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What Is The Warranty On Sleep Number Beds

Choosing Your Sleep Number Setting

Sleep number bed warranty and Denver mattress review

Sleep Number is centered around finding your ideal sleep number setting, a number that ranges from 0 to 100. As you may have guessed, the lower the number, the less air inside the chambers, and the softer the bed will be. The higher the number, the greater the fill of air, and the firmer the bed.

While many of todays beds are geared towards providing a medium firmness, with an adjustable air bed you arent stuck with only one option. Sleep Number puts the power of control in your hands! While finding your dream sleep number setting may take some time, once you discover it, youll easily know which setting works best for you. At the same time, your partner will benefit from having their own unique sleep number setting too, eliminating the need for compromise.

What Is The Warranty On Sleep Number Beds

while prorated means the customer pays Sleep Number,The Sleep Number® VS, Believe, Sleep number has a Lott of moving parts, we will not purchased another Sleep Number bed with a 20 year warranty and the warranty only cover 2 years, , personally because if Im gonna spend 1000+ dollars Id like to have a comfort trial, is the warranty, provide very good support for all side sleepers, How much are they charging? If its quite a bit Id pass, as any warranted repair or replacement is also fully covered the first year, Which Mattresses Are Covered?Estimated Reading Time: 7 minsWarranty, **After the first year of use, Sleep Number, Cons

Other Sleep Number Technologies

The main components of sleep number beds are the air chambers, comfort foam, and mattress tops. But the technology goes a bit farther than that.

DualAirTM Adjustability technology is what allows each air chamber to be controlled and configured separately. This feature is available on all of the 360TM models and is the go-to options for couples.

Responsive AirTM technology works with the Sleep IQ technology and is what allows the mattresses to automatically adjust and contour to your body while you sleep.

This setting is defaulted to off when your bed arrives and can be activated through the Sleep IQ app if you have purchased the Sleep IQ add-on pump.

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How Do I Flip My Mattress

It is a good idea to rotate a mattress when flipping it, as it will help with even wear and increase longevity for all mattresses. Check out our tips for rotating a mattress earlier in the post.

During the rotation process, take the opportunity to flip the mattress upside down and continue rotating until its completed its 180-degree turn. This may be possible to do on ones own, but for larger or heavier mattresses it may be best to have a friend to help.

Non-pillow top innerspring mattresses tend to be the type of mattress that will still need to be flipped, but foam mattresses that are designed with specific layers do not need to be flipped. If people have a hybrid mattress with springs or a traditional innerspring mattress, it would be wise to consult with their mattress manufacturer before rotating or flipping.

What Work Will They Do

Sleep Number Bed Warranty

Sleep Number will repair or replace the product if there is a defect in it from either the materials used or the manufacturing process . So basically, theyll fix an issue that is a result of something done wrong on their end during the production of the bed.

This will be covered completely by Sleep Number during the first two years of the warranty.

After the first two years years three -25 of the limited warranty people are responsible for a portion of the cost should anything arise from the manufacturing/build of the mattress or bed. Here is how Sleep Number breaks the cost down.

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Dont Sleep On A Mattress Thats Too Soft

Some people prefer mattresses that are softer than the average, but those with lower back pain need to be careful. A too-soft mattress wont be supportive enough and can lead to extra strain on your spine.

If you have a very soft mattress thats causing you pain and you cant get a more sturdy one right now, you might consider trying sleeping on the floor. It sounds odd, but a sturdy floor can actually be better than a soft mattress for those who needs the structure.

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Level & Flat Sleep Surface

About 20% of Sleep Number bed owners report a problem with the middle of the bed where the two air chambers meet.

Some owners say there is a valley or trench in the middle, while others report a hump. There also can be a problem with one or both sides of the bed sloping toward the middle which can cause a sleeper to roll or slide in that direction.

The middle area may be uncomfortable to lie on, and it can be less than friendly for intimate activities, including cuddling, spooning and sex.

Sleep Number customer service may have solutions to problems with the middle, such as a lift which is a piece of foam that is placed under the air chambers to raise the middle.

Problems with the middle of the bed tend to be reported mainly by owners who use very different firmness settings for each side of the bed, such as 90-20. It may also be a problem when both sides use a very low or very high firmness setting.

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What Voids The Sleep Number Bed Warranty

There are a lot of things that can void a mattress warranty. Here are the things you dont want to do if you want to keep your mattress covered:

  • Reselling the mattress: If you buy a used mattress or one from a third-party seller, you wont be covered after the first year. Understand that the first year is measured from the date the bed was purchased new from Sleep Number, not from the date you bought it used.
  • Unsanitary condition: A mattress must be in sanitary condition to be covered under warranty. If pests, body fluids, or other unsanitary damage make a product unfit for inspection, the warranty becomes null.
  • Improper support:Sleep Number mattresses have specific foundation needs. If you use your new mattress on an unapproved foundation, the warranty can become void. Use your new mattress on a Sleep Number base or an adjustable base or firm, non-spring foundation that can support the weight of the Smart Bed.
  • Tampering with the Firmness Control system: Do not open the Firmness Control system. Any tempering of this system can void the warranty.

