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Can You Sleep On A Purple Mattress Right Away

How To Choose The Best Window Treatments

Purple Mattress Review – What YOU Should Know (Before You Buy!)

After spending so much time choosing the perfect paint color, a cohesive array of furniture, and the perfect area rug, your window treatments can often feel like an after-thought. As long as they look good and can properly open and close, they’re good enough, right? Well, not exactly. Just because your window treatments serve a utilitarian purposeto keep harsh sunlight out and get some privacy from nosy neighborsdoesn’t mean they can’t look good, too. In fact, the right window treatment can tie the entire room together.

“Window treatments can transform a room in ways both subtle and dramatic, giving a space the finishing touch that I feel nothing else does,” explains Davina Ogilvie, founder of Wovn Home, a direct-to-consumer brand that makes custom window treatments. “The right drapery can add texture and softness, elevating an interior from simple to spectacular.”

Problem is, with so many styles to choose from, finding the right treatment for your home can be the design equivalent to a needle in a haystack. To help, Ogilvie is sharing her professional tips for finding the right option for your space. Thanks to her advice, throwing shade has never looked so good.

What To Consider When Choosing Window Treatments

First things first, take inventory of the windows youre looking to dress. Are they floor-to-ceiling? Nestled in a corner? Shape, size, style, and even the way the window opens are all important factors, as is the purpose of of the window treatment itself. The best choice is really based on the desired result or need, says Smith & Noble senior product and sourcing manager JoEllen Ropele.

Is Dreamcloud Good For Back Pain

According to the National Institutes of Health, back pain is among the most frequent health issues of our Society. It is projected that 8 out of 10 Americans suffer from occasional or chronic back pain issues . If you are one of those people who suffer from back problems, you will be wondering if your mattress could be the cause.

The answer of sleep experts to this question is absolute: the mattress you choose is decisive when it comes to alleviating your back-pain problem. Though most experts dont recommend a particular brand, they urge that the back-pain sufferers follow some general advice.

If youve got a pain in the back, you will need to buy the firmest mattress you can find, right? Not so fast winner! Although that was the frequent sense, there is in fact no good research that affirms it.

Experts in Spine-Health indicate its extremely important to balance back pain relief with comfort. You may pick a mattress that is hard, you can feel a bit of relief in the back pain for a while, but you could suffer from joint pain or pressure. The experts also indicate that a mattress that is medium-firm term could be the best choice to find that balance.

Dreamcloud is a mattress thats worth trying. In actuality, there are lots of people who have already tried it and say that the DreamCloud has helped them a lot to relieve their back pain:

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Perfect Placement For Your Preferred Style Shades

We think all of our Hunter Douglas window shades can find a home in your home, but you may be looking for specific attributes for different areas. For example, Roman Shades are the classic, versatile solution for any home setting, thanks to myriad options for sizing, shapes, and operating systems that ensure seamless integration into your décor.

Soft Shades, on the other hand, are ideal for bedrooms, shared living spaces, and home office settings where comfort and energy efficiency are needed most. House of blinds offers tons of options for customization that are sure to elevate the look of your living room, den, or even sun room. With the incredible selection of premium Hunter Douglas shades available from House of Blinds, youll have no trouble finding the ideal solutions for every room in your home.

A Talk To A Professional

Best Cooling Mattress

For some window treatments, you will need to have some construction skills for installation. An example might be if you want to have frosted glass in a window. This would require technical know-how, or that you work with an experienced professional.

Other scenarios where a paid service would be helpful include exterior shutters on a second or third story, or redoing your window trim.

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Your Request Has Been Sent

Thank you for your professional measure request. One of our Design Consultants will be contacting youshortly to discuss your project and schedule your measure appointment.

Made SimpleTERMS & CONDITIONSof The Shade Store’s Professional Measure & Install Program

Installation Pricing
% of Price For Non-Motorized Items 10%
% of Price For Motorized Items 15% 15%

If Youre Looking For Curtains And Drapes

  • Society6: From leopard print to mountainscapes, Society6 has a huge selection of playful patterns and chic window treatments, including sheer curtains and blackout drapes.
  • West Elm: West Elm is all about modern minimalism with a refined sense of cool. Youll find trendy pieces here like ochre velvet drapes and sage-colored Belgian flax linen curtains.
  • Urban Outfitters: Looking for something beaded, color-blocked, patterned, or all the above? Urban carries both curtains and panels with flair to boot.

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Welcome To The Window Treatment & Bedding Specialists Your One Stop Shop On The Emerald Coast A Beautifully Designed Home Has All Of The Finishing Touches Including Fashionable Window Treatments And Luxurious Bedding Let Us Help You Create A Design Plan For Your Home That Will Best Suit Your Style And Needs

We are a full service window treatment and bedding company serving the beautiful beaches of the Emerald Coast including areas along 30A such as Alys Beach, Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, Seagrove, Seaside, Watersound and Watercolor, just to name a few. For over 20 years we have been the premier choice of homeowners, interior designers, builders, developers and real estate agents for window treatments and bedding in the Destin, FL area.

