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Manta Sleep Mask Washing Instructions

Keeping Cpap Equipment Clean Ensures Optimal Function And Health

Manta Sleep Mask V2 Review: Sleeping Made Even Better! | 1TT

Daniel More, MD, is a board-certified allergist and clinical immunologist. He is an assistant clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine and currently practices at Central Coast Allergy and Asthma in Salinas, California.

When you first begin to use continuous positive airway pressure for sleep apnea, there is often a degree of information overload. After learning about the diagnosis, you are usually sent to a private company or provider of durable medical equipment to get a CPAP machine and other associated items.

At this time, instructions should be given on how to clean this equipment. In case you missed it, here are some simple step-by-step instructions on how to clean CPAP to maintain your device and health without needing an expensive sanitizer device, and why you shouldn’t neglect cleaning your CPAP.

The Alaska Bear Sleep Mask Is A $10 Luxury You Need In Your Life

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I recently heard in a mattress commercial that humans are the most sleep deprived species on earth. That might have just been a ploy to get listeners to go mattress shopping, but it’s still pretty relatable.

The resting zombie face I’ve had over the last few weeks was finally enough motivation to try one of This $10 eye cover from Alaska Bear worked for over 9,000 five-star reviewers, so how could it not work for me?

When I pulled the mask out of its packaging, I felt like I was pulling out a piece of a cloud. Despite being only $10, its softer than the 100% cashmere sweaters in my closet, the 500-thread-count sheets on my bed and the expensive body butter in my bathroom.

Unlike most eye masks you buy in airport shops, this one is soft on both sides. The brand says it’s made of hypoallergenic 100% skin-friendly mulberry silk, and though I’m not overly familiar with my silks, mulberry is often referenced as the highest-quality silk consumers can buy. On the masks packaging, Alaska Bear calls it the fabric of the emperors.

One Down Payment Today + 3 Payments In The Future

At the time of purchase, you will be charged a down payment equal to ¼ of your pre-tax cart total and any applicable sales tax. For the next three consecutive months, you will be charged an additional ¼ of your pre-tax cart total. See full terms and conditions for additional details.

Easy Pay will not charge you interest or fees. Other potential interest, fees and/or charges may apply from your card issuer.

To be eligible for SoClean Easy Pay, you must own a VISA or MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or JCB credit card.

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Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

The Gravity mask uses its weight to lightly press on key pressure points. It claims to help wearers relax and fall into a deeper sleep, faster than ever. But is it worth the $35 price tag?

The Look and Feel: Gray and bulky, but a bit luxurious, the Gravity sleep mask has an adjustable strap and clip. The silky interior and fleece exterior are cozy, but its very heavy. You may find it weighs down your carry-on.

The Experience: I tested the sleep mask both at home as well as on an overnight flight in economy from New York to Madrid. The mask was soft, completely blocked out the light and the weight was indeed comforting. However, if youre a side sleeper, it falls to one side and pulls your neck down, which isnt comfortable. Same goes for sleeping upright. I found that it weighed me down and sagged, which was more annoying than relaxing. As I often fly economy and travel light, I knew this mask wasnt for me.

Best For: Business class flyers, or people who sleep on their back.

Dont Use: If youre hoping to travel light or need to sleep upright .

The Verdict: 5/10

What Is Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask / Eye Mask / Best Sleeping Mask

As mentioned, Manta Sleep Mask is a company that specializes in offering different types of sleeping masks.

But thats not all. Manta Sleep Mask is dedicated to helping those with difficulty sleeping, so they offer a range of different products related to sleep, not only sleep masks but also weighted blankets and blue light glasses.

The products might not seem like much initially, but they are carefully designed and created to help achieve better sleep throughout the night, with your well-being in mind, and customers report them to be extremely effective!

We will review the main products later on, but so that you get an initial understanding of what the company is like on a general basis, here are the main pros and cons that customers can agree on:


  • More expensive than other sleep mask products
  • Not all customers find the perfect sleep mask for them

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Dream Essentials Lavender Sleep Mask

This eye mask has a pocket in the front where you can slip in a fragrant sachet, as well as a soft, adjustable strap with velcro and hooks. You can also use the mask without the sachet, or swap it for a different scent.

The Look and Feel: Red or purple satin linen lined with black trim, the sleep mask looks chic. The pocket is unobtrusive and the mask seems more firm than some rivals. Its also stiff, and the mask isnt foldable when the lavender sachet is inserted, but it does lie flat. A long, thick pillowed portion supports and protects the under eye area.

My Experience: I used the mask to nap at home and later on a long train ride from Madrid to Barcelona. Although I love the smell of lavender, I found it to be overwhelming after a few minutes, and had to remove the sachet, which defeats the purpose of this particular mask. The pillowed under eye portion, though soft, pushed the mask upwards, letting light in and making the mask move around a lot, so I ended up just taking it off. Having to constantly pull it down was annoying, and I wouldnt use this mask again.

