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Best Bed For Cool Sleeping

What To Look For In A Cooling Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress 2020 – Top 9 Beds for Hot Sleepers!

In addition to your sleeping position, its also important to know what to look for in the mattress itself, such as the material and how the mattress is manufactured.

Material and manufacturing

Look for a mattress thats made with materials that draw heat away from your body. This may include air chambers or springs. Some mattresses contain materials inside the foam, such as metal particles or gel beads.

Look at where the mattress is manufactured. Make sure that the mattress is composed of nontoxic materials. Avoid polyurethane mattresses and coverings since they may contain toxic, gaseous chemicals.

Some companies will provide certifications by CertiPUR-US. This is a not-for-profit organization that runs safety inspections of mattresses.

How the mattress conforms to the body

Many foam mattresses especially memory foam are made to hug the body. Because of this, heat is trapped in the material and could be too warm for some sleepers. Mattresses made from other materials, like springs, allow for air to flow more freely, thus creating a cooler effect.

Materials that regulate temperature

Some companies manufacture materials that they claim are specifically made to regulate temperature. This keeps sleepers from overheating at night.

How Can I Cool My Mattress Down

If your mattress is too hot and a new one is not in the budget, you may find a mattress topper with cooling effects helpful. This can provide additional comfort to your mattress and help regulate your body heat.

You can also try switching out your bedding. Cool, cotton sheets may be helpful for cooling effects.

Pros And Cons Of The Dreamcloud

Very sturdy, with high test scores for edge support and durability May feel too firm for soft mattress lovers and lightweight sleepers
Responsive and keeps the spine aligned, scoring a 9 out of 10 in both test categories Longer shipping time, which may be an issue if you are in a time crunch
Year-long sleep trial and lifetime warranty


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Whats The Difference Between A Mattress Pad And A Mattress Topper

Mattress pads are relatively thin and are primarily meant to protect against spills and stains, whereas mattress toppers are usually several inches thick and are designed to change the feel of a mattress.Mattress pads often contain some kind of padding like wool, cotton, fiberfill, or down. While this can add some plushness to a mattress, this is not their main purpose.

Mattress toppers usually come in the same materials you would expect from a mattress comfort layer, such as memory foam, polyfoam, latex, wool, or down. A mattress topper cant fix an old, sagging mattress, but it can change the feel of a mattress thats too firm or too plush. This is a cost-effective way to obtain a different firmness level without investing in a whole new mattress.

Best Cooling Mattress For Back Sleepers Dreamcloud

Specta Mattress Sleep Therapy Signature Medium Firm Euro ...
  • Mattress Advisor score: 9.1/10
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Trial length: 365 nights
  • Warranty: lifetime

Are you a back sleeper hoping to find a mattress made just for you? The DreamCloud is not only well suited for your sleeping style, but it keeps you cool all night, as well. It boasts a five-layer design with a quilted top layer and a secondary gel foam layer that absorbs and transfers heat away from your body. The mattress also helps evenly distribute your weight to eliminate pressure points, and it keeps your spine in neutral alignment while easily adjusting to your movementsâwhich is especially helpful if you tend to move around a lot in your sleep.


  • Works for all sleeping positions
  • 1-year sleep trial and lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a cashmere cover


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Sleeping Pads Vs Camping Beds

Generally speaking, sleeping pads are meant for backpackers who need a decently comfortable sleeping surface but are willing to sacrifice a little to save on pack size and weight. The highly recommended Therm-a-Rest Prolite Apex, for example, is one of the lightest and most well-engineered pieces of ultralight sleeping gear youll find that doesnt cost an arm and a leg. But if youre looking to simulate sleeping on an actual bed, you can probably guess that staying high off the ground and having enough space to roll over at night make a big difference. If you dont want to have to train yourself to sleep still in one position for most of the night, youll find a camping bed far more comfortable than a mere sleeping pad.

Why Do We Sleep Hot In The First Place

One of the main reasons we sleep hot has to do with how our body acts during REM sleep. When were in this deep stage of sleep, the temperature-regulating system in our brains is asleep as well, so our bodies usually match the temperature of our bedroom and the mattress materials around us. There are also a few other specific conditions that might exacerbate feeling hot while trying to sleep. These include:

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Summary Of Sweetnight Mattress Review

Sweetnight Business is among the leading suppliers of memory foam, hybrid and inexpensive mattresses. The 5 mattress types used by the company include:

  • Sweetnights Twilight
  • Sweetnights Island
  • Sweetnights Ocean Blue

The above mattresses differ in size between 8 inches and 12 inches. In the list below passage, we will reveal the precise steps for each of these Sweetnight spending plan mattresses choices.

Functions And Advantages Of The Sweetnights Sunkiss Mattress

Best Cooling Mattress Review – Best Beds for Hot or Sweaty Sleepers!

