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Sleep Number 360 Limited Edition

Why Is My Sleep Number Bed So Uncomfortable

Sleep Number Special Edition w/ADAT SK Adjustable Mattress Set with Rick Domeier

People have also complained about Sleep Number beds being uncomfortable. Some talk about the bed deflating too often and others say it simply feels like a glorified air mattress. Also, depending on the model you receive, some Sleep Numbers dont come with a cushioned mattress pad, making the bed feel extra firm.

What Is The Best Way To Redeem My Sleep Number Coupon Codes

The steps needed to use your Sleep Number coupon code are simple:

  • Add your bedding items to the cart on the Sleep Number website. You can choose from mattresses, pillows, and all kinds of other accessories.

  • Select your geographical location from the menu for fastest delivery.

  • Copy down your desired Sleep Number coupon code. You can write this down on paper, or you can copy the code with CTRL+C on your keyboard.

  • Enter your coupon code in the “Promotional Code” box on the payment page.

  • Fill in the rest of your information. Make sure to enter your correct shipping information.

  • Can I Get Military Discount At Sleep Number

    Yes, both active and retired U.S. military members, as well as their families, are eligible for a Sleep Number military discount. This Sleep Number military discount allows those who qualify to take an additional $100 off a range of smart beds and adjustable bases.

    To receive this online discount, you’ll need to provide your first name, last name, email address, and the branch you’re serving in or you previously served in. After the retailer confirms your service, you’ll be able to receive your Sleep Number military promo code.

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    Why You Should Trust Us

    As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive spent over two years covering sleep and mattresses. Im the author of Wirecutters mattress buying guide, foam mattress guide, innerspring mattress guide, and sleep tracker guide. Ive slept on dozens of different mattresses at home, sampled dozens more in-store, visited mattress factories, and attended mattress trade shows. Ive also spent countless hours interviewing dozens of sleep and mattress experts about good sleep hygiene, pressure-point relief, and proper spinal alignment in bed. For this guide, I made two visits to the Sleep Number store in New York City to try its offerings. I also slept on the Sleep Number 360 p6 in my home for about three weeks.

    Is This A Good Bed For You

    Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed for Sale in ...

    Fit: Recommended for people who…

    Prefer to sleep on their side
    Prefer to sleep on their back
    Prefer a lot of softness

    Function: Rated for its…

    Not sure which type of bed to buy? Answer a few questions to see good matches for you with GoodBed’s unbiased, personalized results.

    Select your preferred sleeping position: This is awesome. Now I feel equipped to walk in somewhere and say with certainty, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” Sara in Phoenix, AZ

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    Sleep Number Mattress Review Ile 360 Smart Bed

    My husband and I had the same mattress for 22 years. We have had back problems and sleeping problems. He normally wakes up about five times a night and I am constantly tossing and turning. So we decided to give Sleep Number a try. The main reason we wanted the Sleep Number is because my husband is a heavy man and I am a pretty small woman, compared to him. So whenever he would get in bed, the bed would sink down where he was and it would cause me to roll towards him. For this reason, I wanted a firmer bed. But he wanted a softer bed. So we figured with the Sleep Number, we would both get what we want.

    We went to a local Sleep Number store on Black Friday and tried out all the beds. I am so glad that we did because each bed feels so different! I almost wish that the salesman wouldnt have even told us which bed was what so we could just try them all and find out which one we like the best without thinking about the price or anything else.

    Amazingly, the bed both of us liked the best was an iLE 360 Smart bed, the most expensive bed. Luckily, it was 50% off. We also bought the base and frame, which was unfortunately not on sale.

    We have had our bed for a week now and have had the best week of sleep that we ever had. I only get up once a night to use the bathroom. My husband only gets up once or twice. I am no longer tossing and turning. I think it was well worth the price.

    Other than that, we really like our new bed and do not regret buying it.

    Who Should Purchase A Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

    Adjustable beds are a great choice for people who need relief from back pain and sleep-related issues. For those looking to learn more about their sleep patterns and overall health, Sleep Numbers SleepIQ technology acts as an added resource. Couples with different sleeping preferences might also enjoy the Sleep Number adjustable beds ability to customize firmness for each side of the bed.

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    What Sleep Experts Say

    Adjustable beds are helpful in relieving back pain and helping people manage issues like sleep apnea, fibromyalgia and more. In a study on the short term effects of adjustable air beds, beds and innerspring mattresses on chronic back pain, 95% of patients showed significant back pain relief and 88% reported better sleep quality while using adjustable air bedsMonsein M, Corbin TP, Culliton PD, Merz D, Schuck EA. Short-term outcomes of chronic back pain patients on an airbed vs innerspring mattresses. MedGenMed. 2000 2:E36. .

    What Is The Best Setting For A Sleep Number Bed

    Sleep Number Special Edition Adjustable or Modular Bed w/ ADAT on QVC

    We recommend sleeping at your Sleep Number® setting for two to five nights. If youre not comfortable after that, try adjusting your setting by 5 or 10. Increasing your settingfor example, from 35 to 40will provide a firmer mattress. Decreasing your settingfor example, from 35 to 30will provide a softer mattress.

