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Sleep Number Credit Card Review

Synchrony Application Process And Approval Odds

Boost Your Credit and Health With the Sleep Number Bed | A Client Success Story

How to get approved: You can apply for Synchrony credit cards in your favorite storeyou’ll likely be asked at checkout. You can also apply online. You’ll need to enter basic information including

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email

You’ll also likely be asked for your whole social security number or just the last four digits to complete a credit check.

Customer Service

Most Synchrony linked stores perform a “hard credit pull” every time you apply for a card, which can drop your credit score slightly.

If your credit score is low, you’ll be less likely to get approved. If that’s the case, here are some ways to bring up your score.

That being said, store cards have the reputation of being easier to get, so don’t count yourself out.

What’s the difference between a “hard” and “soft” pull of your credit?

  • Hard credit inquiry: Lenders use the hard credit inquiry when you apply for a loan. Think of things like an auto loan or mortgage. It may affect your credit score by a few points. Lenders need your permission before making this type of inquiry.
  • Soft credit inquiry: A soft credit inquiry is often part of a background check. Lenders don’t need your permission for this type of inquiry. It doesn’t affect your credit score.
  • You may also be invited to apply during checkout when making purchases online. However, unlike those offered by Comenity Bank, Synchrony-backed cards are not eligible for the Shopping Cart Trick, which boosts your chance of being accepted.

    How Sleep Number Mattresses Compare

    The low end of each price range refers to the size noted in the chart. The high end refers to a split or flextop California king bed, unless noted. Split and flextop mattresses are the same pricea split mattress works for a base that adjusts only the upper body a flextop works for one that adjusts to both upper and lower bodyand theyre around $200 to $600 more expensive than a regular mattress of the same size.

    Sleep Number Classic Series Sleep Number Performance Series Sleep Number Innovation Series Sleep Number Memory Foam
    10 inches 12 inches 13 inches 12 inches 11 inches 10 inches 11 inches

    Sleep Number Mattresses: An Honest Assessment

    • Weve updated this guide with information on new temperature-balancing features in Sleep Numbers 360 Smart Bed line and the forthcoming Climate 360 Smart Bed.

    Spending thousands of dollars on a mattress that, by volume, is mostly air may sound as ridiculous as paying inflated prices for bottled water. But with some marketing magic and a few enticing extras, real or imagined, anything can happen. Sleep Number, the most successful brand in the adjustable air-bed category, offers 11 models with varying levels of cushioning, all of which can be puffed up to your desired firmness level with just the touch of a button. If you sleep alone and have a consistent firmness preference, Sleep Number is an overpriced option. But for couples with vastly different tastes in mattress firmness, those adjustable, air-filled chambers could be worth it.

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    How Do I Find My Sleep Number

    A Sleep Number can be determined either before or after purchasing a Sleep Number bed. It will really all come down to what feels right to the individual.

    Those who want to know their number before purchasing a mattress, they can visit their closest Sleep Number store and have a sales representative walk them through the process. At the store, the person will rest on a Sleep Number bed and they will inflate/deflate the floor model till they find a comfortable spot.

    After purchasing a Sleep Number bed and having it delivered and set up, individuals can use the remote it comes with to start determining their Sleep Number. Instructions are provided Sleep Numbers website some of the steps include asking the sleeper to lie in their waking up sleep position and letting the mattress to go from soft to firm and back from firm to soft. This way can identify which firmness level is best.

    Enough about numbers, lets talk about whats actually in a Sleep Number bed.

    Air Chambers

    All Sleep Number mattresses come with one or two air chambers. These air chamber use a pump to bring in air that will inflate or deflate the chamber based on the individuals Sleep Number setting. Sleep Number calls this feature DualAir technology.

    The higher the number the firmer the mattress will be. When there are two air chambers, each person can adjust the amount of air in their air chamber based on their personal preference.

    Comfort Foam
    360® Smart Beds Responsive Air Technology

    Message From Sleep Number Credit Card

    Sleep Number Credit Card Payment Options

    As an FDIC-insured online bank, were unburdened by the expense of traditional brick-and-mortar branches. That means we can pass those savings on to our customers through our market-leading rates. Were a part of Synchronya Fortune 500 company thats been helping consumers reach for whats important for more than 80 years. Were also the leading provider of private-label credit cards in the United States, so we might already be in your wallet supporting one of your favorite retailers.

    the best sleep of your life at an affordable price with great financing. Fill out a short online application. You don’t need to select a bed before you apply. After you submit your application, you’ll recieve a credit decision right away. Once approved, well provide you with your account number so you can use today at checkout when you shop online, in store or over the phone.

