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Sleep Number S1 And S3 Value Bed Series Review

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The Value-bed Series also known as the Legacy series consists of the s1 and s3 beds. This is the only dumb series of beds. This doesnt get categorized under the Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds. Nevertheless, s1 and s3 are kind of semi-smart because they still have Dual Air and SleepIQ technologies. The only smart technology that it lacks is the Responsive Air technology.

1. Sleep Number s1 Bed Review

Major Features of the s1 bed

  • This is the most basic, entry-level Sleep Number bed
  • Thickness: it is 10 thick thats 2 thicker than the 8 c2 mattress
  • Firmness: it is one of the firmest with a 6-7 reading on the firmness scale. This is the same firmness as the Sleep Number c2
  • Comfort layer: it is 1.5 thick and is the thinnest out of all Sleep Number beds. The 5-zoned comfort layer is designed to contour around the body and to reduce stress on pressure points on the 5 zones head, neck, lumbar area, hips, and feet
  • Price: $999 for a queen size bed
  • Smart technologies: The s1 is a semi-smart bed it has the SleepIQ technology that measures your heart rate, how long you slept etc. But it doesnt have the Responsive Air technology that is responsible for automatically changing firmness
  • Dual Air technology: yes, the two partners can have their own independent firmnesses/Sleep Numbers on queen and king sized models. However, you get only 1 remote controller for the whole bed.

2. Sleep Number s3 Review

Major Features of the s3 bed

What Sleep Experts Say

Adjustable beds are helpful in relieving back pain and helping people manage issues like sleep apnea, fibromyalgia and more. In a study on the short term effects of adjustable air beds, beds and innerspring mattresses on chronic back pain, 95% of patients showed significant back pain relief and 88% reported better sleep quality while using adjustable air bedsMonsein M, Corbin TP, Culliton PD, Merz D, Schuck EA. Short-term outcomes of chronic back pain patients on an airbed vs innerspring mattresses. MedGenMed. 2000 2:E36. .

What The Numbers Mean

Sleep Number is all about beds, but in case it wasnt obvious, theyre also all about numbers.

A persons Sleep Number number corresponds to the individuals ideal firmness and support.Numbers range from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the more air/firmer the feel of the Sleep Number bed will be.

Likewise, the lower the Sleep Number, the less air will be in the air chamber and the softer the bed will be.

Sleep Numbers are super personal and can change. If an individual determines what he or she thinks his or her setting is in the store and go home and dont like it, there is no reason the person cant adjust the number till he or she finds a good fit.

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Sleep Number Classic Series Mattress Review Breakdown

The Sleep Number Classic Series is a line of airbeds consisting of the Sleep Number c2 and the Sleep Number c4. Not to be confused with temporary inflatable air mattresses, airbeds like the c2 and the c4 feature support cores that contain air-filled chambers. By adding or removing air from these chambers, you can fine-tune the beds firmness. With the ability to adjust anywhere between a soft and firm , the c2 and the c4 are highly versatile.

Both models have separate air chambers on each side of the bed so that partners can select their own firmness preferences. You can adjust your Sleep Number Classic Series comfort settings via Sleep Numbers SleepIQ app or with a Sleep Number remote that is sold separately. In addition to their air chamber support cores, the c2 and the c4 both contain a soft outer cover and a gel-infused polyfoam comfort layer to enhance pressure relief.

The Sleep Number c2 and c4 can both be used with a Sleep Number FlexFit Adjustable Base. The adjustable base allows you to make additional changes to your sleep surface, all controlled by the SleepIQ app or Sleep Number remote. Different FlexFit models offer varying features, including raising or lowering the head and foot of your bed, underbed lighting, and foot warming.

Sleep Number c2 Mattress

Air Chambers

Sleep Number C2 Bed Shipping And Delivery

Sleep Number it bed mattress

Every Sleep Number mattress requires $199 for Comfort Service Home Delivery. This includes:

  • Delivery and setup of your new mattress
  • Sleep Number base/foundation assembly
  • Old mattress removal

Because your new mattress will be set up by a Sleep Number technician, you must be home during the delivery window. Sleep Number will contact you to set up a delivery time and date.

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Review Of The Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Bed

I’m a side sleeper but will spend time in every sleeping position. Using the SleepIQ app , you can turn on the “responsive air” function, which automatically adjusts the firmness as you change positions. This gives you consistent comfort and pressure relief. It worked seamlessly and did a good job of facilitating restful, undisturbed sleep.

The Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed uses ballistocardiography, a measure of ballistic forces coming from your heart, to calculate your quality of sleep and provide a sleep score. After you track your sleep for several weeks and input your sleep goals, the app offers tips for more productive sleep.

In the six months my wife and I tested the bed, Sleep Number has made several tweaks to the app that have improved the sleep-tracking accuracy. I checked for accuracy by comparing the data to my Garmin Forerunner 945 smartwatch readings and my subjective experience.

