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Sleep Number Split King Mattress

Purple Mattress + Power Base

How To Make Your Sleep Number® FlexTop King Bed

ThePurple Mattress + Power Base features a unique technology with a design and feel unlike others. The company’s Comfort Grid technology performs well in terms of pressure relief and spine alignment.

The Power Base is neatly done to elevate a user’s sleeping experience. Its combination with the mattress offers adjustable positions and full-body massage for the lower and upper body to enhance a restful sleep at night.

This Sleep Number bed alternative is a great choice for hot sleepers, courtesy of its open-grid comfort layer that dissipates heat. Some of its other impressive features include under-bed lighting, anti-snore position, zero gravity setting, customizable positions and a smooth, resonant-frequency massage.

Why Needs A Split King Bed

A split king mattress is a great choice for couples, parents with children, or twin siblings that share a bedroom. This type of mattress provides plenty of room to sleep comfortably without taking up too much space in the bedroom.

A split king is especially helpful for parents with children because the mattress allows you to move the top section to different areas in the room, creating smaller sleeping spaces. With this arrangement, kids can have their own bed without taking up too much space in the bedroom. The split king also provides more personal space so couples dont feel like they are sleeping on top of each other.

As you sAdults often appreciate the split king because it provides enough room for two people to sleep comfortably without feeling cramped or taking up too much space in a small bedroom. Split king mattresses are also a great option for couples with different preferences because one person can sleep near the middle while another prefers sleeping near the edge of the mattress.

Having a king-size bed is ideal for couples, but it can take up too much bedroom space if two people are sharing the room. A split king provides twice as much sleeping space without taking up twice as much floor space.

Sleep Positions And Body Type

A sleeper can experience pain with a plush mattress when their perfect firmness is a firm mattress. To avoid getting the wrong firmness, consider your preferred sleep position and body type.

The best mattresses for side sleepers are plush to medium in firmness, as these beds can alleviate pressure points and pain.

If you need a comfortable mattress for back sleeping, youll likely prefer something medium to medium-firm. A firmer mattress prevents the hips from sinking below the stomach, leading to herniated discs, sciatica, and lower back pain.

The best mattresses for stomach sleepers are firm, as firm beds prevent back pain in this sleeping position. Firm mattress materials prevent the sleepers hips and shoulder from bowing into the bed, causing misalignment.

Light people dont have the weight to sink into a firm mattress. A soft mattress contours to petite sleepers to compensate for the lack of pressure, offering conformability and pressure relief.

Heavy people sink just enough into firm mattresses enough that the mattress conforms closely and relieves pressure points. Heavy people should avoid sleeping on overly soft mattresses as the hips and shoulders could sink, causing spinal misalignment and pain.

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King Vs Split King: Whats The Difference

By Sanchita SenCertified Sleep Coach

Both king and split king are the largest standard mattress sizes on the market. Their wider size allows for more personal space, so couples dont feel crowded. But which mattress

Both king and split king are the largest standard mattress sizes on the market. Their wider size allows for more personal space, so couples dont feel crowded. But which mattress should you choose? We share information on both sizes, including benefits and drawbacks.

Most Common Problems With Split King Adjustable Beds

Sleep Number Split King Adjustable Bed
  • Difficulty Cuddling The differences in each side of your Split King may not be conducive to snuggling with your partnerand theres also the matter of the crevice between you! Some couples aim to mitigate the issue by using one sheet for both mattresses, but this introduces the new problem of not being able to use the adjustable base separately.
  • Time Consuming When changing the two sets of sheets, you may feel like youre doing double the work.
  • Price Split Kings with adjustable bases are expensive.
  • Noise The mechanisms of the adjustable base movement could be loud.
  • FrameComplications You may have difficulty finding a compatible headboard.

These issues are manageable, but youll need to prepare yourself before making such a significant investment.

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Sleep Number Innovation Series I8 Vs Tempur

The i8 is one of three mattresses in Sleep Numbers Innovation line, which has above-average pricing and is the most luxurious of the three Sleep Number lines. While the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR ProAdapt doesnt have adjustable air chambers, it comes in three firmness settings: soft, medium, and firm.

Qualities the mattresses share include a 12 height, deep pressure relief, and a high price point. The i8 and the TEMPUR ProAdapt can accommodate a wide range of sleepers, have high-quality construction, and have great durability ratings.

What Is A Split King Mattress

A split king mattress is exactly as it sounds: a king that is split down the middle to form two separate mattresses. When put together, the dimensions are approximately 76 inches by 80 inches, which is the same as a traditional king. Apart, each mattress is a twin XL: 38 inches by 80 inches. Well examine the pros and cons of split king mattresses as well as discuss who might prefer this option.

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What Makes It The Coolest Bed In The World

The GhostBed Luxe is made using state-of-the-art, next-generation cooling technology. There are 2 stages of cooling that work together to keep you cool all night long:

  • Stage 1: Youll feel instantly cool thanks to our Ghost Ice Fabric, featuring cooling properties woven directly into the yarn. This revolutionary fabric neutralizes your body heat to keep your sleeping surface cool and comfortable.
  • Stage 2: Directly below the cover is our patent-pending Ghost Ice Layer, designed to sense heat and adjust throughout the night. Typically, your natural body heat gets trapped within the layers of your mattress, leaving you hot and sweaty. Our cooling technology tempers this effect with phase-change material. As the night progresses, the Ghost Ice Layer absorbs heat and prevents it from reaching the core of the mattress. The result? You sleep through the night and wake up cool and refreshed.