Warranty & Sleep Trial

HSN | Sleep Number Mattresses 08.04.2019 – 03 AM

Most mattresses are covered by a 10-year warranty or longer, but many warranties have stipulations regarding the type of foundational support used. If a mattress is not compatible with an adjustable base, using it with one may void the warranty and cause premature wear and tear or other damages.

A sleep trial lets you try out the mattress in your home, and most mattress sleep trials range from 90 nights to a full year. Some sleep trials include mandatory break-in periods before the mattress can be returned.

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A Warranty Like No Other

Theres one other reason a Sleep Number bed holds more value than a smartphone: Its untouchable warranty. Sleep Numbers warranty puts everything else to shame. Most devices tend to have one-year warranties, but Sleep Number offers a 15-year limited warranty on its smart beds, while the first year is covered by a full warranty. That means if theres a defect with the mattress, perhaps a malfunction with how it is pumped with air, the full warranty covers the bed in the first year. After the first year, defects are still covered, but owners would essentially pay a percentage of the cost for repairs covered by the warranty. Its still better than paying 100% for a repair or replacement.

Investing in a smart bed probably is one of the smartest decisions you can make. While some folks have no problem forking over $1,000-plus every couple of years for a new phone, the money you invest in a smart bed, like those from Sleep Number, easily will cover you for a decade. Its not like most people are buying or replacing mattresses every couple of years.

So, the next time you scoff at the cost of a smart bed, you should think twice. I know I did.

Editors’ Recommendations

What Type Of Damage Is Covered

Mattress warranties cover defects in workmanship or materials, not normal wear and tear. This begs the question, what is considered a covered defect versus wear and tear?

Every mattress company has different guidelines as to what they consider a defect. To know whats covered, you must get into a warrantys fine print. Fortunately, weve done that for you!

Heres whats covered under the Sleep Number warranty.

  • Firmness Control System: Every part of the mattress involved in firmness control is covered by the warranty. This includes the air pump, air chambers, and hose. Additionally, the hardware that supports Responsive Air technology is covered.
  • SleepIQ Hardware and Software: While much of the SleepIQ system coverage is outlined in the SleepIQ User Agreement, the hardware and software that facilitate this Smart Bed technology is covered under the warranty.

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Dipping In The Middle

Couples who share a Sleep Number mattress sometimes voice concern over a dip in the middle of the mattress. This complaint is common enough that its been given the name trench effect.

The trench effect doesnt tend to take hold until couples have been using their mattress for at least one year. When it occurs, it feels as if the middle of the mattress doesnt hold air as well as the outside of the mattress.

While we dont know for sure why this happens, customer reviews point to two likely culprits. One possible cause is couples sleeping at dramatically different firmness levels, say a 90 and a 20. This variation in firmness from one side to the other could cause the mattress to weaken in the middle over time. Next, the trench effect appears to happen more often with heavy sleepers than light sleepers. The dual-sided chambers may weaken faster with greater weight.

These reviews suggest that the Sleep Number bed is best for light to average weight people who have relatively similar mattress needs with their sleeping partner.


  • Some couples, particularly heavy couples or those with different firmness needs, experience the trench effect. This is when the middle of the mattress sags, typically after a year or more of use.


Alternative Brands that Support Heavier Sleepers:

What Is A Smart Bed

Sleep Number Bed Warranty

Smart mattresses are any bed equipped with technology that tracks sleep or sensors that improve your sleep experience. Some potential smart bed capabilities include

  • Automatic firmness adjustments: Air beds have come a long way. Rather than simply choosing your select comfort level and leaving it at that, smart air pumps monitor and adjust mattress firmness to encourage uninterrupted sleep.
  • Sleep tracking
  • Climate control
  • Connection to smart devices

Adjustable bases are smart bed frames. Most adjustable bases allow you to raise the head or foot of the bed. You can pair adjustable bed frames with smart mattresses or most traditional mattresses. If youre interested in smart bases, check out our top picks for the best adjustable beds.

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Sleep Number 360 M7 Smart Bed

  • Price: $$$
  • Type: memory foam and adjustable air
  • Height: 11 inches

The m7 Smart Bed blends cooling memory foam with a 5-inch comfort layer and smart adjustability. This may be a good, albeit more expensive, option if you like the hug of traditional memory foam, and youd also like to customize firmness.

Close to 3,500 reviews give this mattress a 4.7 rating out of 5 stars, and the vast majority are 5 stars. Still, negative reviewers mention uneven support and difficulty sleeping.

Sleep Number mattresses are available for purchase at any of the Sleep Number stores in the United States. You can also buy them on the companys website.

These mattresses cant be purchased at third-party mattress or furniture stores.

