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Reviews Of Eight Sleep Pod

Where Quality Sleep Meets Technology

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review – The Best Cooling Mattress??

We found that the tech features really make these mattresses stand out.

Eight Sleep prides itself on developing their sleep technologies based on scientific research. They routinely work alongside research partners to evaluate the effectiveness of their mattresses by collecting sleep data from their sleep tracking technology. These reports give them insight into how well their technology is delivering on its promise.

Eight Sleep Pod Special Features

There are three main features that set the Pod apart from other beds, including other smart mattresses:

  • Fluid-based thermoelectric system This is a fancy way of saying it provides heating and cooling .
  • Sleep tracking Just like a fitness tracker, the Pod will track the quality of your sleep.
  • Smart features It has a smart alarm and integrates with IFTTT and other smart home products.

Eight Sleep Pod Performance For Couples

Motion Transfer

And now lets get into motion transfer! This factor refers to the amount of movement thats detectable from one side of the mattress to the other, and could be a crucial variable for sleepers to consider if they share a bed with a child, partner, or rowdy pet.

To illustrate motion transfer, I dropped a 10 lb steel ball from heights of 4 inches, 8 inches, and 12 inches and measured the disturbance it caused: the bigger the lines, the bigger the disturbance.

These are not the best motion transfer results. Because the water in the tubes moves around when you do, youre likely to feel your partner moving around at night. If you sleep with a restless bed mate, this might pose a problem for you! You might want to take a look at one of our best mattresses for couples to find a better fit.


Generally, the best mattress for couples combines responsiveness and bounce with low motion transfer. The Pod mattress is pretty responsive, so if you share a bed and arent easily disturbed by movement, it could work for you and your partner.


I will say that I was genuinely surprised by just how effective the Active Grid was at establishing different temperatures across the mattress. While I cant speak to the exact temperatures reached by the grid, I was impressed by the range and quickness with which they changed. So, if you want a mattress for its temperature-controlling capabilities, I think you could be well-satisfied with the Pod.

Edge Support

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Who I Dont Recommend The Pod Mattress For

  • If youre looking for a mattress you can set up and forget about, this is not the bed for you. It does require minimal maintenance every two to three months to ensure it keeps running smoothly.
  • Id also say that the cover has a very unique feel in my opinion, it felt a bit like a water bed or an air mattress, which didnt jive with my specific sleep preferences. But, plenty of people find the Pod quite comfortable!
  • This mattress might not be the best fit for folks looking for an extremely durable bed. It is an all-foam mattress, so it may need to be replaced sooner than a hybrid or latex mattress. If this is something that concerns you, take a look at our best hybrid mattress and best latex mattress roundups.
  • I think the Eight Sleep pod is a bit too soft for stomach sleepers and too firm for side sleepers .

The Question Of Obsolescence

Eight Sleep Pod Review

Beyond the actual experience of the Pod, my biggest concern with the technology was simply how enduring it is. After all, in the space of five years, Eight Sleep has rapidly developed from a manufacturer of data-tracking mattress covers to the veritable Tesla of bedding. Forecasting that trend forward another five years, shouldnt you be worried that your mattress will be outdated, or that another competitor will come along to eat Eight Sleeps lunch?

On the first question, Franceschetti assures me that, similar to Tesla , customers will be able to unlock new features via software or occasional product add-ons. We have done it already multiple times, and it will keep happening.

Franceschetti points out that while temperature is the current focus for improving sleep, he hopes that his products will eventually be able to monitor and adjust other variables, including light, noise, oxygen, air humidity, air quality. Ultimately, the goal is to induce users into deep sleep faster, thus eliminating the need for an eight-hour night.

is the goal number, he says, The reason is you spend around 20% of your time in deep sleep, 30% in REM and all the rest is in light sleep. We believe we can compress part of that light sleep, and that is how you gain 25% efficiency.

As for that second question about the hypothetical competition that will catch up to him, like it has for Casper Franceschetti is convincingly unthreatened.

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Who Might Benefit From An Eight Sleep Mattress

Advanced temperature regulation are arguably one of the biggest benefits of the Pod mattresses, which makes them a good choice for people who tend to get overly hot or too cold during sleep.

Fans of technology will enjoy all the bells and whistles that come from this smart mattress, too, like temperature regulation, sleep tracking features, and smart home integration.

Pod mattresses fall into the medium-firm range, so theyll accommodate a pretty broad range of sleepers. Still, body weight is a factor in how a mattress feels, and people with higher body weights may find these mattresses on the softer side even if theyre not technically considered soft or plush.

Keep in mind that the weight limit for Pod mattresses is 500 pounds, so they not be suitable for some couples.

Anyone who isnt interested in tech features and shoppers on a tight budget should also keep looking.

