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Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

Sportneer Wearable Sleeping Bag

Wearable Sleeping Bag Feat. Gabrielle Union: Don’t Believe The Hype

Features and benefits

Affordable: The Sportneer Wearable Sleeping Bag comes with affordability in mind and innovation at the forefront. This one is a practical design that you will be able to use in order to stay warm and mobile.

Breathable cotton: This one adds a warm cotton filling to the whole of the body and hood so that it can keep you warm in low temperatures. The cotton is included as breathable so that any moisture can be wicked away.

Lightweightdesign: Owing to having a lightweight design, you will be able to walk in comfortably inside the incorporated carrying bag.


  • Stuff size isnt nice at eight

This bag comes with the feature of a machine-washable that can keep maintenance quick and easy.

The Selk bag Original Wearable Sleeping Bag comes with a cover from the head so that it can toe in warmth and comfort.

Features and benefits

Consistent heat supply: This one comes with the feature of full sleeves, a hood, and booties so that it can keep the heat.

Hassle-free handle: The no-hassle hand openings come with the ability to keep your hands free for using the kangaroo-style pocket.

Leg vents: In addition to the leg vents, this one helps regulate temperature so that you cant overheat.


  • Covers you head to toe
  • Detachable booties
  • Sometimes zipper will get stuck

With a variety of sizes, there are various options for you to choose it.

Selk Bag Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag

Features and benefits

Various fun patterns: The Selk bag Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag comes with a variety of fun patterns. It allows you to impersonate your favorite characters from the top-rated film series.

Iconic durable design: The manufacturers of this bag print the iconic designs similar to Chewbacca and Darth Vader onto the durable Polyester fabric making the body of the bag.

Easy-access hand openings: This bag comes with other exciting features like easy-access hand openings and removable booties.


About Poler Men’s The Classic Napsack Wearable Sleeping

A wearable sleeping bag – perhaps the coolest invention ever! Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, jumping into after outdoor fun or any other activity that brings your core temp down. Hike it up to your waist, cinch it and wear it like a coat around the campsite, then crawl back into your tent without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag. Lounge- unzip the armholes, read a book, get on your laptop, and watch a movies, all from the comfort of your napsack. Walk- pull the bottom up through the inside of your napsack and cinch the drawstring around your waist to enter into walk mode.

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Sunflower Musk Wearable Sleeping Bag

Features and benefits

Acrylic fiber: The Sunflower Musk Wearable Sleeping Bag adds a quality acrylic fiber so that you can mimic the feel and warmth of goose down to improve the designs functionality.

Lightweight: This one is lightweight and perfect for hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Convenient design: The wearable and convenient design come with two arm openings as well as a bottom zipper for your better feet.


  • Filled with a quality acrylic fiber
  • Lightweight and ideal for camping, hiking, or backpacking
  • Has an arm and feet openings
  • The polyester exterior is waterproof

Ponchos What About Ponchos

Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

An ancillary category to the wearable sleeping bag is the poncho-style warmer. Ponchos seem best suited to situations where you care a bit more about what other people think of yousay, at a hockey game, at an outdoor café, or while strolling through a winter festival in small-town Connecticut. They are completely open at the bottom and sides and so therefore require warm layers underneath. The advantage, of course, is that these ponchos can be yet another layer over a bulky coat. The disadvantage is that you absolutely have to wear pants.

The Therm-a-Rest Honcho Poncho is made of rip-stop polyester fabric, and is water-resistant and breathable. Theres a hood, a zippered kangaroo pouch and snaps at the sides to create the sleeves, which are open to the air. Therm-a-Rest is a well-respected outdoor brand, and Amazon reviews are positive. . The Honcho Poncho is the best of the three ponchos we tested, with a built-in stuff sack sto there are no pieces to lose. It was roomy enough that I often wore a coat underneath and on especially cold nights, threw it over the Napsack for added warmth.

