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Sleep Number 360 I7 Smart Bed

Major Cons Of Sleep Number Beds

How To Move a Sleep Number 360® Smart Bed With Integrated Base

1. Air Leaks

Based on online Sleep Number Bed Reviews left by Sleep Number consumers, more than 10% of the users complain of air leaks. The most popular causes of air leaks in Sleep Number mattresses are faulty air pumps, malfunctioning controllers, leaks on the air bladders, leaky hoses or loose connections.

The whole concept of adjustable firmness depends on control of air pressure. If air leaks out, that whole concept becomes an utter disaster.

2. Trench Effect

Queen and King-size Sleep Number beds have two independent chambers allowing the two partners to have two different firmness levels on their respective sides.

The downside of this is that a trench can form between these two air chambers which is NOT helpful towards cuddling, spooning, or other intimate activities (

3. Hammock Effect

This happens if you try to make the bed very soft. For example, a Sleep Number of 40 would be very deflated and therefore, soft. When you climb on to such a bed, you automatically roll to the middle and sink while the air shifts to the periphery of the mattress. This gives rise to a hammock or sagging effect.

You can avoid this to a certain degree by purchasing a Sleep Number bed on the soft side of the spectrum like an i7, i8 or i10. This hammock effect is more likely to happen if you buy a firm mattress like the c2 or c4 and then deflate it to get a soft setting.

4. Expensive

Sleep Number 360 I10 Smart Bed


  • Support Layer: 7
  • Mattress Profile: 13

Like the other Innovative models before it, the i10 boasts temperature regulating foam layers, and is designed for maximum pressure relief. This is the largest profiled bed offered by the company at 13 inches in height, and boasting a full 7 inches of support foam. Offered only in queen through California king sizes, you have the option of single, or dual control for the queen.

Who Should Buy This Bed:Created for deeper contouring, this bed is designed for heavier, larger bodies to provide support in any sleep position. It is considered the most supportive, most cooling, and largest mattresses available.

What Is A 360 Smart Bed

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The New Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed You

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I10 360 Smart Bed Sleep Number

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Automatically Adjusts Sleeping Position

Sleep Number 360 I10 Smart Bed Review The Judge

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P6 360 Smart Bed Sleep Number

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Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Sleep Number Mattresses An Honest Assessment Reviews By Wirecutter

Sleep Number 360 P6 Mattress Review 2021 Sleepopolis

Ces 2018 Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Auto Adjusts Comfort And Stops Snoring

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Leggett And Platt Prodigy 20

TheLeggett and Platt Prodigy 2.0 is another luxurious adjustable bed that makes a great alternative to the Sleep Number. It boasts these features snoring preset, smartphone remote or app, WallhuggerTM technology, full-body massage, adjustable legs, and pillow tilt.

Additionally, it features a gentle-wake alarm, sleep timer, two programmable positions, Bluetooth App and USB ports.

Its 10” cool gel foam mattress has 2-inch cooking airflow memory foam, 6-inch Reflexa foam base and 2-inch engineered latex foam.

An impressive feature of this bed is its exclusive MicroHook technology that prevents the mattress from slipping. Moreover, it eliminates the need to have a mattress retainer bar.

A host of high-tech features make it a breeze to control the feature-rich base.

Making Sense Of Sleep Number

Sleep Number 360® i7 Smart Bed Review

Sleep Number offers two lines of mattresses: the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line and the Sleep Number Value Bed line.

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed line consists of four series, most of which include several models:

From a design standpoint, Sleep Number 360 Smart Beds and Value Beds are similar to any other mattresses: Each contains an upper comfort portion made of foam layers and a lower support portion. Instead of the foam or springs found in the lower support portion of conventional mattresses, in Sleep Number mattresses, that support portion consists of an adjustable air chamber and a support pad. These air chambers make it possible for couples to independently adjust firmness levels to their own liking. Theres also a sleep tracker inside the bed.

Heres how the key components work:

The air chamber allows you to adjust the firmness level of the mattressyour sleep settingsby filling the chamber with more or less air. The settings range from 5 to 100 you can adjust them in increments of 5 using the SleepIQ app on your phone or tablet, or with a remote . With the 360 Smart Beds, the tissue-boxsized pump is incorporated into a base , which pairs with the mattress. If you dont purchase the base, the pump will sit on the floor.

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What Materials And Components Are Standard Across The Collection

There are a number of materials and components that the mattress models in this collection share. (Some components are exclusive to the more expensive mattresses in the performance or innovation series.

All mattresses in the Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed collection have Dual Adjustability technology, which allows sleepers to adjust comfort on each side of the mattress to their ideal Sleep Number® setting.

Another thing all mattresses in this series have in common is Responsive Air technology. This is something you can turn on or off depending on your preferences. Heres how it works: The sensors in the mattress will monitor the air pressure setting in your bed to ensure you are at your preferred Sleep Number® setting throughout the night.

