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Which Mattress Is Best For Sleep

Do Your Research And Wait For A Mattress Sale

Best Mattress for Sleep Apnea – Full Buyer’s Guide

Online and in-store mattress sales are common throughout the calendar year. If youre shopping on a budget, a sales period is the best time to buy a mattress. The biggest mattress sales coincide with federal holidays like Presidents Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day. In recent years, many mattress brands have also embraced shopping holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Additionally, some sellers offer year-round discounts and promotions. We recommend taking time to nail down your ideal mattress based on construction and firmness, then waiting until a sales period to make your purchase you may be able to save hundreds of dollars if you do.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Of all the sleeping positions, stomach-sleeping is the least common. Some of us may sleep on our stomachs periodically, but people who do so for the majority of the night are a rare breed. In fact, just 16% of us stomach-sleep on a routine basis. As physical therapist and Sleepopolis Expert Network member Dr. Keith Poorbaugh tells us, the position can also be tricky when it comes to your health. Thats why its so important to find the right bed. Find out more in our roundup of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers!

What Is The Best Mattress: A Summary

Not sure what type of mattress is best for your sleeping position? Here’s a summary of what you should look for.

Sleeping position
Deep layer of memory foam, gel, latex or pillow-top Pocket sprung
Pocket sprung, open coil or orthopaedic Medium-firm or firm
Layer of memory foam, gel, latex or Eco Comfort Pocket sprung
Mixed or different to your partner The choice is yours!

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Here Are Some Guidelines For You:

  • Don’t always go with the cheapest option you find This is a rule of thumb for most products you buy online. Spending less than $500 for a queen mattress simply because it means lower durability, more toxins and lower sleep quality in general.
  • Higher Price does not mean Higher Quality I bet you know this one, but its worth mentioning.
  • Go with $1000 range for Queen size This is usually where you will find the best bang for your buck.
  • King / Cal King will cost slightly more I would increase the budget for King and California King to $1400-1500 as you will have many more choices in that range.
  • Now that you have your new budget set, Im guessing you are asking yourself what type of mattress is best for me? Lets dig in.

Need more details? Check out our guide to top online mattresses.

Foam Vs Hybrid Mattress

Best Mattresses for Adjustable Beds

The mattresses on the list above fall into two categories: hybrid and all foam. Both types have their own benefits.

Foam mattresses are made entirely of layers of foam, including memory foam mattress options, latex foam or gel foam. Typically each foam layer is a different density, with high-density foam on the bottom for support and a top layer of softer foam for comfort.

Hybrid mattresses use both foam and metal coils to provide support. They are closer in design to the innerspring mattress most of us grew up sleeping on, but with added foam for comfort and additional support.

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Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

Best cooling mattress

This is Nectars coolest mattressand thats saying a lot. Made with copper fibers and sleep textile technology to keep even the hottest sleepers cool as a cucumber, its got layers of cushy foam to cradle you and relieve pressure. Its Dr. Greenwalds choice for side and stomach sleepers. Plus, because Nectar is a sleep partner of Google Nest, you also get a free Nest Hub with Sleep Sensing with your purchase to see just how much your sleep has improved.

You may even want to join the 37,000+ reviewers who write things like, It is worth every penny. I sleep through the night and have no kinks in my lower back. Or, you may relate to the user who writes, I can no longer get out of bed in the morning. Lying on this mattress is what Im assuming heaven feels like. Every single morning I wake up in delight and it causes me to not want to leave my palace of a bed anymore.


Benefits & Drawbacks Of Soft Mattresses

Pressure relief is really where soft mattresses shine. They allow side sleepers to sink in a bit more and reduce pressure felt on the shoulders and hips. Also, people generally describe soft mattresses as more comfortable.

While they are very soft and pressure-relieving, soft mattresses are usually lacking in regard to support. They are not usually able to handle heavier weights and they dont always provide enough support for back sleeping and stomach sleeping.

Also, when people sink into a soft mattress, they might have more trouble moving around and switching positions at night. Sinking in, they might also complain of sleeping hot because a good portion of their body is not exposed to the bedroom air.

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Supportive And Luxurious: Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell

*At the time of publishing, the price was $1,800.

Who its for: The Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell should work best for back-sleepers who like a firm but quilted, cushioned surface.

How it feels: This mattress is extremely supportive, but the pillow top skews the overall feel to a less-stiff medium-firm.

Why its great: This traditional-looking innerspring has the no-fluff firmness that lots of back-sleepers like. But thanks to the foam , it provides pressure relief for the shoulders and hips, too. The innerspring support layer contains 1,160 pocketed coils, which suggests good spinal support, curve conformity, and motion isolation. The 344 firmer coils on the edge of the mattress offer a particularly stable perimeter. During testing, this mattress had a similar heavy-duty feel to the , but with a more traditional cushioning sensation.

Best Mattress For Back Pain And Sleep Apnea

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers 2020 – Can You Sleep Better?

