regardless of how thick the comfort layers are.

    Secondly, if you enjoy cuddling with your partner while you sleep, the dual air chambers may impede that and can feel uncomfortable. Lastly, these airbeds arent for people with a limited budget, considering the most affordable Smart Bed option starts at $999.

    Trial Period And Returns

    Sleep Number Bed delivery and assembly

    Sleep Number gives you 100 nights to test drive their beds. There are a lot of moving parts built into a Sleep Number bed. We would recommend you take 30 nights of sleeping before deciding whether to keep any mattress. We would recommend taking at least that amount of time for the Sleep Number. You may need some time to figure out which number/firmness at which you sleep most comfortably.

    If you decide the mattress, or any of the individual layers, doesnt work for you, just initiate a return within 100 days. Sleep Number has to authorize it before you can expect a return. Once you initiate a return, you have 30 days to get it back to Sleep Number. You will pay to return your mattress. After all of that, and after your returns have arrived at Sleep Number, youll have to wait 21 days for your refund.

    But you can exchange your mattress for an upgrade or downgrade. Youll have to pay the difference for the upgrade. Youll get a refund of some portion of the difference if you choose a lower-priced model.

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    Place Foam Side Walls

    Once you have your top open, you can easily begin to build the structure and support of your bed. First, you want to place the long foam side walls along each side of the bed if you do not have a corner locking system. You want to make sure the notches, located at the ends of each wall, are facing inwards in order to complete the rest of the wall support.

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    Troubleshooting Your Personal Comfort

    Here are some common troubleshooting questions:

    • Are you having difficulty setting up your bed?
    • Are you missing parts?
    • Did your product get damaged during shipping?
    • Is something not working properly?
    • Are your air chambers leaking?

    If you think any of these questions may apply to you, please visit our troubleshooting page.You may also call customer service at 1-888-694-4088, ext. 2.

    We’re here to help, so please contact us if you’re experiencing a less than desirable experience.

    Phase : Packing Up The Mattress

    Assemble Sleep Number 360® Smart Mattress & FlexFit Adjustable Base
  • Turn off the power. Unplug the beds control system housed in a large white unitthe hose area attached to it.
  • Wrap the unit and pack it up. Place this unit, including the remote control, snugly into the packaging and then wrap it with additional packaging material. This will protect the system from damage.
  • Pack up the air chambers. Place the air chambers inside the box and take care to ensure theyre well wrapped so theres no danger that the air chambers will get damaged or punctured.
  • Insert them into the double bag to protect them from staining during transportation.
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    If Applicable: Place Corner Lock System In Place

    Some bed sizes, like the double bed, have a corner locking system instead of the notched side walls. These are placed on the bottom of the mattress cover in each corner. Without these your walls will not be stable, so make sure you have them in place. If you have notched side walls, then your bed will not have these locking systems.

    Sleep Number Model Pricing

    The price youll pay for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed varies significantly by collection, model, and size. In general, the Classic series models are priced lower than the average airbed. The Performance series models are on par with other industry averages for airbed mattresses. The Innovation series models are the brands most technologically-advanced beds and have above-average price-points compared to other airbeds in the market.

    You can expect to pay anywhere from $999 to more than $5,000 for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed, which does not include taxes or delivery fees.

    4-6/10 13

    Regardless of the collection or model, all Sleep Number 360 SmartBeds share certain materials, components, and features. All eight mattresses have Dual Adjustability technology, which simply means that if two people are sharing the mattress, each person can adjust the comfort on their side to their ideal firmness setting, otherwise known as their Sleep Number.

    They also all have Responsive Air technology. This feature means that sensors inside the air mattress automatically monitor air pressure throughout the night. The bed will automatically add or release air to ensure you stay at your Sleep Number setting throughout the night. This feature can be turned off if the beds automatic adjustments bother or wake you in the middle of the night. If both sides of the bed have Responsive Air turned on, only one side of the bed will be adjusted at a time.

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    Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

    The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

    The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

    How To Disassemble A Sleep Number Bed Upgraded Home

    Sleep Number Bed delivery and assembly

    Sleep Number beds typically consist of an air mattress and manual controller, such as an air pump, allowing users to adjust the mattresss air pressure. Disassembling a Sleep Number bed can be challenging as it is more complicated than a standard bed. However, it can be done using the right tools and the correct method.

    To disassemble a Sleep Number bed, you first must dismantle the mattress by deflating it and removing the foam borders, chambers, and edge locks. After youve got this out of the way, you will need to detach the mattress retainers and the bases gridlocks.

    If you have the correct tools and follow the steps below, you will be able to disassemble your Sleep Number bed easily. Weve also included instructions on how to assemble the bed as well in case youre moving it to a new location.

    Don’t want to do it yourself?

    Get free, zero-commitment quotes from pro contractors near you.

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    Secure The Corner Lock Mechanism In Place

    While queen-sized beds have notched side walls, most double beds have a corner locking system. Simply put, these are adjacent mating side panels and end panels placed on the bottom of the mattress cover that forms its corners and keeps its walls stable. When doing a Sleep Number bed setup for a double bed, it is important to secure these in place before you can fit the foam and air chambers inside the mattress.

    Can You Put An Adjustable Mattress On A Regular Bed Frame

    In fact, any adjustable bed can be made to fit with your existing frame and headboard, allowing you to keep the look and feel of your room, combined with the comfort and benefits of an adjustable bed. An adjustable bed fits snugly into a standard bed frame, as the adjustable bed base is narrower than a frame.

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