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How To Turn On Sleep Mode On Apple Watch

Turn Your Apple Watch On And Off

Turn off Sleep Mode on Apple Watch 7 in WatchOS 8: Complete Guide
  • Turn on: If your Apple Watch is off, press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears .

    The watch face appears when Apple Watch is on.

  • Turn off: Normally, youll leave your Apple Watch on all of the time, but if you need to turn it off, press and hold the side button until the sliders appear, then drag the Power Off slider to the right.

Tip: You cant turn off your Apple Watch while its charging. To turn off your Apple Watch, first disconnect it from the charger.

How To Set Up Sleep Tracking On Apple Watch

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Sleep tracking is natively available on all Apple Watches Series 3 and newer. Its an automatic feature that tracks data when you go to bed while wearing the smartwatch, but you do have to set it up. Heres how to configure sleep tracking on your Apple Watch.

Although you can set up sleep tracking on your Apple Watch, its much easier to do on your iPhone. First, make sure your iPhone is running iOS 14 or higher, and your Apple Watch is running watchOS 7 or higher. If not, the sleep tracking settings wont be available.

To get started, tap and open the Health app on your iPhone. You can swipe down on the Home screen, and then use Spotlight Search to find it if necessary.

Next, tap the Browse tab, and then tap Sleep.

You can now schedule your bedtime routine. Having a set schedule helps your Apple Watch start monitoring for sleep activity. It also sets an automatic alarm to wake you in the morning.

Tap Full Schedule & Options.

In the Full Schedule section, tap Set Your First Schedule.

Choose which days of the week you want to use this schedule. Then, set your Bedtime and Wake Up times.

Turn On Apple Watch Theater Mode To Get A Better Night’s Sleep

The new Theater Mode in watchOS 3.2 can do more than keep you from annoying others when youre at the movies. If you track your sleep with your Apple Watch, Theater Mode can help you get some extra shut-eye.

Its quick and easy to turn on Theater Mode. The setting toggles your watch into silent mode and also stops the screen from lighting up when you raise your wrist.

Thats great cinema etiquette, but it also will keep your Apple Watch from shattering the darkness in your bedroom if you happen to move your arm as you sleep.

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Watchos : Sleep Mode Has Moved Heres Where To Find It

If youre familiar with activating sleep lock mode in Control Center on the Apple Watch, you might find yourself searching for that useful bed icon after updating to watchOS 8. The toggle puts your Apple Watch in a mode that stops alerts, dims the screen, and only shows a digital clock.

The Apple Watch also uses this mode in part to inform sleep tracking data, although you can use it to simply limit your watch from becoming a nuisance if you wear it through the night. Sleep mode can be scheduled if you have a bedtime routine setup in the Health or Clock app on the iPhone, but I prefer to toggle it myself usually.

You can manually toggle sleep lock mode on in watchOS 7 by swiping up to open Control Center and tapping the bed icon. iOS 15 introduces a new set of features called Focus that lets you create custom Do Not Disturb modes for different contexts like working out, sleeping, or driving.

In watchOS 8, Apple has removed the dedicated bed icon for activating sleep lock mode on the Apple Watch. Its still activated in Control Center, but sleep lock mode is now found under the Do Not Disturb icon, which becomes a Focus mode selector.

Sleep mode is still represented by a bed icon, but its a tap and scroll away from the top-level Control Center toggles in watchOS 8. Its a small change that makes sense once youre familiar with where the bed icon went, but it can be confusing when youre only half awake and searching for it for the first time after updating.

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode On Your Iphone

How to turn any Apple Watch into a sleep tracker

Turning off distractions like notifications from apps and texts from peers can be what we need to wind down to sleep or prevent us from waking up too earlythis is what iPhones Sleep Mode does. But sometimes, muting these off too early causes us to miss time-sensitive notifications.

Dont worry! In this article, Ill teach you how to turn off Sleep Mode on your iPhone. But first, lets understand what it is.

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Does Apple Watch Go Into Sleep Mode Automatically

Using your movements or lack thereof to know when youre in dreamland, auto mode will track your sleep. If you use manual mode, you must tell the app when youre going to sleep and when you wake up at night. You can stop sleeping on your Apple Watch or in the iPhone app by pressing Start Sleeping and then Stop Sleeping..

How To Turn Off Sleep Mode From The Control Center

You can also turn off Sleep Mode through the Control Center. Heres how to do that:

You can also use this method on your Apple Watch.

  • Open the Control Center.

    On iPhone X and later, swipe down from the top right of the screen. On iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and earlier, and Apple Watch, swipe up from the bottom.

  • Tap Sleep.

  • When the Sleep icon changes to Focus, Sleep Mode is off.

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    How Apple Watch Sleep Tracking Works

    Apple’s sleep tracking integrates with the existing Bedtime feature on the iPhone’s Clock app , so you turn it on and create a schedule.

