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Are You Put To Sleep For Lasik

Outdoor Work: Two Weeks

How to Sleep With Your LASIK Goggles — tips to keep them secure

Our LASIK surgeons advise their LASIK post-operative patients to avoid dust, smoke, mold, and work in the yard, barn, attic, basement or crawl space for 14 days. This helps ensure that:

  • The chances for small or large outdoor particles to enter the eye is minimized, as is the risk of infection, eye rubbing, or dislodging the flap accidentally.
  • Substances such as smoke, dust, dirt, and yardwork/gardening particles are less likely to aggravate post-operative corneal tissue and become lodged in the corneal flap, causing discomfort and potential infection.

If you do happen to get dust or dirt into your eye within the one-week timeframe after your LASIK surgery, rinse your eyes with your preservative-free lubricating drops that you purchased prior to your surgery. Should your eyes remain irritated, we tell our patients not to hesitate to call to discuss their situation.

How To Protect Your Eyes After Lasik

Its Saturday morning, the sun is up, and you roll over and decide its time for you to be up too. You open your eyes

Wait a minute! You can see all the way across your bedroom, and theres texture on the ceiling of your bedroom! Did I fall asleep with my contacts in again? you ask yourself. Then, like a lightning bolt across the sky, you remember! I had my yesterday!

Pretty awesome stuff! This wont be the last time that you marvel at how easy life is when you can just wake up and see!

You take off the goggles that you wore to bed last night and congratulate yourself on remembering to put them on before you went to sleep for the night. Wearing the goggles helps you to not rub your eyes while you are sleeping for the first few nights after your LASIK procedure.

Its drops time! You refer to the instructions given to you yesterday at and put your drops in. Okay, next, breakfast time & shower. You head to the kitchen to get your day started with your favorite breakfast and again want to pinch yourself at how much simpler this morning is already!

Ohmygoodness! My shower is dirty, you think as you step in for your first shower with your new vision. You have to give yourself a break. Its tough sometimes to really know what the status of your shower is when you cant really see much in there!

Just keep on seeing, says Dr. Danzo!

Are There Alternatives To Lasik Do They Put You To Sleep During Lasik Eye Surgery

Luckily, we reside in an age of incredible medicine and, thanks to the breakthroughs of contemporary science, there is a new organic supplement that people report to be working marvels for their eyesight without the requirement for pricey surgery.

This new supplement is called Eyesight Max. Its founder has an remarkable story for how it was made and the wild ride he went through before his advancement. Now, its really altering lives all over the planet!

Well over 94,000 people have attempted it and reported incredible results. That goes to show this isnt some trend product that hasnt had any real testing or users. Through using natural active ingredients and no unfavorable negative effects, Eyesight Max is working near-miracles for its users.

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Returning To Daily Activities After Lasik

As patients quickly regain their ability to perform everyday activities the day after LASIK eye surgery, it is important to remember that even though you will likely not experience any pain, your corneal tissue takes time to completely heal. To minimize chances for corneal infections or flap dislodging, Dr. Nunnery and Dr. Mozayeni instructs post-op patients to wait the recommended amount of time to do the following:

One Month After Surgery You Are Permitted To Do The Following With Eye Protection:

7 Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly
  • Parachuting and bungee jumping.
  • Boxing and mixed martial arts.
  • Additional activities that you are permitted to begin without eye protection, but must proceed with caution:

    • False eyelashes and eyelash growth products.
    • Hockey, basketball, badminton, football and soccer.
    • Skiing and snowboarding.
    • Water skiing, wind surfing, kayaking and surfing.
    • Waterslides.

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    Things You Shouldnt Do After Lasik Eye Surgery

    Although LASIK requires little downtime or interruption to your daily life, you will need to avoid these three things to help ensure your healing process is as quick and smooth as possible:

    Dont Drive for 24 Hours

    Immediately following your LASIK eye surgery, you will need the aid of a close friend or family member to drive you home. Every patients recovery from LASIK surgery is unique and the amount of time required to wait before safely driving again will vary. With that said, many of our patients are ready to drive as early as the day after their surgery.

