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Sleep Number Bed Classic Series

Sleep Number Trial And Warranty

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Everything You Need To Know!

Sleep Number offers a 100-night trial that begins the day your new mattress arrives. The company asks that you give yourself 30 nights to adjust to your new mattress.

If youre not happy after 30 nights and before the 100-night trial ends, you can contact the company to arrange a return or exchange. This is a necessary step, as Sleep Number must authorize all returns. Some accessories, including bases, cant be returned.

Shipping and delivery fees apply for any permitted returns. In some cases, the only available return shipping option may mean the product is picked up by Sleep Number at your cost. Returns cant be processed in retail stores.

Sleep Number mattresses have a 15-year limited warranty against defects in material and workmanship under normal use. If you have a claim during the first warranty year, you dont have to pay for repairs, but you may be responsible for shipping fees.

Costs go up significantly after the first year. Through year 11, youre responsible for paying 30 percent plus 5 percent for each year from the date of purchase if you have a claim. From year 11 to year 15, youll pay 85 percent of the costs if you have a claim.

Warranties vary for Sleep Number accessories.

You Might Want To Consider This If:

  • You Like Sleep Number Beds But Dont Want To Break The Bank: If you love Sleep Number but are on a budget, the C2 Classic Series Adjustable mattress may be your best bet at $899 for a Queen. While some reviewers felt this mattress was too firm, others added 3-inch mattress toppers and thought it was perfect.
  • You Sleep With A Partner: Aside from the ability to adjust the firmness of two sides of the mattress, Sleep Number makes something called a FlexFit Adjustable Base. Basically, you can raise the head and/or foot of the bed and in some mattresses, can raise just your side of the bed and leave the other flat . FlexFit is not included in the base price of the C2 but is an option you can choose to include .
  • You Are A Back Sleeper: The C2 Classic Series model is very standard and comes an air chamber and soft fiberfill material in the zip-off mattress top. With only 8-inches of depth to work with this mattress doesnt have a lot of cushioning and will most likely be on the firmer side than other models. Many reviewers who liked firm mattresses and slept on their backs liked the feel of the C2.

Does The Sleep Number C2 Bed Sleep Hot

The Sleep Number C2 bed does not sleep hot. In fact, it is one of the coolest mattresses on the market. The air chambers allow body heat to fully dissipate away from the surface of the mattress. And with only 2 of foam between your body and the chamber, it doesnt hold any excess heat.

Ample airflow makes the Sleep Number C2 an excellent mattress for those who sleep hot. However, temperature regulation can be difficult for those who run cool. If you find yourself cold during the night on a traditional innerspring mattress, the C2 might not be warm enough for you.

For those who sleep cool, consider opting for a Sleep Number bed with thicker comfort layers. Alternatively, try the Sleep NumberFLEXFIT 3 adjustable base. It has a foot warming setting that keeps your body temperature a bit warmer. Paired with flannel sheets and a warm comforter and even cool sleepers will enjoy a cozy nights sleep.

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What Is The Lifespan Of A Sleep Number Bed

We can confidently measure the lifespan of a bed by the warranty that comes with it. As a rule of thumb, you add a few years to the warranty to get the durability and lifespan of the mattress. Since the Sleep Number Series ships with a 15 years warranty, we know for sure that its life span extends beyond 15 years.

Sleep Number 360 P5 Smart Bed

Sleep Number Classic Series Mattress Review (2020)
  • Price: $$
  • Type: adjustable air bed
  • Height: 10 inches

Designed for pressure relief, the p5 Smart Bed has a 4-inch comfort layer that contours to your body. It has all the same adjustable features as other Sleep Number mattresses.

Close to 12,000 reviews rate this mattress 4.7 out of 5 stars. Again, over 9,000 of these reviews are 5 stars. Reviewers praise the mattresss comfort and adjustability.

Unhappy customers describe the mattress as noisy and uncomfortable.

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What Sleeping Position Does The Sleep Number C2 Bed Support

The Sleep Number C2 bed is a top mattress for back sleepers who like a firm mattress and is also a good mattress for stomach sleepers. Combination sleepers who dont spend much time on their sides will enjoy the responsive feel and minimal padding. However, there is not much cushion for side sleepers to sink into. If youre primarily a side sleeper, head over to our best mattress for side sleepers page to view some other good options.

What To Look Forward To

In 2022, Sleep Number is releasing its Climate 360 Smart Bed, which is said to be responsive to both temperature and firmness preferences. The company says the bed will have sensors to measure sleep-tracking data like your heart, heart-rate variability, and breathing rate. Among other features, the mattress will automatically adjust firmness in response to your movements, and warm or cool the bed based on your body temperature. Sleep Number also now offers a kids bed.

