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Serta Perfect Sleeper Nestled Night

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review – Watch Before You Buy!
  • The Nestled Night is a bed-in-a-box model from Serta.
  • This is the least expensive Perfect Sleeper model available, but its also constructed differently than the other models.
  • Unlike the other Perfect Sleepers it is an all-foam mattress made of a layer of HexCloud gel memory foam and a layer of CradleGel foam.
  • This mattress is a nice option for budget shoppers, but Id steer heavier people and sleepers looking for durable support to the models in the original Perfect Sleeper line.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Pain Relief Performance

A beds ability to alleviate pressure at the shoulders and hips is an important factor for every sleeper to consider. But its especially important if you struggle with pain, as youll want a bed that prevents you from getting more stiff and sore overnight.

To measure the pressure relief on this Perfect Sleeper, I used a pressure map. I laid the mat out on the mattress and then lay on top of the mat in different positions. Youll see the pressure map range from red and yellow in high pressure areas to green and blue in low pressure areas as it measures how much pressure the Perfect Sleeper is putting on different parts of my body.

Back Pain This mattress is a great option for sleepers with back pain. A straight spine is important for avoiding back pain and stiffness, and the Perfect Sleeper is supportive enough to promote a healthy sleep posture for side and back sleepers. If youre looking for an even softer option, you can add a pillow top to relieve lumbar tension in multiple different positions. This model is going to be too soft of a mattress for stomach sleepers with back pain, but Serta does offer an extra firm option.

Hip Pain The pressure map is mainly blue and green around my hips. This is a good sign for side and back sleepers with hip pain. I think this bed did a nice job relieving pressure in that area. Because its a softer mattress, it would likely contribute to hip pain for stomach sleepers as their hips would sink too far into the bed.

Who Is The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress A Good Choice For

Since the Perfect Sleeper mattress comes in six different versions, its very versatile, appealing to all kinds of sleepers. Whether you sleep on your back, side, or stomach, youll be able to find a version of the mattress that works for you.

We specifically recommend this mattress for back and stomach sleepers. And if you sleep hot, the Perfect Sleeper is a great fit this mattress works to keep your sleeping temperature balanced. Its also worth noting that although the Perfect Sleeper is made with gel memory foam, it has more of an innerspring feel than memory foam.

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My Final Thoughts About The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Now that weve gone over the different performance aspects and materials of the Serta Perfect Sleeper, I want to give a quick summary of my favorite things about the Renewed Night Plush mattress below. After you read this section, keep reading for a breakdown of all the other Serta Perfect Sleeper models!

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Performance For Couples

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Pleasant Way Queen Mattress Set

Couples will want to consider motion transfer, sex, cooling properties, and edge support when choosing a new mattress. Learn more about how this Serta performs in all of those categories, plus more about what all those terms mean, in the sections below.

Motion Transfer

Motion transfer is the measure of how much movement travels from one side of the mattress to the other. A bed with low motion transfer, or good motion isolation, is great for anyone who sleeps with a partner or pet. The lower your beds motion transfer is, the less disturbed youll feel by movement from the other side of the mattress.

To test the motion transfer on this Perfect Sleeper, I dropped a steel ball onto one side of the bed from varying heights and had a seismometer measure how much of that motion traveled to the other side of the bed. Take a look at my test results below.

These are average motion transfer results. If youre a light sleeper, you might notice a partner getting in and out of bed in the middle of the night. Some of the firmer model options tested a little better for motion transfer.


The best mattress for sex is bouncy and responsive, which makes it easy to move around and change positions. Luckily for couples, the Perfect Sleeper is quite responsive. I didnt feel stuck when I rolled around and changed positions on this bed. That makes it good for sex, and is a great sign for any combination sleepers interested in purchasing this mattress.


Edge Support

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How Firm Is The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress

Lets go over how this Perfect Sleeper feels. Remember, feel is subjective, and a mattress can feel firmer or softer to different sleepers depending on their body weights and preferred sleeping positions. To get an accurate idea of how firm this Serta feels, I polled a range of coworkers and averaged our scores together below.

The industry standard for medium firmness is a 6.5 out of 10. Id rate the Renewed Night Plush a 5.5, so its softer than average. This makes sense since its the Plush version. Serta also offers a medium option and an extra firm option for the same price, so you should be able to find the comfort level that works for you if youre not searching for a softer mattress. You also have the option to add additional memory foam layers and/or a pillow top for more money.

While the mattress does have a gel memory foam layer on top, it doesnt take long for the foam to move back to its original state, as opposed to a traditional memory foam mattress. The innerspring support also adds to the mattress responsiveness, meaning you can move around on it without an issue.