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    Sleep Number C2 Bed Shipping And Delivery

    Every Sleep Number mattress requires $199 for Comfort Service Home Delivery. This includes:

    • Delivery and setup of your new mattress
    • Sleep Number base/foundation assembly
    • Old mattress removal

    Because your new mattress will be set up by a Sleep Number technician, you must be home during the delivery window. Sleep Number will contact you to set up a delivery time and date.

    Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

    The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

    The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

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    What Foundations Or Bed Frames Can Be Used With Sleep Number C2

    Sleep Number beds require a flat, firm, durable surface to adequately support the mattress. Platform beds and adjustable bases are the best options. Sleep Number sells both adjustable bases and an integrated base for use with their mattresses. Box springs and slatted foundations are not recommended for the Sleep NumberC2 mattress.

    Sleep Number C2 Bed Review Highlights

    New credit card scam that seems very real

    The Sleep Number C2 is Sleep Numbers entry-level mattress, delivering their cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. With just 2 of gel-infused foam atop the air chambers, its also one of the firmestSleep Number mattresses. In this review, well break down everything you need to know to decide if this smart bed is a good fit.

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    Where Do Costco Returns Go

    Costco returns sort into two categories:

    • Unopened and unused merchandise that can be put back on the shelf. These items go back to the sales floor.
    • Used or damaged merchandise. These are moved to the Return to Vendor department . Some of these items go back to the vendor, and Costco may or may not get full or partial credit for it.

    Some of the returned items may go to companies that buy defective merchandise. They refurbish it and resell it. Others sell it as it is. These items do not go back to Costcos sale floor as they have a strict vetting process for the things they sell.

    Sleep Number 360 C2 Smart Mattress

    The Sleep Number 360 c2 is an air bed that adjusts to your preferred firmness level, so you can find the perfect firmness for your body type and sleeping position. It comes with a remote so that you can adjust the amount of air with just a click.

    The difference between the two mattresses is 1 inch of thickness. The c2 has a 2-inch layer in the top comfort layer made of gel-infused foam on top of the 6-inch air chamber layer. The c4 has a 3-inch layer. Also, the c4 has zoned support in the comfort layer, meaning its less dense to contour to hips and shoulders or more dense to support the neck or lower back. The Classic line beds are the most affordable you will find at Sleep Number.

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    Re: Sleep Number Store Card

    GE Capital, you cant go wrong


    GE Capital, you cant go wrong

    Yea…………………..JCP $150 limit, Card in artic conditions right now……………………Yea GECRB is on my ” ” list right now!

    EQ FICO 548 3/3/16


    GE Capital, you cant go wrong

    Yea…………………..JCP $150 limit, Card in artic conditions right now……………………Yea GECRB is on my ” ” list right now! many GE cards do you have?


    GE Capital, you cant go wrong

    Yea…………………..JCP $150 limit, Card in artic conditions right now……………………Yea GECRB is on my ” ” list right now! many GE cards do you have?

    I’d like to get that sleep number card but not willing to app for it until end of year.

    EQ FICO 548 3/3/16


    GE Capital, you cant go wrong

    Yea…………………..JCP $150 limit, Card in artic conditions right now……………………Yea GECRB is on my ” ” list right now! many GE cards do you have?

    I’d like to get that sleep number card but not willing to app for it until end of year.

    Ah ok, maybe GE sees too many accounts? Not sure what makes these company tick.

    Well if they dont want their other cards on ice i’d suggest throwing some luv my way!

    EQ FICO 548 3/3/16

    Sleep Number C2 Bed Customer Service

    Top Sleep Number Questions: What

    Sleep Number is one of the few companies where you can receive immediate support 24/7. To get in touch with a Sleep Number representative at any time, visit and click on the Live Chat button located at the bottom right of the screen.

    You can also contact them at 1-888-411-2188 from 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday to Friday and 8:30 A.M. to 5 P.M Saturday.

    Sleep Numbers customer service team is friendly and knowledgeable. Every time we have reached out to ask them a question, weve received helpful answers right away. Heres what customers have to say about Sleep Numbers customer service.

    • We just ordered our new Sleep Number C2 and I cannot wait for it to get here. We had a great store experience and the bed was super comfy. -Terri J.
    • Recently my Mom was looking at a magazine and she decided to call the Sleep Number office and talked to a sales woman named Darlene. If it wasnt for her continually contacting my Mom to find the best offer, then she wouldnt have gotten it. Shes so happy to have it now. People that delivered the bed were very cautious, kind, and considerate. Thank you Miss Darlene for being there for me and helping my Mom get her bed. -Steven W.

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    Where Can I Use My Synchrony Credit Card

    The majority of Synchrony Bank credit cards are closed-loop, also known as private label, meaning they can only be used at their co-branded stores. The , which can only be used at Amazon, is a good example of that. There are also some Synchrony cards that can be used at a selection of different stores within certain categories.

