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What Are Cotton Percale Sheets

Sit n’ Sleep, Dr. Mark Meth on Nighttime Allergies

While many sheets are defined by their material, percale sheets are defined by their weave. Cotton percale sheets usually have a thread count of at least 200, meaning the weave is fairly tight. However, cotton percale sheets are highly breathable. This is because the cotton is woven in such a way that allows air to pass through. As a result, theyre great for summertime and for hot sleepers. Percale sheets are characterized by their matte finish, similar to an ironed button-down shirt. In addition, theyre lightweight and airy with a cool feel.

Invest In The Right Mattress

While getting in the right headspace is absolutely vital, so is the rest of your bodys comfort. Thats why investing in the right mattress is another huge component to falling asleep fast. Call or visit your local Sit n Sleep to speak with one of our expert Sleep Consultants. We can help you find the perfect mattress thats just right for you and your sleep position. If youre asking How do I fall asleep fast? the answer is to call Sit n Sleep.

Recent Advancements In Mattress Technology

Perennial mattress industry innovator Beautyrest claims to be the first manufacturer to offer no flip mattresses. Theyve also introduced Beautyrest Black Luxury Adjustable Bases to complement their line of quality mattresses. The Beautyrest Black supports our current lifestyles in an unprecedented way. Youll no longer find yourself wedging pillows to support your back and shoulders beyond the support of a traditionally flat foundation. With the Black Adjustable Base, you can forget about the hassle and simply adjust to your precise comfort.

Furthermore, if youre looking for the latest in premium sleep, start with hybrid mattresses. Theyre combination of support and comfort fit almost every sleeping type. Mattresses like Hybrid Infinity combine a cooling surface, cool gel foam and pocketed innersprings. The result is a cooling, comforting sleep

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Whats The Future Of Mattress Technology

Some predictions for future mattress innovations and sleep technology include a mattress system that self-cleans. It may sound like science fiction, but it could be useful. In fact, the average 10-year-old mattress weighs about 30% more than it did at the time it was purchased. This is due to accumulated dead skin, dust mites and miscellaneous debris. Using technology much like todays vacuum cleaners, mattresses may someday be capable of cleaning themselves.

The future of mattress technology may also include sensors that monitor and control the heat level in the bedroom. The goal would be to keep your mattress at an ideal temperature for hot summer nights and cold winter mornings. The same mattress innovation could potentially change the temperature of the comforter and pillow so theres always a cool side.

While the future of mattress innovation is exciting, todays luxury mattresses still offer plenty of benefits. If youve had your mattress over eight years, its probably time to replace it. Sit n Sleep Mattress Superstores have everything youll need to begin sleeping soundly, all at affordable prices. Whatever mattress technology or mattress innovations the future holds, you can be sure youll find them at Sit n Sleep.

Sit N Sleep Culver City Ca Yelp

Mattress Store in Culver City, CA

Sit n Sleep The Sit n Sleep mattress store in Culver City provides premier customer service to supplement our expansive selection of mattresses. Store Locator Sit n Sleep City of Orange Mattress Store. And unlike other mattress stores in Culver City, CA, Sit n Sleep offers free delivery on any purchase over 3or more. Sit N Sleep Beds and Accessories Culver City, CA Information about Sit N Sleep located in Culver City, CA.

At Sit n Sleep, every day is a mattress sale. Sit n Sleep is the preferred bed mattress store in. Sit N Sleep in Culver City is located nearby and offers range of furniture items. Sit n Sleep Culver City, CA Yelp 38Overland Ave Culver City, CA 902Photo of Sit n Sleep Culver City, CA, United States. Sit n Sleep Washington Culver 38Overland Ave Foursquare See photos from 1visitors to Sit n Sleep.

You don t have to travel far for durable and stylish home furnishings. Sit-n-sleep culver city sitn sleep culver city sitnsleep culver city sit n sleep washington culver culver city. Sleep offers numerous locations in Southern California to serve your needs. Sit n Sleep has Mattress Stores all over Southern California Culver City Mattress Store.

Sit N Sleep in Culver City, CA Whitepages 38Overland Ave Culver City, CA. out of stars for Ikea Solsta Sofa Bed in Sofa Beds. A classic addition to the end of the be entry, hall or under a large window.

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Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

We love The Casper Wave Hybrid mattress because it provides ultimate support for less aching and more sleeping. Caspers hybrid mattress is great for people who have aches and pains and want maximum support. The ZonedSupport Max provides continuous zones of support for full-body relief. Furthermore, Casper included gel pods under the waist and back to give you even more support. There are also three layers of AirScape breathable foam with cooling gel. Lastly, the Casper Wave Hybrid has a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.