Best For: Anyone anxious who uses aromatherapy to relax or fall asleep. If you love a strong lavender scent, you could make this work. Maybe.

Dont Use: If youre sensitive to smells and perfumes, or need to block 100% of the light.

The Verdict: 4/10

How Often To Clean Your Cpap

Your equipment provider or sleep medicine physician may recommend routine cleaning of your equipment. Daily cleaning of the mask, tubing, and water chamber is often suggested by durable medical equipment suppliers and manufacturers. This may seem excessive. Fortunately, the risk of any sort of infection or mold exposure is extraordinarily low.

For optimal hygiene, it’s recommended that the equipment be cleaned at least on a weekly basis.

If you are sick with an upper respiratory infection, you may want to clean up the equipment at this time. It is further recommended that you not share the equipment with others as this may cause an infection to be shared.

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Features Of The Manta Sleep Mask

Manta features two eye cups that are made out of soft foam that are designed to completely block out sunlight. The cups are swappable, meaning that you can replace them if they wear out or upgrade them to a different style. The strap is made out of elastic and can be adjusted to fit your head size.

The mask is machine-washable and comes with a mesh pouch to put it in when its in the wash. The mesh pouch can also be used for storing the mask.

The package comes with the Manta Sleep Mask itself, a mesh pouch, and earplugs.

Manta gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee and a 6 month warranty to protect you from defects in workmanship and construction.

Crystal Sleeping Mask Wash Instructions

Manta Sleep Mask Review Complete BLACKOUT?!!

Each crystal sleeping mask is shipped with instructions, but just in case you lose them, they are below! I highly recommend using a laundry bag for washing your satin mask. I use the ‘bra’ one from since it has the structured protection.

– Remove the Crystal Chip Diamond Patch by snapping it off. If you have a selenite slab, place it on there to charge or cleanse your crystals. You can also use sage or palo santo smoke. Do not wash your patch!

– Hand washing your mask is the best!! Use your favorite soap and air dry. If you have to use a washing machine, please protect your mask in a laundry bag like the ones I linked above.


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% Blackout For Maximized Sleep Quality So You Feel 100% All The Time

Just a pinprick of light can disrupt REM and deep sleep, leading to post-sleep tiredness. Thats why Manta perfectly covers and conforms to your eyes to block 100% of light, even in broad daylight so you always get deep, uninterrupted sleep.

Ive been using an app to help monitor my sleep patterns. Last night, with this mask, I did not wake up once, for the first time in months, and my Rem went from 0-4% to 14% and my deep sleep from 20-48%

Do I Need To Use A Cpap Cleaner

Though heavily advertised, it’s not necessary to use a CPAP cleaner or SoClean sanitizer device to keep your CPAP equipment clean. These sanitizing units reportedly use ozone, or in the case of Lumin, ultraviolet light, to clean the equipment.

They are typically sold for hundreds of dollars and add little additional safety or cleanliness beyond the instructions provided here. There is virtually no risk of infection from using CPAP equipment.

The CPAP cleaners and sanitizers are not covered by insurance. After more than 35 years of CPAP use, it seems odd that there is suddenly a medically justified need for an expensive cleaning device.

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Should You Buy The Manta Sleep Mask

Manta Sleep Mask is great for people who need to sleep during daytime: shift workers, travelers who need to sleep on airplanes, and people who just want to catch a quick nap during their lunch break.

If you have issues with light leaking in when using normal sleep masks, the Manta is great because it has two eye-cups made out of soft foam that actually block 100% of light. Wearing this is like sleeping in pitch blackness, even if the sun is shining directly on your face.

The mask it adjustable, so if you dont have a standard-shaped head then this mask is great because you can adjust the strap to ensure a snug fit.

You should buy the Manta Sleep Mask if you:

  • Frequently need to sleep during the day
  • Have issues with light leakage when using other sleep masks
  • Want an adjustable strap

Best Sleep Mask For Napping

Manta Sleep Mask

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

  • Price: $

MZOOs Sleep Eye Mask has been reviewed by over 30,000 Amazon users and once you read the testimonials, youll understand why. The product features 3D contoured cups that apply stress-relieving pressure around your eyes instead of on them.

The masks elevated sockets are makeup-friendly, making this a great option for anyone looking for a midday snooze without having to redo their lashes.

Customers say they love the adjustable strap that fits comfortably without catching on their hair.

nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask

  • Price: $$

With a recent endorsement from Anthropologie, the popularity of Nodpods Weighted Sleep Mask has skyrocketed.

The product features four equally weighted pods with flat, unweighted ends. Instead of adjustable velcro straps that could snag hair, the mask is supposed to fit all head sizes with an easy-to-use, pull-through loop that lays flat against the pillow.

