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Do Sleep Number Beds Sleep Hot

What Are The Negatives Of A Sleep Number Bed

Control Your Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed With The SleepIQ® App


  • Problems with the design. Mattresses with two independent air chambers are more like two different mattresses joined together by a foam insert in the center. Noise. Low buzzing sounds accompany the adjustments, which may be disturbing to light sleepers. Extras that may or may not be essential. All Sleep Number beds are equipped with smart functions as standard.
  • Price.

What Is A Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number is a type of adjustable bed that uses air chambers to provide customized comfort. Their use of technology is unparalleled, and all of their beds are equipped with sleep tracking sensors to help you monitor your own sleep habits to provide bed adjustments, and work towards getting the sleep you deserve.

The company was founded when the owners found themselves struggling to find a true dual comfort for both them and their partners, their alternative was to create their ownand they havent looked back since. Their unique approach to the bed industry has allowed them to grow since 1987 into one of the only companies to manufacture full bed sleep tracking advancements. They also offer adjustable bases that work with their beds, childrens beds, temperature balancing bedding, sheets, and even pillows.

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Sleep Number Model Pricing

The price youll pay for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed varies significantly by collection, model, and size. In general, the Classic series models are priced lower than the average airbed. The Performance series models are on par with other industry averages for airbed mattresses. The Innovation series models are the brands most technologically-advanced beds and have above-average price-points compared to other airbeds in the market.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $999 to more than $5,000 for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed, which does not include taxes or delivery fees.

4-6/10 13

Regardless of the collection or model, all Sleep Number 360 SmartBeds share certain materials, components, and features. All eight mattresses have Dual Adjustability technology, which simply means that if two people are sharing the mattress, each person can adjust the comfort on their side to their ideal firmness setting, otherwise known as their Sleep Number.

They also all have Responsive Air technology. This feature means that sensors inside the air mattress automatically monitor air pressure throughout the night. The bed will automatically add or release air to ensure you stay at your Sleep Number setting throughout the night. This feature can be turned off if the beds automatic adjustments bother or wake you in the middle of the night. If both sides of the bed have Responsive Air turned on, only one side of the bed will be adjusted at a time.

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Best Foam Mattress For Back Pain

If you’re a side sleeper who enjoys the feel of memory foam, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, with its excellent heat dissipation and long trial period, is your best bet.

  • Best for: Side sleepers
  • Available sizes: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Mattress type: Memory foam three layers
  • Firmness : 4
  • Motion isolation : 8
  • Heat dissipation : 7
  • Edge support : 2
  • Trial period/warranty: 365 nights forever
  • Weight/thickness: 74 pounds 11 inches
  • Shipping and returns: Free shipping, free returns
  • White-glove delivery and mattress removal: Yes, for $149
  • Showroom availability: Yes, nationwide

Pros: Great heat dissipation, soft feel perfect for side sleepers, light weight, impressive motion isolation, 365-night sleep trial, forever warranty

Cons: Sinks on the edges, not good for most stomach and back sleepers or heavier individuals

In addition to performing much better than the other foam mattresses I considered for this guide, the Nectar Memory Foam Mattress is unique because of its 365-night home trial and forever warranty. You can try it for an entire year and return it for a full refund if you don’t like it.

Thanks to its softer-than-average feel, the Nectar mattress will appeal most to side sleepers. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend it for back-pain sufferers who sleep on their backs or stomachs or who are heavier. As a side sleeper, the mattress did not aggravate my lower back, and I remained free of pain throughout testing.

How Do I Find My Sleep Number

Sleep Number Bed Problems / I M A 25 He S A 45 Mix Match ...

There are two main ways to find ones Sleep Number.

  • Go to your nearest Sleep Number store and work with a Sales Representative to identify your setting. They will have you lay on a bed in the store and work with you to find both your ideal setting and what Sleep Number mattress models and options may suit you best.
  • Find your number at home using your own Sleep Number bed and the remote that it comes with. Following the instructions on Sleep Numbers website, you will want to lie in your waking up sleep position and allow the mattress to go from soft to firm and back from firm to soft so you can identify which level is best for you.

Ones Sleep Number setting is really ultimately determined by what feels right to them. Those who are more inclined to sleep on firmer beds will more likely have a higher Sleep Number than those who like more cushion.

A few things to keep in mind while people are searching for their Sleep Number setting.

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Sleep In A Different Style To Their Partner

One of the biggest dilemmas when couples go mattress shopping is deciding if you want something soft or hard. If theres a big difference in preference couples often meet in the middle and go for a medium firmness mattress. This results in neither partner getting exactly what they want. With a Sleep Number product, youll both be getting the sleeping surface of your dreams.

Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

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Why Would Someone Pick This Model Over Other Sleep Number Mattresses

Those who choose the I-10 mattress over other Sleep Number models are couples who want all of the comfort features that Sleep Number offers.

