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What Time Does Sleep Number Open

Contacting Sleep Number To Verify Business Hours

What Are Sleep Cycles? – Everything You Need To Know!
  • Phone Number: You can contact the customer service department by calling 1-877-533-8159. You can contact the sales department by calling 1-888-411-2188. The sales department is open Monday through Friday 8am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 7pm and Sunday 10am to 6:30pm, CST. You can also contact the product support department by calling 1-888-484-9263. The product support department is open Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8:30am to 5pm, CST.
  • Email Contact: When you contact the customer service department, you will need to use the customer feedback form . The customer service department will reply to your concerns within 48 hours.
  • Mail: Customers can contact the customer service department at the corporate headquarters here: Select Comfort Corporation 9800 59th Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55442. You can also use the store locator tool to reach out to the customer service department at your local store. The customer service department will reply to your concerns within five business days.
  • Social Media: Customers can contact the customer service department through social media. You can post general concerns, comments and ask questions. The customer service department will not address account specific concerns through social media. After posting messages on Facebook , Twitter or YouTube , the customer service department will reply within 24 hours.

What Are The Stages Of Sleep

During sleep, we usually pass through five phases: stages 1, 2, 3, 4, and REM sleep. These stages of sleepprogress in a cycle from stage 1 to REM sleep, then the cycle starts over again with stage 1. Children and adults spend almost 50 percent of their total sleep time in stage 2 sleep, about 20 percent in REM sleep, and the remaining 30 percent in the other stages. Infants, by contrast, spend about half of their sleep time in REM sleep.

Stage 1 Sleep

During stage 1, which is light sleep, we drift in and out of sleep and can be awoken easily. Our eyes move very slowly and muscle activity slows. People awakened from stage 1 sleep often remember fragmented visual images. Many also experience sudden muscle contractions called hypnic myoclonia or hypnic jerks, often preceded by a sensation of starting to fall. These sudden movements are similar to the jump we make when startled. Some people experience a sleep disorder known as Periodic Limb Movements of Sleep , where they experience recurring leg movements.

Stage 2 Sleep

When we enter stage 2 sleep, our eye movements stop and our brain waves become slower, with occasional bursts of rapid waves called sleep spindles.

Stage 3 and Stage 4 Sleep

REM Sleep

Tips For Better Sleep

Here are a few tips to improve your sleep:

  • Follow a regular schedule. Going to bed at the same time each night helps regulate your inner clock. Following an irregular sleep schedule has been linked to poor sleep quality and duration (
  • ).


Sleeping well is important to staying healthy and rested. Habits like minimizing your caffeine intake and sleeping at regular hours can help.

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Browse Sleep Number Customer Reviews

Going with the C2 and adding my own bells and whistles

Very grateful for Candid Reviewer’s advice. We were interested in the C2 after seeing the excellent rating it received from Consumer Reports, with high marks for durability, side and back sleeping. We went to the sleep number store, stuck to our plan and avoided being up- sold, and bought both the recommended fiber topper and a gel topper to experiment with once the C2 arrives. We also are using our old metal frame with a queen-size bunkie board , for a nice savings compared to the $300 foundation from sleep number. More $ for new sheets and bedding!

Not perfect but best mattress I’ve had in….well ever.

I will not buy any other bed again.

Best bed I ever had. I’m a big person 300 Plus pounds…At year 10 the pump went out and I called…they still had my info and sold me a new pump at 1/2 price. It’s went through 2 moves and is still great! My husband is also big so it stands up to heavy folks. Folks on the phone were friendly and helpful. I’m looking now to buy my son one.

So far, So Good!

Warning: Sleep Number Beds Last Only 6 Years

I wish I had not purchased this bed since I cannot find a good sleep position and will purchase another mattress

One moth in and love it, after a few tweaks



ONLY buy the C2 mattress, no upgrades


Love the bed, hate the technology

A review 6 years in the making

Delivery / Service




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How Much Sleep Do I Need

Sleep is far from perfectly understood, and the amount of sleep a person needs can vary largely based on certain metrics, such as age, as well as entirely individually. A person who sleeps an adequate amount should experience no daytime sleepiness or dysfunction.

Very generally, researchers have found that achieving 6-7 hours of sleep per night correlates with a number of positive health outcomes, but there are also many other factors that may affect these outcomes.