Further reading on mattresses

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The Company: Sleep Number

Founded in 1987, Sleep Number was once called Comfortaire Corporation before it was acquired by the public company Select Comfort Corporation and renamed to Sleep Number. Today, Sleep Number is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where all their bedding products are designed, manufactured, and distributed. There are additional manufacturing and distribution facilities in South Carolina and Utah.

Even though Sleep Number is owned by a large, public corporation, at first glance it gives off the feeling of a personal and relatable brandfocusing on individual needs and personalization for their customers. In addition to mattresses, Sleep Number sells sheets, mattress pads, pillowcases, pillows, and more, including nightstands.

Not The Most Durable Mattress

Sleep Number Bed Reviews – Which Bed Is Best For You??

Another popular topic that many of the Sleep Number reviews mention is durability.

Lets get something straight – air mattresses arent really that well-known for their incredible durability. Ive had one, myself – while it was pretty good at the beginning, with time, the mattress started becoming more and more worn down.

That being said, it would seem that a lot of the Sleep Number bed reviews claim the c2 and c4 models to be even less-sturdy than other air mattresses in the industry! The most common form of complaints that youre likely to come across would be those that talk about the air chamber not being able to hold air properly – it would seem that this is an ongoing issue for the company.

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Most Popular Sleep Number Beds

The most popular beds in the Sleep Number brand are the Classic 360® c2 and the Innovation 360® i8 Smart Bed. The first makes the list because it offers a lot of design for the price. The second does because it has every Sleep Number bell and whistle they offer.

Classic 360® c2

The Classic 360® c2 is the baseline model among all Sleep Number 360 beds. No fancy foam layers. No expensive base. Just 2 inches of fabric and foam on top of the eponymous, adjustable air chamber that basically makes a Sleep Number bed. Its affordable for a Sleep Number mattress and you can still adjust ho firm it feels. Its a budget option, but one with the most attractive mattress feature Sleep Number sells.

Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8

The Innovation 360® Smart Bed i8 is 12 inches thick with a soft and breathable fabric cover. The 6-inch comfort layer in the i8 uses two different types of foam for support and pressure relief. There is also a special material in the surface of the mattress that releases heat so the mattress keeps its cool. This bed has the dual air chambers that you can adjust to find the right firmness, SleepIQ® tracking, the temperature-balancing surface and the Responsive Air® feature that will add or release air as you shift at night to make the bed more comfortable.

Sleep Number C2 Mattress Feel

The c2 mattress is on the firm end of the Sleep Number spectrum, mainly because it does not come with a Comfort Foam cover. Another way to understand firmness level is by looking at the model number. The higher the number, the more more cushion/thicker layer each mattress will have.

However, reviewers and testers have noted if you like things on the softer end, you can might consider buying a separate mattress pad to add some additional cushioning if you prefer a softer or more plush sleeping surface.

If you share the bed or just find yourself rolling over to the edge, the c2 ensures youll be supported well and wont feel like youre about to fall off. Thats because the c2 is also known for having great edge support due to four foam border walls that are part of the bed. Typically, Sleep Number and air beds are known for having better edge support versus memory foam and latex mattresses because of these foam walls.

A handful of customers also spoke about c2s motion transfer. They said the bed does a good job at feeling sturdy and stableaka it has little motion transferso youre less likely to be bothered if your partner tends to toss and turn at night. For some comparison, memory foam mattresses also do a great job of transferring little motion, while beds that have flexible coil springs in their box spring are the most known for having motion transfer issues.

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Sleep Number Beds In A Nutshell

What makes these beds well worth the slightly scary looking price tag is the unique design and construction of each bed in the series. While the comfort layers of the bed are made of memory foam just like many other brands, its the support layer that makes all the difference. Instead of the usual high density foam or pocketed coils, the Sleep Number beds have an adjustable air chamber. The more advanced beds of the series add a support pad for extra refinement of the firmness level.

To give you a practical example: If you and your partner have struggled to find a bed that can be customized to provide two different sleeping experiences for both sides of the mattress, then the Sleep Number 360 bed is a good recommendation. There arent many mattresses out there that can cater to two different sleep preferences in the one bed, so this is a real standout way to use the smart tech inside a Sleep Number bed.

With two independent sets of air chambers in each bed, you have more control over each side of the bed. This lets you pump in as much air into the air chamber on your side as you like to achieve the support and firmness you desire. Your partner can do the same with their side of the bed so that you both have a comfortable sleep experience without inconveniencing each other.

Select Comfort Sleep Number Classic Series

Sleep Number Classic Series

*A Onsight Expert Review by Scott Braddam*

The Sleep Number Classic Series from Select Comfort is a set of innovations pulled together into one bed. You get the benefit of an adjustable-firmness bed and several options for comfort layers as well as an optional base. The Classic series is not one bed, but actually three different models: the C2, C3, and C4. The differences are primarily the profile, 8 inches for the C2, 9 for the C3, and 10 inches on the C4. The C4 model is a pillowtop. The C2 model uses a remote with no digital readout, meaning that it is not truly a Sleep Number bed, but it is still every bit a Select Comfort adjustable air bed.

