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Sleep Number Bed Base Options

Which Bed Frames Can You Use With A Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number cSE Modular or Adjustable Base Mattress Set on QVC

Sleep Number beds rely on technology to give you the best possible nights sleep. However, if you dont put your mattress on an appropriate foundation it wont be able to perform the way that its supposed to.

Bed frames with solid plywood foundations are acceptable options that will not void the Sleep Number warranty.

You can also use it directly on the floor, but few people in the western world will consider this, although it would save some money

TIP: If you want your Sleep Number mattress to be able to raise the head, feet, or both, then you may consider purchasing one of the companys adjustable bed frames.TIP: The salesperson whos selling you a Sleep Number mattress will try to talk you into buying one of their frames, but you absolutely dont have to.As long as you take careful measurements, you may even be able to use your existing platform bed frame without any issues.

The Most Popular Sleep Number

The most popular Sleep Number is in the 35-40 range. When I asked a representative why this is range is so popular, I was told: Sleep Number is really based on personal preference and what is most comfortable for each person, the 35-45 range gives great support and pressure relief for most.

Sleep Number also told us that, in terms of models, some common options are the C2 for the price point, P5 for the best value, and I8 for best comfort and the added cooling.

Who Should Purchase A Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are a great choice for people who need relief from back pain and sleep-related issues. For those looking to learn more about their sleep patterns and overall health, Sleep Numbers SleepIQ technology acts as an added resource. Couples with different sleeping preferences might also enjoy the Sleep Number adjustable beds ability to customize firmness for each side of the bed.

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Which Type Of Mattress Is Best For An Adjustable Bed

The following mattress types are commonly found on the market today. Weâve grouped these mattress types together by their consistent features, and some mattress types are better suited for adjustable beds. Keep in mind that there will be variations within each category, and it is important to note that not all mattresses will work with an adjustable bed.

Core Line 25 Year Limited Warranty

Sleep Number 360 i10 Smart Bed Review

Sleep Number®s Core Line of mattresses: C2, C4, P5, P6, I7, I8, and I10 models and Sleep Number® modular bases purchased after May 1, 2017, are covered in the 25-year limited warranty.

It is highly recommended that potential customers and already existing customers read the full warranty policy on the website. There are some important insights and weve listed a couple here:

  • Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty.
  • There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include staining/damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forgetting to keep your original receipt .
  • After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base.

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Sleep Quantity I10 360

Sleep Number is standard for adjustable air beds. The corporateâs DualAir choice is most notable. It boasts two air chambers on the within for customers to decide on their ultimate stage of consolation.

In terms of good beds, the corporate does not disappoint. TheSleep Number i10 360 is amongst three choices of their 360® sequence. In response to the corporate, itâs the most luxurious, sizeable, comfy and expensive.

For the final word sleeping expertise, this mattress brings with it a revolutionary breathable sleep floor that excellently balances temperature. On all sides, customers get pleasure from adjustable firmness and luxury. The mattress not solely responds to actions but additionally adjusts routinely to firmness on each facet.

The SleepIQ® rating supplies insights about sleep high quality for higher sleep. Itâs efficient for absorbing extra warmth after which releasing it guaranteeing customers stay cool as they sleep.

Different notable options of this mattress embody massaging, sleep monitoring, warming, and an unbelievable Firmness Management⢠System. The management system incorporates a pump, air home and distant.

The mattress is offered in cut up California king, California king, FlexTop king, cut up king, king and queen sizes. In terms of base choices, customers can select amongst built-in base and body, Flexfit base, built-in base and Flexfit 3 Sensible base choices.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Classic Series

The under-$1,500 Classic Series is Sleep Numbers entry-level offering, and the mattresses in this line sure feel like it. The 8-inch c2 reminds me of a dormitory bednot surprising, since it contains only 2 inches of foam the rest of the mattress is made up of air encased in the bladder. The c4 has an inch more foam, for a total of 9 inches, and feels only slightly less institutional theres nothing cuddly about it. Unless youre used to sleeping on a mat or you plan on springing for a good mattress topper, we dont recommend this series.

In 2020, Sleep Number updated its 360 Smart Beds, adding temperature-balancing featuresincluding high air-flow fabrics and gel materialsmeant to make the mattresses feel cooler and more breathable.

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Soundasleep Cloudnine Air Mattress

The main selling point of a Classic Mattress from Sleep Number is the amount of adaptive pressure that you can get from the air in the chamber. The digital pumps and remote controls allow users to take the product up and down from different sleep numbers for a more adaptive comfort level. Of course, there arent that many products out there that can provide this sort of technology. Those that do arent all that affordable unless you opt for the model below.

The pros and cons of this Sleep Number alternative.


