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Best Bed For Sleeping On Your Side

Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For Side

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers 2022 (Top 8 Beds For Pressure Relief)

Theres no actual best mattress for side-sleepers, but we do think people who regularly sleep in this position are likely to feel most comfortable on a medium-soft to medium mattress. It should be plush enough to relieve pressure on the shoulders and hips, but supportive enough to keep the spine in a roughly straight line. Because side-sleepers load their body weight onto their hips and shoulders when lying on their side, those areas press more deeply against the bed. Mattresses with a cushioned top layer may help relieve these pressure points. The mattresses we recommend in this guide are all medium-soft to medium-firm, and we think they feature sufficient cushioning in the upper layer to appeal to most side-sleepers.

Side Sleepers With Back Problems

For side sleepers with back problems, the right mattress can make all the difference. If a mattress does not contour to the shape of the body and provide ample support, this can cause a misalignment in the joints and the spine. As a result, your muscles cant relax and have to work overtime to keep everything aligned. A contouring mattress, on the other hand, keeps the spine aligned and relieves joint pain. This keeps the hips and shoulders aligned as well. Some mattresses also have customized support for the lumbar region.

The simplest way to determine if your back pain is caused by your mattress is to pay attention to your back pain throughout the day. If you wake up with back pain that subsides or lessens as the day goes on, your mattress is likely the culprit. The best mattress for side sleepers will provide a flat, even surface without any sagging or indentations. A responsive material, like memory foam, will cushion pressure points and keep the spine aligned. The mattress should provide full-body support to prevent back pain.

How To Train Yourself To Sleep This Way

Stomach or back sleepers experiencing aches and pains may want to consider changing positions, as sleeping on your side is generally the most suitable for gut, nasal, airway, and spinal health. Stomach sleepers tend to twist their spines in unnatural positions and spend the night with their necks turned up to or more than 90 degrees. This irregular stomach posture often causes soreness in the lower back and neck, while those who spend the night on their backs may experience snoring or spinal pain.

Those who are reading this nodding their head, you might want to convert to your side. Forcing your body to sleep in a way youre not used to may take some time, but you can train your body using several tricks.

Try positioning pillows next to you, propping them to prevent you from reverting to your back or stomach. For example, a pillow under the arm may assist those who rest on their stomach, and a pillow behind the back should keep back sleepers in the lateral position. A body or pregnancy pillow may also come in handy if you tend to move around a lot throughout the night.

When we have the space to move, we often take advantage. To prevent yourself from adjusting in the night, you can try sleeping on a couch or a narrower surface for a couple of nights to force yourself not to turn. Our bodies should sense that there is not enough room to lay comfortably on the back or stomach.

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Side Sleeper: What You Need To Know About Sleeping On Your Side

Dr. Bhavik Sheth, PT, DPT, CSCS, SFMA

Dr. Bhavik Sheth, PT, DPT, CSCS, SFMA is a physical therapist and the co-founder of the Elite Movement Initiative, a physical therapy group. He earned his D…

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If you look at nearly any poll about peoples favorite sleeping position, side sleeping will almost always emerge as the clear winner. The exact percentage varies, but its easily the most popular of the three sleeping positions. The other two positions are back and stomach sleeping, and they tend to lag behind in polls by a significant amount.

Yet theres a lot people dont know about side sleeping. They may not understand all the benefits or they may not know theres a right and wrong way to sleep on their sides. Its not as if people are born with a Users Guide to Side Sleeping, after all.

So thats what we set out to writea guide that covers what you need to know about sleeping on your side. Our article includes the pros and cons of the position, along with the tools you need to sleep on your side soundly.

Choose The Right Mattress

The best mattress for side sleepers 2019: best side sleeper mattresses ...

Side sleepers need softer, more contouring mattresses than people with other sleep styles. When you factor in the adjustable bed, youll need even more flexibility. Depending on their body type, side sleepers need soft to medium mattresses .

Youll need to consider both your sleep position and the fact that you have an adjustable bed when you shop for a new mattress.

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Clears Out Brain Toxins

Our bodies have a waste system known as the glymphatic system. It clears out waste in the brain and may also help deliver compounds such as glucose, lipids, amino acids, and neurotransmitters.

Never heard of the glymphatic system? Thats likely because researchers only discovered it within the last few years, so theres still a lot to learn.

One thing scientists have discovered about the glymphatic system? Your sleep position can influence its effectiveness. The system operates more efficiently when you lie on your side than on your back or front. A 2015 study speculated that may be part of the reason side sleeping is the most popular position.

Why is it important for the glymphatic system to operate at peak efficiency? Scientists suggest that its waste disposal function may play a key role in preventing neurodegenerative diseases. For example, Alzheimers disease is linked to proteins piling up in the brain.

