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Nest Bedding Love And Sleep Mattress

Love And Sleep Mattress: Construction Overview

Love and Sleep Mattress by Nest Bedding – Best Mattress on a Budget
  • The cover has phase change material in it, which means you will be more likely to sleep cool. That was my experience with it, but I would encourage you to do some independent research into this material as well.
  • The top layer is 3 inches of Energex foam, which is a specialty foam that aims to have the pressure relief of memory foam but with bounce. It is definitely a resilient foam that makes it easier to move around in bed. The foam is also high-density, meaning it is a good, durable material.
  • The second layer is 1 inch of convoluted foam to provide extra airflow.
  • The base layer is 6 inches of 1.8 lb. density polyfoam, which is a pretty standard base layer in the industry.

Nest Bedding Company Ratings

The ratings below â based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead â show how Nest Bedding compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty A Warranty is a non-prorated lifetime. Most main competitors offer a 10-year warranty. Aside from this, terms are similar to those of main competitors.
Return policy B 100-day money-back. No preparation for return shipment is necessary, and a courier removes the mattress from your home to be recycled or donated. You must keep the mattress 30 days before being eligible for a return. After 100 days, for the remaining life of the mattress, you can exchange it at 50% of retail price.
Customer service
This rating is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

Quail Price And Coupon Code

While we wouldnt consider Quail a luxury mattress, its clearly built to a higher standard than a lot of Amazon mattresses, for example. Not only is it manufactured in the United States, but its also thicker than a lot of foam beds . We mention this because its all part of the reason that we think Quail is a really nice value. Heres a pricing breakdown before you apply any discounts.


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Who Might Want To Pick The Love And Sleep Mattress

  • Those Who Want Pressure Relief Without the Feeling of Getting Stuck One thing that really stands out with this mattress is how great the pressure relief is and at the same time how responsive the foam is. The Energex foam does a really great job of relieving pressure relief and yet the mattress responds almost immediately, so its easy to move around and you dont ever feel like you get stuck in the mattress.
  • People Who Want an Amazing Value Youd be hard-pressed to find a better value at this price point . You can certainly find a more luxurious mattress, but for the price that you pay, you really do get an amazing value.
  • People Who Need to Sleep Cool At this price point, there arent too many mattresses that have directly addressed the issue of sleeping hot like this mattress. The cover is a phase-changing material. The Energex foam is a breathable foam. The mattress has a one inch air-flow layer as well. When you add it all up, you are more than likely going to have a nice and cool sleeping surface.
  • Those Who Want Durable Materials Given the price point, this mattress is very durable compared to other mattresses at its price point. The Energex foam is a very high-density foam and the base foam is high-density enough to make the mattress last longer than just about any other mattress around this price point.

Product Description From Nest Bedding:

Nest Love Bed Mattress Review

The Most Comfortable and Affordable Mattress

Combining breathable, durable, USA made Energex foam with our SmartFlow Air Flow layer, and the support of high density Edge Support base foam, the Nest Quail Mattress is available in Firm or Medium and features Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric for a Cool Night’s Sleep For Less.

  • 3″ – 2.8 lb. Energex Cooling Comfort Foam
  • 2″ – Convoluted SmartFlow Foam
  • 5″ – 1.8 lb. Edge Support Base Foam

Designed for a great night of Love & Sleep

While some companies give you one feel at $600 for a queen mattress, The Quail Mattress offers you a choice of firmness, phase change cooling fabric, air flow and comfort layering for LESS. It’s about time someone designed a better mattress for less, right? Enter the Quail Mattress. Factory Direct, CertiPUR Certified Foams and no chemical fire barrier means better value and better for you.

The Quail Mattress is unique for its ability to provide the bounce you normally find in a coil mattress but without the coils. Memory foam beds tend to produce more of a stuck-in-the-mud feel leaving you less than inspired in the throes of love. And a coil bed can be too bouncy and even squeaky. The Quail Mattress, on the other hand, is the perfect combo of bounce and support, and breathable for those hot and passionate nights. And now with Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabrics to help you sleep cool throughout the night.

From the GoodBed Editors:



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Firmness Options For The Quail Mattress

Unlike a lot of bed-in-a-box mattresses, Quail is available in two different firmness levels: Medium and Firm. The Medium option is, unsurprisingly, in between a medium and medium-firm on the soft-to-firm spectrum. The Firm option is closer to a proper medium-firm.

As for overall feel of the bed, its pretty neutral, but still very comfortable. It doesnt feel like a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. Rather, it just feels like a giant slab of softer foam. In other words, it has no distinct feel the way so many of these budget mattresses do.

