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What Is A Combo Sleeper

Comfy Sleep Buckwheat Hull Pillow

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When youre having neck and back pain, you dont need to soak into a soft pillow. Instead, you want this one for adequate support. Now, the curvature of your head and neck can get a natural alignment with the help of this organic cushion.

Dont worry the jostling of the buckwheat noise is minimal and mild. It wont wake you up. Stomach sleepers should not use this. On the other hand, its the best pillow for back sleepers. Also, the side sleepers have no complaints with this cushion.


How Do You Choose The Perfect Mattress

Theres no one way to answer this question because what is perfect for one person may not be the ideal for another. You must think about your personal preferences when shopping for a mattress and choose the bed that best fits in with them. Combination sleepers need the ability to easily change positions while asleep. Thats why they often choose a softer mattress with less bounce.

The Types Of Pillows For Combination Sleepers

Its a funky pillow world out there!

As youve seen already no single type of pillow works for every one of us. Fortunately, weve choices in our hands with lots and lots of options! Well explore that in a short while. Before that, lets see the general choice trends among the multiposition sleepers around the universe.

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Helix Luxe: Best Luxury

When it comes to finding a luxury mattress youll be happy to hear that you can get a very premium mattress that is still very affordable. The Helix Luxe offers 2 amazing mattresses that are ideal for combination sleepers.

The Helix Luxe Dusk is literally made for combination sleepers looking for that sweet spot of comfort. While the Heix Luxe Midnight also offers an ideal medium feel that is geared to a more dominate side sleeper.

Weve tried them both though and think the Helix Luxe in general is an amazing mattress. Though, we would have to lean towards the Helix Luxe Dusk for our favorite for combination sleepers.

The balance of premium softness and solid support makes this mattress stand out. The level of detail and added benefits brings this mattress to a premium level that is the epitome of affordable luxury.

Learn more about this luxurious mattress for combination sleepers in our Helix Luxe Mattress Review.

What Makes The Winkbeds Mattress Stand Out

Junior Combo Mid Sleeper with Computer Desk Side Wardrobe Book Shelf ...
  • The WinkBed is similar to a bed youd see in a luxury hotel, thanks to Tencel fabric in the cover, Hypersoft foam, and premium gel foam.
  • It comes in four different firmness levels, including a WinkBed Plus model designed specifically for heavy sleepers.
  • The coils promote airflow throughout the mattress, so hot sleepers should be sleeping cool on the WinkBed.

Read our full WinkBeds mattress review.

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Features To Consider While Choosing Best Pillow For Combination Sleeper:


Pillows for combination sleepers should have variable loft. While sleeping on side or stomach high loft have the probability to misalign the neck from spine. So for combination sleepers pillows should have variable loft that can be adjusted to your needs accordingly.


A comfort pillow depends on softness and hardness. The fillings of pillows play a vital role in firmness . There is ideal firmness for those who choose to change positions at night. They require a more medium firm .


Quality pillows last longer providing support and staying a comfort pillow for more duration. They should last for 2 to 3 years. When pillows start to shred typically it will affect the firmness and loft which inturn will decrease the chances for comfortable sleep at night. Durability should be your primary concern as it adds value to your purchase and you stay longer with comfort pillows.


Pillows that you choose for combination sleeping must keep your spine properly aligned and provide full support to your body . Should contour your head and neck that will increase aches and other uneasiness.

Do you utilize extra help cushions?
Which dozing position do you invest the most energy in?
How frequently do you change positions as the night progresses?

Are Combination Mattresses Good

Hybrid mattresses offer the right balance of support and comfort. They are also recommended for combination sleepers because they can handle weight changes well. They are also breathable and are supportive. They dont take motion transfer well, and they can be a bit noisy, so this is a consideration if you sleep with someone at night.

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Best And Worst Type Of Pillows:

We cant say that there is one best sort for all blend sleepers, however when all is said in done, pad types that offer greater adaptability and flexibility , for example, Fibers , Shredded latex ,shredded memory foam, down, feather, down other option, and buckwheat are well on the way to be the best fit. These pillows typically have low-to-medium degrees of space, critical responsiveness, and the capacity to be changed during the night to oblige the most proper head position.

While solid latex and solid memory foam might not end up the best choice for combination sleepers.

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

1215 West Avenue, Unit 302, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Its a durable pillow with a bagful of benefits! Use this pillow on a regular basis to get rid of TMJ and vile neck pains. At the same time, we dont have to cough out extra money to achieve all those advantages. Dont think twice about the sturdiness of buckwheat because its there to pull the magic trick!

Some buckwheat cushions tend to skimp out on the number of hulls. But, this one doesnt! Besides, this pillow is hypoallergenic. Just add extra cushioning over this sleeping pillow to muffle the sound of the buckwheat husks.