The Hybrid Infinity Cool Pillow

Starting at $89.99

If a mattress isnt in your budget, there are other options to improve your loved ones quality of sleep. In fact, your pillow accounts for as much as 20% of the feel of your mattress. The Hybrid Infinity Cool Pillow provides conforming support for your head and neck. Furthermore, the cool cover and ventilated gel memory foam help keep you cool all night long. The cool touch fibers offer a calming chill the moment your head hits the pillow. In addition, the soft, ventilated memory foam core comforts and contours to your head and neck.

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Wrap In A Mattress Storage Bag

Once your mattress is completely dry, its time to seal it in a mattress storage bag. You can find a mattress storage bag at most hardware stores, and theyre usually less than $20. Mattress storage bags are great for keeping out dirt, dust and moisture. When it comes to these mattress covers for storage, its a good idea to get a high quality one with no holes are tears. If you dont want to get a mattress cover for storage, you can also wrap your mattress in plastic. Make sure you seal your mattress tightly using packing tape. Furthermore, avoid using thick plastic as this is more likely to trap in moisture. If possible, its also a good idea to open the plastic wrapping every few months to let it air out.

A Brief History Of Mattress Technology

Sit ‘n Sleep, Sleep and Exercise, Stretch Before Bed

Coil spring beddings arrival in the early 20th century was the mattress industrys most significant leap forward in technology. Early innerspring mattresses used a series of steel coils covered with wool, natural fibers or soft fabric for padding. Eventually, polyurethane-filled memory foam mattresses became available in the 1980s and started to replace innerspring mattresses. Todays choices include mattresses made from organic fibers, natural or synthetic latex, gels and hybrid combinations. However, innerspring mattresses continue to lead in sales over other types.

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The Hybrid Dreamcloud Mattress

The comfort and support paired with the warranty and sleep trial makes The Hybrid DreamCloud Mattress our Best Overall. This super comfy mattress offers the perfect balance of contouring comfort and pushback support. The multiple layers of soft and supportive premium materials are especially impressive. Starting with the base, this mattress has a base support layer that provides extra stability. The layer of pocketed innerspring coils helps promote breathability and temperature regulation for cool comfort. In addition, the innerspring coils help reduce motion transfer to prevent you from waking your partner up. The support layer provides resistance and a stable foundation for better body alignment. But our personal favorite layer is the ultra-plush comfort layer. The gel-infused memory foam helps relax the body and provide relief for pressure points. The Hybrid DreamCloud Mattress includes a forever warranty and 365-night sleep trial.

Find The Right Storage Unit

Where you store your mattress is just as important as how you store it. Its best to store it in a climate-controlled environment if possible. Climate-controlled storage units usually cost more than traditional units but can be worth the additional cost. Storing your mattress in a climate-controlled unit will help make sure your space stays cool during summer and has heat in the winter. Protecting your mattress from severe temperature changes can elongate the life of your mattress and make sure it doesnt get ruined. In addition, you should avoid damp basements, storage sheds, or storing your mattress outside. Dampness or humidity can lead to mold and bacteria growing inside your mattress. Gross. If you must store your mattress in a non-climate-controlled space, it may be worth investing in a portable dehumidifier. This will help pump some of the moisture out of the room.

Consider The Age

Storing your mattress in a storage unit usually costs a monthly fee. Consider the age of your mattress and the amount of time youll be storing it. If your mattress is eight years old or older, it may not be worth keeping. Visit your local Sit n Sleep and speak with one of our Sleep Consultants to explore your options. With our wide variety of mattresses, you may just want to buy a new one when the time is right.

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The Hybrid Infinity Cool Standard

Coming in at Best Temperature Regulation is The Hybrid Infinity Cool Standard. For the price, this bed-in-a-box is tough to beat. The Hybrid Infinity Cool Standard comes with individually wrapped 12.5-gauge steel coils for extra sturdiness and quiet full body support. Plus, the incredibly comfortable mattress is equipped with premium memory foam and support foam that contour to you. When you put this altogether you get the perfect balance of comfort and support. And then theres the cool factor. This mattress comes with an ice-cold stretch knit cover that dissipates heat as you sleep. It also has an Infinity Cool Gel layer that keeps the mattress and you cooler through the night. On top of the great price, the Hybrid Infinity comes with an infinity warranty and 365-night sleep trial.

Lay Your Mattress Flat

Culver Center, Culver City, CA 90232  Retail Space ...

The best position to store your mattress is flat on the ground. By laying your mattress flat, youll keep the integrity of the mattress intact. Storing your mattress on its side can cause the coils and springs to shift and the mattress to sag. However, you should never place items on top of your mattress. Certain objects can tear the cushioning or damage the springs. We know this can be super inconvenient, as your mattress takes up a lot of space. If youre also storing large boxes or flat furniture, you can try laying your mattress on top of them. Just make sure its steady.