Side Sleepers And Mattress Firmness

Most shoppers think of firmness only in terms of preference, but the firmness of a mattress will impact how it sleeps. Mattresses are generally rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being extremely soft and 10 being extremely firm.

Side sleepers need a mattress thats soft enough to contour to their bodys curves. A lack of contouring means a lack of support, resulting in pressure that can lead to back, neck, and shoulder aches and pains. That said, your body type can also affect which firmness level works best for you. A heavy side sleeper will likely prefer something different than a lighter side sleeper.


Anything under a 5 on the firmness scale is considered soft. If youre petite , a softer mattress may feel supportive enough for you. People with average or larger body types, however, will likely find that their hips and shoulders sink too far into the surface of softer mattresses when they are on their sides. Take a look at our list of the best soft mattresses for further information.


Medium-firm beds fall anywhere between a 5 and a 7 on the firmness scale. The average side sleeper usually gravitates towards this, what we refer to as Goldilocks firmness: not too firm, not too soft. We have found that a firmness around 5 makes for an ideal sleeping surface for a side sleeper of average weight .


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What Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can occur when your mattress isnt offering enough pressure relief. You want a mattress that gently cradles the shoulders instead of pushing against them.

Many people experiencing shoulder pain may be drawn to the cushiness of a softer mattress, but thats not necessarily the right solution. In fact, the wrong soft mattress could increase your shoulder pain, by lacking the supportive properties of firmer beds. Instead, seek out a hybrid or foam mattress with the proper pressure relieving system.

What Mattress Is Best For Side Sleepers With Hip Pain

Best Memory Foam Mattress For Side Sleepers (Top 6 Beds For Pressure Relief!)

If your sleeping patterns are causing hip pain, it could be time to invest in a hybrid mattress. Innerspring coils increase support for proper spinal alignment, while the top layer gives pressure relief.

You can also look into a medium-firm foam mattress. Many side sleepers with hip pain also suggest placing a pillow between their knees to reduce pain, no matter what mattress you choose.

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Best Mattress For Back Pain

Back pain, begone: Youll get a luxurious night of sleep thanks to the lumbar support properties in the WinkBeds Luxury-Firm hybrid. With a lumbar support cushion and two types of coils, this hybrid hones in on keeping the spine supported. A Euro pillow top and foam layer assist with pressure point relief to prevent joint pain. Side sleepers will especially love the range of firmness options afforded by the WinkBeds original mattress. If you like to feel hugged when side sleeping, go for the WinkBeds medium-soft firmness mattress, while side sleepers with back pain can opt for the ultra-firm versiontesters gave it an 8/10 on firmness.

We do love the give-and-take responsiveness of a hybrid innerspring mattress, however, couples might want to peek at our all-foam selections, which have higher motion isolation.

  • Material: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-soft , luxury-firm , firm , plus
  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5
  • Delivery: Delivered in 7-10 business days
  • Lifetime warranty

How Do You Choose The Right Pillow For Side Sleeping

Side sleepers need to take care of choosing the right pillow to provide the right support to prevent neck pain. It is important to take into consideration the loft, or height, of the pillow. For side sleepers, it is recommended to use a pillow with a higher loft that will sit in line with the height of the shoulder. With the pillow at the right height side sleepers get the much-needed support to prevent pain.

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Iii Side Sleeping Tips Right Side Versus Left Side

  • Sleeping on the left side in the fetal position is recommended for women who are pregnant since it is known to increase the circulation in the body and the fetus. On the left side, the liver will be saved from the uterus crushing it.
  • Doctors have found that heartburn sufferers garner more relief from snoozing on the left side instead of the right side. In fact, in some cases, physicians have seen an increase in symptoms when sleeping on the right side.
  • With the organs being asymmetrically placed in the body, when a person sleeps on their left side it is more likely that waste will flow easier into the larger intestine from the small intestine.
  • Another organ that benefits from left side sleeping is the Spleen. The gravity of sleeping on the left side allows for better drainage.
  • An additional surprising find is that the left side of the body is dominant for the lymph nodes. This means that as you slumber on the left side, the body will be working better to get rid of toxins and fluids.
  • Those with varicose veins will definitely want to try staying on the left side for sleep as it improves circulation with the reduction of weight on the largest vein in the body, the vena cava, which is on the bodys right side.

Health Benefits Of Side Sleeping

Best Mattress UK for Side Sleepers (UPDATED 2020)

If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, or any other digestive disorder. Sleeping on your left side could bring relief because your stomach acids are away from your esophagus as you sleep. In this position, youll also find that your lymphatic drainage improves so toxins are more easily removed from your body. Sleep apnea and snoring can be alleviated, as well as aches, pains, and stiff joints.Sleeping on your side promotes relaxation, improves cellular repair, controls circulation, boosts digestion, and aids a restful sleep all night.

