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Adjustable Bed For Sleep Apnea

Best Foam Mattress For Sleep Apnea

Do Adjustable Beds HELP With Snoring & Sleep Apnea? // A No Bull Guide

Zoma Mattress with Adjustable Bed

  • Price: $
  • Type: Foam
  • Height: 11 inches

The Zoma Mattress features a blend of cooling gel foam and a breathable top layer designed to prevent overheating .

The mattress is compatible with Zomas adjustable bed frame that comes with a handy wireless remote, so you can adjust your sleeping position without getting out from under your cozy covers.

Simply Sleep Flex Low Profile

Dont just be comfortable be really comfortable!

With the Flex Low Profile bed you can silently and easily adjust the head end of the bed up to a full seating position, and the independent foot end adjustment means you can be sure of getting the best position for your comfort and support.

The cordless remote control handset has a button you can simply and easily program with the perfect setting for you. One touch and it will automatically set the programmed position, and theres also a pre-programmed one-touch button to return the bed to the flat position.

And the remote handset also has a convenient inbuilt torch, which means no more fumbling around in the dark if you need to get up during the night.

The Flex Low Profile range of electric adjustable beds is available Long Single, Double, King Single and Queen sizes.

Or, add two together to create Split King and Split Super King sizes to get the comfort and flexibility of independent adjustment on each side of the bed.

The Flex Low Profile range is upholstered in a durable dark charcoal easy-care fabric, and has two motors with an ergonomic hand piece right at your fingertips for all controls and complete adjustable comfort.

Do Adjustable Beds Help With Snoring

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and hear an unpleasant wheezing and rumbling from the other side of the bed? Or perhaps youre the snoring culprit in your household, keeping others from getting the good nights sleep they crave.

Besides the potential nuisance, snoring can also reduce your quality of sleep. And if youve already tried face wraps, essential oils, and other popular remedies, you might be left wondering, what is an adjustable bed anddo adjustable beds help with snoring?

In many cases, the answer is yes, although that depends on the root issue behind the snore. In this short guide, well go over the causes of snoring, the ways an adjustable mattress can help, and the other benefits of a customizable incline.

Minimize snoring and say hello to quieter sleep with the Casper Adjustable Bed Frame, designed to elevate your sleeping position and help with some of the causes of snoring.

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Best Mattress For Back Pain And Sleep Apnea

Personal Comfort A10 Bed

  • Type: Adjustable airbed
  • Height: 15 inches

This adjustable mattress features a cooling top layer and a thick comfort layer designed for a plush feel. You can adjust the firmness to accommodate side or stomach sleeping positions.

The flex head model also allows users to independently adjust the head position on each side of the bed. This feature may be helpful if you have sleep apnea and prefer to sleep on your back.

When shopping for a mattress for sleep apnea, heres what to consider:

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers With Sleep Apnea

Electric adjustable beds are not only used for sleep apnea ...

Helix Midnight

  • Type: Hybrid
  • Height: 12 inches

Like stomach sleeping, sleeping on your side is better than laying on your back if you have sleep apnea. The Helix Midnight mattress is specifically intended for side sleepers and people who tend to toss and turn at night.

The medium-firm surface is designed to provide pressure point relief where side sleepers need it most: at the hips and shoulders. Reviewers also say the mattress has solid edge support.

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The Best Sleep Position For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

One of the most important recommendations for sleep apnea is your sleep posture, and the experts all agreed that side-sleeping is optimal for sleep apnea relief.

First off, they should find a mattress that provides excellent pressure relief for side sleeping studies have shown that side sleeping can be the best position for curbing snoring and sleep apnea, says mattress expert and CPAP-user Marten Carlson of the mattress research site Mattress Clarity.

Sleeping on either side of the body can keep the tongue and muscles of the throat and palate from falling into the throat and causing snoring or sleep apnea, writes Rose MacDowell, Chief Research Officer at Sleepopolis.

The difference is dramatic, with one study finding the severity of apnea incidents to be twice as high when participants slept on their back as opposed to a side position.

Its also more comfortable for those using CPAP machines, adds Hannah Edmonds, sleep expert at Thus the right type of mattress for sleep apnea should promote comfortable sleeping on the side to open your airways and help you breathe more easily while you sleep. Proper posture, or neutral spine, is another aspect that should be on the mattress shopping list of sleep apnea sufferers.

Raising Your Head Reduces Throat Obstructions

If you sleep on your back in a flat position, gravity pulls your neck down on itself. This can obstruct your airway. In contrast, when you position the base of an adjustable bed so that your head is propped up, you take some of the weight off your neck, eliminating the obstruction and helping you to sleep more soundly.

A mountain of pillows can provide a similar effect, and you may even want to play with the pillows on your current bed to see if changing positions helps you. Over the long term, however, pillows dont provide firm support and you may roll off them in the middle of the night. With an adjustable base on your mattress, even if you toss and turn during the night, your head always stays elevated.