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Speak To Sleep Consultant Today

If youre looking for more holiday sleep gift idea, call or visit your local Sit n Sleep. Our expert sleep consultants can help you pick out the perfect sleep gift for you or a loved one. Furthermore, if youre looking for a mattress for yourself, our BedMatch Technology will match you with one thats just right for you. Give the gift of sleep this season and make your loved ones holiday dreams come true.

*Prices valid at time of publishing

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Sit N Sleep Launches New Childrens Book At Culver City Store

Southern Californias iconic mattress retailer Sit n Sleep is launching a new childrens book, While Ana Sleeps Tuesday, March 8, with 100% of the proceeds donated to two Los Angeles charity organizations Padres Contra El Cancer and The Jenesse Center. The event will start at 10 a.m. at 3853 Overland Ave., Culver City.

RSVP to or

Padres Contra El Cancer is an organization that provides support for Los Angeles Latino children with cancer and their families and Jenesse Center is a domestic violence shelter that helps families rebuild their lives after violence.Celebrity Ambassadors from both charities will be in attendance and available for interview. Invited guests include NBCs Telenovela cast Diana Maria Rivera and Jadyn Douglas, Carlos Santana lead singer Andy Vargas, Actress Constance Marie, local radio personality Sandra Pena, Actress Salli Richardson-Whitfield . Wed love to have Culver City Crossroads share in this special celeb filled event.

Dreamfit Bamboo Cotton Sheets

GOOD Day LA — Sit ‘n Sleep’s “While Anna Sleeps” Book Launch Pt. 2

Starting at $159.99*

Speaking of winter, cuddling under your sheets and covers while binging your favorite show is like a holiday tradition. Therefore, a nice new pair of sheets are a great sleep gift to make sure you cuddle in comfort. The DreamFit Bamboo Cotton Sheets combine high-quality materials with patented technology for your most comfortable sleeping experience. DreamFit® patented construction ensures that your sleep is never disturbed by a fitted sheet that wont stay put. In addition, the patented strap design guarantees that your DreamFit® sheet will stay snug on any depth mattress.

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So Which Should You Choose

Both sateen and cotton percale sheets are great options. It really does come down to preference and sleeping habits. We recommend sateen if you like sheets with a sheen and prefer a smooth look without too much maintenance. Furthermore, if you get cold at night and live somewhere with a colder temperature, sateen is a good option. Cotton percale is a better choice for those whod rather have durable sheets that soften over time. In addition, cotton percale is great for someone who sleeps hot or lives in a warmer climate. Lastly, if you plan on using the same sheets through all the seasons, percale is the way to go.

Sit N Sleep Holiday Gift Guide

Havent gotten around to your holiday shopping? Not to worry, we have you covered. Give your loved one the gift of sleep this holiday season. After all, who doesnt love sleep? From mattresses to bedding accessories, we have a wide range of sleep gifts for all budgets and needs. Here are our five best gifts for better sleep.

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Chat With Our Sleep Consultants

Getting proper sleep should always be a priority. Aside from making sure youre balancing cortisol levels, you should check to see if youre on the right mattress. Stop by your local Sit n Sleep and speak to one of our Sleep Consultants. We can help you find the perfect mattress for your unique sleeping needs.

How To Store A Mattress After Moving

Culver Center, Culver City, CA 90232  Retail Space ...

Last article, we discussed how to move your mattress. But do you know what to do if you dont plan on using your mattress after moving? In this article, well talk about how to store a mattress. While it may seem as simple as putting it in your garage or storage unit, there are other things to consider. So before you stash your old mattress, check out these helpful tips.

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Search Our Wide Selection Of Bed

Sit n Sleep has a large variety of bed-in-a box mattresses that can be shipped straight to you, and plenty of beds-not-in-a-box that come with free local delivery. Many of our beds-in-a-box are hybrid mattresses that offer the ultimate in comfort and support. Check out our selection of bed-in-a-box mattresses to see which one works best for you. Soon enough, the best sleep of your life will arrive right on your doorstep.

The Hybrid Infinity Cool Essential

Starting at $649.99*

Know a loved one that needs a new mattress? Weve got just the one. The Hybrid Infinity Cool Essential comes with individually wrapped steel coils for extra sturdiness and quiet full body support. Plus, the incredibly comfortable mattress is equipped with premium memory foam and support foam that contour to you. When you put this altogether you get the perfect balance of comfort and support. And then theres the cool factor. This mattress comes with an ice-cold stretch knit cover that dissipates heat as you sleep. It also has an Infinity Cool Gel layer that keeps the mattress and you cooler through the night. On top of the great price, the Hybrid Infinity comes with an infinity warranty and 365-night sleep trial. And you dont have to worry about Santa fitting it through your chimney, well deliver it right to your front door.

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