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Review of Sleep Number Bed | What kind of mattress should I buy?

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  • Once I am ready to buy a new bed I will buy a bed from this place.. Matthew was such a great help.. About how long the warranty is and everything..?

    Great question Nathaniel and thank you for your interest in Amerisleep. Amerisleep mattresses are warrantied for 20 years. The

    Ron N., Business Manager

Is It Better To Buy A Mattress Online Or In Stores

There are a lot of benefits to buying a mattress online, such as lower prices and lengthy sleep trials. Its also easier to comparison shop since you can just since between window tabs instead of drive around to a bunch of mattress stores. However, you usually have to wait at least a few days for a new mattress to arrive, so if you need a bed immediately it might be better to see what your local mattress store has.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

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Will A Mattress In Store Feel The Same As One I Buy

Most likely, no, a mattress wont feel the same as the one you try out in a store. This can be down to a variety of factors, such as:

  • The age of the showroom model
  • The temperature of the mattress showroom
  • Variations in the beds manufacturing process

Showroom models experience a relatively limited amount of wear and tear. Still, the number of consumers who lie on a model over a period of weeks or months can soften the mattress up. This softening gives the bed a different feel than what a brand new mattress would have.

A stores temperature can provide another complication. For example, traditional memory foam tends to soften under warmer room temperatures. If your home is set at a cooler temperature, the bed may feel firmer than what you remember.

Lastly, even the most well-managed manufacturing process can introduce subtle variations on a beds feel. Theres no guarantee that two mattresses from the same model line will be indistinguishable, though they should feel close to the same.

Simply put, its not wise to choose a mattress based solely on your first impression. A 2011 study found that people often choose the wrong mattress for their needs after trying out showroom models. Mattresses can feel very different when lying on one for a few minutes vs. using it all night.

The Truth: Selecting The Best Option In A Showroom Setting Is No More Likely To Get You Comfortable Than Buying Online

#SleepNumberStore Went to the Mall of New Hampshire to do ...

Common recommendations state that you should spend at least 20 minutes lying on each mattress you are considering.

Even if you narrow down your selection to a specific price range and firmness, you could still face an ample selection to personally test. Lets say, for example, one store offers six models, and another store five. At 20 minutes per mattress, youll spend four hours relaxing under the glaring fluorescent lights. Not to mention all the while youll be fending off pushy salespeople. Does this sound like your ideal Saturday?

More than likely, customers shortcut test time, and spend 20 minutes total with all mattresses. Even if you diligently wait out the full duration, studies show that you are still pretty terrible at picking out the best bed in a showroom setting.

The independent, non-profit research group, RTI let participants select their top choice of seven beds in a showroom setting , then gave them each one to try for one month. The participants did not know which bed they initially chose, and the mattresses arrived in a random order.

Participants maintained sleep quality journals and underwent electronic monitoring. The study found that people selected the bed after the study they ultimately rated best at the beginning only 38% of the time.

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Is It Weird To Buy A Used Mattress

Buying a used mattress isnt the best of ideas. Usually, you dont know the full history of the bed, which can expose you to bed bugs, mold spores, and other nasty pests and allergens. Ask yourself if you want to sleep on a mattress when you dont know where its been or what its been through.

Theres also the fact that a mattress warranty is usually void when ownership is transferred to someone else, so youll have little to no recourse if something is wrong with your bed.

Why Choose Spencers Tv & Appliance

Theres only one Glendale appliance store that offers the best deals on mattresses, electronics, and appliances. We are dedicated to your happiness with amazing deals, delivery, financing options and unparalleled customer service you cant find anywhere else. As the top appliance store in Glendale, AZ, and Arizonas largest independent dealer of appliances, mattresses, and electronics, we know how to keep our customers happy.

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How Do I Know If My Mattress Needs To Be Replaced

If your mattress is more than a few years old, you might want to ask yourself if youre still sleeping comfortably. Consistently waking up tired or with aches and pains after a full nights rest can mean that your mattress isnt as supportive as it once was. There might be obvious signs that its lost it shape, such as lumps or sagging.

Do you suspect your mattress has gone bad? Then try spending a night or two in a hotel room or on your couch. If your sleep improves, it might signify that the problem is your mattress.

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Sleep Number Store

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The Truth: If You Can Return It But It Will Be A Hassle And It Wont Be Free

Be sure to ask about the return policy before committing to a purchase. Do they offer exchanges or store credit only? Are there pick up and restocking fees? Are there any specific requirements tied to the return? For example, if the mattress must return in a re-sellable condition, that means unused.

Since they cant sell your used mattress, retailers will try hard to make you keep it. This means making return policies short, more inconvenient, and costly.

Brands that sell primarily online, typically offer generous sleep trials, up to 100-nights, to give you more time to determine whether or not the mattress is right for you.

The Truth: Sales Jargon Is Readily Available Facts Are Not

This myth is also known as the Mystery Component Scam. Listen to your salesperson speak, and see if you tell the jargon from the helpful, tangible, comparable, and measurable items.

Manufacturers like to use trademark names for mattress components that make them sound amazing. Things like Exquisite-lush foam are a trade name, not a product descriptor.

Instead, ask about foam density and thickness of the support and comfort layers. Ask if the material is plant or petroleum-based. Ask about the fire-retardant materials. Make your salesperson provide you with useful information.

But, what makes it a bit tricky is that there is no objective measure on what makes the perfect mattress . Its not like a car where you can compare MPG, size, features, etc. Are more springs better than fewer? How thick should your memory foam mattress be?

Researching online beforehand might help you crack the code. The better educated you are about your purchase, the more it will help your chances of choosing a good quality bed.

