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Eight Sleep Pod Vs Sleep Number

Eight Sleep Mattress Faqs

Eight Sleep vs Ooler ChiliSleep || BEST Cooling for Sleep (Eight Sleep Pod Pro Cover)

Does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro make a lot of noise?

The Pod Pro made a bit of white noise during the priming process, when water was being pumped into the bed, but our team didnt notice any noise afterward. Eight Sleep offers video demonstrations of the bed, booked through their website, and watching a video demonstration might give you a firsthand sense of how the bed sounds.

Does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro use lots of energy?

According to the Eight Sleep website, the Pod Pro uses 50% less than a 5000 Btu window A/C consumes when its busy heating or cooling the bed. After a bit of research and extrapolating, it seems that the Eight Sleep Pod Pro uses around 250 watts of electricity when its in use. Thats a little less than a crockpot, according to our findings. However, theres no surefire way to track the Eight Sleeps impact on your energy bill until its in your home.

How much water does the Eight Sleep Pod Pro use?

The Pod Pro doesnt use too much water. Wed estimate that the Pros tank, which holds the water that fills the beds channels for heating and cooling, can fit between a half gallon to a gallon of water. We had to top off the tank when we re-primed the bed after re-downloading the app, but it was a negligible amount of water.

Best Customizability: Sleep Number

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed is highly customizable and a great smart bed option. The FlexTop P6 mattress is partially split so that the FlexFit 1 motorized base can raise and lower your and your partner’s side of the bed independently. The P6 mattress also has two-zone mattress control, so I could make my side of the mattress firmer than my husband’s side to suit my preferences . The DualTemp mattress pads also introduced two-zone heating and cooling. If I felt cold, I simply grabbed the DualTemp remote and adjusted my side.

The Beautyrest Sleeptracker and the Eight Sleep Tracker don’t offer that level of personal configuration, particularly when it comes to the firmness of the mattress. Molly also tested a motorized Beautyrest base as part of her review with unique features like USB chargers and a massage function. The Winkbed only offers temperature control, although you can customize each side of the smart bed separately.

The Eight Sleep Tracker offers the best overall value for what you get.

Smart Bed Support Levels

Like with any mattress, the most essential criterion for a smart bed is whether it delivers the support you need for spinal alignment, says Bert Jacobson, head of the School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation at Oklahoma State University, who researches the impact of sleep surfaces on slumber quality.

Your body type can determine what level of fitness is necessary for a good night’s sleep. Heavier people tend to require firmer mattresses to support their bodys pressure zones, for example. One size does not fit all. For the best support, a bed should conform to your weight and form, with different amounts of density where the body is heavier or lighter, says Jacobson. A Consumer Reports survey found people with neck and back pain reported better sleep on adjustable air beds such as Sleep Number mattresses, where firmness could be precisely tweaked.

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Cons Of Adjustable Bases

  • Theyre more technologically limited. Many smart beds have built-in features that allow you to do so much more than adjust their position. These extra features could include the ability to adjust the beds temperature, firmness level, and feel. An adjustable base wont necessarily allow for this level of customization.
  • Some people dont like the aesthetic. Many people do not like the way adjustable bases look from a design perspective, and they prefer the look of a more traditional bed frame.
  • Their set-up can be cumbersome. Setting up an adjustable base often takes a good deal of time and effort, which is a turn-off for some folks. Its also worth keeping this in mind if you have mobility issues.

Bed Types Bases And Pricing

11 Best Alternatives to a Sleep Number Bed

Sleep Number sells several different 360 Smart Beds, with queen sizes starting at $1,099 for the entry-level c2 Classic series model. The company offers its FlexFit adjustable bases starting at $1,499 for a queen.

The mattresses come in a range of industry-standard sizes that fit into traditional frames and furniture sets: twin , twin XL , full , queen , king , and California king .

All 360 Smart Beds feature DualAir adjustability, Responsive Air technology, and Sleep IQ tracking. The DualAir feature allows you to dial the firmness of each side independently, so if you like sleeping on a cloud and your partner prefers a brick, you can both have it your way. The Responsive Air feature monitors the bed’s air pressure level as you sleep, and automatically adjusts to maintain your desired firmness. The SleepIQ feature tracks your shut eye, heart rate, breathing, and more.

All three above-mentioned features are optional if you’re a solo sleeper, you can get a single-chamber mattress you adjust all at once. If you’re not a fan of the Responsive Air or sleep tracking features, you can easily disable them in the app.

The last time we reviewed a Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed, we tested the p5 Performance series model with a FlexFit 1 base, which is still on the market. A Sleep Number spokesperson tells me that the p5 is a popular model, and the company recently updated it with a new sleep surface for improved pressure relief.

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Eight Sleep Pod Pro Mattress Review

Many mattress companies claim that their products can actually regulate body temperature. They boast about cooling covers, gel infusions, and many other features that dont really affect the temperature of the mattress.