Sleep Number is best known for its adjustable firmness. The mattress has 20 firmness levels. Your “sleep number” is your preferred firmness level from 5 to 100 . My sleep number was 35, but my wife preferred 55. Fortunately, the two sides are individually adjustable so couples with vastly different preferences can be comfortable.

I was impressed with the edge support of the mattress. I felt comfortable sitting on the side of the bed to put my socks and shoes on and when I laid on the edge to cuddle my wife in the morning.

Troubleshooting And Replacement Costs

Asupport section with content and videos to help with replacement costs and troubleshooting is available on the company’s site.

Need assistance identifying the replacement part needed? Have a warranty claim? Users that need assistance with troubleshooting or replacement parts shouldcontact the company.

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How Much Is A Sleep Number Bed Vs Tempur

The most affordable mattress by far from either brand is the entry-level Sleep Number 360 c2 Smart Bed at $999*. By comparison, Tempurs entry-level mattress, the TEMPUR-Cloud, comes in at a regular price of $1,999*. On the high end, the Sleep Number 360 i10 Smart Bed weighs in at $5,099* while the Tempur-Pedic LUXEbreeze is priced at $4,999*.

When factoring in the cost of the cheapest mattress with a non-adjustable foundation, the entry price is about $1,300* for a Sleep Number and $2,350* for a Tempur-Pedic. When the same entry-level mattress is paired with the most affordable adjustable base, youre looking at $2,200* for a Sleep Number Bed and $2,850* for a Tempur-Pedic. Finally, for the flagship mattress on a top-end adjustable base, you can expect to pay around $7,500* for a Sleep Number and $7,200* for a Tempur-Pedic.

Puffy Lux Hybrid Mattress

Sleep Number Adjustable or Modular p6 Mattress Set on QVC

The Puffy Lux Hybrid is a luxurious mattress that provides great pressure relief, especially for side sleepers.

If you are a side sleeper, you want something that will relieve pressure on your shoulders and hips. With that in mind, wed definitely recommend the Puffy Lux Hybrid a 12 mattress that features three plush comfort layers and a coiled support layer at the bottom. The comfort layers, in particular, will provide an exceptional amount of pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

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All About Sleep Number Settings

Like I mentioned above, you can adjust your mattress to the exact firmness you need, which means youll end up with a specific number between 1-100. Sleep Number calls this, unsurprisingly, your Sleep Number. A Sleep Setting of 1 would be incredibly soft and 100 would feel like sleeping on a floor. Most people have a Sleep Number between 30-60.

All of this works thanks to Sleep Numbers Firmness Control System, which includes the remote, air hose, and pump. In most cases, if you have aQueen-sized bed or larger, then youll have two separate air chambers and you and your partner can adjust each side to your personal preference. If your model has a Double-size option, then you can choose if youd like your bed to have one or two air chambers. There will also be a hose that passes through the opening of the mattress cover, which connects to the air chamber. It stays happily hidden inside the mattress, with access through the zippered opening.

You can find your Sleep Number setting at any retail Sleep Number store, or you can do it yourself at home. If youre finding it at home, here are the steps you should follow:

Lie down. Get into bed and lie down on your side. Make sure your pillows are propped as they would if you were actually sleeping

Find your setting.

If you have your remote:

  • Press the Home button
  • Use the up and down arrows to explore the different settings

If youre in the SleepIQ® app:

Leesa With Adjustable Base

An incredible choice for hot, back and side sleepers, theLeesa with Adjustable Base is a popular and comfortable all-foam mattress. It brings with it an excellent balance of support and comfort making it a highly versatile choice for various types of sleepers.

Although it is all foam, it does a remarkable job of sleeping cool. Leesa utilizes a proprietary and high-quality LSA200 foam on its top comfort layer. The material is simultaneously responsive, breathable, bouncy and soft.

Under the top layer of foam is another one featuring slower-moving memory foam for more body contouring. The comfort layers are handy in creating a balanced foam feel that’s responsive and soft for the utmost pressure relief without getting stuck in the mattress.

While the memory foam and LSA200 foam is soft, its support layer is extremely firm making the mattress not-too-soft and not-too-firm.

Back sleeping on the mattress gives users a balance of support and comfort while the bottom base foam layer offers excellent overall support.

In terms of cover, the mattress has a breathable and soft cover made of twill fabric.

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How Do I Dispose Of My Old Mattress

If you buy a mattress from a furniture or mattress store, typically they’ll haul away your old mattress when they deliver the new one. But when you buy a mattress online, the new one shows up and the old one is… still there. You’re on the hook for getting rid of it. Luckily, you have a few easy options.

Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over The Other Sleep Number Mattresses

Sleep Number i8 bed Mattress

The i8 mattress has a lot going on it has a specific combination of features that could be the perfect fit for someone.

A person might pick the i8 over another Sleep Number mattress if they struggle to stay cool at night, have back, hip and other pain from their current mattress, want the ability to adjust their firmness any given night, and have $3599.00 to spend on a Queen mattress.

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How We Test Mattresses

We test queen-size mattresses because theyre the most common size purchased.