Whether you own a home, condo, business or large commercial buildings such as hotels or apartments, Our window treatment and bedding experts can professionally handle all of your design needs, from consulting and measuring to ordering and installing.

From the window treatment industry leading manufacturers such as Lutron, Hunter Douglas and Norman Window Fashions to popular bedding and fabric lines to coordinate and enhance any style and decor, our knowledgeable Design Consultants will help you design beautiful window treatments and bedding that will meet any budget and lifestyle. To begin, call us today or click on Request Free Consult to set up an appointment.

What Is The Purple Mattress

Everyone Will Want to Try Your New Purple Mattress

The Purple Mattress was developed by engineer brothers Tony and Terry Pearce, who specially-crafted the mattress with a gridded Hyper-Elastic Polymer⢠that allows for maximum comfort and flexibility. This groundbreaking mattress has been sweeping in popularity and is a favorite among side sleepers, people with back pain, and anyone who enjoys a good nightâs sleep.

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Buy Roller Shades Online At Selectblindscom

If youre looking for classic style, modern functionality, and still stay within your budget, roller shades are the perfect fit. Traditional roller blinds have been around for a while, but the roller window shades at Select Blinds put a modern twist on an old classic. Now, no matter your style, you can find the perfect rollers to match.


Choosing the perfect roller shade can come down to choosing the right light control fabric. With that in mind, here are your basic options:

Light Filtering Light filtering fabrics take in the light and gently diffuse it, creating a warm glow in your space. With this option, you wont get the full force of the sunlight, but youll get the perfect amount.

Room Darkening Room darkening fabrics are in between light filtering and blackout. They let in some light, but not as much as light filtering fabrics.

Blackout Block the most amount of light with blackout shades. These are great for bedrooms, media rooms, and home theaters. Theyre also perfect if you work night shifts and need to sleep during the day.


To fully customize our roll down shades to fit your lifestyle, the next step is to choose your ideal lift system. Here are the options youll come across as you explore the site:

Finding the right roller window cover is easy. Customizing it to fit your life is where the fun begins. Just read over these roller measuring instructions to get started.

The Vast Selection At House Of Blinds

Our wide range of elegant styles and convenient features provides every customer with the opportunity to choose the perfect Hunter Douglas shades, whether its privacy sheers or Roman shades for their interior spaces. Whether youre working with traditional, Victorian architecture, a funky, post-modern home, or an Art Deco masterpiece, for example, we have the flexible designs and textiles to create the perfect fit for literally any setting.

We can size for windows large and small, provide low-profile headers for shallow mounting surfaces, and even work with specialty shapes like circles, arches, angles, bay windows, corner windows, French and sliding glass doors, and more. No matter what your space demands, House of Blinds has the Hunter Douglas window treatments to suit every setting and style.

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The Beauty And Brilliance Of Custom Sheers And Shades

When it comes to beautiful and functional custom window coverings, you have nearly endless options for blinds, shades, shutters, and more. Not only can you select the styles that best meet your needs for lighting and privacy control, but you can find plenty of choices for color, pattern, texture, and even layering to suit your décor and your personal design aesthetic. At House of Blinds, were pleased to partner with renowned manufacturer Hunter Douglas to bring you the quality, custom window treatments that will complete the look of any room in your home and elevate your style. If youre seeking versatility, youre sure to love the many benefits associated with our selection of Hunter Douglas window sheers and shades.

We offer high-end styles that deliver just the right amount of privacy and light control. The combination of stiff veins paired with attractive and ethereal, sheer material provides untold opportunities to perfectly adjust the light coming in, shield you from the prying eyes of close neighbors or passersby, or preserve your view, depending on your particular needs and preferences. Hunter Douglas window shades do more than just offer a functional window covering. They also help to protect your home interior against the intrusion of harmful UV rays. If you want to preserve your furniture and flooring, custom sheers and shades help to prevent fading by diffusing the light coming in.

How To Let Light In But Keep My Privacy


Choose light filtering or sheer curtains that allow light in while offering privacy. You can also choose stackable panel curtains that filter light. Hang them on a track system and stack them together when you want more privacy. Light will still filter through to create a mood while you enjoy the intimate feel of the room.

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Curtains On A Double Rod

Hanging curtains on a double rod offers lots of versatility. A common combination is using a thicker and more decorative curtain material for the outer rod and hanging sheers on the inner rod. That way, you can close both types of curtains for maximum privacy and light blocking. But you also can close only the sheers to allow light into the space while still maintaining a bit of privacy. This window treatment idea can work in living spaces, as well as bedrooms. It could be especially beneficial for an office if you need to diffuse a little light with the sheers during the day and want privacy at night with the thicker curtains.