That is not the case with the Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress this high-tech mattress is all about temperature regulation and promises to actually cool and warm people as they sleep. So, how exactly does it work? Read our full Eight Sleep Pod Pro mattress review to find out!

Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230 Lbs

People who arent too much heavier than 230 lbs could get enough support when they are back sleeping on the Pod Pro. Those who are much heavier will probably need a mattress with coils. Also, heavyweight side sleepers are going to want a mattress with a thicker comfort layer, and heavyweight stomach sleepers will need a firmer mattress overall.

See our list of the best mattress for heavy people for some more supportive options.

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My Eight Sleep Pod Findings

Its important to remember that you arent just getting another mattress in a box. Just as Peleton exercise bikes made people rethink home gyms, Eight Sleep is making people rethink sleep entirely. The Eight Sleep app can control the temperature of the mattress but also provides excellent feedback on how you slept, the quality of your sleep, when you slept best and how you can get better sleep. The more you sleep on the mattress the more data you get which gives you better guidance.

Heres a pic of the interface. Controlling each side is easy as you can just adjust the dial with your finger.

What makes this such a cool mattress is that you can adjust the temperature on each side. Its easy to heat a mattress and if the Pod did just that, it wouldnt be worth writing about but the fact that it can cool and heat at the same time is remarkable. Using a Flir thermal camera, you can see just how much variation in temperature you get when turning one side down and the other all the way up.

Heres a shot of the app where you can adjust the temperature. Its very intuitive. Since I have installed the app I have noticed regular performance updates as well.

What makes this even more remarkable is that it can do all this with very little water. Other devices similar to this require more water and a conditioning unit on each side of the bed. They are also louder. This machine is whisper quiet and has a sophisticated processor with wifi built in to communicate data to you your phone.

Who I Recommend The Pod Mattress For

Eight Sleep Pod Mattress Review by GoodBed
  • First and foremost, hot sleepers should really like this mattress. The Pods Active Grid is incredibly effective at regulating temperatures.
  • If youre into the idea of sleep tracking, this mattress could be a great fit for you! The Active Grid measures sleep and provides you with new data every morning.
  • I also found it super easy to move around and change positions on this bed, marking this bed as a good option for combination sleepers.
  • Back sleepers might also like the firmer feel of this mattress. It should offer these folks a nice balance of pressure relief and support.

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The Best Smart Mattress

There are a number of smartbeds on the market, but not all smart mattresses are created equal. Three names rise to the top when talking about smartbeds and were here to discuss what makes them similar, what sets each one apart, and what metrics you should use to choose the best smart mattress for you.

  • Real-time adjustments as you sleep

  • 12-inch height with 7 layers

  • Patented gel polymer layer and cool-to-the-touch cover

  • 101-night sleep trial and 25-year warranty

Price Range: $5,899 – $11,798

Offering customizable comfort for all sleeping styles, the Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix incorporates patented cooling technology and an advanced network of sensors to deliver real-time adjustments while you sleep. This smart mattress features biometric sensors that collect pressure data while adjustable air chambers automatically adjust to your position throughout the night. Plus, with cooling technology and an integrated smartphone app, this smartbed has it all.

Materials and Construction

The Ghost SmartBed 3D Matrix features a 7-layer construction and a 12-inch overall height. Built on a 2-inch support layer of high-density foam, this mattress incorporates multiple layers of cooling foam, adjustable air chambers, and biometric smart sensors. Divided into two sides, each with 2,000 sensors and 40 settings for each individual zone, this mattress offers customizable comfort for couples.

Who Is It Best For?

Common Issues

What Makes It Unique?

What Does It Feel Like To Use The Eight Sleep Pod Pro

We tested out the Pod Pro technology using the manual settings on the app. First off, we put the mattress to its coldest setting it does take quite a while for the mattress to completely cool but, once that is done, it is honestly very cold. We would say it is similar to lying on an ice pack with a towel wrapped around it, and we can feel the mattress really bring our temperature down.

Then, we took the mattress up to its hottest setting this also took some time, but it did make the mattress feel extremely warm it was similar to lying on a heating pad or electric blanket.

All told, the Eight Sleep Pod Pro does what it says it will do and both warms and cools the sleeping surface of the mattress. It really is one of the best customizable mattresses.

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What Devices Or Apps Can A Sleep Number Bed Connect With

The SleepIQ app can connect and share health information with a Fitbit or the MapMyFitness app about workouts and fitness activities. People can also connect to Apple Health to share sleep start and end times.

SleepIQ cannot connect with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or the Nest Learning Thermostat.

Sleep Trials And Warranties

Eight Sleep Pod Review

Because smart mattresses represent such a significant financial investment for most shoppers, it may be beneficial to take advantage of sleep trials offered by brands that manufacture these beds.

Heres how sleep trials work: mattress brands allow purchasers to test out their new model for a fixed number of nights. If the customer is not satisfied before the sleep trial ends, then he or she can return and/or exchange the mattress for a full or partial refund. Some sleep trials require customers to test out their mattress for a certain length of the sleep trial before they will be eligible to return or exchange it. This is known as a mandatory break-in period. Additionally, the customer may be responsible for some extra charges associated with returns or exchanges.