The Poler Reversible Camp Poncho comes in a wide range of colors and is made of the same rip-stop nylon as the Poler Reversible Napsack. It measures 26 inches by 76 inches and is filled with 100% recycled polyester Thermastuff . The Camp Poncho is reversible and has a kangaroo pouch on each sidemy husband helpfully points out that the main pockets are large enough to hold multiple beers.

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Selkbag Realtree Camouflage Sleeping Bag Onesie

First of all, Selkbag makes a hunting style sleeping bag with legs in Realtree Xtra camo.

It has the same fit as the original Selkbag except for a few key differences:

1. The onesie has a quiet microfiber outer shell.

2. It has a more durable and weather resistant finish.

3. The Realtree pattern lets you hide easily amongst the trees. =)

Just like their original design, the Realtree Xtra comes with removable booties and vents in the legs and chest that you can unzip. Therefore, you can easily control the warmth of your outfit. I mean, why take off your pants when you can just unzip the leg, right?

Then, at night, just pull your hands into the sleeves, zip on your booties and pull your hood up. You are ready for bed in a mummy-style sleeper without ever having to change into your pajamas. Every outfit should be like this!

What We Didnt Test And Why Not

The Feathered Friends Winter Wren appears to be a solid, well-constructed option. The shell is made of high-quality Pertex Y Fuse polyester, and it has 900 fill goose down. But because this bag has a $300-plus price, we didnt include it in our testing pool. This one feels less suburban hobbyist and more actual gear someone would purchase for a trip to Yosemite in January. This legit backcountry bag comes in both regular and long , and is rated to 25 °F when all openings are in the closed position. Similar in design to the Napsack, the Winter Wren has a narrow, close-fit construction and is made in Seattle from imported components.

The Nunatak Raku is truly a sight to behold. Its a bag on the bottom with sleeves on top. It costs almost double what the Feathered Friends bag costs, and the website says the company is currently closed to orders and that theres an 8- to 10-week lead time. Described on its website as a cottage industry, Nunatak appears to be one person named Jan in Moab, Utah. The last review on the site was from 2018, so this one doesnt seem like a safe bet for the upcoming winter.

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What Is A Wearable Sleeping Bag Anyway

Wearable sleeping bags sprang up several years ago, with more than a half-dozen companies cutting armholes into and opening up the bottoms of traditional-style sleeping bags. The idea is that you can stay warm while chilling in your camping chair with your arms free to hold your beer or smore . Then you can hobble/stumble over to your tent and pass out for the nightno need to climb into your sleeping bag because youre already wearing it.

Most wearable bags, like REIs Crash Sack from the companys now-defunct private-label brand evrgrn, had already been discontinued by the time the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Its a good thing a few brands hung on, though, because their products became a lifeline for socially distanced winter gatherings. Now that more people are vaccinated and indoor gatherings are an option, I still find myself turning to my wearable sleeping bag for campfire hangs, snuggling up with a good book on my front porch, or when its chilly in the house but the heat isnt on yet.

Just because something has a fairly narrow use case doesnt mean its not useful.

Best Wearable Sleeping Bags

5 Best Wearable Sleeping Bags in 2021-2022

Selk’bag is the go-to brand for wearable sleeping bags. They are a bit pricey compared to most options on Amazon, but they’re worth it.

This unisex sleeping bag has removable booties so you can wear shoes while you’re up. Thanks to the water repellent coating and insulated hood, you’ll be warm and toasty in 40-degree weather. It is machine washable, making it a top-pick. Be sure to check out their sizing chart. It comes in sizes small through x-large.

This is going to come in handy for car camping.

The Exped Dreamwalker is the perfect wearable sleeping bag for a chilly night or sleepover. It converts to a down coat and has a temperature rating of 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sierra gave it five stars and wrote, “Pros: soft, comfortable, high-quality zippers, and can be worn like a jacket…seriously great when you’re wandering around camp in the pre-dawn cold. The hood–yes, it has a hood–is also great if you’re sleeping out in the cold or want some additional protection from the wind.”

There aren’t any cold spots, and it only weighs two pounds, making it ultralight.