One of the most important factors to consider on a bed like this is the support provided. tested the C4 model Sleep Number bed and found some interesting results. Below you will find four pressure scans of the bed. As you look at the scans below, keep in mind that the primary concern is the change in pressure observed and completeness of the body impression. If you like a firm bed then a scan could show all bright colors but still give uniform support and pressure distribution. Scientifically speaking, a dark-colored scan with uniform distribution is ideal.

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Sleep Number Mattress Lineup

As we mentioned earlier, Sleep Number mattresses fall into 1 of 2 categories. The 360® Smart Bed collection, made up of the following 4 series: Classic, Performance, Innovation, and Memory Foam, providing a total of 9 mattress options in total. The Value Bed collection is Sleep Numbers other product line which includes the S1 and the S3. With so many options available it might feel overwhelming making a purchasing decision so keep reading to see how these models compare!

No Initial Bad Smells

In the mattress industry, there is a term called off-gassing. Its used rather widely by both mattress providers and customer reviews, as well.

Now, I have to be honest with you – when I first heard this expression, I had someDifferent ideas for what it might mean. I mean, read the word out loud yourselfYa, I know.

Apparently, though, the meaning behind this term is rather simple – when you see some Sleep Number bed reviews referencing off-gassing, keep in mind that that stands for the initial odors that a mattress may have right after you unpack it back at your place.

Now, this is somewhat of a tricky subject – some mattress smells linger for only a few hours, while others may smell like hell for weeks to come. Also, it really does depend on the material that the mattress is made of – natural and organic mattresses have a nicer smell than those of, say, foam. That said, they are usually the ones that off-gass more, too.

All of that said, if we were to believe Sleep Number mattress reviews, this isnt going to be a problem youd have to deal with.

You see, Sleep Number specializes in air mattressesinflatable beds that have a layer of polyfoam on top of them. This type of mattresses are usually used for when you have guests over, or when you move a lot and cant afford to purchase a 100lbs mattress to drag around everywhere you go.

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Is Sleep Number The Best Mattress

Sleep Number is one of the most well known mattress brands and has good scores from customers on initial comfort with its number firmness technology. However, there are some complaints about durability on the electronics, pumps, and air technology, which cause customers concern about value over time.

Who Should Purchase A Sleep Number Adjustable Bed

Sleep Number QSeries 5.1 Mattress Set Choice of Mod or Adj Base on QVC

Adjustable beds are a great choice for people who need relief from back pain and sleep-related issues. For those looking to learn more about their sleep patterns and overall health, Sleep Numbers SleepIQ technology acts as an added resource. Couples with different sleeping preferences might also enjoy the Sleep Number adjustable beds ability to customize firmness for each side of the bed.

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Good For All Types Of Heavier Sleepers

Sleeping positions are a tricky topic – we all have our own, but sometimes it can get rather difficult to pinpoint that one position in which we sleep at night.

As a general rule, youll find that most Sleep Number bed reviews talk about three main sleeping positions – back, stomach and side.

This isnt likely to come as a surprise to you, but all the different types of sleepers require some different sleeping conditions. Well, at least most of the timeits pretty hard to please everyone with the same product, now isnt it?

However, seeing the Sleep Number mattress reviews, it would seem that the company has almost managed to do just that.

Both the c2 and the c4 models of the mattress are rather firmyou can adjust this firmness by increasing or decreasing the amount of air within the special chambers of the bed. Combine that with the fact that the beds tend to conformto a persons body rather well, and you have yourself a pretty good result.

Now, what is that result, you may ask?

Table: Sleep Number’s pressure point relief

Well, if we were to judge the product according to the Sleep Number reviews, it would seem that the heavier person you are, the more youre going to appreciate the mattress. And it doesnt even matter what your preferred sleeping position is – given the fact that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress, this feature makes that factor almost irrelevant!

Who Might Not Want To Consider This Mattress:

  • People Who Are on a Budget: At $1,899 for a Queen mattress, the CSE Sleep Number bed is an investment. This price includes just the mattress, not the adjustable base, FlexFit Adjustable Base or Sleep IQ Technology which youd need to purchase at an additional cost.
  • People Who Dont Like Airbeds: Although the CSE has both a soft top layer and a 2 comfort foam layer, the majority of the support will come from the one or two air chambers inside the mattress. Using a remote, you can add/release air into the chambers and decide how firm you want the mattress to be. If you dislike air mattresses or had a less than ideal sleep experience with one in the past, a Sleep Number bed like the CSE may not be the right fit for you.

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