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Kyte Baby Sleep Sack Size Chart

Little Unicorn Cotton Muslin Sleep Bag In Woof

This is THE BEST Sleep Sack for Babies | Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Review


Lightweight, breathable and featuring artisan hand-painted prints, our sleep bags are a safe and stylish alternative to a blanket. A top-to-bottom zipper makes for easy nighttime diaper changes and machine washable cotton muslin gets softer with every wash.Small: 0-6 months 10-18 lbs 23″-26″Medium: 6-12 months 16-24 lbs 26″-30″Large: 12-1…

Kyte Baby Bundler – Sapphire

What Should My Baby Wear Under The Sleep Sack

To decide what your baby should wear under the sleep sack, its important to know the ambient room temperature and what TOG or thickness your current sleep sack is. Kyte BABY offers 3 different TOGs: 0.5 , 1.0 TOG , and 2.5 TOG .

To read more about TOG, check out this blog!

  • 0.5 TOG is appropriate for room temperatures of 74-78°F
  • 1.0 TOG is appropriate for room temperatures of 69-73°F
  • 2.5 TOG is appropriate for room temperatures of 61-68°F

Here is another good read on figuring out what TOG sleep sack to use for your baby.

A good rule of thumb is to put your baby in a layers that would be comfortable to you, with maybe one extra layer. So pyjamas and an appropriate TOG sleep bag is the perfect sleep combination for your baby!

Each baby is unique and may prefer to sleep with more or fewer layers. You will want to make sure that your little one is not sweating, does not have damp hair, does not have a heat rash or red cheeks, and is not breathing heavily as those are all signs of overheating.

Babies who are too warm while sleeping will be more restless and wake more often whereas babies who are too cold may become lethargic and harder to rouse.

Babies have protective factors in place to wake often during the night, but they can return to sleep if they are comfortable or else they will signal to let you know they need something!

If you find your baby is waking more often and it is not because of body temperature, you can check out this blog about baby sleep regressions.

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Kyte baby

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What Is A Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is like a mini sleeping bag for your baby or toddler. Also called a wearable blanket, a sleep sack helps to keep your baby warm in their crib without using loose blankets. Most sleep sacks feature zippers or snaps for easy on/off and quick diaper changes.

Why use a sleep sack? Because your baby will likely get chilly overnight, especially if you live in a cooler climate, but putting things like blankets or quilts in the crib isnt safe.

Sleep sacks are the perfect answer to keeping your baby warm and safe throughout the night.

What Is A Sleep Sack And Does My Baby Need It

Kyte BABY Sleep Bag in Aloe 0.5 TOG

A sleep sack is a wearable blanket that covers your babys body and legs safely and is the best way to keep your baby warm at night.

Sleep sacks are a great way to keep your sleeping baby covered when theyre still too young to have loose blankets or loose bedding in their crib.

Keeping your babys crib bare helps reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome .

As soon as your baby starts rolling over in sleep, or even shows signs or rolling, its time to transition them out of the swaddle and into something like a sleep sack. Sleep sacks keep your babys arms free, so they can roll safely in their sleep.

Putting your baby down to sleep in a sleep sack isnt absolutely necessary, but its a big help if youre trying to keep them cozy and warm enough while they sleep. It can also be a great cue as part of your bedtime or nap routine.

I get asked for my recommendations on baby sleep sacks all the time. So Ive finally put together this list of the tried and true sleep sack brands that new parents love!

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When To Start Using A Baby Sleep Sack

You could technically use a baby sleep sack from birth so long as it fits well! However, most babies will sleep best when theyre swaddled in those early days which is not the same as sleep sack.

A swaddle will restrict arm movement to decrease the risk of their Moro reflex from waking them up. A sleep bag does not restrict arm movement.

Most sleep bags are designed to fit babies who are 8-9+lbs, however, you will want to double-check the fit of the sleep bag around their neck to ensure it is not too loose!

Little Unicorn Sleep Bag


Our sleep bags are designed to make sleep safer and more comfortable for your baby. The lightweight and breathable cotton muslin helps prevent overheating and allows baby to move naturally.2-layer 100% cottonBreathableSofter with each wash2-way zipper for easier diaper changesUse in place of blankets for safe sleep1.1 TOGPlease note that…

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Is It Worth The Cost

I highly recommend all of the Kyte Baby products that Ive talked about in this Kyte Baby review. I promise they are worth the extra money that you pay compared to baby clothes at the bigger stores.

Im happy to spend the extra money and buy a few pieces of clothing from Kyte Baby for each of my kids. The material is so amazing and I love how my babies look in their clothes. My daughter Violet has eczema and she seems happier when shes wearing Kyte Baby jammies.