    Dont Rub, Itch, or Touch Your Eyes

    Following your LASIK procedure, you will likely experience some itching, eye-watering, or slight discomfort. You must always refrain from making any physical contact with your eyes. Do not rub, itch, or touch your eyes until you have completely healed from your LASIK surgery.

    After your procedure, we will provide medications and instructions for their use, to help reduce any irritating sensations or other physical side effects.

    Dont Use Eye Drops Not Prescribed by Your Surgeon

    After your LASIK procedure, your surgeon will prescribe you anti-inflammatory and antibiotic drops to support the healing process. Do not use any other eye drops or medications that are not verified or prescribed by your eye surgeon during the course of your recovery.

    For The First Week After Lasik

    • Wear the eye shields when you are sleeping for the first 4 or 5 days/nights. Ensure they are secure on your eyes. If you allow pets and children in your bed, take extra care in taping on the shields.
    • Administer antibiotic and anti-inflammatory eye drops as directed buy your LASIK eye surgeon. You will also be using preservative-free lubricating drops frequently for the first 6-8 weeks after surgery. However, the number of times tapers with every week.
    • Avoid dust, smoke, yard and garden work.
    • Do not wear eye makeup for one week after your LASIK surgery.

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    Plan A Comfortable Outfit In Advance

    What you wear to your LASIK procedure matters. Youll be awake during LASIK, so its important to be in comfortable clothing. Stick to loose clothes that you can easily take off once you return back home.

    This may be something like leggings, athletic shorts, a zipper hoodie, or a soft t-shirt. When you get LASIK, the first thing youll want to do when you get home is sleep. Its a lot easier to rest at home if youre wearing clothes that you can rest in or that you can easily change out of.

    Also, do your best to avoid any clothes that may produce lint. This means no faux fur or wearing any kind of clothing that may shed. This is key because it helps keep contaminants out of the operating suite. LASIK is a safe and sterile procedure, but making that extra effort to avoid lint matters as well.

    Are You Put To Sleep During Lasik Eye Surgery Lasik Alternative

    MY LASIK EYE SURGERY EXPERIENCE! What it’s really like getting Lasik Eye Surgery

    LASIK eye surgery is the very best understood and most frequently carried out laser refractive surgery to correct vision problems. LASIK can be an alternative to glasses or contact lenses.

    Throughout LASIK surgery, a special type of cutting laser is utilized to exactly change the shape of the dome-shaped clear tissue at the front of your eye, called the cornea, to improve vision.

    In eyes with normal vision, the cornea bends light exactly onto the retina at the back of the eye. However with nearsightedness , farsightedness or astigmatism, the light is bent incorrectly, leading to blurred vision.

    Glasses or contact lenses can fix vision, however improving the cornea itself will also offer the required refraction without needing to use any vision-assisting devices to remedy vision.

    But is LASIK the very best option? Who is eligible for this surgery? Can I get the results of LASIK without needing to go through a frightening surgery? Throughout this short article, well check out the ins and outs of this & help you determine the very best alternative to correct your vision at last.

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    Lasik Anesthesia: Are Injections Or Needles Used To Numb The Eye During Lasik Laser Eye Surgery Am I Put To Sleep During Lasik Vision Correction

    Injections and Needles are not used during LASIK laser eye surgery. Instead, topical anesthetic drops are the only type of anesthesia used to numb the eye during laser surgery. Patients are awake and comfortable during surgery. A patient from Camarillo worriedly asked me today if injections or any sorts of needles were used to numb the eye during LASIK laser eye surgery. I was able to reassure her that no needles or injections are used at all during LASIK! The only anesthetic used is a topical eye drop, which very effectively numbs the eye.

