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Sleep Number In Balance Pillow

Select Comfort Completes Outlast Sleep System With In Balance Sheet Set

The Perfect Pillow For Every Sleeping Position

Boulder, CO – Outlast Technologies, the leader in phase-change technology, announces that Select Comfort has expanded its In Balance line featuring Outlast technology. The new In Balance sheet set and lightweight blanket complete the Outlast Sleep System. These new additions are the perfect complement to the entire collection of Select Comfort products with Outlast technology which include Sleep Number mattresses, mattress pads, mattress layers, sheet sets, blankets and pillow protectors for year-round use.

The Outlast Sleep System helps you rest more comfortably. Layering your bed with an Outlast mattress pad, pillow protector, pillow, blanket and sheets will increase the temperature regulating benefits. The more Outlast technology present, the higher the sleep system’s capacity to absorb, store and release excess heat. A higher heat capacity means less overheating and, therefore, more restful sleep.

“Select Comfort understands the value and benefits of the entire sleep system and has endorsed our core products from the beginning of the partnership,” said Guy Eckert, executive VP of business development for Outlast Technologies.

The Sleep Number In Balance sheets help to provide a more comfortable sleeping environment by balancing temperature swings. Outlast technology continually absorbs, stores and releases excess body heat to keep the temperature in the optimum range for restful sleep. The result is a deeper and more restful sleep.

Product Specs:

Sleep Number Warranty And Return Policy

Every Sleep Number bedding item comes with a 30-day guarantee. During this period, if you decide you dont like your pillow, you can exchange it for a different one. You just wont be able to get a refund.

The pillows also come with a 1-year limited warranty against defects in material or workmanship with normal intended use.

Sleep Number will replace the item within 1 year of purchase with the same, or a comparable, item.

Sleep Number Warranty Vs Ghost Smartbed Comparison

According to Sleep Number, they have so much confidence in their products’ quality that they offer awarranty of up to 15 years. The company’s A+ BBB rating further enhances the warranty. This warranty period was reduced recently from the initial 25-year warranty.

Note: Sleep Number offers two distinct 15-year mattress warranties, one for what they term as Value Beds a.k.a Comfort mattresses and another one for 360 series Smart Beds. For the smart beds, the warranty covers a firmness control system and SleepIQ software and hardware.

Sleep Number warranty is prorated meaning that the company covers the replacement or repair cost only during the first year. Once this period lapses, buyers will foot part of the cost.

Here’s a summary of the Sleep Number warranty

· Day 1the day before 1st anniversary – No cost to the buyer

· 1st anniversarythe day before 11th anniversary – Buyers pay 30% + 5% for every full ownership year

· 11th anniversary to 15th anniversary Buyers pay 85%

GhostBed mattresses are covered by Nature’s Sleep industry-leading 25-yearwarranty. During this period, the company will replace or repair any mattress, component or part should it be defective because of structural defects or faulty workmanship. The warranty is subject to the company’s conditions and limitations as contained in the warranty.

Here’s a summary of the warranty

· First 10 years No cost to the buyer

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How To Pick The Perfect Pillow

Robbins told us the single most significant consideration when picking a pillow is your preferred sleep position: side, back, or stomach. The goal of your pillow is to support your neck in a neutral position aligned with the rest of your spine. That alignment shifts depending on the position you’re sleeping in. While we all move around during sleep switching positions about 60 times throughout each night most of us spend the majority of our sleeping time in one position.

Not sure what your sleep position is? Consider what position you typically fall asleep or wake up in. Robbins also has a neat exercise she performs with her clients: imagine you’ve been up for 24 hours and are presented with a big, luxurious hotel bed how would you lie down on it to go to sleep? The position you envision is most likely your preferred sleep position and plays a significant role in what type of pillow will work best for you.

Back sleepers: Back sleepers are the Goldilocks of pillow hunters they need a pillow that is not too soft and not too firm, with just enough support to lift the back of the head to be in line with their shoulders. Back sleepers tend to benefit from a medium, cushiony pillow made from down or down alternative, though an adjustable pillow with at least one-third of the fill removed may work as well.

How Much Do Pillows Cost

Sleep Number 423540 In Balance Contour Standard Pillow for sale online ...

You can find pillows at a range of price points, anywhere from $10 to several hundred dollars. While it’s not always the case that you have to spend more to get a good pillow , considering how much of our lives we spend sleeping, Robbins recommends thinking of a pillow as an investment that will pay you back in better sleep. Our favorite pillow is entirely customizable and costs about $60, though you can often find it on sale for as little as $40 during the holidays and other sales events.

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Which Sleep Number Pillow Is Best For You

Sleep Numbers PillowFit Quiz can help you determine which Sleep Number pillow is best for you.

Mainly, youll want to think about the position you tend to sleep in, if you like a soft or firm pillow, and which material type is most comfortable to you.

Each Sleep Number pillow comes in standard and king sizes as well as various types.

In general, choose the ultimate type if youre a stomach sleeper, since its the flattest option. Side and back sleepers can find comfort with any style.