The significant functions of the Sweetnights Sunkiss Memory Mattress that you require to understand are:

  • The mattress originates from the United States
  • It is a memory-type mattress
  • It is readily available in densities of 10 and 12 inches
  • The Sweetnights Sunkiss Memory Mattress is offered completely size in addition to Queen, and King Sizes
  • This mattress can be flipped over and supports a bodyweight of approximately 551lbs
  • This mattress has a rating of 6.0/ 10 and 7.5/ 10 for firmness
  • It can support all sort of sleeping positions
  • The mattress structure material makes it suitable with slatted, platform, boxspring, floor, and adjustable bases
  • Sells at an affordable rate of between $318 to $658 per system
  • This mattress has a trial duration of 100 nights
  • This product features a 10-year service warranty
  • It is hypoallergenic less likely to cause allergies to a user
  • Why the Sweetnights Sunkiss-Memory Mattress: A Thorough Analysis of the Features/Benefits

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Why A Cooler Bed Means Better Sleep

Its a medical fact that our body temperature drops slightly as we sleep, and that the ideal body temperature for falling asleep is around 65F . If the environment youre trying to sleep in cant help you regulate your temperature youre in for a sweaty and uncomfortable night.

When your bed gets hot at night, sleep can be hard to attain. The temperature of the mattress increases by the minute and no sleeping position seems comfortable. Your go-to solution is to turn on the aircon or use a fan. But the fan doesnt reduce the temperature of the bed and the aircon sucks the humidity out of the air which makes breathing uncomfortable.

A bed cooling system, on the other hand, tackles the problem by targeting the cause not the symptom. It cools down the mattress itself and keeps its temperature within the range you prefer. That way you can sleep deeper and stay asleep no matter how hot the weather outside is. The air around you is deliciously cool with natural humidity levels and the bed is comfy and dry.

This becomes even more crucial for people dealing with issues such as hot flushes, menopause, or night sweats. When they go to sleep their body temperature increases rather than reduces. This makes their sleep intermittent and less comfortable. But a cool mattress can transform the quality of their sleep overnight .

Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress

We rank the Helix Midnight Luxe among our best mattresses for side sleepers. Zoned support provides the hips, shoulders and neck with just the right amount of cushion to keep the spine aligned and ensure you wake up pain-free. Plus, it’s 2 inches thicker than the standard Midnight.

The Helix Midnight Luxe is a great option if you want a mattress that combines the hugging comfort of foam with the support and airflow of individually wrapped coils. In the Helix Midnight Luxe, memory foam is coupled with coils that keep air moving through the mattress at night. The result? Heat is whisked away from the body and hot sleepers stay cool thanks to the extra air circulation.

The Helix Sleep brand sells 14 different mattress models made specifically for different sleep positions. The Helix Midnight Luxe features memory foam that provides targeted support for the hips, shoulders and neck to keep the spine aligned and prevent stiffness making it one of the best mattresses for side sleepers.

See what Adrianne, our wonderful editor says about the Midnight Luxe in this Helix overview.

Read our full Helix Midnight Mattress Review to learn more.

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Can Your Mattress Cause Night Sweats

Yes, it’s possible. While night sweats can be caused by many factors ranging from physical conditions to summer weather, a mattress that isn’t breathable can make it worse. A hot mattress can even cause overheating for someone that wouldn’t otherwise have night sweats. The worst offender? Memory foam mattresses. Unlike innerspring mattresses that have built-in ventilation, memory foam is more dense so there’s not much air flow happening. This means that the heat around your body gets trapped, hence the overheating and night sweats.

Best Value: Dreamcloud Original

Modern Sleep Gramercy Euro

The DreamCloud Original hybrid mattress not only boasts all-around solid cooling and high test scores, but great value as well. For an affordable price point, sleepers also get a year to try out the mattress and a lifetime warranty if something needs to be replaced or fixed. But with a top durability score , the DreamClouds materials are developed to be long lasting.

The DreamClouds materials were also made especially for cooling. A soft cashmere-infused cover naturally helps to keep heat in check, while gel memory foam below continues to absorb residual body heat. A coil core keeps the spine in alignment while creating room for air to easily pass through the mattress. No matter if you are a heavy sleeper in need of cooling assistance from your mattress, or a couple that wants great motion isolation along with cooling, the DreamCloud is your answer.

  • Mattress Type: Hybrid

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What Is A Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses contour to the sleepers body. Theyre hefty, high-density, heavy mattresses. The heavier the weight of a mattress, the greater the densityand the greater the density, the longer it tends to last without starting to sink or sag. Memory foam can be ideal for side sleepers, as well as people who suffer from joint pain memory foam offers solid pressure relief, so you might want to make sure that any mattress you purchase has at least a layer or two of it. Memory foam can also work well for couples, since it minimizes motion transfer . If you like a bed you can literally sink into, you might love a memory foam mattress.