Some people try to simulate the effect of an adjustable bed by sleeping in a recliner or a chair, but again, that doesnt offer the long-lasting comfort you need for a good nights sleep. It can also be hard on your back.

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Practice Healthy Side Sleeping

Though side sleeping is considered to be healthy, some sleepers may be sleeping in this position improperly. Its common for side sleepers to sleep with their arms raised around pillows, adding tension around their necks.

Its better to keep your arms in front of you while side sleeping. Try your best to avoid placing your arms flat under your body, as this will likely put a strain on your shoulders.

We also recommend right-side sleeping as a healthy option. Lying on the right side of your body creates more space in the chest cavity and reduces pressure on the heart muscle, which is especially good for those with cardiovascular conditions.

How To Choose The Adjustable Bed Frame

Why EveryBODY needs an adjustable bed!

When choosing an adjustable bed frame, you should consider all the factors you are considering when buying another type of furniture. First think about the functionality and your needs. Do you have a health problem or do you just want to be more comfortable watching TV? This will affect the type of adjustable bed frame you will buy, as prices vary significantly. Also pay attention to some general things, such as reviews, manufacturers reputation, free delivery and assembly.

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How To Choose An Adjustable Bed For Seniors

Due to their more complex design, there are several unique factors to consider when purchasing an adjustable bed as opposed to a standard foundation. Youll have to make sure it is compatible with your mattress and your existing bed frame, if applicable. Its also a good idea to note the weight of the frame, ease of assembly, warranty and shipping policies, and extra features such as the ability to move both sides independently.

How Adjustable Beds Prevent Snoring

An adjustable bed ergonomically reclines to help open your airways for better breathing. It works mostly with mattresses designed to contour with the bodys sleeping position.

If you find yourself snoring or diagnosed with sleep apnea, heres how an adjustable bed from Solace Sleep can help you out.

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Benefits Of Adjustable Beds For Side Sleepers

Sleeping on an adjustable bed is proven to be helpful for several medical conditions. Most individuals love adjustable beds because they help ease joint pain, making it easier for them to fall asleep. Others may look to purchase these beds to help them alleviate snoring. Below, we discuss some of the ways adjustable beds benefit your health and wellness.

Whats The Best Sleeping Position To Prevent Sleep Apnoea

Best Wedge Pillow for Sleep Apnea Reviews 2020

Many people who suffer with sleep apnoea spend much of their nights sleeping on their back. This sleep posture can cause the sleepers tongue to fall back into their throat, making sleep apnoea worse.

If using a standard bed and mattress, the best sleeping position for sleep apnoea is lying and sleeping on your side. However, with an adjustable bed you can easily lie on your back in a position you find comfortable, all while maintaining a posture that helps prevent sleep apnoea.

Rather than lying flat on a standard mattress , these electrical beds can be inclined at the head to help adjust the windpipe and open up the back of the mouth, making it easier to sleep. Sleeping in a riser recliner chair can also have the same effect.

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Complex Sleep Apnea Syndrome

Complex sleep apnea syndrome is an uncommon reaction to being treated for obstructive sleep apnea in which the body manifests the symptoms of central sleep apnea. It is considered a combination of both types that happens in the initial stages of treating obstructive sleep apnea with a CPAP machine. The body may occasionally initiate a secondary reaction in addition to the obstructive sleep apnea resulting in the complex sleep apnea syndrome diagnosis.

Why You Can Trust Us

The experience and expertise our team brings to the table isnt limited to mattresses alone. Each member is well-versed in a wide range of sleep products, including adjustable beds. For this list, weve personally evaluated dozens of adjustable beds sold today. From budget-friendly options to high-end models loaded with advanced technology, all of our top picks stand out from the competition.

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The Materials Make The Mattress

Make sure the materials are hypoallergenic and keep allergy sufferers in mind, suggests Carolyn Burke, Research Writer at Sleep Advisor.

If you have breathing problems the last thing you would want is a mattress that increases your breathing problems, points out Ben Trapskin, founder of the popular mattress review site Sleep Sherpa. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for natural and organic materials as opposed to synthetic ones. Synthetic mattresses are known to contain volatile organic compounds that trigger conditions of asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems.

However, if your mattress of choice isnt made of natural materials, the experts all echoed that you should seek one that is hypoallergenic and/or contains antimicrobial properties.

Why You Should Consider An Adjustable Bed

Contour Products CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 – Full Length Video

An adjustable bed can be a great investment for people who live with back pain because sleeping upright may be more comfortable than using a flat surface. Chronic snorers can also benefit from using an adjustable bed, as elevating the head can help open the airway, while people with low blood pressure can increase their circulation by lifting the foot of their bed. Most adjustable beds allow sleepers on both sides of the mattress to program their own settings, so you and your partner can sleep at different angles depending on your individual needs.