I cannot recommend Kyte Baby enough. They also have really good customer service. Ive emailed them a couple of times and theyve responded quickly. Theyre one of those brands that really cares about their customers.

If you have an upcoming baby shower you can add Kyte Baby products to your registry or ask people for gift cards. I hope this Kyte Baby review has helped you!

Why We Love Kyte Baby

5 Months Postpartum UPDATES! | Protein Lactation Banana Bread, Kyte Baby Sleep Sack, New Pump + MORE
  • Soft Their clothing is made from bamboo. If youve never felt bamboo fabric, youre missing out! I seriously cannot believe how soft Kyte Baby products are.
  • Unique The colors and prints on Kyte Baby products are really cute and are unique to this brand. You wont find them anywhere else.
  • Breathable This helps your baby stay comfortable and safe no matter what the temperature is.
  • Hypoallergenic This is important for babies and children with sensitive skin. The material wont give them a reaction.
  • Long lasting I couldnt believe how long my twins have worn each of their products from here. Theyve all lasted us longer than the size on the tag. This is because the material is stretchy.

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What Is A Baby Sleep Sack

An important distinction to make is that a baby sleep sack is not the same as a swaddle. A swaddle can be used for the first few months of your infants life until they are showing signs of rolling.

You can read more about how to stop swaddling your baby in this blog.

Swaddling is referred to as the restraining of your babys arms in a blanket, swaddle pod, etc. Anything that gives their arms freedom is not the same thing as a swaddle!

Swaddling is great to use to help them sleep while they still have their Moro reflex to keep them from startling themselves awake.

Some swaddles can be converted into sleep sacks though. For example, with velcro swaddles, you can leave their arms out and wrap the wings around their chest. This would not be considered swaddling!

This is a great way to help your baby transition from a swaddle into a sleep sack while still keeping them cozy and using it as a sleep cue.

So what is a baby sleep sack? It is basically a bodysuit that is made out of blanket material that will zip up around your little one.

It is what you will want to use as a safer alternative to a blanket in the crib while your baby is still at risk for SIDS. Research has shown that babies who sleep with blankets are 5x higher risk of dying from SIDS than those who sleep in a bare crib.

You should continue to place baby on their back to sleep for their first year of life, and allow them to get into a comfortable position on their own.

Dreamland Baby Dream Weighted Sleep Sack

*Rookie Mom Squad Reviewed by Gabriela!

I was so excited to try out this sleep sack from Dreamland and see the difference in my baby girls sleep! The Dreamland Sleep Sack is weighted along the front which provides comfort and helps babies relax quicker and fall asleep smoother.

I like that the weight in this sack is evenly distributed in little pockets throughout the front because it seems to provide all-over comfort rather than just one spot. After just one use, I could tell my baby was able to fall asleep more independently than in the traditional sleep sack we had been using.

This sleep sack comes in 3 different sizes 0-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12-24 months providing your baby with comfort from the newborn days into the toddler years.

These swaddles help parents and babies get the most out of their sleep which is well worth the investment!

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Overview Of Kyte Baby

Kyte Babys founder, Ying, started the company because her daughter had chronic eczema. Bamboo is hypoallergenic and is 3 degrees cooler than cotton. Her daughter started sleeping so much better and was more comfortable in her Kyte Baby jammies than in the jammies she used to wear.

They have free shipping for US orders over $85, Canada orders over $135, and worldwide orders over $300. Items that are unwashed and unused are eligible for a return within 30 days, except for items that were bought on final sale.

For our first order we got 4 footies. We chose to get the zippered footies over the ones with snaps. I think the ones with snaps look a little cuter, but theyre so much more work. When your baby is young theyll likely be up in the night and lining up snaps on their outfit isnt what you want to do in the dark.

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I think the zippered ones are still super cute, so thats what we chose to get. Theyre made from bamboo and theyre crazy soft! I dont even have words to describe how soft and smooth the bamboo material is.

For my daughter, Violet, we got the colors dusk and plum. For my son, Milo, we got emerald and slate. Plum and emerald ended up being our favorites. Weve also put the emerald on Violet a few times and its a great color for a boy or a girl.

We noticed when we first put the pajamas on them, they were really calm and happy. I think they felt very comfortable in their outfits.

What Is The Best Cold Weather Sleep Sack

How Should a Kyte BABY Sleep Bag Fit?

When choosing the best winter sleep sack for your baby, keep these things in mind:

  • Nursery temperature. How cool does your babys sleeping space get overnight? The cooler your nursery, the higher TOG sleep sack youll need.
  • Your babys temp. Does your baby tend to run hot or cool? Your little ones internal heater will also affect choosing the best winter sleep sack for them.
  • Budget. Winter sleep sacks can get pricey. If you want to be able to use yours for as long as possible, invest in one that works from the early months through toddlerhood.

