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Sleeping A Lot After Car Accident

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Passenger ejected from car after crash into toll plaza

If youve been in a car accident and need treatment for your injuries, contact Integrity Spine and Orthopedics. Our board-certified physicians have experience treating common car crash injuries like whiplash, concussions, soft tissue damage and spine damage. Call us today at 904-456-0017 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online contact form and well get back to you soon.

What To Do For Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident

If you are sleeping a lot after a car accident, follow these steps:

  • Get examined immediately: Time may be of the essence. When it comes to properly diagnosing the cause of sleeping a lot after a car accident, the sooner a person gets the proper diagnostic tests and medical treatment for these symptoms, the sooner they can rule out a potentially life-threatening injury. As an injury lawyer, I always advise people that the sooner they can get the necessary and appropriate medical care, the sooner they can get back on the road to good health and a full recovery, but they key to abnormal snoozing is to rule out a much more serious injury as soon as possible.
  • Get medical treatment and get a referral for the appropriate diagnostic imaging to detect and diagnose why you are sleeping a lot after a car accident. A doctor cant treat you until he or she knows what is causing these symptoms, and the appropriate diagnostic testing often a CT scan will enable your doctor to prescribe the best course of treatment for you and make the appropriate referrals for you.
  • Dont try to tough it out: sleeping a lot after a car accident may be a symptom of a far more serious injury that may even become fatal if you dont seek treatment right away. As a lawyer, Ive seen so many instances where people felt like they didnt want to complain, but within days or weeks what they thought would be a minor injury or something that would go away becomes far more serious.
  • Can I File A Lawsuit If I Sleep A Lot After An Accident

    Yes! You should talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer about whether there is enough evidence to support such a claim. In some cases, the answer is yes in others, no. But regardless of how much sleep you were having before the accident, once you wake up from surgery or hospitalization due to injuries sustained in a car wreck, you need to see a doctor immediately. Your health depends on it.

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    Are You Feeling Excessively Tired After A Recent Car Accident

    When something stressful happens in someones life, it is common to want to go home, lie down and sleep for a bit. Getting some rest is often the bodys way of resetting, and it can allow you to wake up feeling less stressed, more relaxed and more alert. Of course, that is not always what happens, and after a recent car accident, you may have found yourself wanting to sleep more and more.

    Car accidents certainly are stressful and traumatic events. You may have tossed around inside your vehicle more than you even remember, and though the adrenaline in your body had you feeling overly alert, it may have also masked some symptoms of serious injuries. If, after the accident, you went home thinking you did not suffer injuries but felt excessively tired for several days, you may have reason to worry.

    Sleeping after a crash

    As mentioned, sleeping after a stressful situation is normal. After the adrenaline and keyed-up feelings leave your body, you may feel exhausted. However, if you feel overly tired for more than a week after the accident or your fatigue seems beyond normal, you should see a doctor. Rather than just having a sleeping issue, your tiredness could be a symptom of a serious injury.

    Injuries resulting from a car accident

    Compensation for damages

    What Does It Mean To Fail To Remain At The Scene Of An Accident

    Should I Be Sleeping a Lot After a Car Accident?

    Failure to remain or return to the scene of an accident 1 Criminal Code Failure to stop after accident The charge of fail to stop after an accident under section 320.16 2 Highway Traffic Act Fail to remain or stop More

    Offences relating to failure to stop or remain at scene of accident are found in Part VIII.1 of the Criminal Code concerning Offences Relating to Conveyances. Offences under s. 320.16 are hybrid with a Crown election.

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    Seek Medical Care Immediately After A Car Accident

    Not all car accident injuries are visible immediately. Pain and symptoms from concussions, whiplash and spine damage may take hours, days or even weeks to appear. The longer you wait to seek medical care, the higher risk you have of injuries worsening and requiring a more extensive recovery period. Left untreated, accident injuries like whiplash and herniated spinal discs may lead to chronic pain in the future. And untreated concussions or internal bleeding can be life-threatening or cause permanent brain damage.

    Even if you arent in pain after a car accident, see a doctor for a checkup. He or she can run imaging tests to check for internal bleeding, swelling, fractures and soft tissue damage.

    Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident May Mean You Have Depression

    A collision can have a devastating effect on victims lives and the lives of their families. The person is injured, in pain and desperately seeking the proper medical care to recover. Frequently, victims accident-related injuries prevent them from working so theres uncertainty about whether theyre going to support their families. There is uncertainty about when and if life will return to normal.

    Under these circumstances, many victims suffer from depression both as a result of their injuries and in conjunction with their injuries.

    One of the common symptoms of depression is when a victim is sleeping a lot after a car accident.

    If these circumstances exist, then it is essential that the car victim seek immediate medical attention.

