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Beds Comparable To Sleep Number

Legget & Plat Prodigy 20 Split King

IDLE Air Adjustable Mattress Review and Comparison to Sleep Number Beds!

The last smart bed from our list is Legget & Plat Prodigy 2.0 Split King bed with over 14-inches of thickness to conform to your body and provide the best sleeping experience youve ever had.

Multiple zones adjust to certain body parts, but what we liked the most is that there is a pillow tilt base that lets you adjust your head any way you want. That works by having three motors, whereas the third motor provides less strain on the other two and helps adjust the head and feet.

The wall hugger tech is also important because it makes you closer to the wall and accessing all your necessities on the bed. The bed also utilizes several benefits for those who are looking for a pure smart bed. It comes with an Alarm Wake System which will use a gentle wave massage with the vibrating function you can adjust, as well as the sleep timer.

Lastly, the mobile control app is available for Apple and Android despite the remote, as well as 4-port USB plugs on both sizes. It also comes with illumination for the underside of the bed, so that you can stand up in the night and not trip over.

Key features:

  • Amazing 25-year warranty.
  • A lot of smart features like timer and alarm clock, as well as manual control from the Android Phone or iPhone.
  • Impeccable comfort and customization of sleeping experience.
  • Cool to touch and provides breezy sleeping experience with adequate air support.
  • Dual-Side massage feature will relax you after waking up or before going to sleep.

Sleepscore Labs Superior Sleep Measurement Technology App

SleepScore Labs offers a highly accurate, no-contact sleep tracking app for no cost whatsoever! No other measurement technology is more accurate or extensively tested versus PSG with 14+ published studies. Download the App from Apple or google play and start improving your sleep today!

Until now, an airbed could only be adjusted for firmness, not support. With our new innovative zone technology, you have the ability to adjust the lumbar zone separately to add low back support like you can in some automobiles. This offers a truly supportive and individually customizable system for your body!

Customer Reviews Of Each Mattress Model

For our readers whod like some insight into how others found our top recommendations for Sleep Number Bed alternatives, we have summarised their reviews and statements for you below.Air-Pedic Mattress It has everything youll want from a smart mattress, including separate low back adjustable support to prevent loss of support to the hips and lower spine, as well as other advanced features such as their patented Airflow Transfer System to give you up to 100 times more breathability.

Best Higher Price Alternative

Although Sleepify stands by the Live & Sleep as being the most ideal alternative to the Sleep Number Bed, users did outline that the edge support on the mattress was a little too soft. The temperature of the mattresss core was also an issue for sleepers who did find it a bit too warm.

Personal Comfort A2 Bed

From all summarised reviews, the Personal Comfort A2 Bed is looking to be the overall winner, with a significant majority of users outlining that the comfort of the mattress, features and excellent price make it the most ideal on our list. One negative point was made about durability, however, with users worried about longevity.

Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Set

The most common reaction from this mattress and bed frame combo was mostly from shock value. The feature set and incredible movement technology make the bed a fan favorite, though the high cost was a negative point for most users. For the remote, sensitivity was the most common complaint.

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How Does That Work

Dual Air Adjustability

Many people sleep with their partner in bed and they have different sleeping preferences. Some people prefer sleeping on the firmer mattresses while some like sinking in infinite plushness. Thats why Dual Air Adjustability helps adjust the comfort at each side of the bed, providing a superior sleeping experience.

Responsive Air Technology

Similarly to Dual Air Adjustability, this feature smartly adjusts the air inflation inside the mattress as users move throughout the sleep. The feature uses artificial intelligence to adjust to your sleeping style and keep you deep asleep, preventing waking up tired and drained.

Given there are a lot of Sleep Number options, some models may be more sophisticated and boast even more premium features. Such as:

  • Superior Pressure Relief The smart mattress uses adjustable layers with zoned pressure points that help alleviate pressure from your joints, knees, ankles, and other parts of the body while promoting healthy posture and sleeping positions.
  • Temperature Balancing Sleeping Surface For some people, sleeping can get unbearably comfortable with poor temperature regulation, that come with a lot of traditional memory foam mattresses. The sleeping surface automatically adjusts the cooling and air temperature ensuring more breathability before the user notices its gotten too hot.

Where Are They Sent

Sleep Number Bed Reviews

Puffy sends your mattress to any component of the USA and Canada. The dispatch is made through FedEx. Its delivered from the factory to FedEx within two working days and arrives at the clients address between three or four working days.

The transport is free to the continental USA.