The I-10 lets people adjust their level of support and comfort with their Sleep Number setting with its reverse foam comfort layer. They also get the benefits of cooling technology and a soft and breathable duvet-style mattress top.

Those who can afford the $5,000+ price tag would pick this mattress over others. Of all the Sleep Number models, the I-10 is the ultimate mattress for customized comfort.

Before making a final purchase decision, you should review our mattress comparisons page to compare Sleep Number to other mattress brands like Helix and Saatva.

The I-10 is a luxurious mattress option for the right couple. This mattress could be a great fit if someone prefers memory foam and another prefers regular foam mattresses. It also helps both people stay cool.

However, there was feedback from some customers that a valley created in the center of the bed between the two air chambers especially in the Split King is uncomfortable for couples trying to cuddle .

Customers who also purchased the adjustable bed felt that the separate mattresses especially in the Split King- tended to slide forward and bunch at the foot of the bed.

Click here for our all-encompassing Sleep Number review.

Does Sleep Number Do Black Friday Sales

How To Pair Your Replacement SleepIQ® Pump with Your SleepIQ® App

4.5/5Sleep Number Black FridayDealsSleep NumberBlack Friday sales

Accordingly, when’s the best time to buy a sleep number bed?

May is the BestMay is truly the best month to purchase your mattress, and the reason for that is fairly simple. The industry, as a whole, usually rolls out the new products in June and they are hot throughout September. So, when May comes, the companies want to clean out their older models.

One may also ask, is Black Friday a good time to buy a mattress? The Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping holidays after Thanksgiving do indeed mean serious deals at major U.S. mattress retailers. Often, you find low prices throughout November and beyond. The Fourth of July is one of the most popular times for mattress bargains.

Just so, does Sleep Number ever have sales?

Sleep Number beds will be on sale for the same amount online as they are in-store. People can rest assure that if they go into a store to try out different mattresses and bases they will be getting the same deal as online customers.

Is a Sleep Number bed worth it?

Not much according to Consumer Reports’ latest mattress tests. The best mattresses have a good score or better for both. In our tests, across various firmness settings, the Sleep Number c2 Bed and the more expensive Sleep Number i8 bed Pillowtop both delivered impressive side support and even better back support.

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Support & Motion Isolation

Sleep Number beds ensure youâll be supported well by providing consistent support from center to edge. They’ve great edge support due to four foam border walls.

Sleep Number beds have little to no motion transfer as well. They’re described as feeling sturdy and stable.

We found that Sleep Number mattresses are an excellent choice for couples. They allow you to adjust each side to each person’s specific firmness needs. Aside from this, the low motion transfer and excellent edge support make it ideal for couples too. Overall, we find Sleep Number beds are worth it as far investment.

Sleep Number Mattress Vs Alternative Mattresses

Sleep Number Mattresses are a popular choice for shoppers looking for customized comfort. With firmness adjustability and 11 mattress models, there is a fit for every person and sleep position.

But there are reasons that some consumers are looking elsewhere, such as

  • Cost savings: Sleep number mattresses range in price from $999-$5,099 for a queen-size mattress. There are many less expensive alternatives, especially for couples who dont need different firmness levels on each side of the bed. See our Sleep Number Bed Coupons page for more.
  • Features: While Sleep Number Beds come with many useful features, there are features out there that they do not have. For instance, couples might want a bed with dual temperature control.
  • Trial period & return policy:Sleep Number offers a 100-night sleep trial. If you decide to return your mattress, you will be charged an additional fee. Some mattress companies have longer trial periods and free returns.
  • Shipping cost: Sleep Number charges $199 in shipping. Many companies ship for free.

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Sleep Number Bed: How It Works

Katie Golde disclosure page

Sleep Number is a popular mattress and bedding company that is best known for its Sleep Number beds, which are made with an adjustable air mattress. Their beds offer a DualAir Adjustability feature, which allows couples to decide the firmness of their half of the bed, so no one has to compromise.

The Sleep Number 360 p5 is part of the company’s Performance Series and is comfortable, supportive, and adjustable. Click the button for $500 off!

There are two different types of Sleep Number beds currently available:

  • 360® Smart Beds
  • Value Beds

The 360® Smart Beds are organized into three categories: Classic, Performance, and Innovation. Meanwhile, the Value Beds dont feature sensors that will automatically adjust the firmness, comfort, and support. The Value Beds can be adjusted with a single remote.

Curious to know more about Sleep Number beds and how they work? Take a look at our full breakdown of the beds and available models below. Or check out our full Sleep Number review.

Which Mattress Firmness Is Best For Side Sleepers

Sleep Number Beds: Your Best Choices Explained

Mattress firmness is a subjective measure of comfort, so whether you choose a soft or firm mattress for sleeping on your side will depend on several factors. Mattresses are usually rated on a firmness scale of 1 to 10, or extremely soft to extremely firm. Medium soft to medium firm mattresses are most common.