Smarttemp: The Primary Feature

The primary feature is SmartTemp that can work independently on each side of the mattress for sleep partners or evenly across the entire sleep surface. Referencing over 1 ½ terabyte of data, SmartTemp uses algorithms that can predict your sleep needs literally every second you spend in bed.

Youre able to set your sleep surface to warm or cool between a range of 55-115 degrees Fahrenheit. The system relies on Sensing Technology that can monitor the temperature of both your bed and the room its in using piezo films, ballistocardiography, and temperature sensors. This is all consolidated into a layer just .01 inches thick.

Based on your unique sleep patterns, this proprietary technology continually and automatically adjusts the temperature of your sleep surface. Its important for your body temperature to drop slightly in order to enter REM sleep, and the grid is powered by machine learning and biofeedback that transforms your mattress into a smart device that knows just what you need for optimal sleep as it analyzes your progression through the three stages of sleep every night.

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Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review

If temperature control is one of your biggest bedtime woes, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress might be the bed for you. Built with Active Grid technology that thermoregulates on both sides of the mattress, this bed is literally designed to help sleepers hone in on the perfect temperature for their specific needs.

While that sounds pretty impressive, the question remains: Does the tech actually work? To find out, I tested it myself to see how this mattress performs on things like pressure relief, motion transfer, edge support, and more and was pretty darn surprised by what I discovered.

Curious about my thoughts? Then you better keep on reading for my full Eight Sleep Pod mattress review! Or, if youre short on time, you can skip right to my review summary.

How The Pod Thermo Cover Kept Us From Sleep Divorce

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review 2021 – Best Sleep Tracking Mattress?

I love my husband, and he adores me. We are pretty much inseparable, but significantly different sleep preferences have left us wondering more than a few times if sleeping in separate beds wasnt our destiny.

He likes a really firm mattress while I like more of a medium feel. Hes always freezing, while I am quite often the temperature of the sun. It makes achieving good, quality sleep for both of us a challenge. Days or weeks would go by with one of us sacrificing our needs for the needs of the other. Until finally, a series of restless nights would force us to change things up. And on more than a few occasions, one of us would crawl into the spare bedroom in the wee hours of the morning just for a bit of restful sleep.

When the Pod Thermo Cover arrived we were skeptical, but hoping it might just be the answer to our problems. And it was! The power struggle for the thermostat is no more. Mike no longer needs extra blankets and I no longer wake up sweating, restless and cranky. Weve even managed to eliminate the need for the ceiling fan. For the first time in a long time, we are both sleeping comfortably, in the same bed, and it feels so good.

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What Sleeping Positions Work On The Eight Sleep Mattress

Side Sleepers

Because the Eight Sleep received a low pressure relief score, it likely isnt the best choice for side sleepers, who need a generous amount of cushioning on the shoulders and hips.

Back Sleeper

The medium-firm feel of this mattress is in the back sleepers sweet spot they need a bed that is not too firm and not too soft.

Stomach Sleeper

Like back sleepers, stomach sleepers tend to enjoy a mattress that is medium-firm, between 5.5 and 6.5 on the firmness scale. They need just enough cushion so that their hips sink into the surface, but not too much. The Sleep Eight Pro Pod should be perfectly comfortable for the average stomach sleeper.

Combination Sleeper

The primary trait of combination sleepers is that they move frequently throughout the night. As such, they need a bed that is responsive and springy, so that the bed quickly adapts to them as they move around freely. The Sleep Eight Pro Pod, with a responsiveness score of 8, can provide that.

Best Sleeping Styles For Eight Sleep Mattresses

Because theyre all medium-firm mattresses, Pod mattresses can be a good choice for most sleeping positions. The Pro and Pro Max in particular will work well for side and combination sleepers. The Pro may also accommodate back and stomach sleepers if they have lower body weights. The more weight a person has, the softer a mattress will feel.

Side sleepers will likely find that the extra foam layer in the Pro Max delivers the pressure relief they need for a comfortable, supportive nights sleep.

Anyone who needs a firm mattress and those who always sleep on their stomachs probably wont find enough support on the Pro.

Eight Sleep has a good company reputation, according to the following criteria:

  • The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
  • They havent been involved in any lawsuits related to business practices.
  • Their products have not been recalled.

In the FAQ page of their website, Eight Sleep does break down the different foam layers in each of the Pods, but they dont get into much detail on what the foam actually consists of.

They also dont state clearly where the mattresses are made. We reached out to customer support for more information and learned the mattresses are made in the United States.

The foam used in Eight Sleep mattresses does meet federal flammability standards. Its also certified by CertiPUR-US. This certification means the foam is free of toxic chemicals and meets emissions standards for indoor air quality.

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How Does The Eight Sleep Pod Compare To Other Beds

Our in-depth testing process allows us to see the differences and similarities between different mattresses. In this section, well compare the Eight Sleep Pod to other popular luxury models.