  • The adjustable comfort levels in the inflation of the mattress
  • The size of the mattress for master bedrooms and guest rooms
  • The speed of the inflation process


  • No padding like a traditional mattress
  • A risk of leaks

An alternative for those that really want to chance to adjust air pressure is to simply opt for an adjustable air mattress instead of a mattress that has the combination of the foam and the air chambers within. This model from SoundAsleep is a popular choice because of the smart pump that has three built-in comfort levels pre-set into its system. One pump inflates the mattress in 4 minutes and the other keeps a steady pressure at the chosen level. It is surprisingly comfortable and reliable as a queen-sized mattress.

Why is this product such a recommendable alternative to a Sleep Number product?

Can You Put A Sleep Number Bed In A Regular Bed Frame

Sleep Number i8 Modular Base Queen Mattress Set

While Sleep Number beds work well with most bed frames, you should make sure that the frame has a solid foundation. A platform bed with slats further apart than 2 and box springs are both poor options for a Sleep Number bed. If youre pairing the mattress with a base, keep in mind that FlexiFit bases have adjustable features that need to be taken into account when thinking about a bed frame.

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    Tuft & Needle Adjustable Frame

    Instead of placing an adjustable base on existing sleep furniture, the Tuft and Needle Adjustable Frame might be a winner for anyone looking for a sleek, minimalist frame design. This flexible frame is designed with steel and wood components that are thin and modern in appearance. The frame comes with hassle-free assembly, customizable height, zero-gravity, and anti-snore functionality.

    However, if youre looking for a more luxurious experience, this model will leave you wanting. It doesnt come with lighting or massage features.

    The Tuft and Needle Base is available in Queen, King, California King, and Split King sizes. Like Nectar, The Tuft and Needle Frame is one for value seekers at $995. It also comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. However, the electrical components are covered by a significantly shorter three-year warranty.

    Sleep Number Flexfit Adjustable Bases

    FlexFit 1: The FlexFit 1 is the most basic Sleep Number base. It allows you to raise the head of your bed, making it a great option if youre someone who likes to read or watch TV in bed before hitting the hay.

    These start at $999.99 for a Twin XL and go up to $2,099.99 for a King.

    FlexFit 2: This base gets a little more technical. You can raise the head andfoot of your bed. You can also gently raise your partners head if he or she starts snoringthis is available only for FlexTop King and Split King sizes. The movement of the base also provides a special zero-gravity feel, as if youre weightlessly floating versus being abruptly moved. Lastly, you can set a timer so the bed automatically returns to your favorite sleeping position at a certain point in the morning or night.

    These start at $1,499.99 and go up to $2,999.99 for a King.

    FlexFit 3: The FlexFit 3 adjustable base includes all the bells and whistles of the FlexFit 2. It also includes massage feature, under-bed lighting, and a foot warming feature

    These start at $1,999.99 and go up to $3,999.99 for a King

    Note: These are all prices for the traditional bed base. Sleep Number also includes a Silhouette option, which is an optional upholstered surrounding for the base. If you get a traditional base, you will be able to see the base legs, so Sleep Number recommends buying a bed skirt if you want to keep them covered. With the Silhouette option, prices go up roughly $600.

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    Sleep Number Warranty Vs Ghost Smartbed Comparison

    According to Sleep Number, they have so much confidence in their products’ quality that they offer awarranty of up to 15 years. The company’s A+ BBB rating further enhances the warranty. This warranty period was reduced recently from the initial 25-year warranty.

    Note: Sleep Number offers two distinct 15-year mattress warranties, one for what they term as Value Beds a.k.a Comfort mattresses and another one for 360 series Smart Beds. For the smart beds, the warranty covers a firmness control system and SleepIQ software and hardware.

    Sleep Number warranty is prorated meaning that the company covers the replacement or repair cost only during the first year. Once this period lapses, buyers will foot part of the cost.

    Here’s a summary of the Sleep Number warranty

    · Day 1the day before 1st anniversary – No cost to the buyer

    · 1st anniversarythe day before 11th anniversary – Buyers pay 30% + 5% for every full ownership year

    · 11th anniversary to 15th anniversary Buyers pay 85%

    GhostBed mattresses are covered by Nature’s Sleep industry-leading 25-yearwarranty. During this period, the company will replace or repair any mattress, component or part should it be defective because of structural defects or faulty workmanship. The warranty is subject to the company’s conditions and limitations as contained in the warranty.

    Here’s a summary of the warranty

    · First 10 years No cost to the buyer

    The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Performance Series

    Flexfit 3 Adjustable Base

    The Performance Series is slightly plusher than the Classic Series. The p5 and cooling pSE each have 4 inches of cushioning, for a total height of 10 inches. The p6, the companys most popular mattress, has an additional inch of cushioning, for an overall thickness of 11 inches.