Watch this video. You do not want to miss it:

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How Sleep Number Mattresses Compare

The low end of each price range refers to the size noted in the chart. The high end refers to a split or flextop California king bed, unless noted. Split and flextop mattresses are the same pricea split mattress works for a base that adjusts only the upper body a flextop works for one that adjusts to both upper and lower bodyand theyre around $200 to $600 more expensive than a regular mattress of the same size.

Sleep Number Classic Series Sleep Number Performance Series Sleep Number Innovation Series Sleep Number Memory Foam
10 inches 12 inches 13 inches 12 inches 11 inches 10 inches 11 inches

How To Choose The Right Mattress

First off, if your current mattress is 7-10 years old and you’re experiencing more body aches and pains, it’s time to buy a new mattress. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Choosing the right mattress doesn’t have to be a hassle, follow these guidelines to find the right one for you!

  • Choose a mattress based on your individual needs. If you’re looking for plushier support that adapts to your body’s shape, a memory foam mattress is the best choice. If you want a more firm, traditional, feel an innerspring mattress is what you want. For the best of both worlds, get a hybrid mattress.
  • Get proper lumbar support. The majority of your body weight is positioned in what is called the “center third” of the mattress. Find a mattress that has excellent lumbar support as it prevents and alleviates pain in the back and hips. If you are looking for extra support, Saatva’s unique lumbar zone technology might be a best fit.
  • Find a mattress with a long in-home trial. You want to be able to test your mattress over an extended period of time to really make sure this is the right one for you. Look for a company that offers a risk-free in-home sleep trial. Nectar offers a 365-day trial.

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The Best Smart Beds Of 2020 According To Sleep Experts

Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to keep most people at home, there may be one beneficial side effect Americans are overturning the nations reputation for chronic sleep deprivation and sleeping almost 20 percent longer. Whether or not you fall in that category, you may be considering how you can improve your sleep environment. After all, good sleep is essential to keeping healthy and reduce stress, especially during high-anxiety periods that can disrupt many routines. Can a smart bed or high-tech mattress help you on the journey to the land of nod? We consulted sleep experts, including a sleep physician, researcher and coach on how to choose a smart bed that works for your needs.

One size does not fit all. For the best support, a mattress should conform to your weight and form, with different amounts of density where the body is heavier or lighter

Bert Jacobson, head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation, Oklahoma State University

Troubleshooting And Replacement Costs

ReST Bed Review ( vs Sleep Number Comparison)!

Asupport section with content and videos to help with replacement costs and troubleshooting is available on the company’s site.

Need assistance identifying the replacement part needed? Have a warranty claim? Users that need assistance with troubleshooting or replacement parts shouldcontact the company.

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What Are The Negatives Of A Sleep Number Bed


  • Problems with the design. Mattresses with two independent air chambers are more like two different mattresses joined together by a foam insert in the center. Noise. Low buzzing sounds accompany the adjustments, which may be disturbing to light sleepers. Extras that may or may not be essential. All Sleep Number beds are equipped with smart functions as standard.
  • Price.

What Are The Best Sleep Number Bed Alternative Options

So you want to find out the best Sleep Number bed and its alternative options to lead you with the most comfortable and customizable bed you could ask for?

Sleep Number beds are known for its incredible airbeds which feature responsive air technology, dual adjustability, and SleepIQ technology that allows you to track your sleeping pattern.

The firmness customization of the bed is the trademark of the Sleep Number brands. In this alternative sleep number beds review, I give you beds that are a great substitute if you want the Sleep Number quality at a more affordable price and greater features.

Listed Products and Content

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Why Does My Sleep Number Bed Sag In The Middle

sinking in the middle of the mattress when the air chambers are not properly supported on all four sides can occur with Sleep Number ® Beds. A FACT: Sleep Number® Bed air chambers require solid support on all four sides in order for your body to be raised and lowered to the level of comfort that you prefer.

Is Sleep Number The Best Mattress

Sleep Number i10 Bed compared to Personal Comfort A10 ...

Sleep Number is one of the most well known mattress brands and has good scores from customers on initial comfort with its number firmness technology. However, there are some complaints about durability on the electronics, pumps, and air technology, which cause customers concern about value over time.

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At Casper We Go The Extra Length

Have you been looking far and wide for the perfect mattress to accommodate different sleep needs and preferences?

Look no further.

At Casper, weve used innovative technologies to create four different mattress materials in six different sizes. Our risk-free 100-day trial* lets you experiment with the right size and material for your preference. Whether youre looking for buttery softness or powerful cooling technology, check out Caspers buttery soft king size sheet sets.

In addition to our standard six sizes, we even have a Split King bed setup available so you and your partner each have individual control. Take advantage of our free door-to-door shipping and find the one mattress that helps you both get sufficient sleep.

