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Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor 2.0 Pillowtop King Mattress

Sealy Response Performance Mattress Review Highlights

Serta Perfect Sleeper Select Kleinmon II Firm Pillow Top Mattress Comfort Depth 1
  • A Traditional Innerspring Bed: Do you prefer the feel of innerspring mattresses? It can sometimes feel like youre a dying breed. Sealy understands that some people love the responsive feel of this type of mattress. Youll find that with the Response Performance.
  • Multiple Firmness Options: The Response Performance mattress comes in multiple firmnesses: plush, pillow top plush, firm, and pillow topcushion firm. This allows you to choose your customized firmness.
  • Sealy Posturepedic TechnologyTM: The Response Performance has Sealys patented technology designed to deliver the right level of support across the entire mattress surface. This means greater support at the heavier lumbar region and a softer feel at the shoulders.
  • Sleeps Cool: A thick steel coil support system facilitates generous airflow. This helps whisk away body heat to keep you cool.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor Luxury Hybrid Super Pillowtop

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Sleeping On The Serta Perfect Sleeper

Generally, the Serta Perfect Sleeper works well for back and side sleepers. The soft pillow top should create nice relief for pressure points, while the coils provide plenty of support.

However, the plush model wont work well for stomach sleepers. In this sleeping position, its especially easy for the hips to sink into the memory foam layers. This creates strain on the lower back, which can lead to pain over time. If you primarily rest on your stomach, we recommend getting the firm model.

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What Does ‘eurotop’ Mean

A Eurotop mattress has an extra one to two inches of padding on top to provide a plush layer for extra softness. While often used interchangeably, there is a slight difference between Eurotop and pillowtop. A layer of pillowtop sewn on the top of a mattress often looks just as its name described: a pillow placed on top of the entire mattress. A Eurotop mattress has its layer stitched directly into the mattress so it is flush with the mattress edge instead of protruding from the top.

Serta® Perfect Sleeper®The enhanced, all-new Perfect Sleeper provides more than 40% better pressure relief with the help of our exclusive Serta Cloud foams.* The Perfect Sleeper is built with Sertas exclusive HexCloud Gel Foam which features unique geometric cut-outs designed to help relieve pain from pressure points. Sertas custom coil systems offer outstanding support while minimizing motion transfer. CoolFeel Fabric on the sleep surface provides a comfortable, cool-to-the-touch- sensation from plant-derived technology**. Best Edge® Foam Encasement helps reduce the edge roll-off, extending the sleep surface.

Mattress Buying GuideLooking for the perfect mattress for your needs? Click to view our Mattress Buying Guide.

Need Help? Ask our dedicated Sams Club members-only Serta hotline, staffed especially for you by Serta Mattress Specialists: 1-888-240-1945 available 24 hours/7 days a week.

Support & Motion Isolation

Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor 2.0 Pillowtop Queen ...

With a 1000 individually wrapped coils and quality layers of body conforming memory foam, the Serta Glenmoor is great at providing motion isolation. The coil system provides targeted support and reduces motion transfer across the bed, while memory foam layers absorb impact from sudden movements, allowing you to sleep undisturbed.

The Serta Glenmoor features a double coil edge support system, which greatly supports this bed’s edges by strategically placing these coils around the perimeter of the bed. The Glenmoor’s great edge support system means this bed will feel larger than it is, and the edges resist sagging!

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Browse Serta Oakbridge Luxury Firm Customer Reviews

I was hoping for a better feel.

Earlier this month my wife and I tried many mattress before we settle on this unit. We tried it out in the store during earlier hours to have privacy. The display unit felt very good and had some give. It was a supportive firm with some give which is what we wanted. However when we got the mattress it was very hard. I’m 182 lbs and I decided to sleep on it for three days to see if it felt better. Still there was no give. I tried to put pressure in certain points and still no give. After consideration I decided to return this unit and go with a plush pillow top unit. I will say Sam’s have been great with their customer service and I will continue to purchase mattress from them. They also have the best prices.