If you tend to sleep in a variety of positions, you might want to try the AIRFIT Pillow, since its adjustable.

If possible, trying out the sample pillows available in a brick and mortar Sleep Number store may help you select the best pillow for your sleeping style.

Sleep Number pillows can only be purchased online or in a Sleep Number store. Because pillows cant be returned, you may prefer trying them at the store.

Pillows periodically go on sale for buy one, get one 50 percent off and other promotional offers.

Shipping is free in the contiguous United States. Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, or Canada requires additional shipping costs.

Sleep Number doesnt ship to any additional locations.

Sleep Number Remote Not Working

The firmness of a Sleep Number bed is controlled via a remote or SleepIQ app.

Have trouble with the remote? Don’t fret as troubleshooting isn’t challenging. Two AA batteries run the Sleep Number 360 smart bed remote. In addition to following the remote’s set-up process, users need to ensure their bed is not only plugged in but also all the connections are secure.

When a remote stops working, inflating or deflating the mattress isn’t possible. The remote can stop working mainly because of two reasons

· Kinked hose

· Loss of power connection

If the bed’s Firmness Control System is not running as you try to deflate or inflate, it means that the system isn’t getting enough power. If that’s the case, push the power cord into the wall and system’s base.

If it is because of a kinked or loose hose connection, check to ensure the hose isn’t lined at the bed’s base and mattress. A kinked hose connection is also common with theFLEXFIT 3 SMART BASE. If this is the case, check the connection of the hose at the pump.

Another issue that affects a remote is the display not working. If the display light is dimmed or not working, consider changing the batteries. When doing that, insert the batteries and battery cover properly.

Learn how to set up the Sleep Number bed remotein this video.

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Sleep Number True Temp Pillow Vs Purple Harmony Pillow

Like their mattresses, Purples Harmony pillow is made with their proprietary gel grid. This one-of-a-kind material feels both squishy and firm, so it creates a supportive surface thats suitable for a variety of different sleepers.

However, unlike the original Purple Pillow, the Harmony only utilizes this material in the cover. Beneath this sits a layer of Talalay latex foam. This gives the pillow a responsive feel.

The Purple Harmony Pillow is about two inches taller than the Sleep Number True Temp. Because of this, The Purple Harmony is better suited for larger side sleepers. Average and lightweight side sleepers will prefer the Sleep Number True Temp.

The Purple Harmony Pillow costs a bit more than the Sleep Number, but it does have a longer sleep trial period and more lenient return policy. This pillow is available on Purples website and on Amazon.

Who Should Get The Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

  • Average weight people
  • Those who want to save money
  • People who prefer a pillow with a soft, plush feel.

Who Should Get The Purple Harmony Pillow

  • Heavier side sleepers

Read our full Purple Harmony pillow review.

Online Reviews Of The Sleep Number Pillow

How To Choose the Right Pillow

As many merchants are doing, Sleep Number includes product reviews from customers. The company seems responsive to these reviews. One thing I commend them for doing is including negative reviews on their own website.

Now, I know you must take these reviews with a pinch of saltI wouldnt claim that theyre a representative sample. But as of this writing, 124 reviews exist for the ComfortFitTM pillows, and 88 of them award a score of 5the highest, while 10 come in at a 1.

They have responded to several of the lower ratings. The pattern for the low ratings seems to be the pillows tend to get flat.

The general positivism for the pillows is in line with the solid ratings for most of their products. While the mattresses are their focal products, they appear to be providing significant customer support for all their products, usually with an invitation to call to discuss any concerns over the phone.

This strikes me as an efficient manner to do business. Pillows are an individual thing, and one persons concern might be anothers wonderful nights sleep.

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Sleep Number True Temp Pillow Vs Tempur

Because its a bit thinner, the Tempur-Pedic Cloud pillow will best suit back and stomach sleepers. It has a soft cover thats machine washable, but because of its foam interior, it may not work well for people who tend to sleep hot at night.

The Sleep Number True Temp Pillow, on the other hand, has many cooling features that help dissipate heat. Its a loftier pillow, so it will better suit side sleepers.

The Tempur-Pedic Cloud pillow has a plush feel, so its great at relieving pressure. Sleep Numbers pillow has a firm interior, with a plush and responsive exterior.

Its important to note that Tempur-Pedics pillow doesnt have a trial period. Sleep Number offers a 30-day trial period and a one-time exchange.

Who Should Get The Sleep Number True Temp Pillow

  • Side sleepers
  • People who prefer a pillow thats both firm and plush.

Who Should Get The Tempur-Pedic Cloud Pillow

  • Back or stomach sleepers

Sleep Number Bed Reviews Problems & Alternatives Guide

The smart bed industry has grown tremendously in the recent past. According toAllied Market Research, the smart bed market is estimated to get to $3,833.6 million by 2030. Multiple factors have propelled this market’s growth including an increased preference by athletes, consolidation of IoT in this tech, increased incidences of diseases and a rising elderly population.

