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Sleep Number 360 P6 Reviews

The Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed Performance Series

Sleep Number Adjustable or Modular p6 Mattress Set on QVC

The Performance Series is slightly plusher than the Classic Series. The p5 and cooling pSE each have 4 inches of cushioning, for a total height of 10 inches. The p6, the companys most popular mattress, has an additional inch of cushioning, for an overall thickness of 11 inches.

Compared with the beds in the Classic line and the Performance lines p5, the p6 felt like a real mattress, the kind with a surface thats adequately cushioned for people who are not particularly high-maintenance. But when I tried the p6 at home, I couldnt shake the feeling that I was sleeping on a rubber raft. The 5 inches of foam wasnt enough for me to nestle into, even with a softer air-bladder setting. Letting out air offered more give, but then the bed didnt feel as supportive, and it still didnt feel fluffy, per se.

I was left feeling adrift, but my husband, by contrast, loved sleeping on the p6. For once, instead of compromising on my medium-soft-mattress preferences, he could sleep on a firm mattress next to me. It was a sad day for him when we returned this mattress.

The pSE wasnt available to try at the store when I visited, but Sleep Numbers publicist said it has proprietary ClimaTemp foam that is softer and more plush than whats typically used on the p series. Unfortunately, were not sure exactly how this technology works because Sleep Number doesnt share details about its foam.

How Do I Find My Sleep Number

Your Sleep Number setting will be a number between 1-100 the higher the number, the more firm the mattress. Most people have a sleep number between 30 and 60. You can find your sleep number at one of their retail store showrooms, or do it at home. Either way, you can always adjust your sleep number, so it never becomes a permanent thing.

If youre doing it at home, here is how to exactly do it:

Lie down. Get into bed and lie down on your side. Make sure your pillows are propped as they would if you were actually sleeping.

Find your setting.

If you have your remote:

  • Press the Home button
  • Use the up and down arrows to explore the different settings

If youre in the SleepIQ® app:

  • Open your Bed Controls
  • Select the Sleep Number tab
  • Tap Help Me Find My Sleep Number®

Pay attention to how the bed feels. Sleep Number recommends bringing your setting up to 100 to understand what that feels like. Then, as the number goes down youll feel the bed get more and softer. Pay attention to how your body feels and reacts as the air chamber deflates.

Choose a setting and stick with it for a few days. The moment your body feels like it hit that sweet spot, press Enter or Stop on your remote or app. The setting will automatically save so you dont need to adjust anything. From there, try it out for a few days. If youre finding that after a few days something still doesnt feel totally right, you can try adjusting your number 5 or 10 notches.

Lets Talk About Sleep: A Review Of Sleep Number 360 P6 Smart Bed

Numerous studies have proven that sleep deprivation can be devastating to ones health. It is not uncommon for those who experience prolonged sleep deprivation to experience difficulty concentrating, mood disturbances and poor performance.

Orzel-Gryglewska, in Consequences of Sleep Deprivation, determined that sleeplessness increases ones risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease. He reported that 20-25 hours of sleeplessness is comparable to ethanol intoxication at the level of 0.10% blood alcohol concentration!

Finally, the proof I needed to justify making another mattress purchase! Well, true confession, I really wanted a new mattress. Every morning I woke up with aches and pains. The problem was that I had my current mattress for only one year. It seemed wasteful to get rid of it. However, your girl cant walk around intoxicated from sleep deprivation! This time, I was determined to make a good purchase. My goal was to purchase an adjustable mattress that would also allow me to select my desired firmness.

After reading numerous reviews, I decided I wanted more information on a Sleep Number mattress. The salesman graciously allowed me to test several mattresses, before I decided on the 360 P6. I selected the Sleep Number 360 P6 because it allowed both head and foot adjustments which could be done via an app on a smart phone, or a remote could be added for an extra fee.

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Sleep Number Performance P6 Bed

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What Happened During Several Live Chat Sessions

Sleep Number 360® p6 Smart Bed Review

After speaking with Sleep Number Customer Service representatives, I learned about a few extra details and clarifications that may help you decide between a P-5 or a P-6 mattress.

Mattress Top: Both the P-5 and P-6 mattress tops are sewn with 2 of quilting foam. This is about all that the mattress tops have in common as they are sewn with different fabric and designed in different styles.

Popularity:The P-5 model is Sleep Numbers most popular bed. The salesperson I spoke to at a Sleep Number store said it had a good amount of balance between cushion and natural firmness from the air chambers. The P-6 model has an extra inch of comfort foam and a taller mattress profile.

