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Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress

Where To Buy Reverie Adjustable Beds

Best Hybrid Mattress 2022 – Top 10 Bed Picks Of The Year!

Reverie sells their sleep systems with an adjustable frame on their website and through various retailers. To buy only the frame, you will have to purchase from one of Reveries authorized retailers spread across the U.S. and Canada, including many Costco locations. Theres also a retailer in Mexico and a few in Europe. Use the store locator on Reveries website to find the closest location.

Product Description From Reverie:

  • Cashmere-blend woven cover finished with Feran Ice wicks away moisture
  • Removable cover-dry clean or spot clean only

Comfort – Padding Layers:

  • CertiPUR-US certified 2″ memory foam and RevTech foam. No VOCs or other harmful substances.
  • 1” Natural Grafite-Infused Talalay Latex

Correct Back Support System:

  • Patented 6” Dream Cell natural latex foam springs allow for dual firmness
  • No motion transfer
  • 4″ thick, 35 ILD, 2.5lb density 360-degree foam-encased tub

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Dream Supreme Hybrid II

Memory Foam

Mattress fit is personal. This mattress type is an ideal match for 21% of people. Are you part of that 21%?

Take the match quiz to see whether this brand is right for you.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Warranty

Reverie adjustable foundations come with a 20-year limited warranty covering the motorized bed frame and foundation parts. The warranty covers parts and labor for any repair for the first year, then parts only the second through the fifth year. Years six through 20 include just frame coverage and not electronics, drive motors, and massage motors.

For mattresses, Reverie offers a 10-year limited warranty on normal wear, only for the original purchaser. Stains, cuts and tears arent covered. If a mattress develops sagging, indentations splits or cracks because its used with an improper foundation or bed base, the warranty does not cover the damage.

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What Does It All Mean

If you took the age of the earth in seconds, youd still be far short of the number of combinations, he says. If you took how many cells are in the human bodyroughly 37 trillionthen multiplied that by the number of people in the world, youd still be far short of how many combinations this mattress offers.

There you have it: A consumer could configure the Reverie mattress every second of every day until he or she dies and still wouldnt scratch the surface of possible arrangements. So much for getting to bed early.

But is having such a gargantuan number of combinations beneficial? Sure, theoretically you can configure this mattress many different ways, Regan says. But in practice, can you really?

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Reverie Adjustable Beds Review

Reverie Dream Supreme II Hybrid Sleep System Medium ...

Missing out on a good nights sleep can lead to irritability, memory problems, depression, and an increased risk of falls or accidents. Reverie adjustable beds and mattress are designed to give you and your partner the multiple health benefits associated with an adjustable bed. Reverie sells adjustable frames and sleep systems, which consist of a mattress combined with a motorized adjustable base and various comfort technologies. The top of the bed features multiple raised positions to varying degrees including a sitting position for reading a book or watching TV, or a slightly raised position to help stop snoring or relieve sinus pressure. Some frames include adjustments for the lower half of the bed.


  • Mattresses and sleep systems offer customization not available from the competition
  • Customizable sleep systems
  • Free delivery and set up with a sleep system
  • Financing available
  • Higher prices compared to other adjustable sleep systems
  • Custom designed mattresses can take more than a month to receive

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A Radically Different Kind Of Spring

If youre wondering what a foam spring is, I dont blame you because I had the same question. Imagine a pool noodle and chop it up like you would a carrot and you have the basic concept of what a foam spring looks like. Open up this mattress and pull off the memory foam topper, and youll find over two hundred foam coils. Im testing a queen size the exact number varies based on what you order.

Foam springs by themselves wouldnt be all that amazing, but they arent all the same. Youll notice pink, blue, green, and yellow cells, and they vary in firmness from very soft to extra firm. Unlike metal coil springs, you can move these foam springs around. A fabric web holds them in place all you have to do is pull them out of their holes and slip them back in where you prefer.

Reverie has several configuration suggestions to achieve different firmness levels from very soft to very firm. And since its a giant mess of noodles, you can customize each side to your preferences. Finally, my wife can have the rocky firm surface she prefers, and I get to sleep on a cloud. Best of all, no weird trench lies between us.

When you order a bed from Reverie, they ask what kind of firmness you prefer on each side and arrange it for you before delivery. So you might not have to make any adjustments at all. When this review mattress arrived, the company had set both sides to medium, and we completely rearranged every spring. That took about fifteen minutes.

Construction: Whats Inside Botanical Bliss Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress Review

The cover is made from GOTS licensed organic cotton and wool. This material is circular knit for added elasticity and breathability, while approximately 10 pounds of wool batting helps to cushion the surface and wick away moisture. Wool helps to regulate body temperature, withstand mildew and allergen, and is naturally flame-resistant.