Here’s the original version of the Selk’bag adult wearable sleeping bag. With two layers of synthetic insulation wrap, your entire body will stay warm. Be sure to check out the sizing chart so you can find your size. The small would be a great fit for kids up to 4’11”.

It’s only $80 and is also Amazon Prime eligible.

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Q: Are Wearable Sleeping Bags Machine Washable

A: Many a wearable sleeping bag is indeed machine washable. But just because some can be washed in the machine doesn’t mean it should be washed in the machine after every use. In general, even if you use the bag regularly, you shouldn’t wash it more than once a year. If you do your insulation will lose loft and be rendered fairly useless. If you are not sold on the idea of washing your wearable bag yourself there are a number of bag cleaning services available via the Internet that will clean your bag for you.

Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag Looks Warm And Cozy

Blankets with sleeves you made fun of them, gave them a shot, fell in love and never looked back. And you and your Snuggie lived happily ever after. The Poler Napsack takes the wearable bedding a step further, letting you walk around while wearing a full sleeping bag.

While cozy has never been your style when rocking the rugged outdoors, thats exactly what this thing gets you. Closed up, its a perfectly functional sleeping bag, covering you with padded warmth from head to toe. With zippered shoulder openings and a cinch at the bottom, its easy to get free control of your limbs, too, just like your favorite sleeved blanket.

The Poler Napsack is a hooded, wearable sleeping bag with a soft microfiber body and leather tabs by the hood. It has pockets on the side for use like a jacket, as well as a chest pocket with earphone holes, so you can tune in to Pandora on your smartphone while cozily lazing about.

Durable enough for outdoor use, you can use it both as a functional sleeping bag inside the tent camper and as a puffy coat while sitting around the campfire. Rated to approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit, its not too warm for use at home, either. Wear this around the house instead of cranking the thermostat to high and save some money on your heating costs.

Does the wearable blanket finally look pretty? Hell, no. But the Poler Napsack does look a tad more stylish than your typical wear-on blanket. Its available now, priced at $130.

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Kingcamp Full Body Sleeping Bag

Features and benefits

Versatile design: This bag boasts a versatile design and features because it lets you stay warm and on the go even without having to remove your sleeping bag.

Handy zippers: The zipper sleeves and zip-off booties will release your hands and feet so that you arent to move or complete a task.


  • Zipper sleeves and zip-off booties
  • Unrestricted movement
  • Temperature rating of 37 degrees


  • False temperatures

With a temperature rating of 37 degrees, you will be able to use this design for cold-weather experience days.

Selk Bag Kids Star Wars Sleeping Bag

Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag

Features and benefits

Durable design: The Selk bag Kids Star Wars Wearable Sleeping Bag comes with the same durable design yet in a smaller size.

Variable sizes: You will have three available sizes to choose from, ranging from 4 feet to 5 feet.

Star Wars patterns: Owing to having four Star Wars patterns to choose from, this one will help you match your kids in comfort and style.


  • Four Star Wars patterns to choose from
  • Match your kids in comfort and style
  • Durable polyester shell

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Campers Swear By Wearable Sleeping Bags For Cold Weather Camping

When shopping for sleeping bags, you should take the temperature rating seriously, especially if you’re camping in the fall or winter. Campers worldwide are finding out that wearable sleeping bags have fantastic temperature ratings and are also extremely comfy.

These sleeping bags will keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. Here are seven sleeping bags that you might feel a little goofy in at first but will absolutely love once it’s time for bed.

Poler Napsack Wearble Sleeping Bag

Wear the Napsack cinched up around your waist with the side zippers open and it serves as a spacious puffy hooded trenchcoat with ample thermal protection of your crotchular region. Zip the arm zippers up and cinch the bottom beneath your feet and it becomes a comfortable sleeping bag rated to 50*F. By layering up underneath or pairing your Napsack with a blanket, sleeping bag, or dare I say a second Napsack it can help keep you comfortably warm in even the coldest camping conditions.