Coil And Hybrid Mattresses:

Mattresses with coil systems are great for hot sleepers. The core of this mattress uses springs that have plenty of free space around them. This will allow air to flow and heat to dissipate easily. Coil and from sinking in too much. A coil system is going to be the best heat eliminator for a hot sleeper.

This paired with a heat eliminating foams, specifically latex and latex alternatives, make for a supremely cool mattress. Making sure you pair the coil system with the proper comfort foams ensures that not only will heat dissipate, but less heat will be created to begin with.

To learn more about the pros of Coil Systems visit Step 3 in our Mattress Guide.

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Sweetnight Mattress Return Policy

The mattress must remain in perfect condition with no embarrassing odors or discolorations. You need to have proof of purchase with you as well as a genuine factor for the return or exchange demand on your Sweetnight mattress.

You will be given a complete refund upon fulfilling all the above requirements.

Best Advanced Technology Option

Best Bed Sheets for Summer – How to Sleep Cool Through the Hot Months!


  • medium feel, would work for a wide range of sleepers
  • app-controlled temperature regulation for the most optimal sleeping environment
  • uses high-quality materials and promises durability
  • includes health monitoring and a smart alarm system to help you improve your sleep
  • dual temperature setting for two sides of the mattress, a great option for partners with different preferences.

If you are a high-tech lover, then you will definitely appreciate this part of my list of the best cooling mattresses. The Pod Pro comes with all bells and whistles needed for superb comfort and allows you to control your bed, not vice versa.

Working with an app, the Pod Pro allows users to cool down or heat the mattress, either on one side or the whole surface at once. You can adjust the temperature in the range between 55 and 115 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal cooling. Also, as this is a foam mattress, it offers a generous hug and shows great results when it comes to pressure relief.

To sum up, the Pod Pro is an amazing find. This mattress is perfect for those who want to have total control over their sleep and comfort.

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Innerspring And Hybrid Mattresses

Since traditional innerspring coils are thin, theres a lot of air that can circulate between each coil, even if those coils are wrapped with fabric. And since coils are made of steel, theyre not great at absorbing or retaining body heata good thingand are great at transferring it away from you.

The best innerspring mattresses for hot sleepers are those with individually-wrapped coils.

Note: many modern mattresses, even those with inner springs, also contain a memory foam top layer. If two or more inches of memory foam are in an innerspring mattress, its considered a memory foam hybrid.

How To Shop For Cooling Bedding

Many brands have specific products they market as cooling bedding for example, Casper recently launched a new cooling collection. However, you can guide your shopping with specific terms that tell you more than others.

Look for terms like moisture-wicking and breathable, as well as materials like cotton, Tencel and bamboo. Both Winter and Badi told Shopping that materials play a significant role in how cooling bedding is sometimes even more than proprietary technologies and construction a brand boasts.

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Building Technique And Product

Sweetnights Ocean Blue hybrid type of mattress is cost an economical cost to make sure you do not spend a lot while looking for an excellent nights sleep.

This mattress is developed with gel-infused memory foam, a clever cotton cover, and an air-flow high-density foam.

The gel-infused foam interacts with the air-flow high-density foam to offer a relaxing and well-supported body contact with the mattress. The tempered steel coils efficiently avoid movement transfer, deliver a great bounce, and add durability to the mattress.

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Best Organic Cooling Mattress

Modern Sleep 12


  • comes in 2 firmness and 3 thickness variations to accommodate a wide range of users
  • naturally cooling, great for hot sleepers
  • uses organic latex, which makes it completely safe for your health
  • great pressure relief without making sleepers feel stuck
  • adjustable firmness .

The next contestant in this list of the best cooling mattresses is the Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds. This mattress would be a great option for those who appreciate natural components and the pleasant cooling bounce.

As this is an all-latex mattress, the Botanical Bliss naturally has a breathable construction. It also has a rather fast response that does help with pressure relief, but the bed wont hug you as closely as a memory foam bed would. There are 2 firmness options available, so whether you want more or less sinkage, you can try the softer or firmer one, respectively.

All things considered, the Botanical Bliss can offer you high-quality components and great cooling properties. This model is very likely to keep you cool all through the night and all year round.

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How Sleeping Cool Benefits Sleep

Sleeping on a cooling mattress can be a game-changer for everyone, not just hot sleepers. Backed by research, sleeping cool is said to help reduce sleep-related conditions such as insomnia, and is also linked to stress reduction.

Throughout the day, the body temperature swings between 98.6 F and 100.4 F. At around 6 pm, as youre winding down, body temperature is at its lowest, and it spikes again at 7 am around the time most people wake up. Temperature is very closely linked to the circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that triggers us to sleep and wake up.When you are always too hot or too cold, your cardigan rhythm gets confused, not knowing if you should be asleep or awake. When your sleep cycle comes undone, sleep issues such as insomnia, sleep deprivation, and sleep inertia can set in and wreak havoc on your daily productivity.

Sleeping cool allows the body to achieve deep rejuvenating rest so you can wake up in the morning without feeling exhausted.

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