Great mattress for the price!

We visited all of the local mattress companies. Any mattress similar was a minimum of $800. We were about to get this mattress for an instant savings event for $450.After purchasing the mattress, my fitness tracker watch showed my sleep went from an average of 40 minutes of restlessness to 15-20 minutes of restlessness which resulted in a HUGE difference in how I felt waking up in the mornings.I also was concerned about the mattress sinking after reading several reviews. After 3 months of owning the mattress, there are zero signs of sinking on either side.

Not to firm

Sorta Oakbridge Luxury Firm Mattress

I purchased this 6 months ago and it is extremely comfortable.

Great Mattress

Sink Hole

Skip The Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Glenmoor Super Pillowtop King Mattress If

  • You prefer either plush or firm mattresses. The Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Glenmoor Super Pillowtop King mattress only comes in a medium firmness level. While this firmness level is technically great for all sleep styles, your individual sleep needs might mean that you need a softer or firmer mattress to sleep comfortably. If medium is either to soft or firm for your liking, skip this Serta mattress.

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What Kind Of Mattress Is This

This Glenmoor 3.0 mattress is a medium-firmness pillowtop mattress.

Mattress Buying GuideLooking for the perfect mattress for your needs? Click to view our Mattress Buying Guide.

Need Help? Ask our dedicated Sams Club members-only Serta hotline, staffed especially for you by Serta Mattress Specialists: 1-888-240-1945 available 24 hours/7 days a week.

What Kind Of Box Spring Or Foundation Is This Mattress Compatible With

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Trelleberg II Firm Pillow Top Mattress Comfort Depth 1

The Glenmoor 3.0 king mattress includes your choice of either a standard 9″ foundation or a low-profile 5.75″ foundation. With a versatile design, this pillowtop king mattress is compatible with platform beds, solid-surface bed frames and adjustable foundations.

Mattress Buying GuideLooking for the perfect mattress for your needs? Click to view our Mattress Buying Guide.

Need Help? Ask our dedicated Sams Club members-only Serta hotline, staffed especially for you by Serta Mattress Specialists: 1-888-240-1945 available 24 hours/7 days a week.

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Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress Available Features

PillowSoft Aire FoamThis is an ultra-soft foam layer near the top of the mattress that cushions and conforms to make the mattress comfortable.

Cool Twist Gel Memory FoamA premium memory foam from Serta, which is infused with gel in the comfort layer. The gel is an added material that helps to make the foam layer more comfortable by being more conforming. It also helps to control body heat for a better sleeping experience.

Custom Support InnerspringThe pocketed coil innerspring design isolates bodyweight on each coil. This helps the bed contour to your curves and also minimizes the tossing and turning motion on the bed when you move. The pocketed coils also provide airflow to give you a cool night’s sleep. Perfect Sleeper mattresses have 825 coils and Select mattresses feature 880 coils. The Elite and Hybrid collections have more coils,1000 of them Serta is known for its innerspring pressure-relieving comfort.

Excel EdgeThere are extra coils at the edge designed to provide edge support. They give consistent comfort across the entire mattress and increase the amount of sleepable surface. It also makes it easier to sit on the edge. They’re very responsive and contouring.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Vs Sealy Posturepedic

This Serta Perfect model feels a little bit softer than the Sealy Posturepedic Paterson. Side sleepers, especially, will prefer the Perfect Sleeper. The Perfect Sleeper also works well for couples, because it isolates motion well.

The two beds have similar constructions. Both are hybrid mattresses with impressive cooling features. In the Posturepedic, youll find gel foam and a thin, breathable cover.

Thanks to Sealys DuraFlex coil edge system, this bed has better edge support. The Sealy is also a bit more affordable than the Serta, but both fall in a similar price range.

Who Should Get The Serta Perfect Sleeper?

  • Fans of softer mattresses
  • Couples who want better motion isolation

Who Should Get The Sealy Posturepedic?

  • People who prefer medium firm mattresses
  • Those who want better edge support.