Personal Comfort A10 Bed

  • Type: Adjustable airbed
  • Height: 15 inches

This adjustable mattress features a cooling top layer and a thick comfort layer designed for a plush feel. You can adjust the firmness to accommodate side or stomach sleeping positions.

The flex head model also allows users to independently adjust the head position on each side of the bed. This feature may be helpful if you have sleep apnea and prefer to sleep on your back.

When shopping for a mattress for sleep apnea, heres what to consider:

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Who Its Best For:

Hot sleepers: The top layer of this mattress is made from a material designed to keep the surface of your skin cool and our testers confirmed the Brooklyn Aurora succeeded in this area.

Anyone experiencing back pain: The top layer of memory foam provides contouring to relieve pressure points, including soothing an aching back.

Do Side Sleepers Need A Firm Or Soft Mattress

At the end of the day, it all comes down to preference. However, for pain relief, side sleepers tend to prefer a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress. The key is to provide relief on the joints in tandem with enough support to hold their shape and keep your spine aligned. A supportive mattress is the simplest way to avoid waking with pain.

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Eve Sleep Premium Hybrid: 782 Evesleepcouk

Sizes available: Double, king, super king

Mattress depth: 28cm

Material: Memory foam and springs

Trial period: 100 nights

Guarantee: 10 years

This extra-deep, vacuum-packed hybrid mattress is next level, in our opinion, especially when it comes to people who sleep at least part of the night on their backs and, unlike the Emma hybrid that goes for folk of any shape and size. This is particularly good news for tall and/or overweight back sleepers, for whom no other mattress came close in our tests.

The durability is outstanding, so it should last you longer than other mattresses. It also gets 10 out of 10 from us on breathability, comfort and support, being just slightly firmer than medium. Eve says its down to the combination of special layers and years of product development, focus groups and testing. The top provides a comfy lift, followed by a contouring memory foam layer, then a firmer foam support layer and a sturdy foam base layer that also encloses full-sized pocket springs. You wont disturb your partner when you roll over and the cover is washable. It does smell a bit at first, but not for long, and no mattress scored higher for edge to edge support.

Read our complete round-up of the best mattresses 2021

Ready To Choose The Right Mattress

The Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers

Next time you find yourself in search of a mattress, approach the process strategically to cut stress. Take inventory of what you want, learn about the main categories, and do a little research into the basics. Remember, a new bed is something you will be using for several hours a day and many years, so its worth the time.

Equipping yourself with information and focusing on what you find comfortable makes it easier to sort through options, compare quality, and analyze reviews all of which will help you choose the right mattress for better sleep.

When did you purchase your last mattress? Have any mattress shopping questions or tips to share?

About the author

Rosie Osmun regularly contributes to the Amerisleep blog writing about topics including, reducing back pain while sleeping, the best dinners for better sleep, and improving productivity to make the most of your mornings. She finds the science of sleep fascinating and loves researching and writing about beds. Rosie is also passionate about traveling, languages, and history.

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Other Considerations When Buying The Best Mattress For Athletes

A supportive mattress can be the key to our long-term physical health.

Mattress Firmness

Your sleeping patterns are what determine the right mattress firmness for you. A firm mattress can offer more support for your bodys posture than a softer bed you may disproportionately sink into. Your body grows and heals as you sleep, and the appropriate firmness will help make sure it does so correctly.

Best Mattress for Back and Muscle Pain

If you suffer from back and muscle pain you want a bed that holds your body together in its most healthy position. A beds spinal alignment score is an important factor to pay attention to if you are seeking this feature in a bed.

Pressure Relief

Pressure relief in a mattress helps protect you against aches and pains, or increased inflammation in pre-existing injuries. It specializes in supporting your body and head, evenly distributing your bodys weight as you sleep to reduce pressure overwhelming a single area.


A warm sleep can slow your metabolism. Generating too much body heat while sleeping is also uncomfortable and may cause you to feel more groggy when you wake up. Finding a mattress specializing in cooling and temperature regulation at its core helps you get more restorative and quality sleep.

Your Sleeping Position And The Right Firmness For You

Side sleeping can interfere with spinal alignment if there is insufficient cushioning for the shoulders, lower back, and hips. This is why side sleepers usually prefer softer mattresses. Back sleepers and stomach sleepers face fewer alignment issues, but most need a firmer mattress to avoid uncomfortable sinkage around the midsection where weight is often concentrated.

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Should You Buy A Mattress

There are some advantages to buying your mattress-in-a-box online. As well as being a cheaper, and much more convenient, almost all brands let you assess the mattress after purchasing. If you don’t like it you can return it for a refund making the purchase more or less risk free, and there’s no pressure to buy.

Stores, meanwhile, involve a lot more pressure. Sales people hover, you’re unlikely to get more than five minutes on the bed before they come back to bother you. You can’t change your mind once it’s used, there’s generally no trial period and our test results found that sales practices are often on the shady side .