    Compared with the beds in the Classic line and the Performance lines p5, the p6 felt like a real mattress, the kind with a surface thats adequately cushioned for people who are not particularly high-maintenance. But when I tried the p6 at home, I couldnt shake the feeling that I was sleeping on a rubber raft. The 5 inches of foam wasnt enough for me to nestle into, even with a softer air-bladder setting. Letting out air offered more give, but then the bed didnt feel as supportive, and it still didnt feel fluffy, per se.

    I was left feeling adrift, but my husband, by contrast, loved sleeping on the p6. For once, instead of compromising on my medium-soft-mattress preferences, he could sleep on a firm mattress next to me. It was a sad day for him when we returned this mattress.

    The pSE wasnt available to try at the store when I visited, but Sleep Numbers publicist said it has proprietary ClimaTemp foam that is softer and more plush than whats typically used on the p series. Unfortunately, were not sure exactly how this technology works because Sleep Number doesnt share details about its foam.

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    Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

    • Easy to set up on your own
    • Remote lets you pre-program your position
    • Not as advanced as other models

    This pick is ideal for someone who wants an adjustable base but isn’t ready to spend an arm and a leg on it. But dont let the price fool you it still has all the bells and whistles: it can raise your head and feet and theres a wireless remote that you can use to pre-program your ideal position. It even has built-in USB ports for charging your phone or other devices.

    The brand says it takes just five minutes to set up and you can do it on your own i.e. no scheduling or waiting around for a delivery service to do it for you not to mention, its an Amazon best-seller with hundreds of five-star reviews. There are also mattresses from the brand that you can buy with the base as a set.

    Available sizes: Twin XL, Full, and QueenTrial period:not offered

    Are Sleep Number Adjustable Beds Covered By Insurance

    Medicare covers the cost of adjustable beds only when theyre prescribed by a doctor. Your doctor will need to explain your need for an adjustable bed. The same is true for most private insurance companies. Check directly with your insurance provider to make sure it offers coverage for a Sleep Number adjustable bed.

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    Sleep Number Adjustable Bed Warranties And Trial

    Sleep Numbers FlexFit adjustable beds are warrantied by Leggett & Platt to the original purchaser of the product. The adjustable bed base comes with a full two-year warranty against defects in workmanship or materials.

    Youll also get a limited five-year warranty that replaces any adjustable bed base found to be defective. Finally, youll get a 25-year limited warranty which will replace any adjustable bed base part found to be defective. The 25-year warranty excludes electronics, electrical components, drive motors and massage motors.

    Sleep Number offers a 100-night free trial for its mattresses so you can see if your body adjusts to the new mattress. If you arent happy with your purchase, return the mattress within the 100-day window. Shipping costs apply. The free trial is 30 days for Sleep Number adjustable bed frames.

    Most Popular Sleep Number Beds

    Sleep Number cSE Modular or Adjustable Base Mattress Set on QVC

    The most popular beds in the Sleep Number brand are the Classic 360® c2 and the Innovation 360® i8 Smart Bed. The first makes the list because it offers a lot of design for the price. The second does because it has every Sleep Number bell and whistle they offer.

    Classic 360® c2

    The Classic 360® c2 is the baseline model among all Sleep Number 360 beds. No fancy foam layers. No expensive base. Just 2 inches of fabric and foam on top of the eponymous, adjustable air chamber that basically makes a Sleep Number bed. Its affordable for a Sleep Number mattress and you can still adjust ho firm it feels. Its a budget option, but one with the most attractive mattress feature Sleep Number sells.

    Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8

    The Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8 is 12 inches thick with a soft and breathable fabric cover. The 6-inch comfort layer in the i8 uses two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool. This bed has the dual air chambers that you can adjust to find the right firmness, SleepIQ® tracking, the temperature-balancing surface and the Responsive Air® feature that will add or release air as you shift at night to make the bed more comfortable.

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    Leggett And Platt Prodigy 20

    TheLeggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 is another luxurious adjustable bed that makes a great alternative to the Sleep Number. It boasts these features snoring preset, smartphone remote or app, WallhuggerTM technology, full-body massage, adjustable legs, and pillow tilt.

    Additionally, it features a gentle-wake alarm, sleep timer, two programmable positions, Bluetooth App and USB ports.

    Its 10” cool gel foam mattress has 2-inch cooking airflow memory foam, 6-inch Reflexa foam base and 2-inch engineered latex foam.

    An impressive feature of this bed is its exclusive MicroHook technology that prevents the mattress from slipping. Moreover, it eliminates the need to have a mattress retainer bar.

    A host of high-tech features make it a breeze to control the feature-rich base.

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