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How Sleeping On Your Side Affects Your Health

There are numerous health benefits to sleeping on your side.

But, there are also quite a few drawbacks as side sleeping creates tension in certain parts of your body.

This is why choosing the right mattress is so important

Here, we’ll give you an overview of how side sleeping affects your rest before deep-diving into what to pay attention to when buying a new mattress for side sleeping.

How Much Do The Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers Cost

There are great mattresses for side sleepers available to meet every budget. You can get a top-reviewed mattress for side sleepers like the Nectar and Casper, for under $1,000. Luxury options, such as the Saatva mattress, are great choices for those with extra cash on hand and want frills and extra features. Buying a mattress online will cut out middleman markups for extra savings. Payment plan options are also available for many online mattresses, so you can purchase your dream bed without blowing your budget by making a small low-or no-interest payment each month.

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Alternative Sleeping Positions For Side Sleepers

With pillows, you can have it all. If youre someone who already enjoys sleeping on their side, experimenting with different pillows can take your comfort to the next level. Still, with all the options out there, its easy to feel overwhelmed. Read on to learn more about different types of pillows for side sleepers and what really matters when choosing one:

How Sleeping On Your Side Affects Sleep

Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers 2022 (Top 8 Side Sleeper Beds!)

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Sleeping on your side is highly regarded within the medical community, and its benefits are compelling. Not only does side sleeping open your airways and reduce snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea, but it may also improve brain health and help prevent certain neurological issues. For people with heartburn, and especially for pregnant women, sleeping on your left side has been shown to reduce acid reflux. This sleeping position is also best for keeping your spine aligned, though there are measures you should take to ensure your body and spine get the proper support when sleeping on your side. Putting too much pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back can result in aches and pains.

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Why Should You Trust Our Reviews

To put together this list of best mattresses for side sleepers, we spent time actually lying down on each mattress, performing hands-on testing, and evaluating the factors above to determine which would be the best fit for each ranking. For example, we test the motion isolation of each mattress by placing a glass of water on it and pressing on the layers around it. If the water moves a lot, we know that the mattress does not have great motion isolation. We also test the edge support to see how much the bed collapses and look at a pressure map of the mattress to understand where there is built up pressure while laying on it. Rather than simply saying this mattress is great or this mattress is terrible, we recognize that this is a fairly subjective process. As a result, we simply try to point people in the right direction by categorizing each mattress and differentiating its qualities from others.

How To Pick A Good Side

As we advise in our guide to choosing a mattress, if the bed youre eyeing is available in a storeand if youre able to shop in personbring your favorite pillow and try out the mattress before you buy. Lie on your side for a good 10 to 15 minutes, paying attention to how your back, shoulders, and hips feel.

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What Are The Best Mattress Types

Your individual preferences determine what type of mattress will complement your sleep environment. What works well for someone heavier than you will likely feel too firm, while a mattress that suits someone lighter than you may not offer the support you need. Additionally, back, stomach, and side sleepers often favor different firmness levels.

In addition to body weight and sleeping position, consider other features you might prefer in a bed, such as a responsive surface or one that has greater motion isolation. With so many mattress designs available today, it can be an overwhelming process to choose the best one for you. Well provide in-depth information about the most popular mattress constructions to help you better understand their feel and performance.

Breakdown of Popular Mattress Types

Mattress Type
  • Coils can be squeaky or noisy
  • May be uncomfortable without additional cushioning from a pillow-top

Choosing The Best Pillows

10 Best Pillows for Side Sleepers to get a sound sleep

The right mattress is only half of the secret to a good nights sleep. A side sleeper should also have an excellent pillow to ensure no part of their head and neck goes unsupported. We strongly recommend side sleepers always sleep with a head pillow since the span of their shoulders creates a large gap between their head and the mattress.

The best pillows for side sleepers have a high loft between 4 to 6 inches. If the pillow is too low or too high, your neck muscles may strain themselves trying to support your head.

The pillow should also feel firm to maximize neck and head support. However, side sleepers who switch sleep positions may want to look for a pillow with a flexible filling to adapt to movements. Shredded memory foam or down-filled pillows can be fluffed up and flattened down.

A good side sleeping pillow also contains breathable, cooling materials, such as gel fibers or shredded foam.

Some side sleepers may prefer slipping a contour pillow under their heads instead of lying on the standard rectangular pillow. A contour pillow possesses a curved design that creates a hollow for the head with raised sides for the neck. You may also see them called cervical pillows.

Side sleepers may also benefit from using a supplemental knee or body pillow. A side sleepers legs may draw their hips out of alignment during the night, but slipping a pillow between the knees keeps their upper leg aligned with their hips and spine.

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