Where To Shop For Curtains And Blinds

Theres no substitute for touching fabric and feeling its heft, so its a good idea to check out curtains in the store or order swatches before making a purchase. Some retailers will even lend you large fabric samples to take home and hang in front of your window. Below are some reliable sources, most of which you can visit in person as well as online.

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What About The Lining

Of course, window treatments still need to serve a purpose, so you’ll want to add some lining to your setup. Whether you buy window treatments from a major retailer or get a custom option through Wovn Home, blackout and privacy linings are available with both drapes and shades. So, what’s the difference? While blackout lining blocks out light for complete darkness, a privacy layer lets a little glow trickle in.

“I always recommend blackout lined window treatments for bedrooms, which enables better sleep without sacrificing style,” Ogilvie says. “In living spaces, bathrooms, and kitchens, privacy lining allows beautifully filtered light to enter the room while still providing privacy.”

If you want just the right amount of sunlight to shine through, opt for a set of pleated linen draperies, which is her go-to treatment.

“Pleated drapery is classic, tailored and timeless, with the power to immediately elevate a space,” Ogilvie says. “The organic texture of linen adds so much visual interest, holds color and drapes beautifully, making it ideal for sophisticated and modern window treatments.”

A pinch of privacy without sacrificing sunlight? It’s a win-win.

Brilliant Custom Window Treatments In Philadelphia & Suburbs

Purple Mattress Review – AFTER 3 YEARS (Honest Opinion)

When you decide to add new, fashionable window treatments in your Philadelphia home, choose dramatic and opulent products that elevate your existing decor and personal tastes. At Allure Window Treatments, weve cultivated the most beautiful window treatments from leading brands like Hunter Douglas to uplift your space.

Philadelphia area residents have access to a nearly infinite assortment of rich treatments to satisfy even the most discerning and savvy tastes. With our extensive and refined products and creative designers, no window treatment project is too large or complicated for us to undertake.

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Create A Cohesive Feel With Matched Patterns

‘Almost any fabric can become a blind and, as with curtains, we recommend the use of beautiful linings, says Emma Clarke, director of Warner House. Blackout should be a consideration depending on the room and interlining material for an elegant finish.

Shown on the windows here is Warner Houses Balmoral Olive.

Adding tape or bullion trims to the bottom edge creates interest bringing individuality to your scheme. Try layering both curtains and blinds for warmth and depth.

Benefits Of Sleeping On A Purple Mattress

When it comes to the benefits youll see in our Purple mattress review, clearly great sleep is at the top of your list. But how youll get that from the above listed materials? Below we will go through how the Purple bed will feel and perform. Giving you a first hand look at how it works for side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers and combination sleepers. Even how the Purple mattress works for bigger and taller sleepers too.

We will also detail how this polymer gridded bed performs for motion isolation, sleeping cool as well as edge support. Though the Purple mattress sets itself apart from memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and hybrid mattresses, there will be similarities that come through in the benefits it offers.

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What Kind Of Window Treatments Are In Style

With style thankfully being subjective, rest assured that IKEA window treatments are available in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns ready to help you wow from inside and outside of the house. Add the ability to choose different options for hanging shades, blinds and window treatmentsalong with smart ways to combine themand expressing your sense of style is easy.

What To Do With A New Mattress

Can You Sleep on a New Mattress Straight Away?

Once you received your new mattress, its important to consider some practical tips to help it expand more quickly. One of the best ways to make sure that you will have a good nights sleep with your new memory foam is to let the off-gassing finish first. Then you need to wait until it expands to the exact inches that is indicated in the box.

If your memory foam has a 10-inch profile, you should wait until it has completely expanded with corners in full shape. You may only put the sheets and mattress cover once the bed has reached 10 inches in height. Before you sleep on it, the corners should have taken shape to avoid damaged or distorted mattress.

The following are some expert suggestions to speed up your new memory foams expansion process:

  • Place it in a room with higher temperature. Heat is important in helping new mattresses to expand more quickly. A cold room will only stiffen your new mattress and cause longer time to fully expand. Therefore, cranking the heat in your bedroom slightly is a huge help in the process.
  • Roll on your mattress to help the foam expand more. This doesnt mean that you need to sleep on your new mattress right away. Applying some weight on the memory foam can speed up its expansion process. Just make sure you dont overdo it to prevent damaging the foam.

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Corded Window Coverings Can Pose A Strangulation Hazard To Young Children

Window Covering Cords

The Window Covering Safety Council is dedicated to educating parents and caregivers about the potential strangulation risks of window blind and shade cords and urges consumers to only use cordless window coverings or window coverings with inaccessible cords in homes with young children.

Keeping kids safe can be a challenge when danger may not be obvious. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission calls corded window coverings one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes, with infants and children accidentally becoming entangled in window blind cords. Put blind cord safety at the top of your child proofing checklist.

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