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Dr Barbara Sturm Sleep Food

Dra Barbara Sturm Ha Formulado Sleep Food Mezclando Ingredientes Activos Naturales Que Ayudan A Relajar La Mente Y El Cuerpo A Medida Que Se Acerca La Hora De Acostarse Para Ayudar A Conciliar El Sueo Y Dormir Ms Profundamente*

Skin School | Dr. Sturm on the Benefits of Her Sleep Food Supplements

Una buena noche de sueño, es esencial para nuestra salud mental y física en general, pero puede ser difícil de alcanzar.

El sueño inadecuado y perturbado acelera el proceso de envejecimiento y debilita el sistema inmunológico y los procesos de restauración en nuestro cuerpo. El sueño profundo y reparador es vital, ya que ayuda a nuestra mente y cuerpo a recargarse y rejuvenecer. SLEEP FOOD proporciona los elementos necesarios para la producción de los neurotransmisores cerebrales serotonina, dopamina, norepinefrina y GABA. Los fuertes extractos antioxidantes y las vitaminas seleccionadas hacen de SLEEP FOOD un nutriente holístico anti-envejecimiento, con beneficios añadidos para apoyar la apariencia saludable de la piel*.

Ingredientes activos: hierba de San Juan , 5-Htp , Valerian, Purslane, Passionfruit, Melon Extract, Vitamin B3, B1 And B6, Hop Extract

Instrucciones de uso: 2 cápsulas con agua entre 45 minutos a una hora antes de irse a la cama. Usar con otros suplementos de Dra. Barbara Sturm para obtener mejores resultados. 60 cápsulas

* Estas declaraciones no han sido evaluadas por la Administración de Alimentos y Medicamentos. Este producto no está destinado a diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad. Si está embarazada, planea concebir, está amamantando o tomando cualquier otro medicamento, consulte con su médico de antemano.

If You’re In Your 20s

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“Hydration, healthy exfoliation, and lots of moisture are the most essential things to regularly incorporate into your skincare routine when you’re in your twenties,” Dr. Sturm tells us. “The key to healthy skin at this age is cleansing with a hydrating componentâthis is super importantâin addition to adding extra hydration in the form of serums and creams. I include my Hyaluronic Serum or my Anti-Pollution Drops âone or the other or bothâbecause the only thing that provides a healthy skin barrier function is plump, well-hydrated skin.”

Additionally, she recommends exfoliating twice a week in order to rid the complexion of dulling and clogging dead skin cells, which, in turn, will help prevent issues like blackheads, large pores, and breakoutsâall skin issues that seem to plague folks in their 20s. Then finish with a high-quality face creamâSturm’s promises a whopping 24 hours of moisturization post-application, and she has special formulas for dark and light skin tonesâwhich should be the norm.

Sturm’s recommended treatment add-ons: “Try to book cleansing facials every four weeks and start taking Skin Food supplements.”

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    • Vitamin B1 , 5-HTP, Vitamin B3
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    • 2 out of 5 starsby jtam909530 Apr, 2020

      To sleep or not to sleep that is the question. I`m afraid it`s a no go Barbara.

      I have put yes to the quality factor because never having tried a product like this I can not really tell.As far as the properties of the “sleep food” are concerned I have had better results from eating a banana before going to bed..Therefore I am forced to state, do not waste your hard earned money on what I suspect is an overpriced concoction of herbal elements.which depend on valerium to give the sleep factor. Buy Nytol instead.

      Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New

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    Dr Barbara Sturm Has Bottled The Fountain Of Youth

    “Inflammation is one of the main culprits of the aging process” says Dr. Barbara Sturm. She is the women behind the now famous “vampire facial” and “blood creams” that are all the talk of social media and beauty gurus worldwide. Dr. Sturm is know for translating scientific discoveries into skin and dermatology. She has spent the last decade developing a line of Molecular Cosmetics in an approach that focuses on the use of our bodies own proteins to systematically counter aging. The lines groundbreaking formulas and approach means she maintains multiple practices in both the US and Europe. She is perhaps most known as the person who can give anyone their young face back, meaning that with injectables, she can modulate the shape to how it looked 10-15 years prior. As a result of the demand of her expertise and knowledge, paired with an obsession for good skincare, she decided to create her own uncomplicated but effective line based on the clear philosophy of eliminating all irritating, toxic or otherwise damaging ingredients the rest is history. I had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Sturm to discuss her line and the future of her products:

    Dr Barbara Sturm Sleep Food

    Dr. Barbara Sturm Sleep Food

    Dr. Barbara Sturms formulas yield maximum results with minimum products, protecting, strengthening and detoxifying without overburdening the skin. An addition to her sought-after supplement range, this clever concoction supports an age-old beauty booster: sleep! Disturbed sleep can accelerate the ageing process and weaken the immune system but this complex contains the most effective natural nutrients to help you sleep deeply throughout the night. St. Johns Wort, 5-HTP and valerian naturally increases serotonin levels, while vitamins and antioxidants help your body to defend itself against stress and free radicals.

    Take Sleep Food 45 minutes to 1 hr before going to bed. Sleep Food should be included with Repair Food, Skin Food and where necessary Anti-Pollution Food as part of a healthy supplement plan. Sleep Food complements the detoxification effects of Anti-Pollution Food and the anti-inflammatory nutrients in Repair Food and Skin Food for radiant health from the inside out.

    St. John’s Wort , 5-HTP , Valerian Extract, Hop Extract, Lemon Balm Extract, Purslane Leaf Extract, Passion Fruit Powder, Niacin , Melon Extract, Vitamin B6, Thiamine

    Item limited to a max quantity of& nbsp5000

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    This Dr. Barbara Sturm skin supplement product is stocked online in the US by Bloomingdale’s and Selfridges though it it has not been available to order since August 2021.

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