For side sleepers, mattress firmness determines how cushioned the pressure points are. It affects how much the shoulders and hips sink into the mattress, which helps keep the spine aligned. A comfortable mattress will alleviate aches and pains.

There are a few factors to consider when deciding on mattress firmness, including personal preferences, body weight, and mattress type. Heavier people press deeper into the mattress, so the same mattress may feel different to people depending on their weight and body type. The comfort layers affect the firmness and feel of the mattress. Memory foam conforms closely to the shape of the body, while latex offers gentle contouring with more bounce. Innerspring coils can add firmness to a mattress. Of the several types of mattresses available, each has benefits and drawbacks for side sleepers.

Weight Range

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Sleep Number Mattress Pricing

Sleep Number mattresses fall into the luxury mattress category. Website pricing for queen mattresses is $899 to $4,299, depending on the model. These prices dont include optional upgrades, like regular or adjustable bases.

Sleep Number mattresses are generally comparable to other luxury mattresses. A queen-size Sleep Number 360 pSE Smart Bed with an adjustable base, under-bed lighting, and a foot-warming feature is $5,198 before tax and shipping. Thats about the same price as a Tempur-Pedic mattress with similar options and upgrades.

Smart Bed Support Levels

Like with any mattress, the most essential criterion for a smart bed is whether it delivers the support you need for spinal alignment, says Bert Jacobson, head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation at Oklahoma State University, who researches the impact of sleep surfaces on slumber quality.

Your body type can determine what level of fitness is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Heavier people tend to require firmer mattresses to support their bodys pressure zones, for example. One size does not fit all. For the best support, a bed should conform to your weight and form, with different amounts of density where the body is heavier or lighter, says Jacobson. A Consumer Reports survey found people with neck and back pain reported better sleep on adjustable air beds such as Sleep Number mattresses, where firmness could be precisely tweaked.

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How Sleeping On Your Side Affects Sleep

Related Reading

Sleeping on your side is highly regarded within the medical community, and its benefits are compelling. Not only does side sleeping open your airways and reduce snoring and symptoms of sleep apnea, but it may also improve brain health and help prevent certain neurological issues. For people with heartburn, and especially for pregnant women, sleeping on your left side has been shown to reduce acid reflux. This sleeping position is also best for keeping your spine aligned, though there are measures you should take to ensure your body and spine get the proper support when sleeping on your side. Putting too much pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back can result in aches and pains.

Functionality And Ease Of Use

Sleep Number Climate360 Smart Bed

In theory, the DualTemp mattress is incredibly simple to use, as mentioned above, each pad comes with a control with six settings from warmest to coldest, and the product doesn’t have any complex features beyond this and an automatic shutoff to reduce power consumption.

However, unfortunately, there are issues with the remote binding between the control and the fan box if you only have one pad, this isn’t too much of a problem, however, users have reported that when you have two pads and two remotes, your remote will connect to either one seemingly at random.

There have been reviews from users regarding the hose’s position in the middle of the pad, and how this gets in the way when you get in and out of bed. Not only does this present a comfort problem, but it represents a risk of significant wear and tear on a vital part of the product, which could lead to some issues later down the line.

Other users have experienced issues with the pad slipping if only one is being used on a king-sized bed. Unfortunately, the only way to remedy this issue is to get a second DualTemp Layer for the other side to balance it out, and at $799 each, this is not a cheap fix.

  • Half Queen: 78.5″ x 29.5″
  • Half King: 78.5″ x 37.5″
  • Half California King: 82.5″ x 32.5″

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Ranked In Customer Service + Low Factory

By being the manufacturer, as well as collaborating with other specialty mattress manufacturers , and having extensive experience in comfort and pain relief sleep products, from our parent company Relief-Mart we promise you the lowest prices and the highest quality mattresses available on the market today!

Tips For Sleeping On Your Side Comfortably

Although side sleeping can interfere with spinal alignment and create pressure buildup, there are measures you can take to comfortably use this position.

  • Hug a second pillow while you sleep. This provides additional upper body support.
  • Tuck a pillow between your knees to reduce pressure in the lower back and hips. If you use a longer body pillow, you may be able to hug the pillow and place it between your knees.
  • Make sure your pillow has enough loft to maintain even alignment. Most side sleepers prefer pillows with medium to high loft because they provide the most head and neck support.
  • Invest in a softer topper if your mattress feels too firm. Side sleepers can benefit from extra cushioning around the shoulders and hips if their mattress surface is too stiff or rigid.
  • Sleep close to the center of your mattress if the edges arent reinforced. Some mattresses all-foam and all-latex models in particular tend to sink along the perimeter due to weak or inadequate edge support, and lying on an uneven surface can cause aches and pains to occur.

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