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Can You Wear Invisalign While Sleeping

What Are Nighttime Clear Aligners

INVISALIGN JOURNEY | The first day of wearing Invisalign | Pain, lisp & tips

Before we dive into the depths of nighttime aligners, let’s have a quick refresher about clear aligners in general.

Clear aligners are an alternative to traditional braces when it comes to straightening teeth. They are increasingly popular among adults and older teens who don’t want the brace face’ aesthetic. They may involve remote treatment or in-office treatment, but either way, they are removable, and treatment time is usually shorter than it is with normal braces.

In the case of remote treatment, clear aligners are considerably more affordable than in-office options. However, just because clear aligners are removable doesnt mean you can take them out whenever you want. They still need to be worn for 20 to 22 hours every day. At least that’s how it was until nighttime aligners came along.

Clear aligners are all about convenience and discretion, so it makes sense that the next step in their evolution would be aligners that you only have to wear at night. Hence the nighttime option.

These aligners only need to be worn for 10 hours per day so you can wear them while you sleep, with potentially an hour or two of wear before or after sleeping.

Unlike aligners that you wear around the clock, nighttime aligners require continuous wear, meaning you can’t take them out to eat or drink. Once they’re in, they must stay in until the prescribed time is up. They also generally require longer treatment time than standard aligners, and in some cases, they are more expensive.

Nighttime Vs Daytime Pain

When you switch aligner trays, its normal to experience some mild discomfort for a day or two. Each new tray puts a new type of pressure on the mouth, which can lead to soreness while your mouth adjusts. This pain should be similar in the waking and nighttime hours. Pain that only happens at night might be a sign that you grind your teeth or sleep in a way that puts pressure on your mouth. Keep track of your pain so you can describe it to your dentist or orthodontist.

Can You Order Nighttime Aligners Online

Though nighttime aligners sent through the mail may exist, they are only intended for minor cosmetic issues, and even in these circumstances, nighttime aligners fail miserably. In addition, treatment isnt typically designed and managed by a licensed orthodontic specialist.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, a direct-to-consumer orthodontic treatment like nighttime aligners could cause harm to the teeth and gums, including tooth loss and/or a misaligned bite if not monitored by an orthodontist Orthodontists. Regardless of how well-intentioned you are, its quite unlikely to produce the desired outcomes.

A normal Invisalign treatment plan would take six months to correct an orthodontic problem even if it were successful and safe, it would take a year with nighttime aligners and the results would still be less than ideal!

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What If I Lose My Retainer

If you lose your retainer, just call our office to schedule an appointment. Whether you accidentally threw out your retainer on your lunch tray or the dog ate it, we can get you fitted for a new retainer as soon as possible so you dont lose the progress you made with orthodontic treatment. During your appointment, well take impressions of your teeth to create a new retainer.

I Have Trouble Sleeping With Invisalign What Should I Do


Invisalign aligners are comfortable and discreet, making them ideal for teens and adults who lead busy lives. They work by gradually moving your teeth into their proper positions. As long as you wear your aligners for at least 22 hours each day and only remove them for eating, drinking, and cleaning, you can enjoy straight teeth and a beautiful smile at the end of your treatment.

Since Invisalign aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours each day in order to be effective and move your teeth efficiently, you will have to sleep with them in. While most patients dont have any issues with this, some have stated that they have trouble sleeping with Invisalign aligners in their mouths.

When you first wear your aligners to bed, sleep facing upward and keep your head elevated. This can help any salivating or drooling you may experience. We also suggest keeping a glass of water by your bed in the event your mouth begins to feel dry and you notice a sore or dry throat, thick saliva, or other symptoms of dry mouth.

Once your mouth gets used to the Invisalign aligners, you shouldnt have any problems sleeping. However, if your sleeping challenges persist, it is in your best interest to visit our office. By doing so, you can give Dr. Sims the opportunity to examine your mouth and figure out why it hasnt adjusted to your aligners properly.

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You Shouldnt Wear Them If Youre Incapacitated

Youre naturally self-aware of what happens while you sleep. If you didnt have some awareness, youd fall out of bed every night. The same is true of whats going on with your aligners. Although its incredibly unlikely theyd slip out of place or break, chances are youd wake up right away if they ever did. However, if something interferes with your natural processes, such as alcohol or medications, you might not. In those cases, it would be more understandable to skip the aligners that night. Equally, if you suffer from a sleep condition and take sleep aids, its worthwhile to mention this to your dentist before you start treatment. Although youd probably be fine regardless, the two of you may agree traditional braces are a better fit for your needs.