    Also patients are not put to sleep with general anesthesia during LASIK. Patients are comfortable during surgery and are awake. They do not see anything scary coming towards them and do not feel any pain. LASIK eye surgery is short, taking two minutes or so per eye. If patients feel nervous just before having surgery, however, we do have a mild oral sedative that we can give right before surgery. Most patients end up not opting for this and find the surgery surprisingly easy and quick to go through.

    After the LASIK procedure is over, it is normal to have a very mild degree of irritation without any further anesthesia, much like being out in the wind or less. This typically is completely gone by the next day at which time the eyes feel essentially back to normal.

    So, reassuringly, the only anesthesia used during LASIK is a topical numbing drop right before the procedure. Thats it!

    On The Big Day Do Not Wear Any Perfume Lotions Or Makeup

    On the day of your LASIK procedure, do not apply heavy makeup, perfumes, or lotions. If possible, go as bare as you can. You should take a shower and make sure your face is clean of any contaminants the morning of the LASIK. Do not apply any perfumes or hand or face lotions either since this can make your skin greasy. It is best to go to your LASIK procedure clean and prepared, and usually, greasy lotions tend to get into the eyes. It is always a good idea to play it safe before you have your LASIK surgery.

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    How Long Does It Take For Me To See Clearly

    Within a few days, you will be able to see clearly. Typically, patients are able to get back to many of their normal activities within 48 hours.

    Your eyes will continue to heal for the next few months. Most patients are fully healed from LASIK after a few months and will see their vision markedly improve.

    Are you ready to find out if youre a good candidate for LASIK? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Omaha Eye & Laser Institute in Lincoln, NE and make this your year of visual freedom!

    Potential Complications That May Cause Pain

    7 Foods That Put You To Sleep Instantly

    Like any surgery, laser eye surgery comes with a risk of complications. Some complications such as an infection or dislodged corneal flap may cause severe pain.

    If youre experiencing severe pain, you should contact your doctor immediately.

    Its important to avoid rubbing your eyes for about 1 week after your surgery, and follow the rest of your doctors post-surgery instructions to prevent complications.

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    What If I Accidentally Move While Im Awake

    One of the tests that determine if youre a good candidate for LASIK is the ability to stare at a fixed object for a minute uninterrupted. Still, that does not rule out movement during surgery, but the surgeons are way ahead of you.

    Firstly, you will be lying in a comfortable position with a head support to reduce movement. Next, the surgeon will place a blinking retainer that holds your eyelids in place to prevent blinking. Moreover, a suction device stops eye movement.

    Additionally, laser eye surgeons have advanced equipment that can track eye movement up to 4,000 times a second. The machine will stop the operation if it detects any sudden movements that could cause injury or surgical errors.

    In short, you need not worry about movements because there are plenty of fail-safe procedures to ensure a successful LASIK operation.

    The topical anesthetic will eliminate any pain or discomfort during the procedure that may cause eye movement, the eyes will be kept hydrated, and the eyelids are held open. Additionally, modern LASIK devices are typically equipped with a safety shutoff. In the event that you do move accidentally during the procedure, which is very unlikely, the device will shut off very quickly, avoiding any accidental changes or nerve damage to the eye. The device is designed to react well before your surgeon can.

    Thingsto Avoid After The Lasik Procedure

    Thenumber one thing to avoid is eyerubbing. Its important to avoid rubbing the eyes for a couple of weeks afterLASIK.

    Patientscan get back to normal activities the dayafter LASIK. However, eye rubbing is not on the list of normalactivities. Avoiding eye rubbing helps ensure that the surface of theeye heals properly and quickly.

    Whenpatients hear that they should avoid rubbing their eyes for a couple of weeks,it makes sense. But patients often start to think about practical things like:

    • What if I get aneyelash in my eye?
    • What about eyemakeup?
    • Can I stillshower?
    • Oh, wow, I actuallylike to rub my eyes. This is going to be tough! How am I going to remember whileIm asleep?

    So,what SHOULD a LASIK patient do, if they get an eyelash or a dust particle in theireye during the first couple weeks after LASIK?