    Before your allocated bedtime you’ll be ‘prepared’ for sleep with a wind-down time while your Apple Watch becomes dimmed and locked – your Watch is now in ‘Sleep Mode’.

    Do Not Disturb is automatically turned on but you can disable this either when you set up Sleep or afterwards.

    You can also choose whether or not to have charging reminders – the watch will warn you within an hour of bedtime if you have less than 30 percent charge.

    If you have a Series 4 or 5 you’ll almost certainly be OK to go through the night if you charged for a bit during the day at some point. With Series 3, you will need to fully charge in the day to last the night.

    In Sleep Mode, you need to turn the digital crown to unlock the watch just as you do when you step out of water after swimming. We actually find this a bit irritating when we need to get up in the night and use the torch, for example.

    You can disable Sleep Mode if you want, but this won’t track sleep. You can also opt out of sleep tracking entirely, even if you have Sleep Mode enabled.

    You can access Sleep options and tracking in various places, which is somewhat confusing at first but does make sense because it ties several things together. So:

    Get More Out Of Your Apple Watch Sleep Tracking

    How to Turn off Sleep Tracking on Apple Watch 7 Without Turn off Sleep Mode

    Dont settle for limited info. Many Apple Watch owners use third-party apps to supplement the Sleep app and collect more details.

    • The widely popular app Autosleep integrates seamlessly with and even offers a similar experience to Apples activity rings. Autosleep tracks the duration of your sleep and the quality and lets you know your readiness or how prepared you are for the day based on your rest.
    • Another highly-rated option, Sleep++ provides data-driven sleep tracking that lets you know how many times a night you entered deep sleep.
    • Pillow offers in-depth sleep analysis charts and a smart alarm clock function that will wake you up at the optimal time for maximum refreshment.

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    How To Disable Sleep Mode On An Iphone

    Turning off Sleep Mode manually is useful if you wake up early every once in a while, but it isnt a good solution if youve decided that you no longer want to use Sleep Mode. If youre done with Sleep Mode altogether, or you just want to stop using it for a while, then you can disable it in the Health app. If you change your mind later, you can always return to the Health app and switch it back on.

    Heres how to disable Sleep Mode on your iPhone:

  • Open the Health app.

  • Tap the Sleep Schedule toggle.

  • Sleep Mode will no longer turn on automatically.

    You can return to this screen and tap the toggle again to turn Sleep Mode back on at any time.

  • Set Your Watchs Screen To Dim And Reduce Distractions During Your Sleep

    Although it took me a while to figure it out, it was actually a pretty simple settings adjustment. Heres what worked for me on my Apple Watch running watchOS 8+.

  • On your Apple Watch, open the Settings app.
  • Scroll down and tap the Sleep app.
  • Check that you toggled on Turn On at Bedtime.
  • Then scroll down and toggle on Sleep Screenthis setting dims your screen and reduces any distractions coming from your watch or phone.
  • Scroll further down and toggle on Show Time if you want to show the date and time on your Apple Watch when youre sleeping. If not, toggle this off.
  • Continue to scroll down and check that you turned on Sleep Tracking and decide if you want Charging Reminders or not.
  • If you want to change these settings using your iPhone, open the Health app > Browse. Then tap the Sleep tile. Scroll all the way down and tap Options.

    Another option if you schedule your bedtime is to turn on Apples Wind Down feature.

    Wind Down automatically reduces distractions before your scheduled bedtime and turns on sleep mode so that your watch display turns off and Do Not Disturb turns on.

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    How To Turn On Sleep Mode On Your Apple Watch Using Watchos8

    If you usually tap your watchs Sleep Mode icon in Control Center to manually turn on sleep mode when you hit the sack, you probably noticed its no longer there in watchOS 8. With the watchOS 8, Apple moved this toggle under its new Focus umbrella

    Focus is Apples new mode to customize and personalize Do Not Disturb so you can customize what incoming notifications you mute for different times of the day like when working, vacationing, family time, exercising, and other activities or times when you dont want to be bombarded with all types of notifications, from anyone.

    Yes, there are many minor changes here with some rearranging and name updates, perhaps to the annoyance of some!

    Sleep Data Is Modest And Not Particularly Actionable

    How to Turn Off Apple Watch [2 Methods]

    Apples sleep tracking app interface is simple. Tell it your preferred bedtime schedule in my case, 11 p.m. to just before 6 a.m. and it will be looking out for sleep during those times . It turns out that you must set up tracking schedules to cover each individual day of the week or use separate schedules for weekdays and weekends. I didnt realize until too late that the Watch hadnt recorded data for two full nights because I hadnt set up a separate weekend schedule to cover them.