It also responds quickly to pressure being applied and removed. This is important because it indicates that switching sleeping positions on the bed will take very little effort. A lot of memory foam beds will hold their shape and therefore require you to exert more energy to switch from your back to your side, for example. This can leave you feeling restless. The good news is Love & Sleep is highly responsive, so rotating positions shouldnt be an issue for you at all.

Overview And Opening The Love And Sleep

You can order the Love and Sleep mattress direct from the Nest Bedding website. A key reason why this mattress has both quality and price is that it comes factory-direct. The majority of online mattress companies do not own their own factory so need to contract with a separate manufacturer to make their mattress. This ultimately means higher costs that can be passed on to the consumer.

Nest Bedding has a history of constantly iterating and making its products better as new technology comes to market. This keeps them ahead of the pack and builds trust.

Specifications and Construction

Below is an illustration of the construction of the Love and Sleep Mattress. The mattress has 3 layers but notice that they have introduced a convoluted layer that helps with conforming and breathability.

  • .1Phase Change Cooling Cover
  • 3 2.8 lb Energex Cooling Comfort Layer
  • 2SmartFlow Air Flow Layer
  • 5 1.8 Density Edge Support Base Foam
  • Made in the USA

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Ghostbed Is The Very Best Bed Mattress For Heavy Individuals

If youre a heavy sleeper, then Ghostbed may be right for you. This bed was developed to support heavier weights with ease in fact, its ensured not to sag until 2025! You can feel confident that youll have a great nights sleep with Ghostbed.

Ghostbed is the very best bed mattress for those on a budget plan

While the majority of bed mattress are very pricey, Ghostbed offers an incredible worth at a rate point anyone can pay for! It was even named as one of PC Mags leading 20 mattresses under $1000! You can get an excellent nights sleep without having to spend a lot with Ghostbed.

How Is The Quail Mattress Constructed

Nest Bedding Unboxing – Love and Sleep Review

The Quails cover is approximately 1 inch thick. It is composed of a phase change fabric, which is engineered to provide a cooler nights sleep.

Comfort Layers

The comfort layer of the Quail uses 2.8 pounds per cubic foot Energex foam with an indentation load deflection of about 14. PCF is a measure of the density of the foam, while ILD measures its firmness.

The Quails Energex foam comfort layer aims to strike a balance between the feel of latex and the feel of memory foam, combining pressure relief, responsiveness, and temperature regulation.

Energex foam is also designed to provide extra cooling via an infusion of materials intended to pull heat away from the body.

The medium version of the mattress uses a 3-inch Energex foam comfort layer, while the firm option uses 2 inches of the material.

Transitional Layer

The medium version of the mattress includes a 2-inch transition layer of 30 ILD convoluted polyfoam. This layer is designed to allow airflow while providing an extra barrier to prevent sleepers from sinking in against the firmer support core. The firm option omits this transition layer.

Support Layers

The base layer is constructed of 1.8 PCF Polyfoam with an ILD of 36. This firm, high-density polyfoam provides stability and support for the rest of the mattress. The medium option uses 5 inches of this foam, and the firm option uses 8 inches.

Mattress Height
Product Name
1 Phase-Change Material

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What Is A Ghostbed Mattress

A mattress may seem like a piece of furniture, but it is as vital as any other aspect of your bed room. This indicates that you ought to make sure you are buying the best one for the best sleep experience.

It is not secret that we invest a third of our lives sleeping. Thats why choosing the ideal bed mattress is crucial to enjoy a good nights sleep and get up sensation refreshed and stimulated for the next day.

Support And Comfort Nest Bedding Love And Sleep

The 2 biggest aspects when seeking to get a new mattress, is relaxation and support.

There are a number of items which should occur when you lie down. You desire the sinkage and shape to be appropriate, for proper spine alignment.

In addition, you require a mattress to properly support your body, as you sleep at night. Its critical to have appropriate alignment from top to bottom as possible sleep.

This is necessary to be sure that you are given a healthful rest, and to make certain that you are decreasing your neck and back pain. While being supportive of your own body, a suitable mattress must provide stress relief.

The stress points in your body are precisely what is in control of you thrashing during the day.

Memory Foam mattresses have made their way into the spotlight, by not just being comfy, but as both supportive.

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Is It A Good Mattress For Couples

Overall, wed say this is a good bed for couples. The edge support is pretty good on this bed. This means when you and your partner share a full size bed and youre constantly fighting over who gets to hog the middle, the other isnt falling off the side onto the floor because the edge of the mattress cant support them.

The other reason that we say Quail is suitable for couples is that its fairly good at isolating motion. As you can see below, in our very scientific test, motion does transfer through the mattress, but not enough that we worry about light sleepers using this mattress.