The material is very smooth and comfortable against bare skin, but seems durable thanks to a ripstoppy weave. The insulation does not bunch up and dries out quickly. The fact that it is reversible with 3 pockets inside and out is incredible. The zippers are bomber, and the whole unit packs down to the size of a large puffy coat or light sleeping bag in the included stuff sack. At $130 it seems like a good deal to me for a wearable sleeping bag, it is well made, as stylish as a puffy smock can be, and pulls double duty as a sleeping bag.

Here are just a few of the situations where Ive said to myself, man, I sure am happy to be wearing a Napsack right now!

*Lounging on the couch reading a book.

*Sitting on the front porch passing the spliff on a cool fall evening.

*Venturing out to warm up the truck on a midwinter morning.

*Brewing coffee predawn while climbing in the high alpine.

*Upon arrival at a cold truck in the deepening twilight after a long day on the slopes.

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Selk Bag Lite 5g Sleeping Bag

Features and benefits

Soft polyester shell: The Selk bag Lite 5G Sleeping Bag comes with a soft polyester shell as well as synthetic fill. This one also has the ability to save on weight

Compact design: the bag includes an exceptionally compact design for your better traveling outdoors.

Durable zipper: With durable zippers, reinforced seams, and innovative draft tubes, you can stay warm on cold days owing to the remaining heat inside the bag.


  • Redesigned with a better anatomical fit
  • Warmth stays inside
  • Arm and feat openings are easy to use


  • Do not walk close to the fire in your walking bag

The manufacturers redesign the sleeping bag with legs for a better anatomical fit so that it can make you more comfortable.

Vinsonmassif Wearable Sleeping Bag

Mondaze Episode One: Poler Napsak Showdown

Features and benefits

Twin locking zipper: The Vinson Massif Wearable Sleeping Bag comes with the twin locking zipper making it more comfortable to get in and out of when you require wearing it on your trip.

Armholes: The armholes come with warmth and let you access the handy pockets with efficiency.

Polyester outer shell: Owing to having the polyester outer shell, this design makes it more durable and long-lasting.

Fashionable hood: This feature gives the bag the ability to keep your head toasty and easily folds down with the great rest of the bag into the compression carrying sack for transportation.


  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Handy pocket with button closure
  • Fashionable hood


  • None

All these things of this bag make it one of the best adventuridge wearable sleeping bag you can buy.

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Poler Mens Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag 2

  • Hike it up to your waist, cinch it and wear it like a coat around the campfire then crawl back into your tent or car without ever having to leave the warmth of your bag also features zippered sleeve openings
  • Therma stuff insulation/soft microfiber body/leather cinch tabs/rated to approx 50 degrees
  • Sizing: XL fits up to 6-feet 8-inch tall, L fits up to 6-feet 3-inch tall, M fits up to 5-feet 8-inch tall, S fits up to 5-feet 0-inch tall

Perfect for summer trips, couch surfing, tailgating, music festivals, jumping into after snowboarding or surfing or any other activity that brings your core temp down

What To Consider When Buying A Wearable Sleeping Bag

While selecting the right wearable sleeping bag isn’t like choosing a bag for your Everest expedition the qualities you’re looking at are essentially the same: temperature rating, size, comfort, durability, waterproof capability and to a lesser degree, weight. The one area where wearable bag considerations will diverge significantly from extreme bag considerations is in mobility. Here’s a quick rundown of the various considerations.

Temperature rating – Due to the nature of their mission the design of the wearable bag is going to be limited in how effective it will be at lower temps. Almost all are 3 season bags and most have an effective rating of around 40 Fahrenheit, with some able to handle slightly colder temps. In general though these are recreational bags and should be thought of that way. For extreme mountaineering you’ll want something more traditional.

Size – When it comes to the walking sleeping bag sizing is a slightly different animal than it is with traditional bags. That said you’ll want one big enough to accommodate you comfortably from head to foot once you are fully enveloped by the bag. However, you don’t want the bag to be so big you’re flopping around inside or so small you feel the hood pulling down on your head while you’re trying to sleep. Keep in mind too that size can sometimes differ from manufacturer to manufacturer so it might be worth your while to peruse customer comments to see what different people say about the sizing of a particular bag.

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