Height, comfort layer thickness, and cooling features are the biggest differences among the Sleep Number models. When choosing a mattress, think about how plush you like your mattress and if youre looking for upgrades.

Sleep Number offers a sleep quiz to help you narrow your options. Nine questions cover the following:

  • who is using the mattress
  • your preferred mattress size
  • if you experience common sleep issues, like cold feet, trouble falling asleep, and snoring
  • if you read or watch television in bed

Based on your answers, the company offers several mattress recommendations that might suit your needs.

If you decide to shop on the company website, Sleep Number offers a 100-night trial so you can try your mattress at home.

Which Sleep Number Bed Is Best For Me

Before we jump into recommendations, its important to note that the experience of sleeping on an airbed can feel quite different from that of more traditional mattress styles, like all-foam or hybrid beds. If you love memory foam, for example, an airbed wont provide the same enveloping feeling you enjoy, regardless of how thick the comfort layers are.

Secondly, if you enjoy cuddling with your partner while you sleep, the dual air chambers may impede that and can feel uncomfortable. Lastly, these airbeds arent for people with a limited budget, considering the most affordable Smart Bed option starts at $999.

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About Sleep Number Warranty

Sleep Number provides warranty packages for their various products. Well quickly review the Core Line mattress warranty, the 360 Smart Beds warranty, and the 360 Smart Bed remotes warranty. For the full story, read my detailed post on Sleep Number warranties.

Lets get into the main need-to-knows, along with the pros and cons, so you feel truly confident when buying your bed and the warranty that comes with it:

Core Line 15 Year Limited Warranty

In a nutshell, Sleep Number will repair or replace your c2 or c4 bed if theres a defect that wasnt caused by human error. In other words, if something wrong happens to the bed that was due to a production error, thats on the Sleep Number crew. This will be completely covered for the first two years.

From year 3-15 of the limited warranty, you will become responsible to pay for a portion of the repair and replacement cost. Sleep Number calculates the exact amount based on the then-current prices of each product. This warranty also covers the Firmness Control system that is a part of the mattress.

360 Smart Bed 15 Year Limited Warranty

Most of the same rules apply for the 360® smart bed warranty. Additionally, any tech-related issues that arise that are related to defects in materials or workmanship with the SleepIQ module will be covered. However, after two years, nothing related to SleepIQ will be covered.

360 Smart Bed Remote Control 1 Year Limited Warranty

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What Is A Mattress Warranty

HSN | Sleep Number Mattresses 08.04.2019 – 12 AM

According to the Federal Trade Commission , manufacturers and sellers must promise to stand behind their products with a warranty.

Warranties are a set timeframe when mattress brands promise to repair, place, or refund your mattress based on certain conditions, such as when the product doesnt perform as stated.

There are three forms of warranties: written, spoken, and implied.

A spoken warranty is when a salesperson verbally explains and commits to a warranty. However, always get spoken warranties in writing for confirmation and validity.

Implied warranties are dictated by law in all 50 states. Generally, nearly all purchases have implied warranties, even if they dont come with written warranties unless an item is marked as is or notes the lack of warranty before purchase. Implied warranties can last upwards of four years or more.

The two core aspects of implied warranties are a warranty of merchantability and a warranty of fitness. A warranty of merchantability means a seller promises a product will perform its essential functions, such as a lamp will light up. A warranty of fitness applies if a seller suggests a product is fit for a particular purpose. For example, a heated mattress should heat up.

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In Order For This Limited Warranty To Be Valid You Must

  • Register your product with GhostBed within 30 days of purchase for this warranty to be valid.
  • Be the original consumer or purchaser. Coverage terminates if you sell or otherwise transfer the GhostBed Luxe mattress.
  • Have purchased the GhostBed Luxe mattress from an authorized dealer.
  • Provide proof of purchase via copy of original store receipt reflecting proof of purchase date, place of purchase and purchase price.

    The outer mattress cover is warranted for one year from the date of original purchase against faults in material or workmanship. If the mattress, foundation, or cover is physically abused, damaged, soiled, burned, cut or torn, this warranty is void.

    This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser of the product. An original purchaser is one who purchased the product directly from GhostBed, Inc. or an authorized dealer of GhostBed, Inc. If you are not the original purchaser of this product, you take it as is and with all faults. Proof of original purchase is required in order to be eligible to make a valid claim under this warranty.

    Which Mattresses Are Covered

    Sleep Number offers two different 15-year mattress warranties. One covers their Value Beds and the other covers their 360 Smart Beds. In this overview, were going to go over the 15-year limited warranty coverage for the 360 Smart Beds, which includes the following Sleep Number collections:

    • Classic Series
    • Innovation Series
    • Memory Foam

    This warranty also includes Sleep Number 360 integrated bases. The integrated bed base is not the same as Sleep Numbers FlexFitadjustable bedSleep Number adjustable bases have a separate warranty.

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