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Sealy Vs Serta Mattress Comparison

Unsure if a Sealy or Serta bed is the right new mattress for you? In our comparison, well help you find the best mattress by comparing their most popular beds side-by-side.

Serta and Sealy are two American mattress companies that have been around for longer than most of us have been alive. These are two of the brands that you expect to see when you go mattress shopping in person. But recently, theyve both released direct-to-consumer mattresses to compete in the competitive online mattress space.

In this mattress comparison, were going to put the leading Sealy and Serta mattresses head-to-head. Well then outline the differences that youll notice when buying from Serta vs Sealy. By the end, you should have an idea of which brandand which mattressis the one for you.

Sealy Conform Performance Mattress Review Highlights

Serta Perfect Sleeper Luxury Hybrid Glenmoor Super Pillow ...
  • Luxury Memory Foam Mattress: The Conform Performance is one of few memory foam mattresses with all memory foam comfort and transition layers. This means a luxury conforming feel.
  • Multiple Firmness Options: Choose between plush, cushion firm, and firm. Three options mean a great fit no matter your sleeping position or comfort preference.
  • Nearly Zero Motion Transfer: Memory foam is one of the best materials for dampening motion. This motion isolation helps those who share the bed get a good nights sleep.
  • Balanced Pressure Relief:Posturepedic Technology ensures that foams are softer and firmer exactly where you need it. This means pressure point relief without a sinking feeling.

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Construction: Whats Inside Botanical Bliss Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor 20 Pillowtop King Mattress

The cover is made from GOTS certified organic cotton and wool. This product is circular knit for added elasticity and breathability, while approximately 10 pounds of wool batting assists to cushion the surface and wick away moisture. Wool helps to regulate body temperature, withstand mildew and dust mites, and is naturally flame-resistant.

This evaluation is for the 10-inch Medium mattress, however there are various convenience levels and densities offered that will alter the dimensions, layering, and specifications.

  • The very first layer is a medium 3-inch Arpico Dunlop Latex, a product that was developed to gently contour to the sleeper and foster pressure relief. The instant response and bounce ease repositioning, and the material is naturally resistant to mold, dust, and mildew termites. Arpico is one of the worlds leading suppliers of all-natural latex.
  • The second layer is 3 inches of this same Dunlop latex, though it is slightly more dense with a medium-firm feel.
  • The 3rd layer is 3 more inches of an even denser Dunlop latex. This firm structure provides great support as the body sinks into the deeper layers.

For a different feel, the cover can be unzipped so that you can reorganize the internal layers.

Latex foams are really responsive but cradle the body without leaving you feeling stuck. With layers of finished firmness that can be rearranged, you can tailor the quantity of pressure relief you require based on your body size, sleeping position, and choice.


Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor Super Pillow Top Mattress Technology Details

The 14 Glenmoor Super Pillow Top mattress consolidates three different layers for medium-firm comfort. Each foam features technologically advanced systems for added support, comfort, and durability.

The soft quilted top features the Fireblocker Fiber to meet the flammability standards. Overall, the mattress firmness suits sleep needs of the most sleeper. The sleep surface is cool and plush for a comfortable rest.

The Upholstery section features two layers: Comfort XD foam and infused Cool Twist Gel Memory foam. The Comfort XD foam provides a soft and supportive feel. The unique design of the infused Cool Twist Gel Memory foam promotes airflow for a temperature regulated sleep. This layer also relieves pressure by maintaining a healthy sleep posture and proper spinal alignment. The gel is good at absorbing partner disturbances, inducing a deep, peaceful rest.

The Support section features 886 Custom Support Firm Individually Wrapped Coil system surrounded by a strong edge foam encasement. This system delivers superior pressure-relief and edge support preventing roll-off occurrences. The innerspring component is best if you desire the bounciness of a traditional mattress. The durable mattress resists sagging and provides you a comfortable rest throughout its lifespan.