This means the mattress can adjust if you change sleep positions at any point. Responsive Air adjusts when you first get in bed, while you sleep, and after both sleepers get out of bed for the day, the Sleep Number website explains. If both sleepers have Responsive Air turned on, SleepIQ® technology will adjust one side of the bed at a time.

Finally, each of the mattresses in this collection comes with SleepIQ® technology. This is proprietary technology built into each mattress that collects various data at night. It works when you have connected the smart mattress to a wifi network. You can then use a smartphone app to view your nightly sleep score and other data. Information collected includes:

Sleep Number 360 P6 Smart Bed


  • Support Layer: 5
  • Mattress Profile: 11

This Performance bed choice is made specifically for enhanced pressure relief for body recovery. Considered a plush surface comfort with underlying firm support, this falls in the mid range of foundational comfort, and also includes a Coolgenex foam layer for advanced cooling technology. The 5 inches of supper level foam support tops an 11 inch bed profile. It is available in twin XL and queen through California king size options with the queen having optional single control if desired.

Who Should Buy This Bed:Made for body recovery, this is a great choice for athletes, or anyone who leads an active lifestyle.

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Sleep Number 360 I7 Foam Smart Bed Review

Best Bed Ever

My wife and I replaced a 16 year old Sleep Number bed when we moved from Hawaii back to the mainland with this model. We have had the bed for 7 weeks and love it. The features of the new bed coupled with the Sleep IQ app make for a far superior sleep experience. The quieter pump, monitored adjustments based on sleep position, under bed night light and independent recline and foot position heights make this the best bed ever. DJnTD

Soft, Yet firm and comfortable

This is our 5th Sleep Number bed so you know theyre doing something right. The improvements they continually make have made it impossible not to buy new. The design of this bed has almost removed my problems with hot spots from my knees and hips. Its not padding that sucks you in and wont let you move. Its hard to explain how a mattress can be so soft, yet firm and comfortable. My best purchase yet. Cynthia Smith

Bed Types Bases And Pricing

How To Move A Sleep Number® FlexFit Base

Sleep Number sells several different 360 Smart Beds, with queen sizes starting at $1,099 for the entry-level c2 Classic series model. The company offers its FlexFit adjustable bases starting at $1,499 for a queen.

The mattresses come in a range of industry-standard sizes that fit into traditional frames and furniture sets: twin , twin XL , full , queen , king , and California king .

All 360 Smart Beds feature DualAir adjustability, Responsive Air technology, and Sleep IQ tracking. The DualAir feature allows you to dial the firmness of each side independently, so if you like sleeping on a cloud and your partner prefers a brick, you can both have it your way. The Responsive Air feature monitors the bed’s air pressure level as you sleep, and automatically adjusts to maintain your desired firmness. The SleepIQ feature tracks your shut eye, heart rate, breathing, and more.

All three above-mentioned features are optional if you’re a solo sleeper, you can get a single-chamber mattress you adjust all at once. If you’re not a fan of the Responsive Air or sleep tracking features, you can easily disable them in the app.

The last time we reviewed a Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed, we tested the p5 Performance series model with a FlexFit 1 base, which is still on the market. A Sleep Number spokesperson tells me that the p5 is a popular model, and the company recently updated it with a new sleep surface for improved pressure relief.

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The Performance Series Contain The Following Sleep Number Technology:

  • Dual Adjustability, meaning you can adjust your SleepNumber® setting on each side of the mattress if you sleep with a partner
  • Responsive Air technology, which automatically and effortlessly adjusts comfort to each of you as you sleep
  • SleepIQ® technology, which tracks how youre sleeping, so you know how your day affects your night and pairs to a smartphone app
  • Enhanced pressure relief with exclusive pressure-relieving comfort layers

Browse Sleep Number Ile Bed Customer Reviews

We bought our iLE Sleep Number

We bought our iLE Sleep Number around a year ago as our primary bed. We caught the Labor Day sale which the bed was half off. We could not be happier. I was little cautious about buying a bed with a pillow top, but its been year and still in perfect condition. I also liked that you can unzip the pillow top and move it around or even replace it if you ever need to do so. It took us a little time to find our Sleep Number and it ranges within 5-10 on the number scale, but overall its a great sleeping experience. I read a lot of reviews both good & bad before purchasing which helped with understanding how the bed works. It cut down the adjustment time considerably. I recommend reading the reviews before you purchase and considering all options. For us the iLE turned out to be a good investment so far.

great features

have had bed for 1 month and have never slept better. love all the adjustable features, .

The salsepeople were very helpful on the purchase

I bought this bed approx. a month ago and am very happy with it.

Best Sleep Ever

I have the sleep number adjustable bed for a month. With serious spinal degeneration and herniated disc I have not slept all night for years. Now with the bed in the zero gravity position and the number on 35 I sleep comfortable all night and do not move. AWSOME

I bought this bed

Great Bed

Bought this bed two years ago and it still holds up great.