Check out our comprehensive review of Sleep Number

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Is This A Good Bed For You

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Function: Rated for its…

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Select your preferred sleeping position: This is awesome. Now I feel equipped to walk in somewhere and say with certainty, “This is exactly what I’m looking for.” Sara in Phoenix, AZ

Possible Sleep Number 360 P6 Smart Bed Considerations:

  • Want a traditional mattress Smart bed companies are adding innovations to make people’s sleep more comfortable and their lives more convenient. Still, some people enjoy the simplicity of a traditional mattress. Those who arent as tech-savvy may prefer to stick to the basics. If you’re interested, you can see our top-rated mattress picks.
  • Want a year-long sleep trial This brand offers a generous 100-night sleep trial. However, some other brands offer a full 365 days, which is considerably longer. We think 100 nights is plenty of time to decide if you like a product, but some may want more.

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Sleep Number 360 P6 Smart Mattress

The Sleep Number P-6 is the nicest model in the Performance Series set of Sleep Number beds. It not only offers** **3 of comfort foam to help relieve pressure along the body, but its knit blend will keep people cool by wicking moisture away.

We recommend this mattress for the following sleeper types:

Hot Sleepers
Joint Pain
Hip Pain

Financing Options

Responsive Air Technology W/ Dual Comfort Options

Is a smart bed worth it and how to save HUGE $$$ / Sleep Number Bed Review

Responsive air technology is what first made the Sleep Number Company famous. These air chambers can be filled, deflated, or adjusted to meet the needs of your specific body type. This personalization is called your sleep number and is measured on a scale of one through one hundred. You can work through customer support either at a store or online to help get an idea o where this number is, or work through trial and error.

As mentioned above, there are two air chambers within each bed . The Smart Bed technology takes this technology to the extreme and allows for responsive adjustments as you move completely free from the remote. This is due to the sensors in the bed picking up on pressure points that are created on various points that adjust to proper body support and spinal alignment. This information is also sent to your app to better help you adjust for your perfect sleep number and take the guesswork out of the process.

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Sleep Number Mattress Construction

The “P” in the Sleep Number bed stands for Performance, and the 5 stands for the number of body zones the mattress targets. When looking at Sleep Number mattresses, know that the performance series is different from other Sleep Number models. What differs predominantly is their pillowtop style.”

Namely, this means that the Sleep Number offers an added layer of soft padding stitched to the mattress top. It is their comfort layer, specifically designed for pressure relief on all points of their body.

We are reviewing Sleep Number Mattress P5 because these models are their most popular Sleep Number beds based on reviews and experiences. It is the only sleep number bed that targets all the critical points in the body and relieves pressure, along with having a reasonable price point.

It balances firmness and has a contoured cushion to a T with a temperature balancing feature that is highly beneficial to those that need the excess heat transferred away from their body in any sleep position.

With all these features, compared to most mattresses and even most models within the same line, the P5 is genuinely the most affordable Smart Bed option.

Additionally, in this Sleep Number bed review, we will shortly mention another Sleep Number bed model, and that is the P6. As you can imagine, there are minor differences between the two. When these two Sleep Number mattresses compare, some people do not find it worth upgrading while others truly like the extras that go with the P6.

You Might Not Want To Consider This Mattress If:

  • Some nights you sleep alone and some nights you have a partner. Those who have a dual air chamber bed but spend many nights sleeping solo may find themselves stuck on one side of the bed. Laying in the middle of the bed essentially places you between two air chambers and may not give you the support you desire. This may be less noticeable on the firmer models. When you get to a P-6, you have a decent amount of cushion and probably sink further into the bed in between the dual air chambers.
  • You are on a budget. The P-6 is sometimes placed on sale, but a Queen will run you over $2600.00 . That is the price for just the mattress the addition of an adjustable base which raises/lowers the head and foot of your bed plus other cool features is an added cost, as well as adding Sleep IQ Technology that at allows you to track your sleep.

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Sleep Number P6 Mattress Technology Details

The Sleep Number P6 is related in structure to the P5. The most striking difference that the P6 is 12â deep and possesses 3â layer of PlushFit comfort foam mattress. The bed depending on the size you get comes with either one or two air chambers. The air chambers are what expand and contract according to your Sleep Number setting. This will decide the level of support your mattress renders.

Beneath the mattress cover and above the air chamber you will find a 3 inches PlushFit foam comfort layer. This 3 inches foam layer has five special zones for body contouring and relieving pressure in the head/neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and feet.

The Sleep Number P6 model features a Plush-style mattress top and a breathable rayon/polyester knit blend. This is not a pillow top mattress top like the P5 itâs more of a classical style. The knit blend also includes moisture wicking technology built-in to keep the surface of the mattress fresh.

Delivery Returns And Warranties:

Sleep Number 360 P5 Smart Bed / Sleep Number 360 P6 ...