Expert Verdict:

Take this pillow if youre extremely sensitive to chemicals. Its an organic sleeping solution. The 100% USDA organic grown hulls have tremendous performance. The zippered cotton casing allows you to adjust the amount of buckwheat inside the pillow. Its highly durable and can withstand intense wear and tear. We love this long-lasting, neck-friendly pillow. Several different size options are available. Now you dont have to yearn over the size options!

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Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is a well-designed, minimal mattress that doesnt cost a lot of money. It will work for most people, but Tuft & Needle has some better options for sleepers who need more support.

The T& N Original Mattress is positioned as the companys high-level product. The bed features a layer of responsive, high-quality open-cell foam and a layer of gel-based memory foam. While the polyfoam layer generally compresses under pressure, the beds memory foam layer can mold to your unique shape and body type, which helps to ensure a better nights sleep.

What I Like:

  • The Tuft & Needle Original Mattress is the best if youre looking for a mattress that can offer excellent support without breaking the bank.
  • The mattress comes with memory foam in the top layer and an open-cell technology in the bottom layer.

Bear Elite Hybrid: Best Overall

When it comes to finding one of the best mattresses for combination sleepers, the Bear Elite Hybrid is at the top of our list. Specifically the Bear Hybrid Elite Luxury Firm option. This mattress lands on what we consider the ideal spot of comfort for combo sleepers.

The materials and build of this bed are a dream. The thick coil system ensures plenty of long lasting support. While the top comfort layers are dense yet plush. Creating the perfect marriage of balance that moves with your body while you sleep. Not too firm, not too soft. Not too quick moving and not too slow moving. Meaning that your mattress molds to your needs and not the other way around.

Not only is this bed a harmonious blend of comfort and support but also is a phenomenal price. Most other thick well made mattresses are typically several hundred dollars more. While the Bear comes in at a very affordable price, especially with the latest coupon!

Learn more about this ideally comfortable bed in our Bear Elite Hybrid Mattress Review.

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The Avocado Green Mattress

The Avocado Green is an eco-friendly hybrid mattress made from latex foam and pocketed coils. The materials its made of hold GOTS and GOLS certifications, ensuring theyre all organic, natural and ethically sourced. This mattress is the most environmentally-friendly option on this list. However, it does come with a bigger price tag too.

The Avocado Green is made from two or three layers, depending on the choice of firmness. The price is also affected by this choice, as the optional pillowtop comes at an extra $400.

So lets have a look at the eco-friendly parts:

  • The cover of the Avocado Green is made from 100% organic cotton. Its naturally breathable and tends to wick away excess body heat.
  • Under the cover, we find the optional European-style pillowtop. Its made from organic and ethically-sourced wool, which makes the mattress plush and comfy. The wool also helps further with temperature control and acts as a natural fire retardant.
  • Under the pillow comes 3 inches of organic latex foam. This layer conforms to the body and provides a response.
  • After the latex foam, we find 8-inch tall pocketed coils. These coils are separated into 5 ergonomic support zones, which ensures that combination sleepers get thorough support through the night.

Ask Questions When It Comes To The Warranty

5 Best Mattresses For Combination Sleepers In 2020

Finally, read the fine print of any warranties and trial periods before you buy. You can learn about the companys policies and reputation through customer reviews.

Some mattress companies may require that you use a waterproof mattress cover or a certain kind of bed base or the warranty is voided, for example. Other companies only cover certain types of damage to your mattress in the warranty.

If you end up making a warranty claim, taking photographs and making phone calls will likely be part of the process.

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How To Find The Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers

If youre a combination sleeper, you will want a mattress with excellent responsiveness because you will be changing positions so often. Also, you will need a mattress that has been constructed with enough layers to offer differentiated support, meaning the layers will react to the different pressure you put on it whether youre lying on your side, your back or your stomach or some order in between.

Hybrid mattresses tend to be great options for combination sleepers. The variety of materials ensures versatility in how the mattress will perform. However, there are some memory foam mattresses with advanced technology that will provide the amount of support that combination sleepers need typically at a lower price point too. In summary, the best mattress for combination sleepers is responsive, supportive, and versatile.

Consider these four specific factors when youre looking for the perfect mattress:

Finding The Right Firmness Level

Your ideal firmness level depends on two factors:

Your Dominant Sleeping Positions

While side sleepers need a softer surface to contour their denser body parts like shoulders and hips, back sleepers need a slightly firmer mattress to keep their body parts level with each other. And finally, stomach sleepers require the firmest mattress of them all in order to prevent their stomach and torso from dipping unnaturally and throwing off the curve of the spine.

Want to know more? Check out our top rated mattresses for heavy people here.

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What Mattress Is Best For A Combination Sleeper With Back Pain

If you tend to switch sleeping positions during the night, you are a combination sleeper. You can switch from your back to your stomach or your side unconsciously. You need a mattress that wont ruin your slumber while switching.

Also, a mattress that will relieve pain accumulated during the day.