If youre looking for a mattress to go with your adjustable bed, check out our recommendations for the best adjustable bed mattresses.

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Use An Adjustable Bed Frame

While it’s generally recommended to sleep on your side if you have any breathing difficulties, some people strongly prefer to lie on their backs. As you can imagine, this position can be problematic. However, an adjustable bed frame helps make this position doable.

By elevating your head and upper body, you allow for your air pathways to remain open throughout the night. If you dont have an adjustable bed frame, and youre resistant to investing in one, a wedge pillow propped underneath your shoulders can also help.

Do Adjustable Bed Frames Come With Extra Features

Many adjustable beds dont just have the ability to incline. They also boast additional features to help melt away aches and improve sleep. Some adjustable beds have massage features. Some have built-in heating elements. Others sport convenience features like vibrating alarms, USB charging ports, under-bed lighting, and more.

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Can A Bed With An Adjustable Base Help Ease Sleep Apnea Symptoms

Over 22 million people in the United States suffer from sleep apnea and nearly 80% of cases remain undiagnosed. Sleep apnea leads to restless nights and can be linked to serious health issues. In addition to conventional treatments such as CPAP machines or surgery, you may want to consider a bed with an adjustable base.

Adjustable Hospital Beds For Sleep Apnea

Best mattress Type for Sleep Apnea, EDS, Herniated Disc ...

With an adjustable hospital bed, sleep apnea sufferers can sleep in a position that minimizes the airway blockages that wake them up.

Sleep apnea causes snoring, pauses in breathing, and disturbed sleep. In addition to enhanced comfort and hygiene, home hospital beds allow sleep apnea sufferers to adjust their sleeping position to conform with medical advice.

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Do Adjustable Bed Frames Help With Sleep Apnea

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea, it could make a lot of sense. Daytime drowsiness, difficulty dealing with others, increased irritability, insomnia, and dealing with dry mouth upon awakening may be symptoms you have had to suffer through.

If sleep apnea is what is causing those symptoms, knowing this can help you better address the problems and identify solutions to help you improve the quality of your sleep, with some of the best bed frames for example, and how you feel when you are awake.

Your partner, if you sleep with one, may also really appreciate your steps in trying to fix your sleep apnea, because the condition is associated with extremely loud, snoring.

Helps Patients With Mobility Issues

People who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, such as those with arthritis, may find an adjustable bed makes things easier. Do you have problems sitting up and lying down from a flat position? Changing your beds settings can make the bed do a lot of that work for you. This may help people with disabilities increase independence because they no longer need assistance to get in and out of bed.

Of course, to fully realize the benefits of easier movement, its essential to pair your adjustable bed with the right mattress for arthritis. If you choose a low-quality and unsupportive mattress, you may feel stuck in the surface as you move about.

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Treatment Options For Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the airway becomes blocked, typically by the soft tissues in the back of the throat relaxing during sleep. Being overweight and having a large neck circumference increases your risk for OA. Other risk factors include being male, age over 40, family history of sleep apnea, smoking, and having large tonsils or adenoids. Risk factors for central sleep apnea include being male or middle-aged, having a heart disorder, using narcotic pain medications, and history of stroke.

An evaluation of symptoms and physical exam may help your doctor determine whether you have sleep apnea, but a sleep test will likely be required to confirm the diagnosis.

Treatment for sleep apnea often includes lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking and losing weight. Treatment for related conditions such as allergies may help relieve symptoms and physical blockages can sometimes be repaired surgically. In more severe cases, you may require an oral device to keep the throat open or a continuous positive airway pressure machine that uses air pressure to keep your airway open during sleep.

You should always follow your doctors advice when it comes to medical treatment, but there are other things you can do that might help you sleep better. Switching to an adjustable bed or upgrading your mattress may help improve the quality of your sleep.

How To Assemble The Adjustable Bed Frame

Envyy Sleep-to-Stand Bed – The Ultimate Adjustable Bed

Although it seems much more complicated, assembling an adjustable bed frame is very similar to assembling any other bed frame. The most important thing is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer. Also, you should not try to assemble any bed frame yourself, but seek the help of at least one other person.

This will significantly speed up the process, and most bed frames cannot be assembled alone at all, but have to be done by two people. Pay attention to the parts that will move, including adjustable legs, avoid tightening the screws too much, as this can make operating significantly more difficult. If it has under bed lighting, that is one more thing you have to pay attention.

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Does An Adjustable Bed Help With Back Pain

Do you have spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, or other back issues? An adjustable bed could be a lifesaver. Sleeping with the upper body and legs elevated can:

  • Reduce strain on your spine
  • Alleviate muscle tension
  • Take pressure off the vertebral column

This relieves pain and helps you get a better nights sleep.

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