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    Which Sleep Number Coupon Codes Do You Recommend

    Some popular Sleep Number coupon codes we recommend are as follows:

    • Sleep Number coupon code: Get $52 off the price of any Sleep Number order when you redeem this code at checkout.

    • Sleep Number promo code: Take $900 off the regular price of Sleep Number’s patented i10 Mattress with this useful coupon.

    • Sleep Number discount: This Sleep Number discount code gives you $100 off any Sleep Number bed. The coupon is valid for new Sleep Number customers and existing customers.

    How Do You Make Love In A Split King Bed

    Using a king-size mattress topper is effective for couples who love to cuddle and in making love. Straps work better for box springs rather than adjustable beds. Use a quality split king gap filler provided both sides are at level. A bed bridge pad can be an option if you have two twin xl beds combined together.

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    For a limited time, Sleep Number is offering customers 50 percent off on a 360 Limited Edition smart bed with no interest financing for 48 months as part of its Weekend Special. The temperature-balancing bed is designed to automatically adjust throughout the night to keep sleepers comfortable and asleep.


    Addressing Sleep Number Mattress Complaints

    Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed for Sale in ...

    Were talking about a mattress that features a pocket of air. Sure, its a more advanced approach to the sort of thing you take on a camping trip and inflate with a compressor. While the mattresses are thoughtfully appointed, you may still run into some of the same problems with a mattress that costs over $1000 that you would with the $40 one. Here are some of the most common Sleep Number complaints that you should consider before purchasing.

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    All About Sleep Number Settings

    Like I mentioned above, you can adjust your mattress to the exact firmness you need, which means youll end up with a specific number between 1-100. Sleep Number calls this, unsurprisingly, your Sleep Number. A Sleep Setting of 1 would be incredibly soft and 100 would feel like sleeping on a floor. Most people have a Sleep Number between 30-60.

    All of this works thanks to Sleep Numbers Firmness Control System, which includes the remote, air hose, and pump. In most cases, if you have aQueen-sized bed or larger, then youll have two separate air chambers and you and your partner can adjust each side to your personal preference. If your model has a Double-size option, then you can choose if youd like your bed to have one or two air chambers. There will also be a hose that passes through the opening of the mattress cover, which connects to the air chamber. It stays happily hidden inside the mattress, with access through the zippered opening.

    You can find your Sleep Number setting at any retail Sleep Number store, or you can do it yourself at home. If youre finding it at home, here are the steps you should follow:

    Lie down. Get into bed and lie down on your side. Make sure your pillows are propped as they would if you were actually sleeping

    Find your setting.

    If you have your remote:

    • Press the Home button
    • Use the up and down arrows to explore the different settings

    If youre in the SleepIQ® app:

    Ratings From Retailer Sitesile Bed

    When reading mattress reviews on retailer websites, keep in mind that rating scores on retailer sites tend to be higher than on GoodBed. Heres why:

    • Most retailers solicit reviews from their customers within the first few weeks of ownership
    • Many retailers pre-screen their customers with an initial satisfaction survey, and only solicit reviews from satisfied consumers
    • Retailers have a strong incentive to restrict negative reviews from appearing on their site and to be lenient in policing fake positive reviews

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    Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress

    With added memory foam layers to minimize motion transfer and extra-supportive edges, the mint mattress from Tuft & Needle is made with two sleepers in mind. The mattress is made up of three components: a pressure-relieving memory foam core, a graphite-infused cooling layer to regulate temperature, and a breathable mattress cover for extra ventilation. This way, even if you’re a hot sleeper, your partner moves around at night, or you sleep on the edge of your bed, you’ll still be able to get a peaceful night’s sleep. For Cyber Monday, you can save up to 30 percent on mattresses and 20 percent on pillows, sheets, and more.

    Shop Now: Tuft & Needle Mint Mattress, from $1,016,

    Getting In Bed With The Competition

    Sleep Number iLE bed Assembly & Review

    Here’s the thing, though. You can get a lot of the same sleep-tracking functionality from a much less expensive product. Eight sells mattresses, but its main smart device is its Sleep Tracker mattress pad.Ashlee Clark Thompson reviewed both the Eight Mars+ mattress and the Sleep Tracker mattress pad.

    For just $419 in a king size and $399 in a queen size, the Eight Sleep Tracker retrofits to existing mattresses and tells you how you slept each night and even has an integrated heating element to keep you warm . The negative is that you’re missing all of that customization with the mattress firmness and the motorized base you get from Sleep Number, but you can use whatever frame and mattress you want with the Eight Sleep Tracker, so you still have tons of options. Eight’s Sleep Tracker also works with Alexa, IFTTT and Nest so you can connect your bed to more devices in your home.