    Some cards are open-loop, meaning theyre affiliated with a like Visa or Mastercard, and can be used anywhere those card types are accepted. Look for the Visa or Mastercard logo in the bottom-right of the card if you see it, youll know that card is open-loop. Synchrony refers to open-loop cards as Dual Card credit cards.

    Private label credit cards have rewards and benefits that are solely focused on the co-branded store, which makes sense because thats the only place they can be used. Open-loop cards usually have additional bonus categories, allowing you to earn rewards for other purchases outside of that store.

    Store credit cards are known for being relatively easy to get compared to other types of cards, making them popular among people with bad credit or limited credit. They usually dont have annual fees and theyre often advertised in store checkout lanes, trying to tempt you into applying with the promise of a quick discount. If you cant get approved for a general-use rewards card, which would earn rewards for any purchase, anywhere, you might want to start with a store card to help build up your credit.

    What Is Not Covered In The Warranty

    Sleep Number goes into pretty specific detail about whats not covered . The gist is that if people do something to damage/tamper/mess with the mattress, the responsibility is all theirs.

    One of the biggest things to note is that Sleep Number is not responsible for how comfortable the mattress/bed is to someone. If it turns out that the way the mattress is constructed just doesnt suit someones needs, theyre still responsible for the full cost.

    Heres part of what Sleep Number has to say about whats not covered in their policy. People can read the full section on their website:

    Your warranty excludes claims for conditions arising from normal wear and tear including but not limited to mattress cover compression, foam compression, discoloration of parts or normal body indentations. This warranty does not provide coverage for claims related to comfort preference .

    Damage caused by using the product in any manner that is inconsistent with applicable owners guides, user manuals or other operational instructions or fromlaundering or drycleaning the product or any part thereof as well as damage caused by misuse or abuse including but not limited to stains, soil, burns, cuts, tears or spills or factors other than a product defect, are also excluded hereunder and will void this warranty.

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    Modular & Adjustable Base Descriptions

    Modular Base:

    This modular bed base is a standard base that is designed to be both sturdy and durable. Sleep Number says it will last 20 years or more and prevent sagging in the mattress. It is also easy to get through narrow spaces and set up in smaller rooms so it could be ideal for apartment living.

    FlexFit 1:

    Raises the head of the bed one remote will control the elevation of the bed and adjust the Sleep Number in the same device.

    FlexFit 2:

    The most popular FlexFit Base. It raises the head of the bed like the FlexFit 1 and offers the following additional features:

    • A Zero Gravity option that raises the head and foot in a way that leaves the sleeper feeling weightless
    • Partner Snore technology allows one partner to raise the other partners head
    • Timer feature changes the raised part of the bed at a certain time in an effort to shift the sleeper into a different position at a designated time.
    FlexFit 3:

    Includes all of the features in FlexFit 2 and the following features:

    • Turn on a soft light under the bed and control the nightstand lamps with one button
    • Massage soothes tired muscles and leaves the sleeper feeling rejuvenated

    ***From Sleep Number: The FlexFit adjustable base is not covered under our 100-Night In-Home Trial and is non-returnable. Delivery and set up outside the standard Comfort Service. When purchasing online, one must select the Home Delivery option. Standard UPS shipping is not available for adjustable bases.***

    Re: Just Got Approved For Sleep Number Credit Card

    Millennial Reviews Sleep Number Products (the best?)


    Since you already well know that this one is thru Synchrony Financial you may want to try to raise the SL with a phone call

    Only SP after new approval


    Since you already well know that this one is thru Synchrony Financial you may want to try to raise the SL with a phone call

    Only SP after new approval

    Thanks!!!! I think I got enough for the bed.

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    Robert W Polk Community Moderator

    Not every Synchrony Bank card can be used anywhere. There are store cards issued specifically for certain retailers, which can only be used at those stores because theyre not affiliated with a card network . Synchrony Bank cards that have a Visa or MasterCard logo, on the other hand, can be used anywhere.

    Patrick Murphy Wallethub Analyst

    That depends entirely on what Synchrony Financial credit card you own. Most Synchrony credit cards are linked to a store and can be used for purchases in that store only. If your card has a Visa or a Mastercard logo, you can use it anywhere.

    Can I use my Synchrony credit card at Walmart?

    You may be able to use your Synchrony credit card at Walmart, but only if it’s Walmart-branded. If you have a Walmart Credit Card you can use it at Walmart and online at

    If you have a card with another stores name on it, you will only be able to use that card in that specific store. If your card has a Mastercard/Visa logo on it you can use it anywhere Mastercard/Visa is accepted, including full answer

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