Mattress Comfort And Support

Nest Love and Sleep Mattress Review

Comfort and support are the 2 biggest factors to consider, when you are looking to buy a new mattress.When you lie on a mattress, it should do a few things. It should properly support your body. It should also sink and contour to your body in the right places to ensure your spine stays aligned, as you rest through the night. To ensure you are getting a healthy rest at night, it is crucial that your alignment from head to toe is correct. This also greatly reduces any neck and back pain, which you may have. A mattress should provide you with stress relief, while at the same time being supportive all around of your body. Your stress points are responsible for you having a rough nights sleep, if you move around at night a lot. Since memory foam does such a great job of being supportive and comfortable, they have became really popular lately.

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Rates And Purchasing Info

The Ghostbed bed mattress is offered in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and California King sizes. The general rate of the mattress depends on the size that you pick. The business does not provide split king or split California king bed mattress. In addition, there are 4 levels of firmness to choose from: plush soft, soft, medium-firm and company.

The Ghostbed Mattress is $500 for a Twin, $600 for a Twin XL, $700 for a Full, $800 for a Queen, $900 for a King and $1000 for a California King. The luxurious soft level of firmness is an extra $50 on all sizes.

The company provides a 101-night trial duration, free shipping and free returns. In addition, Ghostbed is made in the USA by Natures Sleep, which uses environment-friendly procedures to make its products.

How Does It Compare To Other Mattresses

Discuss how Ghostbed bed mattress compare to other mattresses and what are Ghostbed benefits.

Ghostbed is an online-only mattress company that ships its bed mattress directly to the consumers home. Ghostbed deals a distinct combination of products in its construction, consisting of latex and memory foam. This combination is designed to supply great assistance and pressure relief. The business provides non-standard sizes, including Twin XL and California King.

Ghostbed bed mattress are 10 inches thick, similar to most other online-only bed mattress business. Nevertheless, this is thicker than the market requirement of 7-8 inches. Other business that provide memory foam or latex consist of Casper, Leesa, Tuft & Needle

The Ghostbed bed mattress has a medium-firm feel, which should be ideal for many sleepers. The company also provides an extra luxurious mattress that is offered at a more affordable cost point, which should be attracting those who are on a tighter spending plan.Nest Bedding Love And Sleep Vs Ghostbed

The Ghostbed mattress utilizes memory foam as its top layer and latex as its bottom layer. Memory foam complies with the sleepers body and creates pressure relief, while latex is responsive and avoids heat retention. The outcome of the combination of materials is an overall great feel for many sleepers, including those on a tighter spending plan.

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Support And Comfort Nest Bedding Love And Sleep Mattress

The 2 biggest aspects when seeking to get a new mattress, is relaxation and also support.

There are a range of items that ought to occur when you lie down. You desire the sinkage and shape to be appropriate, for proper spine alignment.

In addition, you need a mattress to properly support your entire body, as you sleep at night. Its essential to have appropriate alignment from top to bottom as you sleep.

This is necessary to be sure that you receive a healthful rest, and also to be certain you are reducing your neck and back pain. While being supportive of your body, a suitable mattress must provide stress relief.

The stress points on your body are precisely what is accountable for you thrashing during the day.

Foam mattresses have earned their way into the spotlight, by not just being comfortable, but as equally supportive.

My Love And Sleep Findings

The Perfect Bedroom Starts With The Perfect Mattress! Love & Sleep Edition.

I found the medium Love and Sleep mattress to be a little on the softer side. You will sink right away into this mattress for instant comfort. As with the other Nest Bedding products I have tested, I didnt notice as much off gassing. As you can see below, the Love and Sleep medium which is what I reviewed in this video conforms quickly and it is soft.

Heres an image that shows how much my bowling ball sinks into the mattress. This is an instant sink so theres really no time needed for the mattress to respond as is typical with a dense foam mattress.

The Love and Sleep will also sleep cool given that it has a phase change layer and a convoluted foam layer for breathability.

Heres a video of the mattress and how it responds using the infrared camera. I have been impressed with the new phase change fabric that comes with some of the new beds. It isnt going to completely change the feel of a mattress but I believe that every little bit helps and this certainly does.

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Should You Pick Stiff Or Soft

This is along the very same lines, as when we speak about comfort and support. Just like a mattress shouldnt be overly hard, it shouldnt be overly soft.

A mattress should be as neutral as it can be, to make sure both your body and spine remain in a neutral position. Too much rigidity in a mattress will irritate the stress variables, which makes pinched nerves, in addition to the blood to stop flowing.

If you find that a lot of the times you awake, together with the feeling of having pins and needles in our bodies, this is a sign of a mattress that is too stiff. And when your mattress is too soft, this can create a tingling impact, somewhat like a hammock.

When this occurs, you can find yourself with spine pain, because of your spine not being properly aligned.

This is the reason why its vital to find a mattress that is close to neutral. You need your mattress soft at the correct areas, without being too soft. But you also want your mattress to be supportive, without being overly rigid.

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