    Assuming the Watch gathers your data properly, youll see a very modest display of data, including a bar representing your total time asleep, the timestamps indicating sleep start and end points, and a bar chart covering the last 14 days. If you want a deeper dive, you can open the Health app on an iPhone to see your average time in bed and average time asleep and under some conditions, a correlation of your overnight heart rate data with your sleeping schedule. When I checked the Health app, one day the heart rate data was there, but another day it disappeared from the apps list of Highlights and I couldnt find it.

    Apple has suggested its providing little data to keep users from obsessing over their sleep schedules, as that might inadvertently generate even more anxiety or restlessness. Im still not sure whether thats truly an act of kindness or just a convenient excuse for underwhelming functionality.

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    Update Your Full Schedule

  • Open the Sleep app and tap Full Schedule.
  • Tap the schedule you want to edit.
  • Tap the days under Active On, then tap the days you want to set the sleep schedule for.
  • Tap Done to save your changes.
  • Tap Wake Up or Bedtime.
  • Tap the hour or minute and turn the Digital Crown to adjust the time. Then tap the checkmark to save.
  • Tap Alarm to turn on an alarm and adjust the sound and haptics of your alarm.
  • Tap Edit Schedule in the upper left to save your changes for the full schedule.
  • You can also turn off your full schedule as needed. In the Sleep app, tap Full Schedule, then tap Sleep Schedule to turn your sleep schedule off or on.

    Edit Your Sleep Schedule On Your Apple Watch

    If you need to update your sleep schedule, you can make changes to your full schedule or for Next Wake Up Only. With Next Wake Up Only, the changes you make apply only to the following day. Changes made to your full schedule apply to all future days.

    If you’re up before your scheduled Wake Up time, you can exit Sleep Focus. Turn the Digital Crown to unlock your Apple Watch. Then swipe up to open Control Center and tap the Sleep app icon.

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    My Iphone & Watch Automatically Apply A ‘do Not Disturb’ How Do I Turn Off

    This happens if you are using the Apple Sleep app wind down feature, but you can disable it. Similar to the section above we need to disable the Apple Sleep app functions that relate to the wind down feature. Follow these steps:

    • Open the Watch Settings App on your iPhone

    • Select ‘Sleep’ from the list of apps

    • Toggle OFF the option called ‘Turn On Automatically’, this will prevent the do not disturb turning on

    • Remember for those with multiple Watches, to do this from the Watch you wear to bed. If you wear both Watches to bed, apply the same settings to both

    Stopping Or Snoozing A Sleep Session With Alarms And Audio Recordings

    How to Use Sleep Tracking App and Turn off Sleep on Apple Watch in WatchOS 7

    To stop the sleep session that you started recording with your Apple Watch follow these steps:

  • Open Pillow on your Apple Watch

  • Swipe horizontally to bring up the Stop and Snooze buttons

  • Tap the Stop button to stop the session or the Snooze button to snooze the alarm.

  • When you tap Stop make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected via Bluetooth or Wifi.

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    What Data Does Sleep Tracking Monitor

    Its not clear yet what specific data will be monitored by the sleep tracking feature on watchOS 8. However, Apple has revealed that it will use machine learning to monitor your sleep motion from the wrist.

    Further, it will keep track of micromovements, such as the rise and fall of your breath, to assess the quality of your sleep. The focus will be on promoting better sleep hygiene rather than merely providing data insights.

    watchOS 8 introduces monitoring of sleeping respiratory rate, or how many breaths you take per minute while asleep. You can see how your personal insights trend looks on the Health app.

    How To Turn Sleep Mode Off From Iphones Lock Screen

    Your lock screen will inform you if your iPhone is on Sleep Mode by indicating that the Sleep Focus is on. It will also state if an alarm is pending. To turn it off from your lock screen:

  • Press the side button or the Home button of your iPhone.
  • Tap Dismiss Sleep Focus .Youll be directed to the Focus mode options.
  • Now, unselect Sleep.
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    Sleep Easier With Apple Watch

    In a world full of distractions, getting enough sleep is always a challenge. But with the Apple Watch Sleep app, you can better prepare yourself to wind down from the day and track your sleep patterns at night.

    And the wearable device can do much more than just help you sleep better. There are a number of great Apple Watch fitness and workout apps to further improve your health. There are also excellent Apple Watch apps to boost productivity.

    Is It Bad To Wear Your Watch While Sleeping

    How to Use Nightstand Mode on your Apple Watch

    Watches are primarily used to tell time. But Apple Watch alongside other smartwatches on the market today carry different capabilities that are quite convenient for several occasions. From measuring your heart rate to giving you email or message alerts, tracking your exercises to recording and collecting your sleep data, people have become increasingly dependent on them.

    Because of this feature diversification, some occasions may render them useful when you are sleeping. But with these improvements, are there any health concerns or dangers of sleeping with your watch on?

    Well, there are no known cases of serious harm resulting from sleeping with watches. The primary reason why you should reconsider sleeping with your watch on has to do with your comfort and quality of sleep. That is aside from protecting it from damage that might occur as you sleep.

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