When back pain is the issue with a combo sleeper, a mattress with extra support for the spine is a must. Hybrid mattresses are a perfect mix of both ease and support that combo sleepers will adore. They have excellent comfort layers combined with coils. Theyre best for sleepers who need pain points massaged the right way in every sleeping position. The best firmness level for combination sleepers with backache is a medium-firm feel.

If you struggle with back pain, lets find you a mattress that will serve you whole. Check out our best mattresses for back pain, and dont worry about bending your back: its top-shelf tier.

Look For Brands That Are Clear About What Their Mattress Is Made Of

OJAMA BEST DECK BABY #yugiohmasterduel

Since its an item that youll come into close contact with on a regular basis, the materials used to manufacture and finish your mattress should be considered, too.

Choosing a mattress that is CertiPUR-US certified means its less likely to introduce off-gassed particles into your homes air quality. All-natural materials tend to be more breathable, and an organic textile certification can be a plus to assure their quality.

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Proper Spine Support And Alignment

The right kind of headrest wont allow you to sacrifice your spine alignment! While you are sleeping on your back, most of the pillows will do just fine. The moment you switch back to other positions, you need to support your delicate spine. Your neck will not be in the usual state. That will cause you to press too much on your shoulder while sleeping. Your neck and back will take the strain. And there it is Hello back pain!

Ordinary cushions are unable to provide you with the necessary support. You need a suitable one that can cushion the neck and align the spine while you transition from position to position. You might not feel the difference right away. But it will do the magic in the long run, youll see!

L Lovsoul Feather Pillow:

Want a cloud-like surface to rest your head? Then this one is for you. Its not just a cluster of firm goose feathers. There is more to it! The added microfiber chamber inside the pillow helps to hold the pillow cushion from inside. As a result, its compatible with all sleeping postures.

Let me tell you beforehand. The pillow will come to you as shrink-wrapped and flat. Just place it in the dryer on a low setting for at least 30 minutes or so, and thats it. The pillow will come back to its original shape. The only downside I can think of its not machine washable. We highly suggest this pillow, if thats not a problem!


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What Type Of Mattress Is Best For Combo Sleepers

Buoyant mattresses with a responsive surface are often some of the best choices for combination sleeping. We suggest hybrid mattresses for combination sleepers, as they have bouncy pocketed coils that adapt to movements well and a pressure-relieving foam top. Memory foam and latex mattresses can also be good choices, though they may cradle the body more.

What Is The Coolest Mattress

Best Mattress For Combination Sleepers (2020): Reviews and Buyer

Many innerspring mattresses do a good job of staying cool as you sleep on them, but they arent ideal for combination sleepers. Shop for a hybrid mattress, latex, or gel memory foam mattress to help you stay cool but supported as you sleep. Some mattress manufacturers add cooling features like gel infusions to improve heat dispersion.

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Malouf Talalay Latex Pillow

MALOUF is the only company that offers Talalay pillows with these extensive options and assorted varieties. On the inner portions of the cushion, therere large holes, and the outer parts have comparatively smaller holes. That ensures breathability, airflow. As a result, youll be able to cradle your head while supporting your delicate neck.

This pillow comes with a removable Tencel cover. That gives you proper moisture management and helps to regulate the temperature of your head and neck while you are asleep. At the same time, its machine washable and dryer friendly. Besides, take full advantage of a broad representation of the Zoned Z brand all along!


Expert Verdict

This pillow design favors the back and side sleepers. Its featuring high loft and firmness. The 5-year warranty speaks for the pillow itself! The natural Talalay latex is highly nature-friendly and long-lasting.

An ideal pillow for combination sleepers. Especially for those who spend much of their sleeping time on their back and side positions.

Pros And Cons Of Each Sleeping Position

No matter your primary sleeping position, or even if you split your night evenly between the three main sleeping positions, spinal alignment is key. Of the three main sleeping positions, some positions are healthier for the body and improve the chances of maintaining spinal alignment throughout the night. Heres a look at the pros and cons of each primary sleeping position for combination sleepers.

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Tuft & Needle Hybrid: Best New Comer

Another fantastic mattress for combination sleepers is the latest addition to the Tuft & Needle mattress family. The first hybrid mattress introduced to this line happens to be an ideal fit for combination sleepers. The Tuft and Needle Hybrid mattress is a true medium feeling mattress that hits right in the middle of the road.

This isnt quite as thick as the Luuf, but offers a similar build with a coil system support system with several layers of contouring foam over top. Partnering together to find an ideal compromise for a sleeper who changes positions while sleeping. This mattress comes in just a tad softer than the LuuF, making it great for a combination sleeper that leans a bit more towards side sleeping.

The T& N Hybrid is also another well priced mattress that comes in at an affordable price point, especially with any additional Tuft and Needle coupons too. Even without any added savings this mattress is a great value and offers a solid bed for years of great sleep.

See what else we have to say about this fabulous bed in our Tuft & Needle Hybrid Mattress Review.

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