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Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag

Kuiu V Western Mountaineering Sleeping Bag Review

KUIU LIVE Super Down Sleeping Bags – Short Version

Top-tier Bags Go Head-to-Head

KUIU released their Super Down Sleeping Bags in 2014. The bag incorporated Quixdown®, a revolutionary treated down that is essentially waterproof. I still remember, while attending the WHCE that year, Patrick Mayer of KUIU dunking the Quixdown® into a cup of water. Compared to the adjacent cup filled with regular down, the Quixdown® maintained its loft while the regular down clumped into the bottom of the cup. I had to wonder how that demo would translate into real-world mountain use?

Five years later, with KUIU as a Rokslide sponsor, I had the chance to review the KUIU Super Down Sleeping bag . I could now answer my own question. I did some more reading on the bag to brush up on the features. Everything you need to know, except actual field performance, is at that link. The purpose of this review is to test the field performance as objectively as possible.

The Design

Of interest to me was the IDFL Certification on the temp rating. As of press time, the specs were not available to link for the 15° bag, but KUIU confirmed an EN tested Lower Temp Limit of 16° F. While I have no doubt on the numbers KUIU provided, Ive also learned that individual users may or may not sleep well at those temperatures . That is why I like to test my own bodys comfort level before committing a sleeping bag to a hunt.

A Competitor Head-to-Head
Testing Conditions
Your Tester
  • Baselayer
  • Pant
  • Jacket
  • Wool Socks
  • Light Beanie
The Test Parameters:
The Soak Test

Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag 15 Review


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KUIU performed rigorous testing with the IDFL, an independent laboratory to validate and certify the bag ratings.The results are nothing short of fantastic.You can count on this bag meeting up with the listed specs!





KUIU SUPER DOWN BAG TECHNICAL FEATURESSIZINGRegular or Long Fits User Length: 72 in. 78 in. Shoulder Girth: 62 in. 64 in. Hip Girth: 57 in. 59 in. Foot Girth: 43 in.Zipper Length: 65 in. 71 in.


)EN Lower Limit Rated IDFL Certified865 Fill Power IDFL Certified95/5 down to feather ratio IDFL Certified


Late last winter I had the opportunity to wear an incredible, lightweight QuixDown jacket with basically the same properties as KUIUs Super Down sleeping bags. The jacket, also manufactured by KUIU, was warm, water resilient and extremely compressible. That led me to my investigation of KUIUs Super Down sleeping bags and an anxious couple of months waiting for the shipment of bags to arrive! Ive been extremely pleased with how efficient my new 15 degree Super Down bag has performed.


KUIU Super Down Sleeping Bag 15 Review
  • Functionality

Kuiu Introduces The New Super Down Sleeping Bag Featuring Hydrophobic Quixdown

May 1st, 2015

New sleeping bag line designed specifically with the backcounty hunter in mind

DIXON, CALIFORNIA KUIU has developed the most technically advanced water-resistant down sleeping bags yet to hit the market. Each bag in the Super Down Sleeping Bag line has been certified by the International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory for a Fill Power of 865, 95/5 down-to-feather ratio, and an EN Lower Limit Rating of 0º, 15º, or 30º. The Super Down Sleeping Bag raise the bar for sleeping bags across the globe with superior ingredients by Toray, who set the standard in the textile industry for superior technology developments, and a design conceived specifically with the hunter in mind.

Each bag is filled with Quixdown by Toray originating from geese in the finest down producing region of the world, Eastern Europe. The largest high quality down clusters are separated, and feather content minimized, to produce an 850+ ¬fill power with a 95/5 down-to-feather ratio. Through nanotechnology, each individual plum of the down cluster is treated to repel water with the most durable, longest lasting water repellant treatment on the market. Through the use of Quixdown, the Super Down Sleeping Bag will retain warmth and loft, even when wet from rain, sweat, and condensation.

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Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag Winners

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Ultralight Hunting Brand Kuiu Combines The Best Materials To Build A Premium Sleeping Bag

Kuiu Super Down Sleeping

Down has the highest warmth to weight ratio of any insulating material, but it has one glaring downside: once wet, insulating powers are lost. Covering the down in a waterproof breathable fabric has been done, but condensation gets trapped in humid conditions and the down loses loft and insulating value. Recent innovations in coating the down feathers with water repellent compounds have virtually eliminated this huge drawback. The direct to consumer ultralight hunting brand Kuiu has chosen what they feel is the best of these offerings. Kuiu uses Quix Down from textile industry leader Toray. Quix Down starts at 865 fill power Polish Down, with a 95/5 down to feather ratio. Fill power is the amount of volume in cubic inches that an ounce of down will occupy. Higher values provide more loft and warmth per unit of weight, and an 865 rating is amongst the highest available. This loft rating and down/feather ratio is independently certified through the IDFL, an independent textile quality assurance laboratory, not a common move. Toray treats each down cluster with a nanotechnology driven finish, making them virtually waterproof, preserving loft by protecting against moisture, both from the outside and inside .