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Lucid L300 Adjustable Bed Base

  • Easy to set up on your own
  • Remote lets you pre-program your position
  • Not as advanced as other models

This pick is ideal for someone who wants an adjustable base but isnt ready to spend an arm and a leg on it. But dont let the price fool you it still has all the bells and whistles: it can raise your head and feet and theres a wireless remote that you can use to pre-program your ideal position. It even has built-in USB ports for charging your phone or other devices.

The brand says it takes just five minutes to set up and you can do it on your own i.e. no scheduling or waiting around for a delivery service to do it for you not to mention, its an Amazon best-seller with hundreds of five-star reviews. There are also mattresses from the brand that you can buy with the base as a set.

Available sizes: Twin XL, Full, and QueenTrial period:not offered

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Sleep Number Mattress Vs Alternative Mattress

Should you get a Sleep Number mattress?

That depends on many things.

Sleep Number Mattresses are a great choice for sleepers that are looking for a way to customize firmness of their bed for maximum comfort. Especially for those who like different firmness levels depending on the sleep position.

Still, here are some considerations when selecting a Sleep Number vs Alternatives:

Who Might Not Want A Sleep Number

How is an isense mattress different than a Sleep Number mattress?
  • People who love memory foam Depending on what is available, there are one possibly two Sleep Number models that offer a comfort layer made with memory foam. Those who love the feel of classic memory foam will be limited on Sleep Number beds, which are at their core adjustable air beds.
  • Couples who like to sleep close together One of the biggest complaints from couples is that a sagging/division is created in between the dual air chambers on the bed. Couples who like to sleep close or cuddle in the center of the bed feel as those they are sinking into the middle of the bed.

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Core Line 25 Year Limited Warranty

Sleep Number®s Core Line of mattresses: C2, C4, P5, P6, I7, I8, and I10 models and Sleep Number® modular bases purchased after May 1, 2017, are covered in the 25-year limited warranty.

It is highly recommended that potential customers and already existing customers read the full warranty policy on the website. There are some important insights and weve listed a couple here:

  • Sleep Number will essentially cover the cost of a manufacturing or product defect in full for the first two years of the warranty.
  • There are several things you can do to void your warranty. Some of these include staining/damaging your mattress with liquids or fluids, ripping off the legal tag, opening the remote and forgetting to keep your original receipt .
  • After the first two years, you are responsible for a portion of the price needed for any repairs or replacements to your mattress or base.

Understanding The Sleep Number Bed And Smart Mattresses

To keep things simple, well go over the features and solutions that the most basic Sleep Number bed offers sleepers, and this model is the C2 Bed Set. Its the most affordable variant, which means that if youre looking to buy into the Sleep Number brand on the cheap, this will be your only option.

Youll notice that the most significant differences between all of the Sleep Number beds are their mattress thickness and foam covering. All of the mattresses offer comparable sleep quality and comfort, with major differences merely coming from the air pumps and foam padding surrounding them.

For those wanting some insight into the intelligent and adaptable air pumps, we can outline that the process works quite simply:

The bed is connected to an air pump, which works to inflate or deflate each of the air chambers within the mattress. Youll use the provided remote to adjust the Sleep Number Beds air chambers to suit your personal comfort preferences, or youre able to leave it to the Sleep Number Beds Responsive Air® technology which adjusts automatically as you sleep.

Air Bed Deflation and Overnight Changes

One big question our readers have is whether air mattresses deflate or flatten throughout the night. Were able to say that yes, it will slowly deflate and change overnight without you doing anything, which is simply a result of mattresses not being completely airtight and your sleep position.

Looking After Inflatable Beds

Flipping Inflatable Memory Foam Mattresses

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Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

Adjustable Bases & Additional Features

Tempurpedic vs. Sleep Number Comparison in 2020 ...

Other add-ons for both brands include adjustable bases loaded with features, as well as warming and cooling options. Tempur-Pedic offers mattresses like the PRObreeze and LUXEbreeze that feel 3 degrees and 8 degrees cooler than the normal TEMPUR-Adapt mattress respectively. Meanwhile, Sleep Numbers top-end adjustable base, the FlexFit 3, has a foot-warming feature.

Speaking of mattress bases and foundations, both Sleep Number and Tempur recommend using their own bases. Those old box springs just wont cut it. Both brands have options for flat foundations, but to get the full functionality, youll really need their adjustable base.

Sleep Number has a lineup of 3 adjustable bases ranging in price from $1,199* to $2,399*. Tempur-Pedic has a line of 4 adjustable bases ranging from $849* to $2,199*. Although, we have to give the edge to Tempur-Pedic here as they are the only ones offering 2-zone and 4-zone massage functions on some of their bases.

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