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Sleep Number I7 Vs I8

Sleep Number Mattresses: An Honest Assessment

Roomba iRobot i7+ vs i8+ Costco (what are the differences)
  • Weve updated this guide with information on new temperature-balancing features in Sleep Numbers 360 Smart Bed line and the forthcoming Climate 360 Smart Bed.

Spending thousands of dollars on a mattress that, by volume, is mostly air may sound as ridiculous as paying inflated prices for bottled water. But with some marketing magic and a few enticing extras, real or imagined, anything can happen. Sleep Number, the most successful brand in the adjustable air-bed category, offers 11 models with varying levels of cushioning, all of which can be puffed up to your desired firmness level with just the touch of a button. If you sleep alone and have a consistent firmness preference, Sleep Number is an overpriced option. But for couples with vastly different tastes in mattress firmness, those adjustable, air-filled chambers could be worth it.

Sleep Number Model Pricing

The price youll pay for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed varies significantly by collection, model, and size. In general, the Classic series models are priced lower than the average airbed. The Performance series models are on par with other industry averages for airbed mattresses. The Innovation series models are the brands most technologically-advanced beds and have above-average price-points compared to other airbeds in the market.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $999 to more than $5,000 for a Sleep Number 360 SmartBed, which does not include taxes or delivery fees.

4-6/10 13

Regardless of the collection or model, all Sleep Number 360 SmartBeds share certain materials, components, and features. All eight mattresses have Dual Adjustability technology, which simply means that if two people are sharing the mattress, each person can adjust the comfort on their side to their ideal firmness setting, otherwise known as their Sleep Number.

They also all have Responsive Air technology. This feature means that sensors inside the air mattress automatically monitor air pressure throughout the night. The bed will automatically add or release air to ensure you stay at your Sleep Number setting throughout the night. This feature can be turned off if the beds automatic adjustments bother or wake you in the middle of the night. If both sides of the bed have Responsive Air turned on, only one side of the bed will be adjusted at a time.

Who Should Buy Purple

  • Youre under a lot of stress. As a result of the pressure-relieving materials in the comfort layers, Purple may be one of its most popular products.
  • You sleep in a variety of positions on a regular basis. While Purple only has a few mattress options, it is meant to support a wide range of body shapes and positions, making it an excellent option for those who frequently change positions.
  • You have a tendency to overheat your bed. This mattress is known for its ability to keep the sleeper cool, based on the many positive comments it has received from customers and reviewers alike.

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Sleep Number Bed Weight Limit

Its good to know the weight limit of your bed so that you can optimize your sleep. Your bed should adequately support your weight and your partners without any squeaking or problems during the night. Its also helpful to know when moving or storing the bed. If you own a Sleep Number bed, you may be wondering what its weight limit is.

What is the Sleep Number bed weight limit? Depending on the bed size, Sleep Number beds contain one or two air chambers that can adjust to your preferred level of comfort and firmness. Each chamber has a weight limit of 400 pounds.

  • Twin, Twin XL, and Full Sleep Number beds have a 400-pound weight limit since they contain one air chamber.
  • Queen, King, and California King Sleep Number beds have an 800-pound weight limit since they have two air chambers.

If youre curious about your Sleep Number bed, youve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn more about Sleep Number bed features and weight limit.

Sleep Number Bed Weight

aquagardendesign: Sleep Number Ile And I8

Although the Sleep Number bed weight limit is quite high, it is relatively lighter than conventional mattresses. This is because the mattress is significantly composed of air. Depending on the bed size, Sleep Number mattresses weigh between 37 lbs to 120 lbs. Because of its low Sleep Number bed weight and the convenient assembly and disassembly of its parts, it is also easier to handle, transport, and move around.

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What I Found From Several Live Chat Sessions

After speaking with Sleep Number Customer Service representatives, I learned about a few extra details and clarifications that may help people decide between the M-7 or the I-8 mattress.

  • Mattress Tops: Since the M-7 is all about memory foam, the mattress tops on these two will vary greatly. The M-7 is soft but flatter and grey in color. People will most likely sink into this mattress more than the I-8 which is plush and has quilting foam sewn into the mattress top .
  • Firmness: According to the Customer Service representatives that I talked to, its hard to compare the firmness of these two mattresses. While the air chamber will help dictate the firmness in each mattress, the layers of gel comfort foam and memory foam will add different feels and conform to the body differently. One representative did tell me that the I-8 was probably a little softer because of the pillow top mattress surface.
  • Cooling Technology: The M-7 and the I-8 both offer ways to keep people cool at night. For the M-7, its the CoolFit memory foam with gel technology that should help people sleep through the night. On the I-8 it is Outlast Technology material in the surface of the mattress that is supposed to absorb body heat and redistribute it throughout the night to keep people comfortable while they sleep.

How To Choose The Right Model

There are several resources and ways to decide which mattress is the best match.