Products by Value Bed are delivered free of charge by UPS ground. In-person pickup is available for $200 per line. The Home Delivery team will install the air pumps on your Sleep Number Comfort Service Mattress and demonstrate how to use the iPhone app. If normal conditions apply, we deliver your mattress to your door. My mattress only had one chamber instead of the two I requested due to a New York traffic jam, although my delivery window was missed twice. I realized this after my third delivery attempt. A Sleep Number representative emailed me once my reorder had been confirmed. Customer service did not seem to be a major problem for most according to user reviews.

There is a 100-night trial period for Sleep Number mattresses, but you are only allowed to return the mattress after 30 days. Choosing to return the mattress also incurs a $200 restocking fee. There is no return policy for mattresses with adjustable bases.

The mattress warranty at Sleep Number is 15 years. Sleep Numbers operations will be aligned with industry standards if it keeps up with them. There are a variety of warranties included with the Sleep Number bed reviews accessories . Each year following the second, you will have to pay an increasing percentage of the repair costs. The cost of this can be quite high. The pump on a workers Sleep Number mattress broke after six years, following her participation in our firms reviews of sleep number mattresses.

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What Is The Best Way To Care For The Sleep Number P5 Mattress

Due to its specific comfort layer, the Sleep Number P5 is a no-flip mattress, but it comes with a 25-year limited warranty that guarantees full use and value.

Rotating and flipping the comfort layer and the foam components of the P5 multiple times per year is typically required to prevent it from sagging and maintain and maximize its long life span.

As for typical cleaning of the mattress, using cool sparkling water and a mild soft detergent is required, and gentle rubbing and circular motions.

Do not machine wash or dry clean the cover since this will cause shrinking and damage.

In addition, do not saturate the cover or mattress or use any type of stain guard, which will result in heavy discoloring. If you have any concerns or questions regarding the proper maintenance of the different mattresses in the Sleep Number core line, talk to a customer service representative.

Sleep Number Bed Reviews Highlights

Invest in a mattress that provides more comfort than the one you are paying for now at a lower price. Listed below are our favorite mattresses . The Performance Series and Innovation Series are good choices if you want adjustable firmness and a flexible budget. Most of the mattresses from the Classic Series and Value Bed lines do not provide comfortably supportive sleeping surfaces. A plush mattress with good support is available with the Innovation Series beds.

Reviewers of Sleep Number beds note that their beds have foot-heating systems that enhance sleep quality. A similar solution is to raise your spouses bed to prevent snoring. Sadly, these features are not available unless you purchase an adjustable frame . These bases can be quite expensive, considering their price range of $1,200 to $2,400.

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Sleep Number 360 C2 Smart Mattress

The Sleep Number 360 c2 is an air bed that adjusts to your preferred firmness level, so you can find the perfect firmness for your body type and sleeping position. It comes with a remote so that you can adjust the amount of air with just a click.

The difference between the two mattresses is 1 inch of thickness. The c2 has a 2-inch layer in the top comfort layer made of gel-infused foam on top of the 6-inch air chamber layer. The c4 has a 3-inch layer. Also, the c4 has zoned support in the comfort layer, meaning its less dense to contour to hips and shoulders or more dense to support the neck or lower back. The Classic line beds are the most affordable you will find at Sleep Number.

How Many Layers Does It Have

Sleep Number i8 360 Smart Bed Innovation Series Review $100 off coupon code 1014791890

Typically a very conforming mattress, the Sleep Number P5, with its five zones of contouring support, easily molds and contours to your body.

The 2 PlushFit foam layer offers consistent comfort to sleepers of all weights and sizes.

The instant firmness adjustment has fast become one of the most recognized and valued features of the Sleep Number P5 and other Sleep Number models.

The ability to select, adjust and set your levels of firmness or softness, along with individual levels of pressure relief and support, set the Sleep Number beds apart from those of their competitors.

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Sleep Number Mattress P5 Summary

Back to the Sleep Number bed p5, this memory foam and airbed mattress offers consumers an average foam mattress equipped with a unique air chamber design and a soft, breathable knit fabric.

It is constructed with adjustable firmness on both sides, conforming ability, pressure point, back-pain relief, and five zones of contouring support.

Having opened its doors in 1987, Sleep Number/Select Comfort, with its expansive line of memory foam/airbed mattresses and innovative features, has earned a reputable position in the industry. Data suggests that the company currently dominates the permanent use air-bed market.

Offering a 2 PlushFit foam comfort layer, Sleep Number Settings, a unique Sleep IQ Technology, and a lifespan that is 30% longer than the average competitors mattress accounts for the Sleep Number/Select Comforts ranking in the industry.


  • Five zones of contouring support
  • Sleep Number Settings
  • 100 Night risk-free sleep trial
  • Unique Sleep IQ Technology
  • Hard to find the right “number”
  • Problems with middle area of bed and sagging
  • 15% more expensive than the average permanent use airbed
  • Breakdowns and some malfunctions

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