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Whats The Difference Between A Swaddle And A Baby Sleep Sack

Traditionally babies are swaddled, that is they are wrapped tightly in a blanket to help soothe them. A swaddle can be done with almost any blanket and there is a proper technique to get the wrap to stay and be comfortable for the baby. Swaddles are usually used from newborn to around 3 months, which is right around when the baby starts to break out of the swaddle.

Questions on your babys sleep needs? Check out our Baby Sleep Chart A guide to Everything about Your Babys Sleep Needs.

Sleep sacks eliminate the need for learning any swaddling technique, as they usually can just be zipped up or velcroed. The styles vary but basically, its like a wearable sleeping bag that keeps babies warm and cozy without the need to wrap them up in blankets. It is a safer alternative to loose blankets. Plus, if you can no longer safely swaddle because your baby is rolling over, you can use a sleep sack with open arms instead.


  • Most allow for diaper changes while wearing
  • Doesnt restrict natural hip movement

Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle

The HALO Sleep Sack Swaddle is another great hybrid because of its 3 in 1 functionality. This sleep sack offers sleeping positions with arms in, arms out, or a mix of the two to cater to your babys favorite position. As with all the styles of the HALO Sleep Sack, it features roomy hip space, an inverted zipper, and breathable material.

Check out how to use the Halo SleepSack swaddle here.

This is great for use with younger babies to make the transition to a full sleep sack easier as they grow. Check Current Prices Here!

Frequently Asked Questions

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When Should My Baby Transition From A Swaddle To A Sleep Bag

Many parents and sleep consultants will recommend a good swaddle for newborns. A traditional swaddle restricts a babys arm movement to help mimic the feeling they had while in the womb. They also help prevent the Moro reflex, which startles them awake when they are asleep. Some families choose to forego the swaddle and use a sleep bag with their baby from birth ! There is no rule, so you can choose what works best for your family and your baby. However, if you decide to use a traditional swaddle with your baby, once they show signs of rolling, that is the time to stop swaddling your little one and make the transition into a sleep bag.

Once your baby is rolling and becoming more mobile, a sleep bag allows them to move in their sleep space and doesnt restrict their arm movement. A sleep bag moves with their body and doesnt get tangled up or thrown to the side like a blanket would . So not only is the sleep bag keeping them safe in their sleep space it also ensures a more comforting sleep experience for your little one.

Best Sleep Sacks For Winter

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag

Just like Goldilocks, trying to keep your babys temperature just right while they sleepnot too hot and not too coldcan be a bit of a head-scratcher, especially if you live in a place where winter packs a punch. And since loose blankets in the crib are a definite no-go, youll need something not only warm but safe as well.

Enter sleep sacks designed specifically for cooler sleeping temperatures: your new winter BFF. Were taking you through what to look for, how to dress your baby for sleep when its chilly outside and the best sleep sacks for winter.

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Love To Dream Swaddle Up

Similar to a traditional sleep sack the Love to Dream Swaddle Up pairs the benefits of a swaddle with the convenience and security of a sleep sack. The design allows your baby to sleep in the arms up position while the sleep sack bottom has plenty of room for hip movement. The front zipper makes dressing and undressing a breeze and the cotton material is breathable yet warm. This option is ideal for babies from 3 to 6 months, before they can turn over unassisted, and is a great mix of swaddle and sleep sack. Check it out here!

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag In Olive 10 Tog Features

  • Made from ultra-soft and breathable silky bamboo rayon
  • Exterior: Made from 97% Bamboo Rayon and 3% Spandex, Filling: 100% polyester
  • Medium-weight for comfort in cooler temperatures
  • Perfect for babies with sensitive skin or eczema
  • Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial
  • Double zipper makes it easy to use
  • Sleep bags/sleep sacks are a safer alternative to blankets in bed, reducing risk of SIDs
  • AAP recommends no blankets or soft objects in a crib until after 12 months
  • Free from flame retardant chemicals
  • Wash cold water, gentle cycle with like fabrics. Items should be zipped/buttoned up to decrease pilling. Lay flat or hang dry.

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Kyte Baby 10 Tog Sleep Bag


Are you having trouble putting baby to bed at night? Then you have to try this Kyte sleep bag. So many moms report that it helps their baby sleep through the night. And since it’s the safest alternative to a blanket in bed, it helps reduce the risk of SIDS too. That’s probably why it was voted the No. 1 Wearable Blanket by The Bump . Our s…

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