As a person ages, they tend to sleep less, with newborns sleeping for significantly longer hours than adults. This discrepancy decreases with age, and the sleep requirements become more similar to that of adults starting around the age of 5.

Below are the CDCs recommendations for the number of hours a person should sleep based on age.

Age Group

Myth: If You Cant Sleep Its Best To Stay In Bed Until You Fall Back Asleep

Sleep experts recommend getting out of bed if you cant fall asleep within 20 minutes. Instead of tossing and turning in bed, its better to get up, do something relaxing in a quiet and dim setting , and then try to go back to bed.

The reason experts advise this approach is that its important to associate your bed with sleep. Staying in bed while struggling to sleep can do the exact opposite, linking your bed with a feeling of frustration.

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What Is Sleep And Why Is It Important

Until the 1950s, most people thought of sleep as a passive, dormant part of our daily lives. Fast forward 70 years and we now know that our brains are very active during sleep. Moreover, sleep affects our daily functioning and our physical and mental health in many ways that we are just beginning to understand.

Sleep Needs During Pregnancy

How To Fall Asleep In 2 Minutes

Pregnant women need more sleep, especially in their first trimester which leads to more sleepiness during the day. This is due to the rise in progesterone, as well as the metabolic changes that the body is going through.

They also are more likely to experience parasomnias, which are unusual behaviors that occur just before falling asleep, during sleep, or when waking up. Common parasomnias for expecting mothers are restless legs syndrome , snoring, and insomnia.

Expectant mothers in their first trimester will also have more frequent bathroom visits to urinate, due to the uterus pushing on the bladder. Swollen breasts, cramps, and nausea can also make it hard to fall asleep.

In the second trimester, women tend to sleep better as many of the changes have already occurred in the first trimester. However, it’s not uncommon to experience leg cramps as well as heartburn .

In the third trimester, sleep gets worse again due to RLS, frequent urination, anxiety about the upcoming delivery, and lower back pain.

After the baby is born, new mothers will often find it easier to sleep because they’re sleep-deprived. Babies are often awake every hour to few hours, so mothers can’t get into the deeper, restful phases of sleep, so when they get a chance to sleep, the brain tries to make up the sleep deficit as quickly as possible.

Breastfeeding is sleep-inducing because the hormone that promotes lactation, prolactin, is a soporific, or sleep-promoting.

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How Did I Find My Sleep Number Setting

Landing on your ideal Sleep Number is a bit of trial and error.

While figuring out which setting was perfect for me, I realized that the lowest setting felt almost like immersing myself into a squishy pillow. On the other hand, the highest setting felt super firm, almost like a hard couch cushion. Thats to say: The mattresses really do provide a broad range of sensations depending on the number you choose.

During my consultation, the Sleep Number advisor recommended using a lower numeric setting to address my lower back pain and a higher setting for middle or upper back pain. There is no one size fits all, so the company suggests testing one setting for three nights. Then, bring it down one to two numbers and repeat the process until you find what’s right for you.

Im a side sleeper, so it was a bit tricky to figure out the right setting. I initially tried something firmer but realized it wasnt right for my needs, so I lowered it. Eventually, I ended up with a Sleep Number setting of 40. It took me about a month to land on this magic number, mostly because I took my time testing out different levels. If I have back pain in a specific area, I adjust it a bit that night. However, I typically stay at 40 and use my favorite position to sleep.

Addressing Sleep Number Mattress Complaints

Were talking about a mattress that features a pocket of air. Sure, its a more advanced approach to the sort of thing you take on a camping trip and inflate with a compressor. While the mattresses are thoughtfully appointed, you may still run into some of the same problems with a mattress that costs over $1000 that you would with the $40 one. Here are some of the most common Sleep Number complaints that you should consider before purchasing.

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Sleep Needs Frequently Asked Questions

Women need on average 20 minutes more sleep per night than men. One theory explains that women multitask more than men and have busier schedules, so their brains use more energy and need more recuperation.

Lack of sleep makes you less productive only rare people can be well-rested on 4-5 hours of sleep. Occasionally getting 5 hours of sleep is okay, but on a regular basis it isn’t healthy for most people.