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How Much Does The Serta Perfect Sleeper Cost

Serta Perfect Sleeper 13″ Astoria Hybrid Mattress on QVC

If youre interested in purchasing a Serta Perfect Sleeper, youre probably wondering how much it costs. You can use the pricing chart below to compare this models prices and sizes. Again, this is for the basic model with no additional memory foam layers and/or pillow top added. And be sure to click on our coupon below to score a great deal!

Price listed will be before any discounts or offers for each size.


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Who I Recommend The Perfect Sleeper Mattress For

  • Side sleepers should enjoy this bed. Its soft, but it still feels like it has a nice balance of body contouring.
  • The Perfect Sleeper is also a good fit for combination sleepers. If you switch from sleeping on your side to your back throughout the night, you should feel comfortable and supported on this mattress. The innerspring coils in this mattress will provide gentle support at the lower back to help these sleepers avoid pain.
  • If youre a hot sleeper, youll enjoy some of the cooling components in this mattress, like the top breathable cover and individually wrapped coils. Both aim to promote airflow and keep it cool at night.

Testing The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress In Different Sleeping Positions

First up, I want to go over how this Perfect Sleeper might feel to sleepers of different body weights, who need different amounts of pressure point relief and support.

Is the Perfect Sleeper a Good Mattress for Light Sleepers ?

  • Light Back Sleepers This mattress is a great choice for these sleepers. It offers a lot of gentle back support and will keep their hips and shoulders level.
  • Light Side Sleepers This plush model of the bed provides great cushioning for these sleepers. They should feel really comfortable and supported on this mattress.
  • Light Stomach Sleepers This mattress is too soft for stomach sleepers. Instead, they should look for a firmer option to support their hips. If youre a stomach sleeper looking at the Serta Perfect Sleeper line, Id recommend checking out the extra firm Renewed Night model without the optional pillow top.

Is the Perfect Sleeper a Good Mattress for Average Weight Sleepers ?

Is the Perfect Sleeper a Good Mattress for Heavy Sleepers ?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers I like this Perfect Sleeper for heavier back sleepers who like a softer feel. The Sertas innerspring coils should be able to properly support these folks weight without sagging in the middle.

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Other Serta Perfect Sleeper Models

Serta Simmons is one of the most trusted mattress brands in the industry. Back in 2010, Serta teamed up with the National Sleep Foundation to redesign its Perfect Sleeper Mattress line. The line has been popular ever since, and Im a fan of almost every model!

Below, Ill break down each of the other Perfect Sleeper models. If youre interested in other Serta mattress lines, check out the Serta iComfort Hybrid mattress review or the Serta iComfort Blue mattress review.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night

BUY Serta Perfect Sleeper Rollingmead Firm
  • The Renewed Night without a pillow top comes in an extra firm, medium, and plush model.
  • The medium model feels firmer than the pillow top model, and Id describe it as a firm mattress.
  • The Renewed Night has the same layers as the pillow top model, minus the pillow top!
  • This is the least expensive traditional Perfect Sleeper mattress.

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My Favorite Things About The Perfect Sleeper Mattress

I really liked how this mattress works for back/side combination sleepers. Its soft and pressure-relieving, but its still responsive enough to move around on.

I also appreciate that this is a high-quality mattress. Perfect Sleepers are well-made beds that should stand the test of time, no matter what body type you have. Id highly recommend anyone looking for a traditional innerspring mattress feel check out a Serta.

Lastly, I love that you can choose your firmness level when ordering the Serta Perfect Sleeper mattress and add more layers of foam or a pillow top if you choose. I think a lot of customers will appreciate this customizable experience.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Charlotte Plush Euro Top

The base model in the four-model Perfect Sleeper collection at Mattress Firm, the Charlotte Plush Euro Top measures 11.5″ tall, and falls somewhere between a Medium and a Medium Soft on our scale.

Even though it’s a pretty soft mattress, you really don’t sink in that much, and the mattress does not hug your curves super closely. Rather, you get more of a floating-on-top sensation while the whole mattress sinks under you.

The Charlotte mattress has 1″ of Cool Twist gel foam right under the cover, with another layer of standard polyurethane foam under that, supported by pocketed coils at the bottom.

This is a super bouncy, squishy mattress, probably because it’s mainly made of springs, with a small amount of foam on top.

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Which Serta Perfect Sleeper Is The Best

The Serta Perfect Sleeper comes in six different versions, and each one is constructed with slightly different materials. You might prefer one version over another, depending on the size of your body and your sleeping position.

However, all mattresses are high quality choices that will provide you with a good nights sleep.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Review

Serta Perfect Sleeper 13″ Astoria Hybrid Mattress on QVC

The Serta Perfect Sleeper line features six cooling hybrid mattresses made of gel memory foam and a pocketed coil system. You can customize the firmness and feel of the bed as you order. These durable, well-made mattresses are crowd-pleasers, but is a Serta a good fit for you? Read my full Perfect Sleeper review to find out!