Eight Sleep Pod vs. Tuft & Needle Mint

While not a smart mattress, the Tuft & Needle Mint is an affordable, luxury all-foam mattress that may appeal to customers who are interested in the Eight Sleep Pod but prefer a traditional mattress.

At 12 inches, the Mint is an inch taller than the Pod, and is slightly firmer with a medium-firm 6 out of 10 rating on the firmness scale. The Mint features two comfort layers: 3 inches of gel and graphite-infused polyfoam, and 2 inches of gel-infused polyfoam. These infusions are part of the Mints temperature regulation system, which testers found offered a cool sleep. However, it falls short of the exceptional cooling potential of the Pod.

Since it lacks the Pods latex alternative comfort layer, the Mint is more contouring and offers sleepers a balanced feeling of sleeping both in and on their mattress. Like the Pod, the Mint is more suitable for lightweight and average weight sleepers, as our heavier testers found it lacked appropriate hip and midsection support.

Eight Sleep Pod vs. Brooklyn Spartan

Eight Sleep Pod vs. Bear Mattress

  • Eight Sleep does not offer old mattress removal with any order.

  • Eight Sleep Pod Pro Faqs

    Eight Sleep Pod DETAILED Review (And Other Alternatives ...

    Now, we would like to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress:

    How does the Eight Sleep Pod work?

    The Eight Sleep Pod Pros Hub acts as a computer and pump. It cools and warms the water in the mattresss Active Grid. Sleepers can control the temperature of the mattress through the Eight Sleep app.

    How much does the Eight Sleep Pod cost?

    The Eight Sleep Pod Pro costs from $2795 for a Full-size mattress up to $3495 for a King or California King-size mattress.

    Is the Eight Sleep Pod loud?

    The Eight Sleep Pod is very quiet. Even when the Hub is cooling or warming the water in the mattress, it only makes a soft whirring sound.

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    Metrics And More Metrics

    The Pod measures biometric data and sleep quality data. In the Eight Sleep app , I can find out exactly when I fell asleep and woke up, how long I slept, how long it took me to fall asleep, how many times I woke up during the night, and how long it took me to get out of bed in the morning. It even tracks my sleep stages , as well as my heart rate and respiration .

    The app gives a nightly sleep score as well, which is a weighted score out of 100 that takes into account time slept, time it takes to fall asleep, time it takes to get out of bed, and wake-up time consistency. The app also uses this sleep score to coach me, and to give me advice on which Pod settings to use to get better sleep.

    I can look at this data every night, as well as trends over weeks or months. For instance, I can also use the Pod to track how life situations, like stress or diet, affect my sleep patterns.

    Here Are Some Other Smart Technology Features We Loved:

    • Sleep tracking features include metrics for sleep time, sleep stages, tossing and turning, and more .
    • The GentleRise smart alarm worked great, offering a gentle chest-level vibration to help wake up no loud alarms necessary.
    • Features physical wellness trackers like resting heart rate, heart rate variability monitoring, and respiratory rate. These metrics were recorded accurately.

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    Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

    People who arent too much heavier than 230 lbs could get enough support when they are back sleeping on the Pod Pro. Those who are much heavier will probably need a mattress with coils. Also, heavyweight side sleepers are going to want a mattress with a thicker comfort layer, and heavyweight stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress overall.

    See our list of the best mattress for heavy people for some more supportive options.

    Why We Love It:

    Eight Sleep Pod Pro Review (Best Smart Mattress?)
    • The Eight Sleep mattress cover, also called the Active Grid cover, contains surface spanning sensors that measure your respiratory rate, heart rate, deep sleep duration, and other patterns throughout the night. This sleep data is then compiled into a report that awards a grade based on the quality and duration of your sleep, all of which can be accessed in the Eight Sleep app on iOS or Androidsmart devices.
    • This app also allows for complete temperature control of the mattress cover. Within the active grid are small tubes that connect out to The Hub, a small container that uses hydro-engines to pump warm or cold water, depending on your preference, into the mattress cover. The Hub can be set to as low as 55°F and as high as 110°F
    • If you sleep with a partner, the mattress cover can be set to two different temperatures depending on each of your preferences.
    • The foam bed combines polyfoamcomfort layers with a dense base to contour to your body without ever letting you sink too far in.
    • In addition to giving you a sleep score, the sleep tracking app can also be used as a white noise machine and smart alarm, which can be linked to the Active Grid cover to gently vibrate at a set time so that you wake up peacefully.

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    Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review Quick Look

    The Eight Sleep mattress is composed of five foam layers that would constitute a decent bed by its own right, but what makes the Eight sleep a truly unique smart mattress is the active grid technology which can be completely controlled by the eight sleep app on any smart device.

    This review will break down how this high-tech bed functions, and whether or not the impressive functions of the Eight Sleep make it worth the considerable price point.

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