Sleep Number 360 M7 Smart Mattress

How Much Sleep You Actually Need According to Your Age ...

The Sleep Number 360 m7 is the only Sleep Number model to feature a memory foam layer. The m7 memory foam comfort layer is 5″ thick and offers both the contouring and pressure-relieving qualities that most sleepers expect to feel with memory foam.

The only Sleep Number model exclusively featuring a memory foam layer is the Sleep Number 360 m7. The m7 memory foam comfort layer is 5 inches thick. You should feel both the contouring and pressure-relieving qualities that most expect to feel with memory foam. This layer also works to keep you cool since it absorbs heat and then releases it when you grow too cool.

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Ideal Amount Of Sleep: Fact Or Fiction

As discussed in this article, there is no magic number for all in terms of the ideal sleep amount to obtain each night. Sleep duration recommendations are meant for public health guidance, but need to be individualized to each patient in the clinic. Sleep needs are determined by a complex set of factors, including our genetic makeup, environmental and behavioral factors. For example, high-performance athletes need more sleep to perform at high level and recover from their intense physical training. Sleep needs in children and adolescents can also be driven by their maturation stage, independent of their chronological age. This means that changes in sleep patterns may happen earlier for some or at an older age for others. Objectively, our current evidence of sleep need is based on circadian, homeostatic, and ultradian processes of sleep regulation and sleep need.

However, as discussed in this article and by other sleep experts, there is no magic number for optimal sleep, and sleep is influenced by inter- and intra-individual factors. Similarly, in a context of sleep deprivation, individual differences in sleep homeostatic and circadian rhythm contributions to neurobehavioral impairments have been elegantly documented by Van Dongen.

Most Popular Sleep Number Beds

The most popular beds in the Sleep Number brand are the Classic 360® c2 and the Innovation 360® i8 Smart Bed. The first makes the list because it offers a lot of design for the price. The second does because it has every Sleep Number bell and whistle they offer.

Classic 360® c2

The Classic 360® c2 is the baseline model among all Sleep Number 360 beds. No fancy foam layers. No expensive base. Just 2 inches of fabric and foam on top of the eponymous, adjustable air chamber that basically makes a Sleep Number bed. Its affordable for a Sleep Number mattress and you can still adjust ho firm it feels. Its a budget option, but one with the most attractive mattress feature Sleep Number sells.

Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8

The Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8 is 12 inches thick with a soft and breathable fabric cover. The 6-inch comfort layer in the i8 uses two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool. This bed has the dual air chambers that you can adjust to find the right firmness, SleepIQ® tracking, the temperature-balancing surface and the Responsive Air® feature that will add or release air as you shift at night to make the bed more comfortable.

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The Importance Of Sleep

When you think of what makes up a healthy lifestyle, diet and exercise come to mind, but what about sufficient restful sleep? Some researchers consider the lack of sleep that many people experience is approaching epidemic levels.

According to scientific sleep studies, a lack of restful sleep causes a long list of issues:

  • higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, some forms of cancer, and diabetes
  • higher rates of depression and anxiety
  • poor mood, energy, and motivation
  • lower levels of self-control, irritability, and more relationship problems
  • inability to manage stress – small problems feel like much larger problems
  • lowered immune function, frequent colds

Signs Of Sleep Deprivation In Adults

Don’t Sleep With Your Door Open

Do you know anyone that brags about not needing more than 4 or 5 hours per sleep per night? Have you wondered how much more work you could get done if you didn’t need to sleep 7-9 hours per night? Do you belong to a company that looks at not sleeping as a badge of honor?

It turns out that lack of sleep can make you a lot less productive, and only rare people can be well-rested on 4-5 hours per night of sleep.

You may be sleep-deprived if you find yourself doing any of these things:

  • wanting to sleep after eating
  • falling asleep while reading or while watching TV
  • hitting the snooze button multiple times in the morning
  • “crashing” and sleeping for many hours on end once in a while
  • relying on caffeine and sugar to keep your energy levels up

You can be sleep-deprived even though you are sleeping the recommended 7-9 hours per night because you’re not getting quality sleep. If you have any of the following problems, you’re probably not getting enough restful sleep:

  • it takes you a long time to fall asleep once you go to bed
  • you wake up multiple times throughout the night
  • you wake up feeling tired

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