Eliminating A Split King Gap

Sleep Number Special Edition w/ADAT SK Adjustable Mattress Set with Rick Domeier

The ratchet strap method may solve most gap issues but presents sleepers with the problem of not entirely securing their Twin XL sheets. If the sheet issue bothers you, but so does the gap, you can invest in a Split King gap filler.

Gap fillers are T-shaped connectors that you can fit into the gap between each mattress. The gap filler creates a small bridge and eliminates any dip between the bed. You can place it into the space between the mattresses either before youve made the bed or after .

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Sleep Number P5 Bed With Dual Air Chambers

The Sleep Number p5 bed with dual air chambers is designed to provide individualized comfort and support for each sleeper. It retails for around $2,000.


It is designed to contour to the body and offer support where needed most, which can be beneficial for those who suffer from back pain or other joint issues.

It can be adjusted to fit each sleepers individual needs, making it a good option for couples with different comfort preferences.


Retails for a higher price tag than some of the other options on this list.

Some users have complained that the mattress is not as durable as possible.

Others state that it offers very little support, especially around the shoulders and knees.

There are several different split king mattresses on the market, each with advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right one can be difficult, but hopefully, this list will make the process easier. Remember to consider your individual needs and preferences when making your decision, and dont be afraid to ask for help if youre not sure which mattress is right for you. Happy shopping!

Buying a bed is an important thing for a family, after all, it is related to our sleep quality, which indirectly affects our mood, work and life.

But how to choose a good split king mattress thats right for you? It is recommended to consider from three directions first: your own needs , brand, and price.

Keeping An Adjustable Split King Mattress Together

As you get in and out of bed or toss and turn at night, you may find the two halves of your Split King drifting apart. Here are some tips for keeping the two separate beds together so that they feel like one large bed:

  • Bind the legs of the bases together with bungee cords or bed-connecting brackets. Make sure that you make it tight enough to keep the bed from separating, but not so much that you warp your bed frame.
  • Using a ratchet tie:
  • Strip your bedding and adjust the base to the most extreme upright mode for both head and foot sections.
  • Extend a ratchet tie around both mattresses and move it to the middle of the bed.
  • Place a towel or other protective fabric between the mattress and the ratchet.
  • Tighten the ratchet until youre comfortable with the tension, and then slide the ratchet under the mattress so that just the strap sits along the top.
  • If youre uncomfortable with the dip in the edge of your mattresses that the ratchet causes or if your Split King contains beds of different heights, you might also invest in a mattress pad.

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    The Best Split Queen Adjustable Beds

    The iDealBed 5i Custom Adjustable Bed Bases wide range of features add convenience and a spa-like feel to the bedroom, aiding sleepers in attaining quality sleep through customization and relaxation.

    Notable FeaturesThe iDealBed 5i Custom Adjustable Bed Base comes with a backlit remote with flat and zero-gravity preset positions, plus three programmable memory settings for custom positions. The bed bases head tilts up to 70 degrees and the foot adjusts up to 45 degrees.

    The smart massage setting features rotating vibrations meant to improve circulation and blood flow. Users can choose from three intensity options and set a timer for 10, 20, or 30 minutes.

    Sleepers can also adjust the height of the bases legs between 6, 9, and 12 inches, which increases its compatibility with various bedroom furniture. The adjustable bed features exceptionally quiet motors so users can make adjustments without waking a sleep partner, and it includes an emergency battery backup in case of power loss.

    How It PerformedThe iDealBed 5i Custom Adjustable Bed Base has a superior range of features and a reasonable price-point compared with many similar adjustable bed models.

    The easy-to-assemble base has an 850-pound capacity. Its wall-hugging design moves the base toward the wall as the head of the bed is raised, ensuring that you stay within reach of your nightstand. A microbead grip fabric secures the mattress to the base, and a foot retainer bar adds stability.

    Sleep Number Remote Not Working

    Sleep Number Split King Adjustable Bed

    The firmness of a Sleep Number bed is controlled via a remote or SleepIQ app.

    Have trouble with the remote? Don’t fret as troubleshooting isn’t challenging. Two AA batteries run the Sleep Number 360 smart bed remote. In addition to following the remote’s set-up process, users need to ensure their bed is not only plugged in but also all the connections are secure.

    When a remote stops working, inflating or deflating the mattress isn’t possible. The remote can stop working mainly because of two reasons

    · Kinked hose

    · Loss of power connection

    If the bed’s Firmness Control System is not running as you try to deflate or inflate, it means that the system isn’t getting enough power. If that’s the case, push the power cord into the wall and system’s base.

    If it is because of a kinked or loose hose connection, check to ensure the hose isn’t lined at the bed’s base and mattress. A kinked hose connection is also common with theFLEXFIT 3 SMART BASE. If this is the case, check the connection of the hose at the pump.