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Mattress Sizes Available Atarrowhead Towne Center

Mattress size is an important consideration when choosing a new bed. If you buy something too small,you wont have enough room to get comfortable. But if you buy something too big, it may make yourbedroom feel cramped.

To make the shopping process easier, we break down each mattress size and who theyre recommended forbelow.

Twin Size Mattresses

Dimensions: 38 inches by 74 inchesIf youre looking for a mattress for a smaller bedroom or a growing child, a twin is a good option. Thisprovides enough room for one sleeper to get comfortable and doesnt take up too much space. Theyre evencompatible with bunk beds to fit more sleepers in one bedroom.

Twin XL Size Mattresses

Dimensions 38 inches by 80 inchesTwin XL mattresses are a better option for taller sleepers who need a little more legroom. Like thetwin, these provide enough room for just one sleeper, but the extra five inches of length canaccommodate sleepers over 6 feet tall.

Full Size Mattresses

Dimensions: 54 inches by 75 inchesFull mattresses are ideal for solo sleepers who like a little more space to sprawl out and get comfy.These offer 16 extra inches of width in comparison to twin sizes, allowing more room to change sleepingpositions or co-sleep with a pet or child. We suggest couples opt for queens over fulls though, as fullscannot comfortably fit two adults.

Queen Size Mattresses

King Size Mattresses

California King Size Mattresses

Split King Size Mattresses

Best Place To Buy A Mattress

See You Today at the Sleep Number Store at Mall of New ...

When you need a new mattress, it can be hard to know where to start. Even if you know all your options, it can be difficult to pick the best

When you need a new mattress, it can be hard to know where to start. Even if you know all your options, it can be difficult to pick the best place to buy a mattress. Should you buy online or try a store? If you choose a store, which store should you trust? Can you be comfortable with a department store mattress? Would it be better to go to a mattress showroom?

We compiled this guide to minimize any potential confusion. Not only do we cover where to buy mattresses, but we also discuss what to look for in a bed and how it may feel when its new.

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Myths About Buying A New Mattress

So, why are so many of todays best mattress brands founded online? Well for one, traditional mattress stores hold a slew of tricks up their sleeves to make sure you walk out of there having purchased something. Below, we outline some of these tricks and several common myths surrounding mattress shopping.

The Truth: Welcome To The World Of Exclusivity Agreements And Mattress Shop Turf Wars

Often, mattress manufactures create exclusivity deals with each store. This may involve changing the name of the series and minor features for different stores. For example, the Serta Perfect Sleeper will have different names at all Mattress Firm locations.

The reason for this personalized line? So that each retailer protects its own turf, setting prices that not easily compared between stores. They keep markups high and arent forced to beat each others prices.

Good for business, but a frustrating practice for customers looking to find the best deal on a bed they like. The fracturing of model names even makes it hard to cross-compare online customer reviews.

One tip to help you uncover the truth: most mattress manufacturers make only one firmness model per line. Comparing coil counts/densities and the thickness and types of padding layers also help.

If you are currently looking for a mattress deal, dont forget to check our guides about the best mattress sales throughout the year:

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Salespeople: Helpful Or Hindrance

When you step inside a mattress store, its not uncommon for a salesperson to take you by the hand and lead you around to various mattresses. The question is, is it for your benefit or theirs?

Many salespeople are genuinely interested in helping you find the right mattress. At Amerisleep, for example, we have all of our store employees and customer service representatives undergo sleep coach training. This training allows them to better understand how a mattress can improve sleep quality and what mattresses are suitable for each individuals sleep style.

However, its not unheard of for a salesperson to try and mislead shoppers about a mattresss quality to earn a commission. This type of salespeople may pressure you to buy a mattress youre not completely convinced is the best mattress for you. Remember, you can always walk out of a mattress store if you feel uncomfortable and pressured to make a decision.

Giving yourself space and time to think outside of a store can be wise, even if you like a mattress. Since mattresses cost a significant amount of money, its smart to make sure a purchase is an informed decision and not an impulsive one.

What To Look For In A Mattress

How To Fix Air Loss in a Sleep Number® Bed

When it comes to choosing your next mattress, its essential to consider what firmness level and size are right. Both of these traits can affect how comfortable a mattress feels to you and how much you can expect a mattress to cost.

Firmness levels can come in soft, medium, or firm. There are also variations between these three levels, medium-soft and medium-firm.

How firm a mattress is affects how closely it conforms to the body. This conformability determines how the mattress will relieve pressure points.

Each sleeping position has a firmness range that provides the right amount of support and comfort:

  • A mattress for side sleepers has to cushion the shoulders and hips, so we recommend soft to medium beds.
  • A mattress for back sleepers should offer a medium-firm to firm surface for lumbar support. Medium mattresses with targeted support can provide a luxuriously soft feel for back sleepers.
  • A mattress for stomach sleepers must buoy the body to maintain a neutral spine alignment. Firm feels are often the best way to limit sinkage and prevent spinal misalignment.

Some people move between two or three positions. A mattress for combination sleepers needs to provide support for these positions. Medium feel mattresses with responsiveness surfaces are an excellent choice.

A soft mattress tends to cost more than a firm mattress. The higher price tag is typically because a softer mattress needs a thicker comfort layer or added layers of foam for deeper compression.

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  • Is It Better To Buy A Mattress Online Or In Store

    Overall, we recommend online mattress shopping for the low prices. Plus, you can take advantage of these prices in the convenience of your home. A high-quality online mattress should always come with a sleep trial that has hassle-free returns. If the bed isnt to your liking, it shouldnt be difficult to receive a refund.

    However, in-store shopping isnt without its benefits. Many people feel more secure about a mattress purchase if theyve seen and felt the bed for themselves. Other shoppers enjoy listening to an informed store employee explain the ins and outs of a mattress.

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