In this review, Im going to go over the features of the Serta Perfect Sleeper Renewed Night Plush model. Im going to break down its firmness, feel, construction and more to see if it could be the right mattress for you. Im also going to compare it to the other Serta Perfect Sleeper models.

If youre in a hurry, you can jump down to my review summary below. Otherwise, lets get started!

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My Perfect Sleeper Mattress Complaints

I dont find this mattress model to be the right fit for stomach sleepers. Its too soft of an option for them and will allow their hips to sink in too far, likely causing back pain down the road. However, stomach sleepers can choose an extra firm option when ordering instead of the plush model.

Ill also note that if youre a memory foam-lover, this Serta wont offer the body-contouring feel youre looking for. Although they have gel memory foam, these beds are definitely more on the responsive side. If that sounds like you, check out our best memory foam mattresses instead.

I think light sleepers who share a bed with a partner could be disrupted by their movements throughout the night, so thats worth keeping in mind. However, this is very common in mattresses with a support coil system.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Luminous Sleep

  • The Luminous Sleep models are Sertas luxury models.
  • These beds come in a medium or plush firmness level.
  • They include three layers of memory foam so have an even more cushioning feel than the Renewed Sleep models. Otherwise, they are constructed the same way as the other Perfect Sleepers.
  • These beds are at the high end of Sertas price range.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Hybrid Pillow Top Plush Mattress

1000 Edition Custom Support Coil System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement CoolFeel Fabric with Cool Twist® Gel Memory Foam Hex Cloud Gel Memory Foam Serta® PillowSoft Gel Foam Designed and Made in Canada

View our EXCLUSIVE COUPONS and SAVE even more on this mattress purchase!

See our REVIEWS from verified customers!

1000 Edition Custom Support Coil System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement
Perpetual Smooth Pillow Top Plush

The Perpetual Hybrid Pillow Top Mattress is a soft plush mattress that consists of CoolFeel Fabric and Cool Twist® Gel Memory Foam and features Sertas exclusive 1000 Edition Custom Support Coil System with Best Edge® Foam Encasement, Hex Cloud Gel Memory Foam, as well as Serta® PillowSoft Gel Foam. Compatible with adjustable foundations, this mattress will provide a luxurious nights rest for many years.

Sertas Perfect Sleeper® mattresses are designed to address some of the most common sleep problems including tossing and turning, sleeping too hot or too cold, partner disturbance, and mattress roll-off or sag. Serta has partnered with the National Sleep Foundation to create the Perfect Sleeper and each mattress comes with an exclusive Guide to Sleeping Well to help you get the most from your new Serta PerfectSleeper every night.

Customer Reviews And Brand Reputation

Discover the Perfect Night of Sleep

Overall, the Serta Perfect Sleeper gets good reviews online. Consumers say the mattress has a wonderful balance of firmness and support. They stay cool while sleeping, and the mattress is durable, making it a great investment.

According to most customers, the main drawback is that the mattress is delivered in its full shape, making it difficult to maneuver into the bedroom.

The Serta brand has been around for a while. The first Perfect Sleeper mattress was launched in 1931, 2 years before the Serta brand name was introduced. Despite their experience in the industry, however, Serta gets relatively low ratings online.

The brand has 3 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, with reviews citing bad experiences with warranties and returns. Serta is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an F on the site, with 40 complaints closed in just the last 12 months.

In early 2022, Serta recalled about 800 of their Perfect Sleeper mattresses that were manufactured in summer 2021. The mattresses posed a fire hazard because they did not meet the mandatory federal flammability standard for mattresses.

Consumers who had been using the mattresses received a replacement free of charge. No incidents or injuries were reported in association with the recall.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Versions

This mattress comes in multiple thicknesses and sizes. The prices below are based on the cost of a queen-size mattress:

  • Renewed Night . This version contains one layer of memory foam and is best for the stomach sleeper who likes pressure relief.
  • Renewed Night Firm . This version contains one layer of memory foam and a pillow top, and is best for the sleeper in a bigger body who likes extra comfort.
  • Renewed Sleep . This version contains two layers of memory foam and is best for the sleeper who likes additional comfort and softness.
  • Renewed Sleep Firm . This version contains two layers of memory foam and a pillow top, and is best for the side sleeper who likes a contouring feel.
  • Luminous Sleep . This version contains three layers of memory foam and is best for the average-size back or side sleeper who likes a plush feel for extra restorative sleep.
  • Luminous Sleep Firm . This version contains three layers of memory foam and a pillow top, and is best for the sleeper who likes a more luxurious feel.

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