Sleep Numbers website offers details, photos, FAQs, and images of each Sleep Number bed. They let potential customers compare models across series and have a Live Chat feature that should answer virtually any question. People can also get a quote or make a purchase online and through the Live Chat feature.


Sleep Number sells their beds in Sleep Number stores nationwide. Sleep Number Customer Service was unable to tell me exactly how many stores there are but estimated somewhere near 400.

Sleep Number stores can be found across the country, including Alaska and Hawaii. There are no international stores at the moment.

A sales representative at the store can help anyone who walks in find their Sleep Number and guide them towards the right model. They have a variety of beds out and available for testing if a person wants to feel one before he or she makes a purchase.

Beds come with a 30 or 100 night trial period plus a 25-year limited warranty.

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Mattress And Sleep Assessment Apps

While there are plenty of technologies for evaluating how much sleep you are getting, only our doctor created Mattress Checker App. can actually evaluate your spinal alignment to help find the correct firmness needed to keep your back in check. You can also compare one mattress to another or in the case of an Air-Pedic, actually change the zone pressure to find the best spinal support settings. You can now download our Mattress Checker App. by going to the iTunes App. store.

Weight And Ease Of Transport

Sleep Number i8 Modular Base Queen Mattress Set

Sleep Number mattresses weigh 37-120 pounds depending on model and size making them less heavy than many conventional mattresses. Their relatively low weight is due mostly to the fact that they consist of air to a significant extent.

Their below-average weight, however, causes some people â namely those who associate low weight with cheapness â to question Sleep Number’s mostly above-average price.

The relatively low weight of the beds combined with the fact that they can be disassembled and broken down into individual components make them relatively easy to handle, lift, move, or transport.

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Does The Bed Provide Individual Comfort Controls On Each Side

Solaire: Yes

Sleep Number: Yes

The bottom line: One of the major benefits of an adjustable air mattress is that for larger sizes at least, dual air chambers allow for different firmness levels on either side of the mattress. That makes this type of bed ideal for couples who dont share the same comfort preference. Its a feature that should be standard in any queen size or larger adjustable bed.

Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Bed Mattress Construction

The I8 is one of five mattresses in Sleep Numbers Smart Bed Series, which also includes the P5, P6, I7, and I10 beds. The I in I8 stands for innovation pointing to the temperature-balancing technology included in most beds in the series.

As for how theyre different, the I10 comes with a thicker layer of comfort foam, making it softer than the I7 and I8 models. As for the P series , those bed do not come with the temperature regulation built in. They are also a bit smallermaking the P5 and P6 models relatively cheaper.

Heres the exact breakdown of a Sleep Number 360® I8:

The mattress: The 360® I8 mattress has a 12 profile, which is measured from the base of the mattress to its highest loft.

The material: The mattress itself is made from a blend of polyester/polypropylene fabrics, which is known for being both soft and breathable.

Above the airbed: The top of the 360® I8 mattress is a 6 foam comfort layer made up of two different types of foam to promote contouring and support, while offering pressure relief. It also has cooling material in the surface that actually grabs heat and transfers it to the foam so the surface of the mattress stays cool to the touch.

Sizes: The 360® I8 mattress comes in five sizes, ranging from Twin Long to California King. Continue reading to see all of the sizes and how much they cost!

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Most Popular Sleep Number Mattress: The Sleep Number Performance Series

The Sleep Number Performance series is the brands most popular collection, featuring two mattresses with memory foam layers to give them a higher profile and more pressure relief than their Classic series.

The two mattresses in the Performance collection are the p5 and the p6. Both have layers of contouring comfort foam on top of the air chambers to provide a softer feel, with the p6 having slightly thicker comfort layers than the p5.

Purple Mattress + Power Base

Sleep Number I8 vs P5

ThePurple Mattress + Power Base features a unique technology with a design and feel unlike others. The company’s Comfort Grid technology performs well in terms of pressure relief and spine alignment.

The Power Base is neatly done to elevate a user’s sleeping experience. Its combination with the mattress offers adjustable positions and full-body massage for the lower and upper body to enhance a restful sleep at night.

This Sleep Number bed alternative is a great choice for hot sleepers, courtesy of its open-grid comfort layer that dissipates heat. Some of its other impressive features include under-bed lighting, anti-snore position, zero gravity setting, customizable positions and a smooth, resonant-frequency massage.

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Getting In Bed With The Competition

Here’s the thing, though. You can get a lot of the same sleep-tracking functionality from a much less expensive product. Eight sells mattresses, but its main smart device is its Sleep Tracker mattress pad.Ashlee Clark Thompson reviewed both the Eight Mars+ mattress and the Sleep Tracker mattress pad.