This evaluation is for the 10-inch Medium mattress, but there are different comfort levels and densities readily available that will alter the dimensions, layering, and requirements.

  • The first layer is a medium 3-inch Arpico Dunlop Latex, a material that was developed to gently contour to the sleeper and foster pressure relief. The instant reaction and bounce ease repositioning, and the product is naturally resistant to mold, dust, and mildew mites. Arpico is among the worlds leading providers of all-natural latex.
  • The 2nd layer is 3 inches of this same Dunlop latex, though it is slightly more dense with a medium-firm feel.
  • The 3rd layer is 3 more inches of an even denser Dunlop latex. This company foundation offers terrific assistance as the body sinks into the deeper layers.

For a various feel, the cover can be unzipped so that you can reorganize the internal layers.

Latex foams are really responsive however cradle the body without leaving you feeling stuck. With layers of finished firmness that can be rearranged, you can tailor the amount of pressure relief you need based on your body size, sleeping position, and preference.


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Reverie Company Reputation And Transparency

Reverie has an average company reputation based on the following criteria:

  • Reverie has a Better Business Bureau rating of D-. Twenty-six customers have given the company an average of 1.12 out of 5 stars. There are also dozens of complaints logged on the site. Negative customer reviews and complaints mainly concern issues with the bases malfunctioning and having issues getting help from customer service.
  • We couldnt find any recent lawsuits concerning Reveries business practices.
  • There havent been any recent recalls for Reveries products.

In terms of transparency, Reverie mattresses are all CertiPur-US and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and contain safe levels of chemicals, including flame retardants. All adjustable beds are also Intertek Quality Performance certified and UL 962 certified, meaning theyve met rigorous performance, electrical safety, and flammability standards.

Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress Review 2021

Allswell Supreme vs DreamCloud Hybrid Mattress Comparison & Review – Who Wins? Find Out!

Looking for Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress Review

PlushBeds Botanical Happiness mattress is this California-based brand names most popular bed mattress. Made from organic materials, consisting of an organic cotton cover, a layer of organic New Zealand wool, and multiple layers of organic Dunlop latex, the mattress is sold in two firmness alternatives: Medium and Company. These translate to a 5 out of 10 and a 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale, respectively. What makes this specific bed mattress unique, though, is that you can even more personalize the firmness to your preference at home by reorganizing the latex layers. The king and California king deal even more personalization with split layers, so each side of the bed can be adjusted to preferred firmness.

PlushBeds prides itself on producing natural, eco-friendly mattresses. All of the products are GOLS and GOTS accredited, and made in the U.S. using organically grown latex. The mattresses are free of damaging chemicals and naturally resistant to allergens.

Well supply more detailed info about the Botanical Bliss Bed mattresss building, performance, and rates. Well likewise sum up the businesss policies on shipping, returns, and guarantees to help you decide whether its right for you.


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You Will Love Reverie Sleep System If You:

  • Want customization With over 200 foam springs ranging from Extra Soft to Firm, users can tailor their mattress to fit their specific needs. If that sounds overwhelming, customers can work with Reveries customer service to find their perfect fit.
  • Need motion isolation The springs in this product are made from foam and are separated by individual air pockets. These work to limit motion across the surface of the bed.
  • Sleep hot This product includes a number of features that allow it to sleep cool throughout the night. Notably, the breathable cover incorporates moisture wicking Feran Ice® technology.

Reverie Adjustable Bed Features

Most Reverie frames come with adjustable legs that rise from 10 inches high to 12 or 15 inches. While maximum capacity varies, most of the adjustable beds hold up to 850 pounds. Many have a Wall Snuggler feature so you can use different height adjustments on the upper part of the bed without concern for hitting the wall behind it. Reverie adjustable bed base sizes are available in twin XL , full , queen , and split California king .

Reverie Adjustable Bed Features
Infinite positions, including presets for zero gravity, anti-snore and others, and a wireless remote.
4M and 5D Adds 3D-Wave massage and Bluetooth® for controlling the bed with a mobile app.
9T Adds lumbar support, under-the-bed LED nightlight, and wireless charging for your cell phone.

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King Royal Sleep Mattresses

Royal Sleep King mattresses provide ultimate comfort for the sleeper. Enjoy comfort, support, and cooling, offered by their Hybrid, Individually Wrapped Coils, Memory Foam, and Innerspring mattress collections. With Hybrid, you can enjoy the combination of durability and support of the coil system. Individually Wrapped Coil mattresses provide the user with body support and contouring alike. Memory Foam is a great choice for those who want foam that adapts to the contours of the body. Finally, Innerspring mattresses provide everything sleepers want in comfort, durability, and springiness.

Reverie Adjustable Beds Complaints

Reverie Dream Supreme II Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress ...