We subject each mattress to a battery of lab tests and use human subjects of small and large stature to gauge how well the mattress supports a range of body sizes who sleep on either their side or back. We also have a machine push and pull a 310-pound wood roller across the mattress 30,000 times to simulate someone tossing and turning for eight to 10 years.And though our scientific ratings for support are a good proxy for how well you might sleep on a mattress, we also provide ratings for comfort and satisfaction that come from people who’ve actually lived with these mattressesfor up to 10 years in some cases.

Our comfort and owner satisfaction ratings are based on data from recent surveys on CR members’ experiences with almost 70,000 mattresses purchased within the last decade. We asked members to rate the comfort of their mattress, and we used the data to generate ratings by brand and type of mattress. Note that a brand’s comfort score for its innerspring mattresses can be different from that for its foam mattresses. Owner satisfaction is based on a member’s overall judgment of factors such as firmness/softness, value, quality of sleep, and more.

Sleep Number Classic Beds Reviews

The Classic Series consist of the c2 and c4 beds. In the good old days, the Classic Series was dumb. But not anymore! The c2 and c4, together with Performance and Innovation Series, are now considered smart under the category of Sleep Number 360 smart beds.

1. Sleep Number c2 Bed Review

Major Features of the c2 bed

  • Thickness: it is the thinnest at 8 thickness
  • Firmness: one of the firmest with a 6-7 reading on the firmness scale in par with the s1
  • Comfort layer: the 2 gel-infused comfort layer is only second in thinness to the s1
  • Price: $999 for a queen size bed
  • Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, yes and yes! Nowadays, even the c2 comes as a smart 360 bed!

2. Sleep Number c4 Bed

Major Features of the c4 bed

  • Thickness: at 9, the c4 is 1 taller than the c2
  • Firmness: one of the firmer Sleep Number beds with a 5-7 reading on the firmness scale. Very similar to the s3 in firmness
  • Comfort layer: it has a 3 gel-infused comfort layer
  • Price: $1499 for a queen sized Sleep Number c4 bed
  • Dual Air, Sleep IQ and Responsive Air Technologies: Yes, the Sleep Number c4 of 2019 is a 360 smart bed!
  • Pressure relief and Support: better than the c2 thats why the extra $500 cost!

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Structural Differences Between Sleep Number & Tempur

Lets start with the obvious. Sleep Number and Tempur-Pedic mattresses are drastically different products. Sleep Number Bed is a high quality air mattress equipped with an air pump and two adjustable chambers. The biggest selling point of an adjustable air mattress is that no matter what your sleep needs or preferences are, there is a Sleep Number setting perfect for you.

On the other hand, Tempur-Pedic is the oft-imitated original. Long before memory foam and gel memory foam mattresses were a thing, there was the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Made with TEMPUR® material, an adaptive viscoelastic foam superior to memory foam in every way, Tempur-Pedic mattresses are made to contour to your bodys shape, and respond to your bodys weight and temperature. This provides top-notch pressure point relief and proper alignment of your spine and other joints.

Pressure Relief And Back Support

HSN | Sleep Number Mattresses 11.11.2018 – 09 AM

A product that supports both spinal alignment and relieves pressure can often be found in a hybrid mattress. Hybrid models typically combine the supportive build of spring coils, offering firmness for spinal support, and soft, cushy layers on top, providing pressure relief.

Pressure relief and back support may seem like two contradictory ideas, however, striking a balance between the two could improve sleep and promote an overall healthier life. Sleeping on a mattress that is supportive and relieves discomfort could strike the ultimate balance, particularly with those who suffer from back pain and achy joints.

Too much softness often leads to a sagging middle, which can lead to spinal misalignment and back pain, and too much firmness can lead to achy joints in the morning. Luckily there are products available and specialized technology to mitigate these contradictory issues.

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The Sleep Number Value Beds

The Value Bed line is Sleep Numbers bed in a box option. The company is planning to discontinue it in the near future, but for now, given the current coronavirus crisis, it has gained in popularity because of its contact-free delivery. The Value lines s1 and the s3 mattresses cost about the same as the beds in the Classic line, but they have a quilted cushion layer . That quilted layer is zoned to cater to various pressure points there are five different cushioned areas in the s1 and seven in the s3. The company doesnt divulge details about its foam, so were not sure how the zones differ. But we do know that this comfort portion isnt thicker than the 2 inches we found wanting in the Classic lines entry-level c2, and the air pump sits on the floor, as opposed to being integrated into the mattress itself, like with the other lines. And although the Value line comes with SleepIQ technology, the Value Beds dont have the smart feature that allows them to conform to your body as you shift positions. We havent tried this line, but given how spartan the c line felt, we cant imagine that any amount of quilting or zoning would compensate for the thin comfort layer.

Those Who Want A Firm Mattress

The I-10 is made up of several layers, including a 2 foam base pad, 4 of PlushFit foam and memory foam and 2 of Hypersoft Quilting Foam sewn into the duvet style mattress top. While memory foam is a denser foam, so many layers in between the top of the mattress and the air chamber make the mattress naturally less firm than more standard models like the C-2 or C-4.

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