    The $199 Beautyrest Sleeptracker works similarly to Eight’s version, but it’s a device you put under your mattress, rather than a pad you fit over the entire mattress. You need one Beautyrest Sleeptracker per person,and you automatically get two with your $199 purchase . Beautyrest’s Sleeptracker only works with Alexa, though, and Molly Price said its tracking wasn’t as reliable as she expected during testing.

    Unlike Sleep Number and Eight, you have to buy the Winkbed mattress to use the bed’s temperature control feature.

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    Sleep Number Bed Reviews: Owner Reviews

    Among the Sleep Number bed reviews we searched online most were written by Sleep Number, the company from which Sleep Number mattresses are typically purchased. As of this writing, we have collected 34 negative reviews of our Classic Series. Ten of those reviews mention problems with cushioning . There were some complaints that the mattress was too firm, too thin, bottomed out or did not relieve pressure well. Heavy sleepers may find the C series uncomfortable, while others report having more support after using a mattress topper.

    In our study, we found that many of the negative reviews I found related primarily to the thinness of the mattress , which made up a majority for the Performance Series. Of the 26 bad reviews, four were for the Innovation Series mattresses. It is possible that the users expected more out of the mattresses since they cost so much more than others. There was a complaint made by three out of six owners who complained about a mattress with Cooling Memory Foam that was either too thin, too firm or did not relieve pressure.

    Sleep Number 360 P5 Smart Mattress

    The Sleep Number 360 p5 is an air bed with one or two adjustable air chambers and a 4″ comfort layer on top. It’s an upgraded version of the Sleep Number Classic mattress series, and it has an extra layer of foam meant to enhance pressure relief.

    The p5 and pSE models have the same 4-inch comfort layer and features, except the pSE comfort layer is made of a foam that will retain less heat. The pSE and the p6 each have all of the same features, including the cooler comfort layer, but the pSE has a 4-inch comfort layer vs. a 5-inch comfort layer in the p6.

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    How Much Is A Sleep Number 360 Limited Edition Smart Bed

    4.7/5Sleep Numbersmart beds360360Price

    In respect to this, what is the Limited Edition Sleep Number bed?

    Construction Overview. The I-LE is the Limited Edition mattress in Sleep Number’s Innovation Series line of beds. The series also includes the I-8, and I-10 mattresses as well. The I-LE mattress has a 14 profile, which is measured from the base to the highest loft of the mattress.

    Beside above, what is the average cost of a Sleep Number bed? Sleep Number Models & Prices

    # Sleep Number Sizes and Prices c2

    Also to know, what is the most expensive Sleep Number bed?

    Not much according to Consumer Reports’ latest mattress tests. The Sleep Number c2 Bed matched the Sleep Number i8 bed Pillowtop, $3,000, in our tests for back and side support. Even better, we bought the Sleep Number c2 Bed on sale for $700. Here are the details plus news on other new mattresses in our tests.

    Does Sleep Number ever have sales?

    Sleep Number beds will be on sale for the same amount online as they are in-store. People can rest assure that if they go into a store to try out different mattresses and bases they will be getting the same deal as online customers.

    Product Description From Sleep Number:

    Sleep Number 360 iLE Limited Edition Smart Bed for Sale in ...

    We created this exceptional Limited Edition bed to showcase SLEEP NUMBER® innovation, for your most individualized sleep.

    iLE bed

    Memory Foam

    Mattress fit is personal. This mattress type is an ideal match for 18% of people. Are you part of that 18%?

    Take the match quiz to see whether this brand is right for you.

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    Most Common Pieces Of Praise

    The I-LE had a large number of positive reviews. One of the main compliments was about the sheer comfort the mattress provides through its many foam layers and contoured support.

    Couples and partners seem to love Sleep Number beds for their dual air chambers and ability to adjust the firmness to a persons desire. So many couples were thrilled to be able to sleep so comfortably next to a partner who slept differently from them.

    The layers of foam and support in the I-LE made it a good fit for those suffering from pain specifically in the back. Customers who coupled it with a FlexFit adjustable base found, even more, comfort in the bed.

    Sleep Number Innovation Ile Bed

    What are Owners Ratings?


    Owners Rating is a summary of what real owners of this product are saying about their experience.

    GoodBed calculates Owners Rating using a consistent algorithm instead of a raw data average. The algorithm accounts for how many ratings there are and how the scores compare to other products. It also incorporates factors such as the rating’s age, helpfulness votes, verified ownership, and more. Click here to learn more.


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    The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Classic Series

    The under-$1,500 Classic Series is Sleep Numbers entry-level offering, and the mattresses in this line sure feel like it. The 8-inch c2 reminds me of a dormitory bednot surprising, since it contains only 2 inches of foam the rest of the mattress is made up of air encased in the bladder. The c4 has an inch more foam, for a total of 9 inches, and feels only slightly less institutional theres nothing cuddly about it. Unless youre used to sleeping on a mat or you plan on springing for a good mattress topper, we dont recommend this series.

    In 2020, Sleep Number updated its 360 Smart Beds, adding temperature-balancing featuresincluding high air-flow fabrics and gel materialsmeant to make the mattresses feel cooler and more breathable.

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