Warranties can provide extra product security for a smart mattress. However, the sleep-tracking technology components of a smart mattress may or may not be covered under the product warranty.

Another important consideration is nonprorated vs. prorated coverage. During nonprorated coverage periods, mattress owners do not need to pay for mattress repairs or replacements if a defect develops .

The sleep trial and warranty policies of Eight Sleep, ReST, and Sleep Number are outlined below.


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The Role Of Temperature In Sleep Quality

Two important factors that directly influence sleep quality are the temperature in your bedroom and your bodys ability to regulate its own temperature.

There are several reasons for that, including:

  • Your body temperature naturally declines throughout the night based on your circadian rhythm.
  • Falling asleep requires your core temperature to decline by about 2 degrees.
  • Feeling too hot, and the subsequent need to remove covers, disrupts your sleep.

Every cell in your body follows whats known as a circadian rhythm. Think of it as a biological clock that influences the release of certain hormones, such as melatonin in the evening and cortisol in the morning.

As part of that circadian rhythm, your body starts to slowly cool down as you approach bedtime, and its temperature continues to decline until a few hours before waking up. In order to support that natural cooling-off period, its best to keep your bedroom temperature set somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Of course, if you only have one central HVAC unit , that means cooling down the entire house. Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of wasted energy.

Also, to fall asleep, your bodys core temperature has to drop by about 2 degrees. Thats one of the reasons why taking a hot shower before going to bed helps with falling asleep. As counter-intuitive as it might sound, hot water dilates the blood vessels in your extremities, increasing blood flow and thus helping your core to cool down more efficiently.

Eight Sleep Pod Review

Whats a Certified Sleep Coach?

Certified Sleep Science Coaches are experts in helping people improve the quality of their sleep . Our team has tested over 200 mattresses since we began helping readers in 2017 and are certified by the Spencer Institute.

We strive to help you make smarter purchasing decisions. While we adhere to strict editorial integrity, this post may contain references to products from our partners. Heres an explanation for how we make money.

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Does Chilipad Really Work

The ChiliPAD is a wonderful addition to any bedroom and it truly performs up to your expectations. Cool your bed as low as 55 degrees, or heat it up as high as 115 degrees, thanks to the ChiliPAD, a mattress pad you fit on top of your current mattress. The ChiliPAD is remote controllable and helps you fall asleep faster and more comfortably.

Other Beds From Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Review : Your Best Bet for Sleeping Cool and Comfortable.

The company recently launched an upgraded mattress with even more smart features.

The Pod Pro is a little softer and thicker than the Pod. Specifically, we rate the Pod at around a medium-firm, while the Pod Pro is about a true medium. That means youll get a little extra pressure relief and contouring with the Pod Pro. As such, if youre a strict side sleeper or you prefer a softer feel, you will likely gravitate more towards the Pod Pro. Having said that, we expect stomach and/or back sleepers will prefer the original Pods firmness level.

There are also several new features with the Pod Pro. It goes without saying that they are not necessary to get a good nights sleep, but we would consider them neat. Here are the added features:

  • Ambient sensors These measure room temperature and humidity, allowing Eight Sleep to adjust the bed temperature accordingly.
  • New health metrics The bed can now sense your respiratory rate, resting heart rate, and heart rate variability.
  • GentleRise technology Not only will the bed start warming/cooling to get to your desired morning temperature, but your alarm is a subtle vibration at the chest level to wake you up, not your partner.

Of course, with the added features, the price of the Pod Pro has gone up quite substantially. The MSRP for the original Pod is about $2,900 for the queen size, while the Pod Pro has an MSRP of about $3,400.

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Eight Sleep Pod Pain Relief Performance

If firmness is one side of the comfort coin, pressure relief is the other. In case you havent heard the term before, it basically refers to how well a bed is able to alleviate tension at sensitive spots along the body, such as the shoulders, hips, and lower back. To assess this feel factor, I like to use a handy dandy pressure map!

Though it sounds complicated, its actually quite simple: I roll this gizmo out, hop aboard, and let the map do the rest! As I move around the structure, the gadget records the force my body is exerting on the structure, and makes a colored map of the pressure. Blue to green indicate areas of low pressure, while yellow to red indicate areas of high pressure.

Take a look at the Eight Sleep Pods pain relief performance below!

Back Pain Lying on my back, I felt as though my weight was pretty evenly distributed across the structure. Though I could feel the top foam layers filling in the space at my lumbar region for some pressure relief, the crinkly cover did make me feel a little uncomfortable. However, I would say that the firmness of the bed made it very easy to move around and change positions. I would say this is overall a good bed to relieve back pain, if you can get past the unique cover. Sleepers under 130 lb should find back pain relief when lying on their stomachs as well however that is not the case for average and heavy weight stomach sleepers as I mentioned above that this bed is too soft for these folks.

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