    Another issue that affects a remote is the display not working. If the display light is dimmed or not working, consider changing the batteries. When doing that, insert the batteries and battery cover properly.

    Learn how to set up the Sleep Number bed remotein this video.

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    Do I Even Need A Base

    The short answer is probably. Sleep Number claims that their mattresses are designed to work on a firm, completely solid base to provide proper support. However, that doesnt mean it needs to be a Sleep Number base.

    If youre not buying a base from Sleep Number, make sure you own one that has a firm and non-spring foundationthink platform bed or bunkie board. The bases they do not recommend include a bed frame with slats or a traditional box spring base since these dont provide enough support and youre at risk for damaging the base.

    All in all, its important you have a strong and durable base to get the best benefits out of your Sleep Number mattress. Whether thats a foot-warming, adjustable Sleep Number base, or a more generic and basic one, is completely up to you.

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    Laura Schwecherl

    What Is A King Size

    A king-size, or eastern king mattress measures 75 inches by 80 inches. King size mattresses are a great choice for couples and offers more personal space for both sleepers. These types of mattresses fit comfortably in a 12 feet by 12 feet bedroom, including a couple of nightstands with walking space.

    • Best for large master bedrooms

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    Considerations Before Buying A Split King Adjustable Bed

    Aside from the pros and cons, there are a few things you should consider before you decide to invest in an adjustable Split King bed. Be sure to pinpoint your distinct partner needs, whether firmness, elevation, or adaptability to body weight. You should look at other options as well, such as Standard Kings with internal features that adjust for each partner.

    Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Mattress

    Best Split King Adjustable Beds-Reviewing the beds and features!

    The Innovation 360 Smart Bed i8 has a 6″ comfort layer with two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool.

    The i8 and the iLE have the same, deep 6-inch comfort layer. The comfort layer in the i10 is 7 inches thick. Overall, these are the plushest mattresses in the entire brand.

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    Can I Try Your Mattresses In Person Expand/collapse

    Yes! Our Saatva Viewing Rooms are inviting, pressure-free spaces to experience Saatva comfort in real life.

    Check out our flagship location in New York City or our newest Viewing Rooms in Washington DC& San Francisco. Stay tuned for more Saatva Viewing Room openings across the U.S. in 2022 and beyond.

    From day one, our mission has always been to offer high-quality luxury mattresses online without the luxury markups. We believe the best way to know if a mattress is right for you is by sleeping on it. Literally. That’s why all of our mattresses come with a 180-night home trial and a no-hassle return policy. That way, you have a few weeks to decide from the comfort of your own home.

    What Sizes Do Split Adjustable Beds Come In

    Split adjustable beds are available as a split queen or split king. The latter is comprised of two extra large twin size mattresses. Theyre easy to find in stores selling adjustable beds.

    Like a split king, split queens also require two mattresses, both measuring 30 inches by 80 inches. Theyre a great option if you dont have space for a larger bed. PlushBeds Adjustable Bed Base makes one of our favorites. It boasts the features of the companys Split King and includes a 20 year warranty.

    Some companies, like GhostBed, will automatically bundle two mattresses and a base when youre ordering a split adjustable bed. Others will give the option to add the frame with your mattress purchase or visa versa. To make things easier, weve divided our list into split king adjustable bed separates, as well as bundles. For separates we share our favorite frames, plus the beds they work best with. Bundles offer the perk of one-click shopping. Whichever way you go, we think youll be happy.

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    Inside The Personal Comfort Bed

    The H12 comes with an Aloe Vera smooth top mattress cover, putting your body closer to the gel-infused comfort layer. The top panel can easily be zipped off for dry cleaning.

    Stretchable Airlayer helps dissipate heat and moisture while conforming to your body. This layer allows for more flexibility during adjustments.

    Contouring gel-infused comfort layer distributes heat to make comfortable temperature while contouring to your body.

    Our Air Flow Comfort Layer provides additional contouring support while maintaining a desired level of comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

    Built from 24-gauge anti-microbial treated vulcanized rubber. Air chambers are baffled so the displacement of the air is more contouring to your body.

    Wrapped side and head/foot rails help prevent the internal number bed components from shifting. Wrapped rails also make assembly a breeze.

    12 Total Mattress Thickness

    Adjustable Split King Mattress Sheets And Accessories

    Sleep Zone Huntington 10

    Overall, owning an adjustable split king mattress has been a joy. I love that I can sit up in bed without a thousand pillows, lay flat when I want to, and go to zero gravity mode when Ive got really bad back pain.

    There are a few things that can get rid of those little annoyances, though:

  • Bungee cords to keep the bases from separating
  • Ratchet straps to keep the mattresses from separating
  • A twin xl mattress pad in case you dont like the feel of the ratchet straps
  • A french cleat to hang your own headboard
  • Twin XL sheets
  • Sheet straps to keep the sheets from falling off
  • Would you ever consider purchasing an adjustable split king mattress? Do you have any annoyances I didnt mention? Reach out or leave a comment below! Id love to help if I can!

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