The mask truly aims to please, as customers can choose between two sides: one with a cotton jersey feel and the other made from microfiber fleece.

The pods, which weigh nine ounces in total, are filled with BPA-free plastic beads, making the mask scent-free and machine washable.

The brand says it was inspired to create a weighted mask by deep touch pressure, which can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety .

Still not convinced? Reviews on both nodpods company website and Anthropologies site attest to deeper sleep and even migraine relief especially for side sleepers.

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What To Look For When Buying An Eye Mask

Everyones preferences for a perfect sleeping mask are different. With so many options to choose from, its wise to think about what eye mask features are important to you before you buy. Details to consider include:

  • Light-blocking ability If complete darkness is what youre looking for, avoid eye masks made of light colored fabrics, as they dont block light as effectively as dark colors. Also look for a mask designed to cover your eyes completely with contours over the nose to provide a close fit.

  • Material While cotton is a popular, breathable fabric, it may be harsh on sensitive skin and eyebrows. Satin is gentle on skin but may cause you to get hot during the night. Knowing what materials work for you is an important step in finding a sleeping mask that fits your needs.

  • Purpose If youre hoping to reduce puffiness or ward off headaches, look for a geleye mask that can be chilled or heated. If you need help sleeping more comfortably, consider a regular sleeping eye mask. Fortunately, you can typically get both a gel eye mask and a sleeping eye mask for less than $20 total, satisfying all your relaxation needs at a reasonable price.

  • Size Wearing a sleeping mask thats too small can put unnecessary pressure on your eyes, resulting in blurry vision or a headache the next day. Eye masks that are too big may fit loosely around the face and not block light effectively. Look for an eye mask with an adjustable strap so you can alter its length to fit you comfortably.

What Is Manta Sleeps Shipping Policy

Manta Sleep offers free standard US shipping and should take 2-6 business days to arrive once shipped. Express shipping is available for both domestic and international orders, but an estimate is calculated at the checkout due to the items weight.

Standard international shipping charges may increase from the standard $5 depending on the weight of the order. This option would be performed by your local post office and will take 7-21 business days after the order is shipped.

For Manta Sleep mask Canada orders, shipping is available under the same international rules. UAE customers must use P.O. box addresses for standard shipping. P.O. box express shipping is not available to any location.

Manta Sleepdoes not cover duties, fees, VAT, and customs, although these usually do not apply due to the low shipment value. To track an order, you may use the tracking link or number associated with your purchase, which is sent to you via email after checkout.

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Earth Therapeutics Dream Sleep Mask

The Dream Sleep Mask is probably the least complicated, most basic mask on the list. Sometimes, going back to the basics works.

The Look and Feel: A fleece exterior with a silk-like lining, this large but flat eye mask is extremely lightweight and soft. You can feel the mask touching your eyes, but not in an obtrusive way. Its also rollable or foldable with an elastic velcro strap.

My Experience: The most basic of sleep masks, this has been a favorite of mine since high school. Its easy to travel with because you can fold or roll it, and it occupies virtually no space in your carry-on and blocks out all of the light. The silky interior is soft and cool on the eyes and skin, and I often sleep with it on at home, too. However, if you use the mask often , the elastic strap stretches out and youll soon have to buy a new one.

Best For: Anyone traveling light. This uncomplicated, soft eye mask is appropriate for all types of sleepers and anyone on a budget .

Dont Use: If you dont like feeling something on your eyelids.

The Verdict: 7/10

Why To Clean Your Cpap

Manta Sleep Mask New And Improved

First, take a moment to consider the importance of keeping the CPAP equipment clean. You’re directly breathing the air that’s circulated through the machine. The air is humidified and filtered, but it should be kept as clean as possible.

Cleaning can help to avoid potential dangers and problems, including the following:

  • Bacteria exposure
  • Premature equipment breakdown
  • Voiding the device warranty

If cleaning is so important, how should it be done? Fortunately, it can be accomplished relatively easily at little expense.

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How Can You Make Sure The Manta Mask Blocks Light

There are two crucial factors.

  • You need to make sure that you adjust the eye cups to suit your head and face. The eye cups are completely removable and adjustable. You can pull them off the band itself and reposition them.
  • You need to make sure the mask is tight enough. It is possible that if the mask is not tight enough, the mask may shift while you move during sleep.
  • Personally, even though we always used the mask quite tight, it was still comfortable and soft to wear. We also put the headband above the ears so there was no impact to the ears and hence also no painful ears. If you do experience pressure or pain on the ears, has developed a slimmer band.

    We tested the mask in natural daylight as well as with two very bright studio lamps directed at the mask. No light came through.

    Very impressive!

    You can place the eye cups in any way you want. The pods do indicate which side goes towards the nose but the rest is for your own preference.

    Below is a picture where I am basically removing the eye cup. The black circled area visible below the purple label is the area which attaches to the headband

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