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    Sign #: You Lose Your Memory

    Everyone has moments when they struggle to remember what they have done with their keys or they walk out of the house without their phone. If you are suddenly more forgetful than usual or you forget things that you should know solidly, from phone numbers that have been stored in your brain for years to familiar contacts names, it could be a sign of a traumatic head injury.

    Fatigue Related To Depression

    What would happen if you didnt sleep? – Claudia Aguirre

    For some people, unusual daytime sleepiness following a car collision might not result from a physical injury. Often, the emotional fallout from a devastating crash can have a lasting emotional impact on the injury victim. Numerous emotions can come rushing to the victim of a car crash, including guilt and anger. However, sadness is often one of the most overwhelming emotions under these circumstances.

    Depression is a common result from the strong emotions that follow a serious motor vehicle collision. Emotional suffering can be especially difficult to deal with. While outwardly visible injuries are easy for most people to understand, internal hardships like depression are not.

    Cleveland Clinic reports that one of the common symptoms of depression is excessive sleeping. This is not a physical symptom as is the case with a traumatic brain injury. Excessive sleeping due to depression after an injury is an emotional response.

    Some other symptoms that could come with sleeping too much include:

    • Anxiety

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    Sign #: Personality Changes

    Are you starting to notice behavior that is out of character for you, or have your loved ones commented that your behavior is not normal? Personality challenges following a head injury can include increased aggression, depression, acting out, and a decreased ability to read social cues. These simple symptoms can have serious impact, especially if they continue over time.

    If you believe that you have suffered a more severe injury than you initially suspected, it is important to seek treatment as soon as possible. The sooner you consult with your doctor, the sooner you can receive the medical treatment that will help you get things settled back to normal. The symptoms of traumatic brain injury can decrease with time, but they can also worsen, leading to further problems without treatment. Remember, even minor fender benders can lead to serious injury. More than a third of traumatic brain injuries across all age groups are the result of auto accidents.

    Can A Car Accident Cause Pain Months Later

    Muscle strain When you are in a car accident, your body will automatically react in an effort to protect itself. In that process, your muscles tighten to keep itself in place. During the impact, your muscles can be torn or strained as a result. Pain from this type of injury can last for weeks or months.

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    Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident What It Could Mean

    Home » FAQs » Sleeping a Lot After a Car Accident What It Could Mean

    There are many reasons why you might be sleeping a lot after a car accident.

    If you are sleeping a lot after a car accident, it is understandable to wonder what it could mean. Some of the reasons for sleeping a lot might be benign, while others could be a sign of serious health issues.

    If you are concerned with your fatigue or the amount you are sleeping following a car crash, your first call should be to your doctor. Only a medical professional can evaluate your circumstances and advise you on your best course of action. After discussing your case with your doctor, you could benefit from talking about your legal claim with an attorney.

    For a free legal consultation, call

    Postponed Pain After A Car Accident

    Sleeping A Lot After Car Accident: What You Need To Know

    Seeking treatment after a car accident can be complicated due to delayed pain. You may be able to walk away from the scene of a wreck and feel no pain at all, only to awake the next day aching all over.

    This type of postponed pain results from excess adrenaline and endorphins pumping through your body. When youre involved in an accident, your brain releases these chemicals in massive quantities. It does so to give you enough energy to deal with the situation, but it also masks pain in the process.

    Many side effects of a car accident are not apparent until the next day, or perhaps the following week. This delay is why it is so important to seek immediate medical care, no matter the apparent severity of your symptoms.

    Depending on the exact nature of the accident in which you were involved, you may find yourself suffering from:

    • Neck and shoulder pain as a result of a secured seatbelt or deployed airbag. Also known as whiplash.
    • Back pain that results from a sudden impact with a vehicle.
    • Fractured or broken bones that result from physical impact with the doors, ceiling, or dense interior areas of your vehicle.

    Keep in mind that these are not the only injuries of which to be aware. Understanding how shock occurs, and how it affects your body, is vital to understanding delayed pain. It is also essential to recognize psychological injuries in addition to your physical ones.

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    What Happens To Your Back In A Car Accident

    A seemingly mild rear end car crash can cause several Gs of force into your spine. As your vehicle is struck, your seat back moves with your vehicle and compresses against your middle back.

    Sometimes after a car accident where you would think there would be injuries, the people involved feel completely fine. Youd think they would be in a decent amount of pain, but they walk around like nothings happened. This is primarily due to our bodies reaction to trauma.

    What Should I Do If Im Experiencing Symptoms After A Car Accident

    If you experience symptoms like those above or other health concerns after a car accident, you should book an appointment with your doctor.

    Early diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury can allow you to begin treatment earlier, giving you a better chance of making a full recovery.

    Without treatment traumatic brain injuries can lead to long-term illnesses, including epilepsy and neurodegeneration. There is also an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinsons disease and Chronic traumatic encephalopathy .