Love the new bed


Well, my wife loves it!

Not sure

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Sleep Number Credit Card Financing Options

Sleep Number financing offers a 60-month equal repayment schedule on all 360 series beds including the i10. Of great importance to note is that financing only works with Sleep Number credit cards. Every financing offer is subject to credit approval. For financing, the process is seamless. All you need to do is fill out a simple online application, submit and wait for a credit decision. Once approved, you can proceed to shop online, over the phone or in-store.

The company’s credit card for buyers with fair or above credit. Sleep Number’s APR is high . Prospective applicants need at least a credit score of 630.

Compared to the Sleep Number financing option, theGhostBed financing terms for their SmartBed is friendlier. Buyers enjoy a 5-Year 0% APR and can pay as low as $117/month for GhostSmart Bed.

The GhostBed financing process is quick and effortless without any hit to a buyer’s credit score. Pay installment payments easily through bank transfer or debit card.

Which Should People Pick

Sleep Number

M-7 if

  • People Like Memory Foam.There is 4 of gel memory foam above the air chamber in the M-7 mattress. One Customer Service representative told me that the M-7 is usually only recommended for people who know they like to sleep on memory foam and who are looking to make it adjustable by adding one of Sleep Numbers FlexFit adjustable bases.

I-8 if

  • People Want A Mattress With A Pillow Top. The I-8 has a super comfortable mattress top. Its got a woven Duvet pillow-top that includes 2 of Hypersoft Quilting Foam for a plush surface. Since the M-7 features memory foam, the top of that mattress is still soft but flatter.
  • People Want Contoured Pressure Relief.The 3 foam comfort layer in the I-8 mattress is designed to contour specifically to seven areas of the body to relieve pressure: head, shoulders, lower back, hips, knees, lower legs, and feet.

Both if

  • Someone Is A Hot Sleeper. Both mattresses include cooling technology. The M-7 has cooling gel technology in the 4 foam layer but the I-8 features Outlast technology on the mattress surface that is designed to pull moisture away from you at night and redistribute throughout the night.
  • People Want Sleep IQ Technology Included.While you can always purchase the technology for an additional cost, the sleep tracking device is already included in the price of the M-7 and I-8 mattresses.

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Sleep Number Remote Not Working

The firmness of a Sleep Number bed is controlled via a remote or SleepIQ app.

Have trouble with the remote? Don’t fret as troubleshooting isn’t challenging. Two AA batteries run the Sleep Number 360 smart bed remote. In addition to following the remote’s set-up process, users need to ensure their bed is not only plugged in but also all the connections are secure.

When a remote stops working, inflating or deflating the mattress isn’t possible. The remote can stop working mainly because of two reasons

· Kinked hose

· Loss of power connection

If the bed’s Firmness Control System is not running as you try to deflate or inflate, it means that the system isn’t getting enough power. If that’s the case, push the power cord into the wall and system’s base.

If it is because of a kinked or loose hose connection, check to ensure the hose isn’t lined at the bed’s base and mattress. A kinked hose connection is also common with theFLEXFIT 3 SMART BASE. If this is the case, check the connection of the hose at the pump.

Another issue that affects a remote is the display not working. If the display light is dimmed or not working, consider changing the batteries. When doing that, insert the batteries and battery cover properly.

Learn how to set up the Sleep Number bed remotein this video.

Ease / Difficulty Of Use

Conventional mattresses are easy to use in that you simply lie on them and no adjustment is involved. By contrast, airbeds in general including Sleep Number involve a learning curve in that you must find which setting is right for you personally. At least 30% of owners say that significant time and effort was required to find their optimal setting or “sleep number.”

Due to Sleep Number’s auto-adjusting ability, the possible need to manually change adjustment when you change position seems less likely. Due to this auto-adjusting feature, Sleep Number seems to perform better than other airbeds on this issue.

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Controlling Your Bed And Finding Your Sleep Number

The SleepIQ app is well organized and easy to navigate, with three tabs on the bottom: Sleep, Bed, and Profile.

In the Bed tab, you can adjust your Sleep Number setting, control the FlexFit base, and set up bedtime Routines so the foot warmer is on when you tuck in at night. Here, you can also enable/disable the Responsive Air, underbed lighting, and sleep tracking features.

Your Sleep Number can range from 5 to 100 , and is adjustable in increments of 5. The SleepIQ app offers a useful feature that can help you find your ideal setting, though it still takes some trial and error. Navigate to Bed > Sleep Number Setting > Find Favorite, and the app will let you test a range of firmness levels.

Since it can take some time to get used to a new mattress, Sleep Number recommends trying your selected firmness setting for two to five nights. If you’re not comfortable, try adjusting it by 5 or 10. Increasing the number will increase the firmness, and vice versa. I like my mattress on the softer side, so I kept my Sleep Number at 30 for the first few nights. That was a little too soft, so I increased it to 45, which feels perfect.

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