For just $419 in a king size and $399 in a queen size, the Eight Sleep Tracker retrofits to existing mattresses and tells you how you slept each night and even has an integrated heating element to keep you warm . The negative is that you’re missing all of that customization with the mattress firmness and the motorized base you get from Sleep Number, but you can use whatever frame and mattress you want with the Eight Sleep Tracker, so you still have tons of options. Eight’s Sleep Tracker also works with Alexa, IFTTT and Nest so you can connect your bed to more devices in your home.

The $199 Beautyrest Sleeptracker works similarly to Eight’s version, but it’s a device you put under your mattress, rather than a pad you fit over the entire mattress. You need one Beautyrest Sleeptracker per person,and you automatically get two with your $199 purchase . Beautyrest’s Sleeptracker only works with Alexa, though, and Molly Price said its tracking wasn’t as reliable as she expected during testing.

Unlike Sleep Number and Eight, you have to buy the Winkbed mattress to use the bed’s temperature control feature.

Sleep Number Bed Sinks In The Middle

You might also notice slight valleys or sagging in the center for mattresses that come with two air chambers. To resolve this, check if the foam comfort layer where you usually lie on is less supported, softer, or thinner than the rest of the pad. To do this, you will need to open the mattress from the top cover panel then place the foam between your hands to inspect its current condition. If you notice that the foam has lost its support, you can contact your local Sleep Number store to request a replacement. In other instances, fluff the foam comfort layer by holding the top cover panel and shake it to even out the distribution. Make sure that you do this step on all four sides, and zip the cover back.

Use a Wireless Air Bed Pump compatible with your Sleep Number mattress to adjust its air chambers. This pump comes with a wireless remote that has custom setting options to help you find your exact comfort level.

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Our Top Sleep Number Bed Alternatives

The mattresses we take a look at right below are our three picks for the most similar to the Sleep Number variant. What this means is sleep features are near-identical, as is expected sleep quality, technology, and build quality.

Well start with the incredible Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt, thanks to its smart features and customization controls. The mattress has loads of adaptive settings as well as firmness control and more.

The best part of the Tempur-Pedic ProAdapt is that it offers ideal pressure point support based on its outstanding material quality. Youll find one of the industrys softest top layers inside the Tempur-Pedic called the TEMPUR-ES® Comfort Layer, allowing you to sink well into the top of the mattress for ideal pressure support and that floating feeling.

Below the comfort, the layer is the TEMPUR-APR Support Layer, which ensures youre not going to sink too deep or be left to deal with a sore lower back or any other joint pain.

To add to the feature set, there is movement isolation, which makes sure that no matter how often you move about, you wont be shaking your partner awake.

Number One Recommended Option Air Pedic 800 Mattress.

Number two Personal Comfort A2 Bed

Theres also a 120-night trial and a washable cover, so keeping the bed clean and ensuring youre comfortable before you buy is easy.

Number three Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 Adjustable Bed Set

I10 Smart Bed Mattress Feel

Sleep Number i8 Review 2018

The i10 bed is going to feel extremely fluffy, plush, and soft. This is because it has seven inches of comfort foam on top of the mattress, made of two different types of foams designed to contour, provide pressure relief, and keep you cool. While this definitely sounds luxurious, if you know you like firm mattresses then this mattress might feel too soft for you.

Fun fact: You can also tell how soft or firm a Sleep Number bed will be by looking at its model number. 10 in i10 is the highest number in the Sleep Number series, so it comes with the most cushion. If you want the cushion, but just not seven inches of it, then the i7 or i8 beds might be a better option. If you know you like hard beds that are extra firm, Sleep Numbers c2 or c4 might be a better fit. Of course, you can always adjust your Sleep Number to make the bed more firm or soft, but that extra layer of comfort foam also makes a difference when it comes to contoured support.

Many reviewers and testers spoke about the i10s cooling feature. With seven inches of foam, you might think the bed would get hot something memory foam is unfortunately known for. Yet many reviewers spoke of things like it doesnt make me hot like memory foam does, suggesting it does do a solid job at keeping cool.

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Is The Sleep Number 360 I8 Smart Bed Right For You

Now that weve discussed all the pros, cons, and in-betweens of the Sleep Number 360® I8, here are the main reasons this model might be a great option for you.

  • You sleep hot. Sleep Number 360® I8s temperature-regulating technology is a great feature, designed to pull heat away from your body and keep you comfortable all night long. If you find yourself getting super hot and retaining heat throughout the night, this could be a great feature for you to stay cool.
  • You have money to spend.This bed is definitely an investment. They start at over $3,000, and this does not include a base.
  • You love geeking out on data.The 360® I8 smart bed comes with a lot of features, all of which are supposed to help you sleep better. Youre paying for the tech though, so this bed is especially great for folks who appreciate how technology can potentially enhance the sleep experience.
  • Youre a back sleeper. If you sleep on your back, the Sleep Number 360® I8 sounds like a viable option, providing the right balance of plushness and support for the spine. A lot of people with back injuries said the bed did a good job at supporting them, partially due to the 7 zones of contouring support feature.

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