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    How Are Major Accidents Initiated By Human Failure

    Many major accidents eg Texas City, Piper Alpha, Chernobyl, were initiated by human failure. In order to avoid accidents and ill-health, companies need to manage human failure as robustly as the technical and engineering measures they use for that purpose. Control measures are devised and implemented, preferably by redesign of the task or equipment

    Precise Numbers Of Drowsy

    We Got Into A Car Accident..

    Unfortunately, determining a precise number of drowsy-driving crashes, injuries, and fatalities is not yet possible. Crash investigators can look for clues that drowsiness contributed to a crash, but these clues are not always identifiable or conclusive.

    NHTSAs census of fatal crashes and estimate of traffic-related crashes and injuries rely on police and hospital reports to determine the incidence of drowsy-driving crashes. NHTSA estimates that in 2017, 91,000 police-reported crashes involved drowsy drivers. These crashes led to an estimated 50,000 people injured and nearly 800 deaths. But there is broad agreement across the traffic safety, sleep science, and public health communities that this is an underestimate of the impact of drowsy driving.

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    Has Your Personality Changed After A Car Accident

    Feelings of shock, anger and anxiety are to be expected during and in the aftermath of a car accident. Emotionally you should return to normal as you recover. If you notice youre acting differently after the accident, your brain may have suffered an injury. Behaviour changes such as increased aggression, depression, anxiety and difficulty with social cues are all possible changes stemming from a traumatic brain injury.

    Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident: What It Could Mean

    Home » FAQs » Sleeping a Lot After a Car Accident: What It Could Mean?

    If you are sleeping a lot after a car accident, it could mean that you have a head injury. According to the Mayo Clinic, fatigue and drowsiness can be symptoms of a mild traumatic brain injury, while an inability to awaken from sleep can indicate a moderate to severe brain injury. Complications from traumatic brain injuries can range from temporary brain damage to long-term brain damage or even death.

    If you suffer from brain damage or other injuries from a car accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to financial compensation for your past and future medical bills and vehicle repairs, as well as a diminished quality of life.

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    What Is The Most Common Car Crash

    The 4 Most Common Types of Car Accidents Rear-end collisions. Rear-end collisions are the most common type of automobile accidents. Side-impact collisions. Commonly referred to as a T-bone but nowhere near as delicious, a side-impact collision is exactly what the name describes: one car impacting the side of another vehicle. Head-on collisions. Multi-vehicle collisions.

    Seek Chiropractic Care Soon After Your Accident

    Sleeping A Lot After Car Accident: What You Need To Know

    There are many positive benefits to seeking out chiropractic care.

    Though you may be feeling overwhelmed, its best to get treated as quickly as possible. It is crucial to keep in mind that chiropractors recommend weekly or bi-weekly visits, which can become a drain on your finances. The , though it is vital to get an initial diagnosis, as it will save you time, pain, and money in the long run.

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    Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident Could Mean You Have Suffered A Tbi

    If you were injured and you have been sleeping a lot after your car accident, then you should seek immediate medical attention because that may be a sign that you have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

    Left undiagnosed and untreated, a TBI including brain hemorrhage could be life threatening or result in a lifelong disability.

    Sleep problems, including snoozing more than normal, is one of the most common symptoms of a TBI. Research has shown that brain injury survivors are three times more likely to suffer sleep disorders and 60% of TBI survivors have long-term sleep difficulties. Additionally, research has found that up to 70% of all mild TBI survivors report experiencing poor sleep or excessive sleep after their injury.

    Because of the violent forces involved in a collision, a persons brain may be seriously injured even though there may be no accompanying physical signs of the trauma that has taken place. One of the ways the brain damage manifests itself is by affecting the injured persons normal sleep patterns and routines.

    How Long Does Shock Last After An Accident

    Most of the time, shock wont go away on its own, so it will linger until you receive medical help. If you dont urgently seek medical attention, you may end up hospitalized for weeks. Sadly, some people die from multiple organ failure. Continue reading to learn about the five major types of physical shock below.

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    Can I Sue For Sleeping A Lot After A Car Accident

    Yes. If your auto insurance company refuses to pay for or cuts-off No-Fault benefits related to the injuries that result in you sleeping a lot after a car accident, then you can sue for unpaid, overdue medical bills, attendant care, medical mileage, replacement services and lost wages because your injuries have prevented you from returning to work.

    You can also sue the at-fault driver for pain and suffering compensation as a result of your collision-related injuries, but you will first have to show that the other driver was at-fault for causing the the crash and that your back pain constitutes a serious impairment of body function under our auto law.

    Additionally, you may be able to sue the at-fault driver for other economic damages, such as excess and future medical bills and lost wages.

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