    Itssimple actually flush the eye with artificial tears. Thatll get theintruder out with no rubbing.

    Our20/20 team asks that you skip eye makeup for a few days after LASIK. A coupleweeks later, when you do go back to wearing eye makeup, remove it with a downwardmotion.

    Patientscan shower normally after LASIK and will be asked to simply avoid a showerstream directly into the face, washing the eyelids directly, and wiping or dryingthe eyelids afterward.

    Yourantibiotic eye drops are powerful and do a great job of preventing infection,but most people dont know that swimming pools and hot tubs are a top spot for bacteriaitsbest to stay away from them.

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    What Are The Risks Of Lasik

    In short, yes there are dangers, just like with any other surgery. Its up to you to identify the risk-to-reward ratio youre ready to accept. A few of the recognized risks of LASIK eye surgery consists of:

    • Due to it being a complicated procedure, in unusual cases there can be problems that permanently affect vision
    • You might lose your finest correctable vision after LASIK
    • Most insurance doesnt cover LASIK, meaning youll be paying an extreme amount of money expense
    • Those who have presbyopia arent qualified . This is where the lens of the eye becomes stiff and impedes close-up vision (LASIK modifies the cornea, not the lens
    • Due to a condition called myopic regression, its possible that you may need LASIK again in the future due to further wear and tear

    On top of the threats, there are also some side effects to the surgery itself you must understand. These consist of:

    • Glare


    Regular Prescriptions Outside Of Lasik

    Normal and Abnormal Symptoms to Experience After LASIK Eye Surgery
    • All medications, both over the counter and prescription, should be reviewed with your surgeon, Dr. Mozayeni or Dr. Nunnery, prior to your LASIK eye surgery. There are certain medications that increase ocular dryness and can create other LASIK complications. If necessary, Dr. Mozayeni or Dr. Nunnery will consult with your primary care physician to properly manage any non-procedural-related prescription medications.

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    Lasik Fear #3 Fear Of Complications

    A third popular LASIK fear is fear of complications. Like with any surgical procedure, there are risks and potential complications. Choosing the most advanced laser technology and a highly experienced, reputable surgeon can reduce the risk of complications.

    In addition, individual qualities, such as cornea thickness and ocular health, can reduce risks even further. At your LASIK consultation, your eye doctor will discuss any risks and complications with you. Elect for the procedure only if you feel comfortable with the risks of LASIK.

    Among patients who overcome their LASIK fears, many wish they hadnt been so afraid.

    Having laser eye surgery shouldnt haunt you. With a professional behind the laser and an understanding of the procedure, its easy to overcome common LASIK fears and opt for a surgery that can change the way you see the world.

    Get educated, do your research, and learn what to expect. Make a consultation appointment to speak with a LASIK specialist to help overcome your fear.

    Things You Should Do After Lasik Eye Surgery For A Safe Recovery

    Knowing the correct things to do and precautions to take following your LASIK laser eye surgery is essential to a quick and safe recovery. Every patients journey towards better vision will be different but here are three things everyone should do after LASIK:

    Do Follow Your Surgeons Instructions

    Your eye surgeon will provide you with a detailed aftercare plan that will help ensure a quick and simple recovery after your LASIK procedure. Following these instructions throughout your entire recovery process will put you on the fast track to better vision and a healthy recovery.

    Do Wear Your Protective Eyewear

    We will provide you with an eye shield to wear while you sleep to help protect your eyes following your LASIK surgery. You will need to wear this shield while sleeping until you are fully recovered.

    We also advise that you wear polarized sunglasses anytime you are outdoors to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Additionally, protective eyewear should always be worn during any contact sports or any other activities that may result in possible trauma to your eyes or face.

    Do Rest and Avoid Any Strenuous Activity

    Take the first few days following your LASIK surgery very slowly, and get as much rest as possible. You can usually restart simple exercises like jogging after about two or three days, but consult your surgeon beforehand.

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