Reverie gets an A- from the Better Business Bureau with only eight complaints in the last three years. All but one complaint was answered or resolved, and the unresolvable complaint was regarding the warranty not covering damage from power surges. Power surge protection is the consumers responsibility.

Reverie earned 3.8 stars out of 5 from ConsumerAffairs with nearly half of those reviews being 5 stars. Reverie has a selection of video reviews on their website. Of course, these are all from satisfied customers, but no actors were used to create the reviews.

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Reverie Reviews And Customer Service

The majority of the customer reviews on the company website are positive. That said, there arent that many reviews to sift through. All of the sleep systems have under 100 reviews.

Most of the complaints on the Reverie and BBB website have to do with customer service issues. People say they struggled to reach customer service or had issues that were poorly handled. A few reviewers also say that their adjustable bases stopped working within weeks.

Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress 2021

Looking for Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress

PlushBeds Botanical Bliss mattress is this California-based brand names most popular bed mattress. Made from organic materials, including a natural cotton cover, a layer of natural New Zealand wool, and several layers of organic Dunlop latex, the bed mattress is sold in 2 firmness choices: Medium and Firm. These equate to a 5 out of 10 and a 7 out of 10 on our firmness scale, respectively. What makes this particular mattress unique, however, is that you can even more personalize the firmness to your choice in your home by reorganizing the latex layers. The king and California king offer even more modification with split layers, so each side of the bed can be gotten used to preferred firmness.

PlushBeds prides itself on producing organic, environmentally friendly bed mattress. All of the items are GOLS and GOTS accredited, and made in the U.S. using naturally grown latex. The bed mattress are free of hazardous chemicals and naturally resistant to irritants.

Well offer more in-depth information about the Botanical Bliss Mattresss building, performance, and prices. Well also sum up the companys policies on shipping, returns, and guarantees to help you choose whether its right for you.


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Kraus Electric Adjustable Beds Bariatric Heavy Duty Hospital Medical Mattressesbefore You Buy An Electric Adjustable Bed Bariatric Heavy Duty Hospital Medical Mattress Talk To Krausliftscom No One Cares More About Getting You The Right Product For Your Budget Weightheight And Needs We Sincerely Care About You This Is What We Do Please Call Krausliftscom

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We are the authorized service center for Pride, Goldlen, Bruno, Handicare, . . . OVER 50 DIFFERENT MANUFACTURERS!

Sleep Trial / Refunds

Mattress Math: Configuring One Brand Many Ways | Consumer Reports

Reverie does not accept returns or offer refunds for their mattresses. This is extremely rare when it comes to online mattress sales where the norm is to offer a sleep trial for customers to test out the mattress in their own home. For many customers who do not live near a showroom with Reverie mattresses, they may be uncomfortable with buying a mattress of this cost with no ability to test it out.

If customers are unsatisfied with the mattress after it is delivered, the company does offer 365 nights of support. During this time, the company provides access to a Sleep Concierge. This person is familiar with the design of the Reverie mattress and can help walk the customer through different configurations or modifications that can change the firmness or feel. The company also provides access to a Sleep Coach who can help address other questions related to sleep hygiene or routines.

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Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Natural Mattress

Many love the feel of a memory foam mattress, but not the excess heat the often comes from sleeping on it. Reverie has designed and crafted a mattress unlike anything else on the market. The Dream Supreme II Natural Mattress, Reverie’s most luxurious Natural mattress, offers a full 12” of height, a premium 3” of graphite-infused latex, and a cashmere woven top knit. Our plush natural Talalay latex plus customizable DreamCell support creates the perfect environment for clean, healthy sleep for your wellness-conscious customers.

  • Cashmere-Blend Woven Cover Finished with Feran Ice®
  • 3 OEKO-TEX® certified Talalay latex
  • Patented 6″ DreamCell Natural Latex Foam Springs Allow for Dual Firmness

Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress 2021 Online

Looking for Reverie Dream Supreme Ii Hybrid Sleep System Firm Mattress

Lots of shoppers are drawn to bed mattress made with natural, organic, and sustainable products however are concerned about rate. Eco Terra set out to build a natural, economical mattress and the outcome is the Eco Terra mattress The business exclusively sells this latex hybrid mattress, which is made with organic cotton, natural wool, Talalay latex, and upcycled steel coils.

The Eco Terra mattress is available in 2 firmness options: medium and medium firm . Having 2 offered firmness levels ensures there is an alternative for almost every sleeping position and body type. Buoyant latex and responsive coils relieve pressure points while keeping the spine lined up.

The breathable building of the Eco Terra mattress prevents sleeping hot. Because the mattress is made without synthetic products or severe chemicals, it is demanded by eco-conscious buyers. The mattress is handcrafted in California.

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