That said, you can only try before you buy in-store. Sure, mattress-in-a-box brands have a trial period but sending it back can be a big hassle. Also, stores offer a much larger range from multiple brands under one roof which makes direct comparison much easier,and they typically stock multiple materials and builds such as spring, memory foam and latex. You have a clearly defined point of return if something is faulty and, most importantly, you can haggle.

Online-only mattress-in-a-box brands require a lot of consumer faith. You have to hope the product lives up to its claims and there’s no way to try it without laying down your hard earned cash. Plus, most mattress-in-a-box models are made of foam, with very few spring or hybrid options around. If foam isn’t your thing, then you’re options are very limited.

Motion Isolation & Sex

Best Mattress UK (Best Mattress for Good Sleep UK)

A feature to consider if you share a bed with a partner is the motion isolation. If you or your partner move around a bit throughout the night, this could be disturbing for a light sleeper. However, mattress types with strong motion isolation could solve this issue and allow two people to sleep in peace without the odd disturbance.

Additionally, as most people are a bit sensitive to noise when they sleep, you might want a quiet product. Hearing coils creak when your partner gets up to go to the bathroom could interrupt your sleep and leave you irritated in the middle of the night. Certain hybrid mattresses can offer quality motion isolation, and memory foam is known for providing this feature as well, allowing you to keep your intimate moments private.

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A Supportive Option That Still Alleviates Pressure Points

  • Firmness level: Firm
  • Trial period: 90 nights
  • Warranty: 10 years

Getting a firm mattress doesnt mean you have to feel like youre sleeping on a board. Tempur-Pedics Tempur-LuxeAdaptwhich comes in soft and firm optionsallows you to get the firmness you need, while also enjoying ultra-conforming comfort. The mattress is constructed of a specially engineered foam that quickly responds to your weight, shape, temperature and movement and adapts accordingly. It also has motion cancellation, so you dont move around in bed when your partner does, along with the worlds first removable, machine-washable cooling SmartClimate Dual Cover System.

What the Reviews Say: Reviewers report that the Tempur-LuxeAdapt balances firm support with the brands legendary comfort. I could cry at how much it has helped me cope with my pain, gushes one happy reviewer. I finally sleep the whole night. I find just sitting on it helps alleviate pain in my back and joints. It seems super firm when you first sit on it, but then you start to sink as it molds to you and gives awesome support in all the necessary places.

The Best Mattress In 2021

The Saatva Classic is the flagship mattress from premium sleep brand Saatva, and we think its the best mattress you can buy. This luxury hybrid innerspring combines the superior support of traditional springs with the comfort and advanced features of the latest mattresses. Its the best of both worlds: you get excellent pressure relief in all sleeping positions, while staying cool and well-supported at night. Its competitively priced for a luxury hybrid too, starting from under $900 for a twin.

The mattress comes in three different comfort levels and two different heights , so you can customize it to your preferences. Whichever version you choose, youll benefit from Saatvas patented spinal zone technology. This has been approved by the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and makes the Saatva Classic a particularly good choice for anyone with a bad back or achy joints.

Its also a great option for hot sleepers. Our reviewers found it to be one of the most cooling mattresses theyve tried, partially due to the breathable pillow top and dual layer of coils, which boost airflow. But also because you sleep on top of the Saatva Classic, rather than sinking into it, which gives you less skin contact than an all-foam mattress. Edge support is very good as well – you can sleep right up the sides without them sagging. This makes the Saatva Classic feel wider, which may be a bonus for some couples.

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The Best Mattresses For Each Sleeping Position

Finding a comfortable mattress is crucial. It’s also important to look at whether your mattress correctly supports the way you sleep. Whilst many people switch sleeping position throughout the night, there are three main sleeping positions:

  • Side
  • Back
  • Front

To guarantee you’re getting a great night’s sleep based on how you choose to snooze, read our guide to the best mattress for different sleep positions.

Make Note Of What You Want First

Myer Adams Natural Sleep 1000 Mattress (Single) â The World of Beds

Mattress preferences tend to be quite individual so when looking for your perfect match, the number one consideration is you!

Before you even start shopping, it can be very helpful to make a list of what you want in a bed in order to better focus your search. Dont forget to include your partner in this also, if applicable.

Here are a few good questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I like most about my current mattress ?
  • What do I like least about my current mattress ?
  • What type of surface do I usually sleep best on? Hard as the floor, soft as possible, just enough softness, etc?
  • What are my must-haves for my next mattress?
  • What am I interested in trying or researching?
  • What are my biggest concerns or questions when I start browsing?
  • How long do I expect to use my next bed?
  • Do any accessories also need to be replaced?

These answers help you get a better idea of what to look for. Some may seem obvious, but writing your preferences down and brainstorming really is useful, especially later on when you are trying to narrow down the field of potential candidates.

For some shoppers, this may still be a lot to consider. Well try to simplify things real quick by talking about two of our top mattresses:

As a reminder, all of our mattresses are backed by a 100-night sleep trial and a 20-year warranty.

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