Can You Wear Aligners And A Night Guard At The Same Time

Aligners and night guards cannot be worn simultaneously. It is recommended that invisalign be worn 20-22 hours per day and cover the top and/or bottom teeth, so night guards are not a viable treatment option for bruxism during your teeth straightening journey. Because the landscape of the mouth is constantly changing while using Invisalign, grinders cannot wear a custom-fitted night guard at the same time. While you cannot wear Invisalign and a night guard at the same time, the aligners do provide some level of protection when you grind or clench your teeth.

Thankfully the plastic barrier of the aligners/retainers help with bruxism and the prevention of tooth to tooth contact while grinding.While not a complete treatment, it is a prevention method more than a bruxism relief strategy.

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How Do You Correct An Over

Shelby: I personally had a cross bite that needed correction, so I cant speak to exactly whats needed for an over- or underbite. What I do know is that for my bite issues, my orthodontist had me wear rubber bands to help correct them. I wore as little as one and sometimes up to four! So if theres a pretty serious bite issue, like mine, youll likely be wearing rubber bands for most of your treatment.

Pablo: I had a slight cross bite and no overbite, with front teeth that were clashing together, which was all fixed by the use of one rubber band on the right side of my mouth. My orthodontist put this in place by attaching a tiny baby metal hook to one of my top molars and having a small hook built into the bottom tray. After six months of wearing the rubber band, I am now able to go without one for the duration of my treatment because my bite is fixed. I will, however, be finding stray rubber bands throughout my room for the rest of my life.

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Dealing With Invisalign Pain: A Summary

Retainers and Nightguards

Whether its Invisalign or one of the best cheap teeth aligners, all orthodontic appliances will cause a little bit of discomfort.

Invisalign pain is normal but temporary, and there are things you can do to relieve the pain such as:

  • Eat cold soft foods and apply a cold compress
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater
  • Take a pain medication
  • Put in new aligners at bedtime
  • Use Invisalign Chewies to seat your aligners

Of course, you should also check with your Invisalign doctor to make sure that the pain isnt caused by something serious. Your Invisalign dentist can also give you more personalized tips to stay comfortable while getting the most out of your Invisalign treatment.

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Does Invisalign Make Your Lips Bigger

Its important to understand that since Invisalign is not a cosmetic lip treatment, it will not increase the size of your lips. However, while you are undergoing Invisalign treatment, you may find that your lips appear bigger. This is because your lips will be lying on top of an appliance and look fuller as a result.

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Invisible Braces In Mill Creek Bothell Monroe And Alaska

Our clear ceramic braces are stain-resistant, durable and made from a translucent material. When paired with our thin, lightweight archwires, the streamlined, clear brackets blend in with your smile. If youre interested in invisible braces in Mill Creek, Bothell, Monroe or Alaska, these could be a good option. The clear braces are much less noticeable than their metal counterparts.

Once you get used to having your clear braces, youll barely notice theyre there. Since theyre bonded to your teeth and stay put throughout your entire treatment, you dont have to change them or take them in and out of your mouth.

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Will Wearing Invisalign Feel Uncomfortable At First

Having a beautiful smile is important to many people, and having properly aligned teeth is an essential part of this scenario. If your front teeth have gaps in between them or your teeth are slightly crooked, having them straightened through Invisalign can restore their natural beauty.

So does Invisalign feel uncomfortable? If you dont have any experience with Invisalign and you dont know anyone who has, you probably have a few questions, such as:

  • Does it take a long time to get used to wearing Invisalign?
  • Does Invisalign feel uncomfortable to your teeth, jaws, or soft tissues when you first begin to wear your trays?
  • Is there anything you can do to ease this discomfort?

Keep Your Aligners Clean

Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign® clear aligners can lose some of their clarity if they arent cleaned properly or are subjected to foods or beverages that can stain them. In addition to appearing cloudy, aligners that need to be cleaned can develop an odor and feel icky in your mouth. One way to clean your aligners is with the Invisalign® Aligner Cleaning System. This method takes about 15 minutes to remove plaque from your aligners using special cleaning crystals. You can also clean your aligners with antibacterial soap and warm water. Make sure the water is not hot since it could cause your aligners to become soft and to warp. You can also use toothpaste to clean your aligners, but you should be careful with this method since some kinds of toothpaste contain abrasive substances that could scratch your aligners. These scratches will take away from the clear appearance of your aligners and could even create little nooks and crannies for bacteria to live in if they are deep enough.

While youre wearing your aligners, avoid smoking since it is likely to stain them. The only food or drink which can be consumed while the aligners are in place is water. Take care to ensure that the water is not hot as it can damage the thin plastic your aligners are made of. Drinks such as coffee or tea cannot be consumed with the aligners in as it can increase cavity risk, cause staining of the aligners or even warp the aligner material. Dont chew gum with your aligners in, since it could stick to the plastic.