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Is This A Good Bed For You

Fit: Recommended for people who…

Prefer to sleep on their side
Prefer to sleep on their back
Prefer to sleep on their stomach
Prefer medium softness

Not sure which type of bed to buy? Answer a few questions to see good matches for you with GoodBed’s unbiased, personalized results.

Select your preferred sleeping position: This is awesome. Now I feel equipped to walk in somewhere and say with certainty, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” Sara in Phoenix, AZ

Reasons To Buy The Serta Glenmoor Mattress

Serta PERFECT SLEEPER Mattress Options Explained by
  • Supporting US businesses is important to you. If you like supporting US-based companies, the Serta Glenmoor mattress is a great choice. Serta has been designing and manufacturing their mattresses in the US for nearly 90 years, so you can feel good about this purchase. â
  • You sleep with a partner. This bed is a great choice for couples because it delivers superior motion isolation and edge support. You’ll be able to get up during the night without disturbing your partner, and the reinforced, double coil edges make the Glenmoor mattress feel bigger, so you both have room to stretch!â
  • You toss and turn in your sleep. The Serta Glenmoor’s combination of coils and memory foam encourages restless sleepers to relax and ease into its pressure relieving, body cradling foams and supportive coil system. Plus, its superior edge support provides a stable surface that won’t give into that dreaded roll-off feeling.
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    Heavyweight Sleepers Over 230lbs

    Heavier back sleepers should get decent support from the Perfect Sleeper plush model, but most people will prefer the firm option. Heavier side sleepers will likely compress the memory foam layers and feel nice pressure point relief, but those who weigh closer to 300lbs may need some additional cushioning. Instead, people in this category should take a look at one of the best mattresses for heavy people.

    Heavier stomach sleepers will also find the plush model isnt a great choice. Instead, stomach sleepers should consider purchasing the firm version of the Perfect Sleeper.

    Serta Perfect Sleeper Glenmoor 20 Pillowtop King Mattress $100 Off

    13 Medium pillowtop mattress provides pressure relief and contouring comfortCombines Cool Twist® Gel memory Foam and Custom Support® Coil System with ExcelEdge® EliteCool Balance® Fabric promotes airflow for a balanced sleep temperatureCompatible with a platform foundation, solid surface bed frame and adjustable foundationsWhite Glove Delivery+ includes set-up and mattress relocation or haul-away

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    Sertaoakbridge Luxury Firm Reviews

    Slumber Search is supported by readers. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. More info.

    The Oakbridge Luxury Firm from Serta comes at a medium firm feel and is famous for being sold at Sam’s Club stores. It boasts two layers of foam resting on an innerspring support system below with individual pocket coils. Most sleepers report liking this mattress, but some had issues with the durability.

    Mattress Score

    Sleeping Style And Body Weight

    Serta Perfect Sleeper Danesmoor Plush Super Pillowtop ...

    Side Sleepers: The Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress rates exceptionally well for side sleepers of all body types. The combination of pocketed coils and memory foam results in top-notch pressure relief and spinal support for these sleepers.

    The Renewed Night model includes one comfort layer of memory foam, which contours to the shape of the body and helps prevent pressure points from developing. The pocketed coil core provides adequate support to help keep your spine aligned throughout the night.

    The Plush option is highly rated by side sleepers who weigh less than 230 pounds, while those who weigh more than 230 pounds tend to prefer the Medium option.

    Back Sleepers:Depending on the firmness option, the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress is suitable for back sleepers. This type of sleeper typically requires a medium firm to firm mattress with moderate contouring. The Plush and Medium models are particularly suitable for those who weigh less than 130 pounds, while those who weigh more will likely find the Extra Firm model to be a better fit.

    When it comes to spinal alignment, support for the shoulders and lumbar region are among the most important factors for back sleepers to consider. The Serta Perfect Sleeper combines memory foam and pocketed coils to provide the contouring and support needed for sleeping on your back.

    Stomach Sleepers:Although the Serta Perfect Sleeper Mattress rates well for stomach sleepers, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind.

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