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Rifle Ammunition & Optics

  • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmore or PRC, 270 WSM, 7mm Rem, 300 WSM, 300 Win Mag.
  • Rifle: I recommend lightweight rifles quality such as Kimber Montana or Sako Finlight.
  • Rifle Scope: I recommend high quality optics such as Leupold VX3 2.5-8.5 x 33mm or VX6 2-12×42. I suggest getting a Ballistically matched turret for your scope. Scopes capable of low zoom power are critical. No high zoom scopes!
  • Binoculars: Swarovski, Leica, Zeiss 10×42 are best. Use the best quality optics
  • Bullet type: NO TARGET BULLETS!! Use only high-quality hunting bullets! I prefer Barnes TSX or TTSX by far. Swift A-Frame, Nosler Accubond is also good.

Gear Review: Kuiu Super Down Insulating Layer

Over the past several years I have been increasingly reaching for outdoor clothing made of natural fibers. Like many other outdoorsmen, this transition began with merino wool socks, and eventually led me to favor wool for almost all of my layering needs. Still, like most others, I had long believed that synthetic insulation fibers continued to be the best choice for sleeping bags, jackets, or anything else that stood a reasonable chance of getting wet. For anyone who has hunted Alaska, it is a simple reality that its only a question of when a hunter will get wet, not if.

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New Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag Long 15f/

Seller:Return Policy:Payment Methods: NEW Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag, Long, 15F/-9C Description:SOLD

When emailing or calling sellers direct,please mention that you saw their listing on GunsInternational.comSeller: MoGunsReturn Policy: 3 day inspection and return policy on used guns.Payment Methods: Personal Check, USPS Money Order, Money Order, Certified Check, PayPal NEW Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag, Long, 15F/-9C Description:This sleeping bag is new and never used! Kuiu Super Down, Quix Down, 15F/-9C Long. The company price is currently $659. SOLD

Seller:Return Policy:Payment Methods: NEW Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag, Long, 15F/-9C Description:SOLDSeller:Return Policy:Payment Methods: NEW Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag, Long, 15F/-9C Description:SOLDGuns International Advertising PolicyListings

Kuiu Vs Western Mountaineering

KUIU – 30-Degree Super Down Sleeping Bag Packup

I would love some opinions and knowledge regarding the following bags Im considering purchasing. Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag 0° or the Western Mountaineering Puma GWS or MF I am planning on using this bag for winter hunting in MT and if i can ever save the money, Alaska. I find myself always feeling cold and would perfer to be over kill than not. Also I have a Exped DownMat XP 9 for a sleeping mat. My big question is how are both 850+ down so how can one be zero and the other be – 25? Also would love general recommendation. Thanks!


For sleeping bags of similar dimensions the total amount of down used is usually the most helpful factor. Kuiu is relatively new to making sleeping bags, but I know their stuff is super high quality in general. For conditions you describe I’d want to bring a bag with a limit 10-15 degrees lower than what you expect to encounter. WM makes some of the best bags available. I can personally vouch for Valandre I have their Shocking Blue and think its the best winter bag made, but that’s me. There’s a handful of companies that make top-shelf stuff that will not fail under duress I’m not sure if Kuiu bags are there yet.


  • In the same size the WM has 36oz of down versus the 28oz of the Kuiu
  • Kuiu is quoting the Lower Limit, WM the Comfort Limit


Loft varies. The amount of down is the starting point.

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Dall Sheep And Grizzly Bear Huntgear And Equipment

Boots are your single most important piece of gear. Without your feet in good condition, you can not effectively hunt. Wear your boots, hike in them, and use them prior to your hunt . Poorly fitting boots will at best make you miserable and at worst completely ruin your hunt. There is no best boot everyones foot is different. The below boots have always given me consistently good results. Try them and wear them!

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Weight If youre looking for the most warmth for the weight, budget be damned, the zero-degree Kuiu Super Down Sleeping Bag is it. Credit premium ingredients such as 865-fill down and 12-denier ripstop nylon, and vertical baffles, which use less material than horizontals. The result is a sub-2.5-pound toaster. Bonus: Two-way stretch means extra elbowroom.

Warmth Our cold-sleeping tester stayed warm in Chugach National Forest in single-digit temps, praising the fat hood, shoulder, and zipper draft tubes. Once fully zipped in, it was like closing an oven door, and the draft tubes retained heat even when I rolled around, says another.

Product Attribute
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$1,499.99
  • Rated 4.05 out of 5$32.00
  • Rated 5.00 out of 5$9.97

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