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Do You Sleep With Invisalign In

So are you supposed to sleep with Invisalign? The short answer is: yes! You do sleep with Invisalign in for the best results.

You should wear your Invisalign aligners for22 hours each day. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, that means its essential you let them do their work while youre asleep.

The purpose of Invisalign is to help you improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Over the course of several months, the aligners gradually and gentlyshift your teeth into the desired position. To achieve this, you need to wear your Invisalign throughout the night as you sleep.

Can I Just Wear Invisalign At Night And Not In The Day

No. If you only did this then you would be wearing your Invisalign aligner is for probably a maximum of eight hours per day. Invisalign is designed to be worn for at least 22 hours per day and is also designed to be barely noticeable whilst being worn.

This design makes it the perfect orthodontic brace to be well worn by people with busy lives and who dont want others to know they are having orthodontic brace treatment.

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Comparison Of Nighttime Aligners

There are a couple of other brands, like Smile Direct Club nighttime aligners, that you may want to look at as well. But, in general, the concept of nighttime clear aligners is the same from company to company: You wear your aligners for around 10 hours per night, and the treatment time is generally longer than it is for standard options. There are some differences that you should consider if you do choose the nighttime route. Have a look at the table below for a summary of the similarities and differences:


Straight My Teeth Nightonly Clear Aligners

What Can I Eat While Wearing Braces? | Braces and Invisalign Orthodontist | Madisonville, LA

Straight My Teeth is a company that offers nighttime aligners in the UK and it also has some of the most affordable aligners available on the market. Their at-home aligner treatment is remotely monitored by orthodontists and dental technicians.

Straight My Teeth does have one Smile Studio in London where you can go for your initial consultation and 3D scan. But, it’s not necessary for you to attend, since you can always order a DIY impression kit online and never see a dentist in person.

Their standard aligners cost just £999, but if you want the convenience of not having to wear your aligners during the day, they have the NightOnly option. This option is a little bit more expensive at £1,149, but payment plans are available if you are concerned about the cost.

Their nighttime option is relatively new and comes with the following features:

  • Aligners must be worn for 8-10 hours per day, usually at night
  • Average treatment time is 8-12 months
  • Can treat mild cases

If you are interested in learning more about Straight My Teeth aligners, you can read our full review of both the Day Time and NightOnly options here.

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Sleeping With Your Invisalign Tray

Invisalign treatment requires 22 out of 24 hours of wear per day. That only time the Invisalign aligners should be out of your mouth is when you are eating, drinking anything but water, and brushing your teeth. That means that Invisalign must be worn during the overnight hours to procure proper teeth positioning. Sleeping with a foreign device in your mouth may seem awkward at first, but before you know it, it will become perfectly natural, and you will drift off to sleep as easily as you did before you started your teeth straightening regime.

For the first few nights, as your device settles perfectly into place, your mouth may remain slightly open while sleeping, and you may notice an increase in nighttime salivating/ drooling.To help alleviate this, Dr. Weber recommends to sleep facing upward, with head elevated. It is also a good idea to keep a glass of water by your bedside to combat any dry mouth you might experience as a result of your mouth being slightly ajar.

The increased nighttime drooling and initial discomfort are minor inconveniences in the grand scheme of things, and the amazing smile you achieve with Invisalign will make it all worthwhile in the end. In addition to allowing for optimal straightening, wearing your Invisalign braces at night will also provide a barrier between teeth, protecting them from destructive nightly grinding. This protective feature adds an additional benefit over metal braces.

What Happens If You Only Wear Invisalign At Night

Some dental devices, like night guards, are made to only be worn at night. Invisalign, on the other hand, is meant to be worn all day. No matter if your case is minor or severe, you still need to wear your Invisalign braces at least 20 to 22 hours a day.

Only wearing your aligners at night means that your teeth wont move according to schedule. While you may feel some slight discomfort when you first wear Invisalign, its important to persevere and continue wearing your aligners as directed by Dr. Piotrowski.

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What Can I Expect 12 Months After Invisalign

Once 12 months have passed, you should have enough new bone deposited around your teeth to keep them stable. For this reason, you wont have to wear your orthodontic retainers as frequently to maintain your beautifully straight smile. Our dentists may recommend only wearing your retainers 3 to 5 times a week.

While your teeth wont move as dramatically once the jawbone regains bone tissue, they will slightly move forward and inward as you get older. This change isnt something you notice overnight, but rather something that gradually happens over decades.

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