Smart beds feature sensors and a host of technologies that gather data regarding an individual’s sleeping patterns. Additionally, these beds track heart rate, body movements, sleep duration and breathing patterns during sleep. All the information sent to a smartphone provides countless insights to improve sleep quality, further helping improve cognitive performance.

We have done severalsmart mattress reviews and now want to review these two companies leading the smart bed market areSleep Number andGhostBed. Their beds bring with them excellent features such as anti-snoring, customizable adjustable bases, smart home connectivity, smart fabric tech, climate control, auto mattress firmness adjustment and sleep tracking.

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Sleep Number Create Your Perfect Pillow Review


Gail Cody You have been emailed, congrats!!!

I KNOW we have all experienced it the dreaded kink in your neck after waking up from a less than comforting sleep. I know I have and I hate it so much. And to think that all that can change with a good pillow, has me really rethinking things.

When it comes to sleep, we all have our different ways of sleeping. Whether it be on your side, stomach or side, everyone is different. So why on earth are all pillows the same? Well, Sleep Number has invented something pretty dang cool. It is the Sleep Number Create Your Perfect Pillow! I had the opportunity to try this out and build my very own, perfect pillow for ME.

First, I selected which size of pillow I wanted, which was the standard size pillow. Next, you choose your outer comfort shell, mine was the memory foam. Then, you choose your inner support core. Mine was the memory foam contour. After that, you choose your protector. I chose the In balance.

Here is what I got:

Sleep Number kept me up to date on when I would receive my pillow and then when it was finally shipped out. I loved that they always updated me! When my pillow did arrive, it came not put together. At first I did not understand it. But, with further searching, I figured it out and put it all together.

How it arrived

Buy It!

You can create and purchase your very own Sleep Number Perfect Pillow, by visiting them online at




Sleep Number Bed Weight Limit For Heavy People

Sleep Number In Balance Classic Pillow. #Smiley360 #GotItFree

To optimize sleep, knowing the weight limit is important. A bed should support the weight of a user to prevent squeaking and other issues at night.

Based on the size, Sleep Number beds have one or two adjustable air chambers modifiable to the desired level of firmness and comfort. Each of the two chambers has a 400-pound weight limit.

Full, Twin XL and Twin Sleep Number beds have a 400-pound limit as they have one air chamber while California King, King and Queen Sleep Number beds boast an 800-pound weight limit as they have 2 air chambers.

While the Sleep Number weight limit is impressive, it is lighter compared to others. With a 400-pound limit, the Sleep Number bed can handle sleepers weighing 230 pounds and above.

Ghost SmartBed, on the other hand, has five zones compared to Sleep Number’s one zone making it ideal for a heavyset body.

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Sizing Pricing And Policies

Ultimate $159.99

This pillow ships free and comes with a 30-night sleep trial period. During this month, you can try out the True Temp pillow to see if its for you or if you want to exchange it for a new pillow that will better fit your needs.

The pillow also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. The warranty covers defects from workmanship but does not cover normal wear and tear a pillow gets over time such as discoloration, compression, and rips or tears.

Are Sleep Number Pillows Good

Yes, especially if you sleep warm or need something customizable. Sleep Number offers an array of different pillows if the True Temp doesnt suit you, including the PlushComfort pillow, for those who want a softer option and the Sleep Number ComfortFit pillow, which is a great pillow for combination sleepers.

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Sleep Number Comfortfit Pillow Review

The Sleep Number ComfortFitTM pillow is one of many Sleep Number products, all designed with the intention of providing customers as comfortable a nights sleep as possible.

The ComfortFit is a combination of memory foam and the feel of downin this case, a down alternative, so its hypoallergenic. The combination is intended to to hold its shape as well as provide luxurious comfort. The lyocell cover breathes freely and comfortably.

The pillow comes in two kinds, both covered by a 5-year limited warranty. The Classic Pillow supports both the neck and head. The Curved Pillow also cradles the shoulders for additional support.

Sleep Number Plushcomfort Pillow Review: Sweet Dreams And Restful Nights For Raina

SleepNumber ComfortFit Pillow Review

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The Lowdown

With the other pillows Ive tried, it seemed I would wake up whenever I rolled over during the night, needing to adjust the pillow to mitigate discomfort. With the Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow, that just doesnt happen. Im sleeping better, my neck and shoulders feel less tense, and I can immediately settle in when I lie down.


  • Outstanding balance of softness and support
  • Supportive while still soft and enveloping
  • Re-puffs during the day for a fresh night of sleep


We have more pillows in our house than I care to admit, and my wife Raina hates them all. So, weve been trying out pillow after pillow, hoping to find the one, but until now, the one had eluded us, and we have a closet full of pillows to show for it. Then the Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow arrived for review.

After her first night with the Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow, Raina was cautiously optimistic. She wasnt sure she liked it, but it was clear she didnt not like it. After the second night, Raina was a bit more positive. Then, after the third night, she announced, I love it. Ill have the review written shortly.

And she did.

Sleep Number describes the PlushComfort Pillow this way:

Heres Rainas review

And then cue the heavenly music I got a Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow.

Manufacturer supplied review sample

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